apache-comnons系列之commons-imaging1.0 学习笔记

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apache-comnons系列之commons-imaging1.0 学习笔记


  • Imaging
    • The primary application programming interface (API) to the Imaging library.
  • ImageInfo
    • ImageInfo represents a collection of basic properties of an image, such as width, height, format, bit depth, etc.
  • ImageFormat
    • ImageFormats
    • BMP/GIF…
  • ImageParser
    • Provides the abstract base class for all image reading and writing utilities. ImageParser implementations are expected to extend this
    • class providing logic for identifying and processing data in their own specific format.
  • BmpImageParser


  • org.apache.commons.imaging.ImagingTest
    • guessFormat
      • Attempts to determine the image format of a file based on its “magic numbers,” the first bytes of the data.
      • compareBytePair
      • MAGIC_NUMBERS_GIF = { 0x47, 0x49, };
    • getImageInfo(委托给具体类型图片解析器)
      • imageParser = getImageParser(byteSource);
      • imageInfo = imageParser.getImageInfo(byteSource, params);
    • getBufferedImage
      • Reads the first image from a byte array.
      • imageParser = getImageParser(byteSource);
      • imageParser = getImageParser(byteSource);
    • writeImage
      • Writes the content of a BufferedImage to an OutputStream using the specified image format. Specifications for storing the file (such as data compression,
      • color models, metadata tags, etc.) may be specified using an optional parameters map.
      • imageParser2.canAcceptType(format)
      • imageParser.writeImage(src, os, params);
  • org.apache.commons.imaging.examples.SampleUsage
    • 样例代码
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