DPInst and DIfx usage

DPInst and DIfx usage

JY posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:03 AM


I am posting this for the 3rd time. Somhow my posts are not showing up for
whatever reason - please excuse.

I have a requirement to install a device driver from my MFC application and
have looked through some MSDN documention on usage of DPInst and DIFx
framework, but I have not got a clear idea yet.

1. A basic question is if I have a driver file that I need to install what
exactly are the steps to be followed?

2. Can I use ShellExecute(Ex) to launch DPInst? What other things are needed?


For DPInst, all you need to do is create an XML configuration file, haveDPInst.

Tim Roberts replied to JY on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:23 AM

For DPInst, all you need to do is create an XML configuration file, have
DPInst.exe in the same directory as the INF file and the XML file, and run
DPInst.  it is pretty darned easy.

Take DPInst.exe, your DPInst.xml, your .inf, and your .sys.  Have your
installer copy that to a Program Files location, then launch DPInst. That's
it.  That will pre-install the driver.

Yes, indeed.  I call it from an NSIS install script.
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