Boost Note的全新版本开放了!

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A new version of Boost Note is open!


Since the release of Boost Note as an open source in the spring of 2016, many good things have happened. The good thing is that we have over 600,000 loyal users who like Boost Note. As an open source project, we co-create with everyone from around the world.
I don't know how to thank everyone who contributed to our community. Thank you from the heart! At the end of this post, I would like to publicize nearly 100 people who have contributed. The bad part is that after the Boost Note was made public, all members left except me, and I became a lone war. It was really a very painful time. I am here to say this to everyone you do n’t know, because without you there is no Boost Note today. I will never forget your kindness in my life.

This experience is closely linked to the mission of BoostIO.

Our mission is "to empower creators by realizing the standards of tomorrow." Today, everyone is arguing that "technology will replace human work." I believe that as programmers, you are the hero and the most important creator of this industry.

Like everyone's contribution to Boost Note, I also want to make this world a better place with talented people.

from now on

The mobile version of Boost Note (iOS / Andoird) is about to be released! The original plan was to be released at the end of the year. I'm sorry for not catching up with the time. In addition, our team version will be launched soon! .

Free souvenirs

With this release, we also started a free souvenir campaign. The top 100 friends who wrote about Boost Note on SNS can get our souvenirs for free! (New and old LOGO stickers + Web camera + something on hand)
waiting for everyone's application ~!



Thank you in advance!

I really want to thank everyone who contributed to us. Thank you very much & look forward to it in the future!


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