Hardware Requirements (Readme)

Current OpenAirInterface.org software requires Intel architecture based PCsfor the eNB or UE targets. This requirement is due to optimized DSP functionswhich make heavy use of integer SIMD instructions (SSE, SSE2, SSS3, and SSE4).The software has currently been tested on the following processor families:

  • Generation 3/4/5/6 Intel Core i5,i7
  • Generation 2/3/4 Intel Xeon
  • Intel Atom Rangeley, E38xx, x5-z8300

For the UE it has been tested with :

  • Intel:registered: Core:tm: i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 4
  • Intel:registered: Core:tm: i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz × 4

Note: When running the software on virtualized environment (containers, VMs), make sure that the access to the RF interface is granted (e.g. passthru) and CPU flags are set. In addition, make sure that low latency kernel is installed when using VMs and that enough CPUs processing is available.

The OpenAir-CN EPC component should work on any 64 bits Linux machine. Container virtualization may not be used when using Openair-CN (as openair-cn requires to install kernel modules).

Specific hardware and operating-system constraints are required for real-time operationusing various hardware targets. Currently these targets/constraints are:

  • EURECOM's ExpressMIMO2 PCIe card requiring a PC with a free 8/16-way PCIeslot. With an appropriate adaptor the card can function in a 1-way PCIe slotor ExpressCard slot in a laptop.
  • NI/Ettus USRP B200/B210 USB3 radio card requring a PC with a free USB3 port.Please verify herethat you do not use an incompatible USB chipset.
  • BladeRF over USB3 port.
  • LimeSDR over USB3 port.
  • Ethernet transport (IQ samples over ethernet) requires a PC with a fast ethernetport (10G or more, eNB/RRH -> done, UE functionality under development).

UE/Sim Card Requirements

Sim Card and UE Information regarding working configurations is located here:SimCardConfig

Supported RF

  1. USRP B210 http://www.ettus.com/product/details/UB210-KIT

  2. USRP X310 http://www.ettus.com/product/details/X310-KIT

  3. BladeRF http://nuand.com/

  4. LimeSDR http://limesdr.org/

  5. EURECOM EXPRESSMIMO2 RF, http://openairinterface.eurecom.fr


The following list of duplexers are known to work within the OAI community.

Duplexer model for several bands sold by TELMAT on behalf of EURECOM. For more information on purchase/technical specs, OAI_duplexers_and_RF_solutions-4web.docx. For more info, http://www.expressmimo2.com/

Example Duplexer model for Band 7 (2600 MHz): (not in production anymore)

  • Manufacture: BL Microwave
  • Description: Duplexers
  • P/N: DUCE2655/2655-70/70
  • No.: C0910106-1

The detailed specs can be found here.

RF Cage Model

Since, LTE always operates in licensed band, we never recommend to do Over the air testing. The commercial cells nearby will always interfere with OAI and impact its performance negatively. You can also be fined by local authorities for transmitting into licensed band without authorization. We recommend using the RF cage below for testing or similar products

List of High power HW/CPU platforms on which OAI has been tried successfully

List of Small form factor/low power HW/CPU platforms on which OAI is being tried for NGFI RRH (experimental)