GrapeCity ActiveReports v14.0-更新版

GrapeCity ActiveReports是用于.NET的完整报告解决方案。 我们直观的Visual Studio集成报表设计器和丰富的控件可提供精美的报表。
WinForms,WPF,ASP.NET,MVC,.NET Core和.NET Core 3的功能打包的报告


1. 设计器:Designer, ReportExplorer, ToolBox, (新)Snap line 

2. 设计方式:逐页设计, 页眉页脚部分, 明细部分 

3. 主要控件: Shape, Picture, PageBreak, BarCode, SubReport, OleObject, ChartControl, ReportInfo, (新)CrossSectionLine, (新)CrossSectionBox 

4. 报表导出: PDF, HTML, Excel, Text, TIFF, RTF, RDF(ActiveReports专有) 

5. 条码:34种国际标准条码格式, (新)含6种新RSS条码格式 

6. 图表:49种2D/3D多彩图型, 特有专业的财务类型 

7. 打印:用纸方向, 大小, 边缘, 装订线, 配页, 双面打印, 纸张托盘 

8. WinForm 报表浏览器: 打印, 剪贴板, 搜索, 单/多/连续的页面浏览, 注释, 标题列表, 缩略图, 环线, 自定义工具栏 

9. Web 报表浏览器: 打印, 页面范围, 搜索, 单/多/连续的页面浏览, 转页, 标题列表, 缩略图, 链接, 自定义工具栏 

10. 专业版:最终用户报表设计器(工具栏/菜单项/状态栏的修改), 再分发CHM/PDF格式帮助文件, HTTP处理器(链接支持HTML, PDF), Web报表浏览器(HTML, PDF), (新)Flash报表浏览器(支持多语言, 7种情景模式),(新) PDF电子签名/时间印章

11. 文件格式: RPX格式文件 

12. 编译语言: C#, VB点NET 

13. 数据绑定: ADO点NET提供者, ODP点NET提供者, XML, 自定义, 绑定 

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ActiveReports 7 2013 V1 4/4 共四个压缩文件,请全部下载后解压 Award-winning .NET reporting tool for Silverlight, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure with an end-user Report Designer, Visual Studio integration, and more. Multi-platform Reporting Component with Pure Power The award-winning .NET reporting tool for Silverlight, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure provides Microsoft .NET developers with familiar Visual Studio integrated designers and components, as well as an extensive API. Create reports ranging in functionality from form-based reports such as invoices and insurance documents, to transaction reports such as sales and accounting, to analytical reports such as sales and budget analysis and portfolio analysis. * ActiveReports joined the ComponentOne product line on July 1, 2012, when ComponentOne became a division of GrapeCity. See what's new in the ActiveReports 7 release! Why Choose ActiveReports 7? Multiple Report Types to Fit Your Reporting Needs Fixed Page Layout gives developers a new way of creating reports where layout is the primary focus. Great for creating invoices, prospectus reports, forms, or other highly structured reports. Continuous Page Layout makes it easy to create reports using tables, crosstabs, charts, and other data regions with flexible layouts. Section Reports follow the tradition of previous ActiveReports versions and are similar to Access reports. Using code-behind or scripts, you can respond to the various events that occur while the report generates to create extremely customized reports that are hard to produce with other products. Fast .NET Reporting Engine Fast .NET Reporting Engine ActiveReports 7 is optimized for speed. Its unique architecture allows the lean reporting engine to quickly read records from the data source and immediately render them to the output device. The simplicity of the design allows the data to pass through quickly from processing to rendering. Flexible .NET API The extensive ActiveReports 7 API allows Visual Basic and C# developers to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs. Events and properties control: Data retrieval Data transformation Layout Rendering In addition, the API gives the developer complete control over the rendered document to allow selective printing or export, post-render drawing or stamping on pages, n-page, and booklet printing. For added control, ActiveReports 7 provides unmanaged access to the print job, allowing tray selection and duplex printer management as the document is rendered to the printer. Data Visualization and Layout Data Visualization and Layout Whether you need a simple listing or groups with keep-together control, master-detail reports, sub-reports, horizontal and vertical multi-column reports, address labels and badges, or richly formatted letters with mail merge support, ActiveReports is the solution. Simple and lightweight report controls allow you to easily create dazzling reports. With a selection including textbox, checkbox, line, shape, cross-section box, image, formatted text with mail merge, barcode (2D and 3D), chart, and other data visualization controls, they support a wide range of business reports. You can create reports of any size with nearly endless layout options. Rich Data Binding Rich Data Binding .NET data sources allow you to connect to any of the standard databases, plus .NET in-memory objects and collections. In addition, unbound data mode opens up the report to data from anywhere, in any form. If your application can access it, so can the report engine. Visual Studio Integrated Design Time Visual Studio Integrated Design Time The ActiveReports 7 report designer integrates with the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE allowing C# and Visual Basic developers to create reports and compile them into their Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Silverlight applications. ActiveReports Professional Edition users can also use the royalty-free end-user report designer control to give similar report design functionality to end users within the business application. Cross-platform Support Cross-platform Support ActiveReports 7 offers versatile viewers to extend the reach of your reports to every platform. Built-in report viewers include Windows Forms, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and a rich HTML viewer, all with built-in search functions, hyperlink interaction, a table of contents, and multi-page zoom view support. ActiveReports includes Adobe PDF export with advanced encryption and international font support, Microsoft Excel export, and Rich Text Format (RTF) export. The extensive API allows fine control over the exported documents and their properties. The ActiveReports reporting engine supports cloud computing on Microsoft's Windows Azure platform under partial trust as well as full trust. Support for Migration from Other Reporting Tools Support for Migration from Other Reporting Tools ActiveReports 7 helps you preserve your past investments with easy report conversion from Microsoft Access and SAP Crystal Reports, thus greatly reducing the effort involved in recreating old reports when you migrate. No need to start from scratch! Global Options and Localization Support Global Options and Localization Support Localize the ActiveReports user interface to meet the needs of all of your international users. (There are fully localized Chinese and Japanese versions for those specific markets.) Localization also extends to the reports themselves: the reporting engine can use locale-specific text and formatting without the need to create multiple reports. Deployment Deployment ActiveReports 7 uses XCOPY deployment, making installation of your applications incredibly simple. There are no special merge modules to include, no licensing servers to install alongside your application, and no onerous activation procedures to go through.
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