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Be sure to include the following header in the COM object header file:

#include <shlobj.h>

Now you find out if you need to makes some changes before continuing. Hit build and you may likely be greeted with some error messages.

> [C++ Error] shlobj.h(1762): E2238 Multiple declaration for 
> [C++ Error] shlobj.h(1936): E2238 Multiple declaration for 
> [C++ Error] shlobj.h(3717): E2238 Multiple declaration for 
> [C++ Error] shlobj.h(4808): E2238 Multiple declaration for 

This problem is addressed in the upd1rdme.txt file in the builder directory, which appears after applying the service pack. For what it's worth, I have never tried the solution suggested in the upd1rdme.txt file. I simply commented the areas out of the ShlObj.hpp. Later I would read a post by Alex Bakaev [Team B] in borland.public.cppbuilder.activex that suggested commenting out the offending parts from the ShlObj.hpp file also. So there you have it. Someone in the know also suggests the "comment it out" solution. Great minds think alike, and all that.

The following code was all that I commented out of ShlObj.hpp to get the project to build.



As I said, I commented the areas out of the ShlObj.hpp file. You can do the same, or you can try the solution in the upd1rdme.txt file. I know at least one of them works for sure.

After you have made the changes the project should now build. Of course , it does nothing of any use to us yet. But building the project is always an accomplishment in C++, so you might as well celebrate this small victory.




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  Be sure to include the following header in the COM object header file:#include Now you find out if...
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在include 最前面插入#define NO_WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #include shlobj.h> 两行
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