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3. 参加聚会(别太拘谨 Just make yourself at home)

- Would you care for something to drink, Mr. Fang? - No, thank you. I'm fine for now. - Just make yourself at home. The other guests should be arri...

2019-07-31 23:14:37

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机器学习的种类 Types of Machine Learning

Example 1: Handwritten Character Recognition Types of machine learning: Supervised learning(Predictive learning) 监督学习 1.Classification Binary cl...

2019-07-29 16:40:48

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1. 参加聚会(今天聚会很不错 This is a really wonderful party)

- Are you having a good time? - Yes, of course. This is a really wonderful party with interesting people and great food. - I'm glad you are enjoyin...

2019-07-29 12:54:48

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2. 参加聚会( 随便穿 dress casually)

-How should I dress for the party? -Dress casually. -What do you think of the suit? Do I look good or what? - You look great! However, I think y...

2019-07-29 12:54:42

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13. 打招呼( 粉丝)

- I'm a visitor from China. I love your music. It's the best I've ever heard. Will you please spare a little bit of time for me? - Sure. Thank you ...

2019-07-25 19:08:14

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12. 打招呼( 你以前去过北京吗?Have you ever been Beijing before?)

- Is this seat taken? -No, please sit down. - Are you also going to Beijing? -Yes, on a business trip. How about you? - I'm taking a vacation to ...

2019-07-24 16:38:18

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11. 打招呼( 我刚搬到隔壁 I just moved in next door)

- You are right about that. It's quiet and every convenient. You can get to the bus and the subway stations within ten minutes' walk. There's a gro...

2019-07-24 16:27:53

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10. 打招呼( 我刚搬到隔壁 I just moved in next door)

- Would you like something to drink? I've got tea and some grape juice. -Thanks. Some tea would be nice. I really like your tea set. Where did you...

2019-07-24 15:03:29

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9. 打招呼( 宴会上打招呼 Greeting at a party)

- Is there any more vokda in that bottle? -I think there's enough for one more. - Marvelous. Pass it over. My name's Robin, by the way. - What do ...

2019-07-22 16:02:32

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8. 打招呼( 引见一下 )

- Robin, I want you to meet Mike. Mike is in marketing and Robin runs his own import and export company. - It's a pleasure to meet you. -We were j...

2019-07-22 15:55:56

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7. 打招呼(和邻居打招呼 Greetings to the neighbour)

- Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom. - Pleased to meet you. Did you just move in next door? - Yes, I did. Have you lived here lon...

2019-07-21 19:59:47

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6. 打招呼( Can I introduce you to my colleague)

-I have heard a lot about you. -Nothing bad I hope. -No. Only good stuff I think. Are you having a good time? -It's been good funso far. There are...

2019-07-21 19:33:37

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C++ 语言内容和特性

C++ 完全支持面向对象的程序设计,包括面向对象开发的四大特性: 封装 抽象 继承 多态 标准的 C++ 由三个重要部分组成: 核心语言,提供了所有构件块,包括变量、数据类型和常量,等等。 C++ 标准库,提供了大量的函数,用于操作文件、字符串等。 标准模板库(STL),提供了大...

2019-07-20 17:00:42

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如何学习机器学习 (Definition of ML)

Objectives: 1. Being able to identify machine learnming applications 2. Being able to program machine learning algorithms 3. Being able to create ...

2019-07-20 13:18:56

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5. 打招呼( 介绍同事 Let me introduce you to my colleague)

- She's my colleague from Brazil. - What do you do here in Shanghai? I mean, what work do you do? - I work in advertising right now. How about you?...

2019-07-19 22:16:13

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4. 打招呼( 认识新朋友 Meeting a new friend)

主题:认识新朋友 Meeting a new friend - This is my friend James. He's visiting Shanghai from New York. - Are you visiting for business or pleasure? - Well...

2019-07-19 21:57:05

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1. 浏览器原生Ajax技术介绍(创建XHR对象)

What is Ajax Technology? It is异步的JavaScript与XML技术 Function: Ajax是一种无需刷新页面即可实现客户端与服务器端数据交互的技术! Ajax is not a language, it is only just a technology...

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Listening&Reading: 听力和阅读题目各40个小题,对8个以上就有分数! 8-10 3.5 10-12 4 13-15 4.5 16-17 5 18-22 5.5 23-25 6 26-29 6.5...

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3. 打招呼( 引起他人注意 Getting someone's attention)

主题:非正式场合介绍 Informal introduction - You are friend of Janet, right? - I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that. - Fang, F-A-N-G, it's an Irish name. 你...

2019-07-16 19:59:10

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2. 打招呼( 初次认识-人际交往)

-Mr. Li, may I present Miss Kim? - Call me Robin, please. Should I call you Mina or? - Well, You can just call me Mina. - Mina, so how are they tr...

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