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jbpm-server 部署简要说明

This is a preconfigured jboss 4.0.2 installation that contains jBPM.  

Deployed components
The jBPM service archive: The deploy directory contains a service archive that creates a JbpmSessionFactory at startup of the server and puts it in JNDI. To make use of this JbpmSessionFactory, you have to specify the property jbpm.session.factory.jndi.name=java:/jbpm/JbpmSessionFactory in your jBPM configuration (e.g. in the jbpm.properties in your WEB-INF/classes in your web application).
这个jBPM 服务存档:这个部署目录包含一个服务归档,它创建一个JbpmSessionFactory 在服务器启动并且把它丢到JNDI中。为了使用这个JbpmSessionFactory,你不得不使用指定这个属性 jbpm.session.factory.jndi.name-=java:/jbpm/JbpmSessionFactory 在你的jBPM注册文件(例如在jbpm.properties 在你的web程序中的 WEB-INF/classes 里)

The jBPM database: The server includes a hypersonic database that is preconfigured. with the jBPM database tables. Also an example process is already present in the database. The database can be accessed via a TCP connection to port 1701 with the hsqldb driver.
jBPM数据库:这个服务器包含一个原先配置好的hypersonic 数据库。使用这个jBPM数据库表。也可以使用已经数据库中设置好的.这个数据库可以通过 tcp连接1701端口使用这个hsqldb驱动器。

The jBPM web console application: The jBPM web console application is a simple webapplication that allows access to the jBPM database. Currently the functionality of the webapplication is still limited, but a lot of focus is going to go to the webapplication in the near future for making it easier to manage, maintain and monitor your business processes.
Other customizations
jBPM web控制台程序:这个jBPM web控制台程序是一个简单的web程序,它允许访问jBPM数据库。当前这个web程序的功能仍然是受限制的,但是很多焦点, 在不久的未来打算使它更容易管理、维护和监控你的商业流程。

For reducing download the minimal, default and all server configurations have been removed. Only the jbpm configuration is available. (start with run.bat -c jbpm).


For improving startup time, some of the default services have been removed.

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