What is the different between Ravencoin and Energo Community

Ravencoin released its first white paper on April 3, 2018. The file name is "Ravencoin: a point-to-point electronic system for creating and transferring assets", which is related to information about tokens. Ravencoin transfers the assets from one party to the other. The director said that there are several similarities between RVN and bitcoin, and that many of them extend to assets. Ravencoin will also have features similar to the ethereum ERC20 and ERC721 contracts. Ravencoin hopes to provide an easy-to-use platform for anyone to make their own tokens and realize their own value.


Ravencoin, whose token is RVN, was officially launched on January 3, 2018.rvn has a very early bitcoin sense, so for those who like early bitcoin, participating in the RVN community building is a meaningful thing. Currently, Rvn is not as competitive and attractive as xrp, but the total market value of Rvn is about $30 million, which is about $0.044 at the time of publication. It still doesn't sit in the top 100. That hasn't stopped investors from pouring billions of dollars into the project, however. Investors say Ravencoin provides more services than people realise.


Energo project aims to build a distributed architecture energy and new energy trading market, improve the utilization of clean energy, and allows the user to reduce its dependency on the main grid, and can be disintermediated free trade, improve the production and marketing of economic interests and reduce the cost of electricity users of electricity at the same time, so that people could get more clean energy economy. On time, South Korea and electricity prices appear unreasonable energy consumption structure, energo project into the Korean market, to promote South Korea following the world revolution of clean energy, realize the innovation of the energy structure to upgrade.


Currently, Energo's micro-grid project has been successfully developed in the Philippines. But for now, to build a larger community needs a stable storage device, power transmission system and the background port joint collaborative operation, so the Energo Labs is an interesting challenge.


When the DAE community gradually becomes a life form, it will be followed by a disruptive industrial revolution. Of course, the tsl of Energo will gradually infiltrate into People's Daily life and produce new consumption patterns, which is also a fundamental change for the industrial revolution.