Life is fragile

<br />If I Died Today<br /><br />"If I died today, how would I feel about my life?"Life is fragile.<br /><br /&g...

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<br />其实我并不喜欢技术类的东西!但总是不知不觉的就到了这里的论坛闲逛!我更关注生活和行业动态!技术学习都是被动地学习!

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<br />

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爱他, 请这样做

杨:Why are you looking so sad?你看起来为什么那么沮丧? 李:I fought with Paul again yesterday. We both mentioned divorce.昨天我跟Paul又 开战了。 我们都提到了离婚。 杨:First do you sti...

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smiles send us light in the darkness.smiles bring us warm sunlight at a cold winter day.smiles can break the hard ice.smiles are like the rainbow.The...

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