SAP ERP升级数据库Sybase ASE

一、 背景

SAP ERP 需要将数据库Sybase ASE 升级到版本16.0.    SAP现在的系统是Linux SUSE.



1、Stop the SAP and ASE

su wenadm

2、Download the ase software

我是用FTP从其他 服务器下载.    

cd /remote/pbi_archive10/archives/images/ase/160/asecorona_beta_3/c1/output/linuxamd64

ftp> get ASE_Suite.linuxamd64.tgz

tar   zxvf  ASE_Suite.linuxamd64.tgz


/abaptest/soft/newase  是step 2 解压目录

mo:/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install # su sybwen
mo ASE-16_0/install> cd /abaptest/soft/newase/ASE_Suite
mo newase/ASE_Suite> ./setup.bin

然后根据情况, 在命令行下作选择。。直到安装到步骤Update SAP ASE 报错:

Update SAP ASE

Updating SAP ASE 'WEN'
Updating SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 'WEN'...
Start SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise ...
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise failed to start.
Updating SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise failed.
Exit status = 4
The installer could not update SAP ASE 'WEN'.  Correct the errors described in
output file '/sybase/WEN/log/updatease.out', then run
'/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/bin/updatease -D/sybase/WEN -SWEN'.
Failed to Update SAP ASE

然后打开数据库日志(/sybase/WEN/log/updatease.out  里面没有什么信息,查看数据库日志如下),查看错误:

/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install # vi WEN.log

00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.65 kernel  SySAM: Using licenses from: /sybase/WEN/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/ASE_160SP02_Beta.lic:/sybase/WEN/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/Nightly.lic
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.67 kernel  SySAM: Checked out license for 20 ASE_CORE (2015.0930/30-sep-2015/0127 239B 9CAE 70DD) will expire Thu 01 Oct 2015 12:00:00 AM UTC.
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.67 kernel  Error: 131274, Severity: 17, State: 1
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.67 kernel  SySAM: WARNING: ASE will shutdown on Thu 01 Oct 2015 12:00:00 AM UTC, unless a suitable ASE_CORE license is obtained before that date.
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.67 kernel  This product is licensed to: Evaluation License. No Commercial or Production use permitted.
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.67 kernel  Checked out license ASE_CORE
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.67 kernel  Adaptive Server Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.68 kernel  Using config area from primary master device.
00:0000:00000:00000:2015/07/09 08:58:37.68 server  Configuration Error: Configuration file, '/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/WEN.cfg', does not exist.


一个 是关于license的


一个Configuration file  WEN.cfg, does not exist.  是因为权限导致的,  当前用户是sybwen  WEN.cfg文件是root权限. 

 解决办法:用root 账号Login去执行命令,如下

mo: ASE-16_0/install> exit

mo:/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install #  /sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/bin/updatease -D/sybase/WEN -SWEN
ASE Password:
Updating SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 'WEN'...
Start SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise ...
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise has been started.
Unable to login to server 'WEN'. Please check if the specified login password
is correct.
Updating SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise failed.

可以看到 ASE 已经启动,只是登录失败。

mo:/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install # isql64 -Usapsso  -SWEN -X


4、 Execute Sybase installation scripts.

The script must be executed with login "sa". As the "sa" login is usually locked, you may first need to unlock the "sa" login.

1> sp_locklogin 'sa', 'unlock'
2> go

Account unlocked.

a、Run the scripts:

mo:/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install # su sybwen
mo:ASE-16_0/install> cd ..
mo:WEN/ASE-16_0> cd scripts

isql64 -Usa -SWEN -iinstallmaster -X -o/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install/runscript.log
isql64 -Usa -SWEN -iinstallcommit -X -o/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install/runscript.log
isql64 -Usa -SWEN -iinstmsgs.ebf -X -o/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install/runscript.log
isql64 -Usa -SWEN -iinstalljsdb -X -o/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install/runscript.log

b 、Restart the job scheduler

mo:ASE-16_0/scripts> isql64 -Usa -SWEN  -X
1> sp_configure "enable job scheduler", 1
2> go

1> exec sybmgmtdb..sp_js_wakeup "start_js", 1
2> go

C 、Run the syb_update_db.sql script.  

 see SAP Note 1602547, also you can copy the script in the followin link            

1> exit
mo-1333b8cb7 ASE-16_0/scripts> vi syb_update_db.sql

copy    里面的脚本到syb_update_db.sql

执行(因为ASE是64位,所以用isql64 ,用isql 去执行这个会报一个错):

isql64 -Usa -SWEN -w999 -i syb_update_db.sql -X -o /sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install/syb_update_db.log

5、Verify the database version and start Sap

isql64 -Usa -SWEN -X
 1> select @@version
 2> go
 1> select @@sbssav
 2> go 
 1> exit

mo:/sybase/WEN/ASE-16_0/install # su wenadm
mo:wenadm 52> startsap


Update Sybase ASE 15.7 database server

This document is based in the SAP Note 1599814  

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