Convert Sublime Text 2/3 to Licensed Version

Hello Guys,

This is a small tutorial to get Sublime Text 2 (Licensed Version)
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Mac OS X

Open Terminal and enter the following:

1. cd /Applications/Sublime\ Text\
2. edit file ->> “vim Sublime\ Text\ 2″
3. change to hex mode ->> “:$!xxd”
4. find and replace ->> “:%s/5BE509C33B020111/5BE509C32B020111/g”

Now open the sublime and enter the below licence key , it should work like a charm.


For x64: After install, open sublime-text.exe with hex editor. Find and replace “33 42″ with “32 42″. Save and using this license key to register:

----- BEGIN LICENSE -----
Single User License
51F47F09 4EAB1285 7827EFF0 8B1207DC
A76A6EA3 E1A1CA7A DC1F2703 14,897,784
8EDC1C82 3F2A58B9 1C0C8B24 67686432
281245B3 6233DE5C ADC5C2F9 61FB8A04
171B63EF 86BA423F 6AC884FD 3273A7AA
5F50A6DB CE7859AE D62D2B37 AEEDD8C2
078A8A20 70EEA791 84F48C1E 8ABA7DEB
0B3907C0 C9A3523B 0091A045 6F67AED8
------ END LICENSE ------

You should copy from Begin License till End License.


Follow these to fully and effectively register sublime text 2 in ubuntu

1.Install ghex editor.(in terminal,enter “sudo apt-get install ghex”)..without the quotes.

2.In terminal enter “cd /usr/lib/sublime-text-2″

3.In terminal enter “sudo ghex sublime_text” & enter your password

4.In open ghex window,navigate to Edit>Replace.

5.In the find string section enter 33 42

6.In the replace with section enter 32 42 and exit. sublime text and regiter with the above license key.

9.Enjoy and Code like a BOSS.

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