Two Weeks Passed

  In the last two weeks, i have made less improvement of my technological skills and wasted my time doing some dirty jobs. I don't think it's my unfortunate, people who in their working have to face this. We always want more creative jobs, but creative jobs are not always been given to you. So I used Online Chat Tools to communicate with people who working in other company in a cooperation with us to do some similar technical jobs.

  Besides, I have been to support the Virus Team to build the Virus Category System, for auto-detecting Virus. From Decision Tree to Random Decision Tree, some other algos and more improvement. AND I had built up a spider system.

  On my own time, I have stop playing with my computer. Instead, I have a tour of the Capital Museum, been appreciating the NaamJoeng(南阳) heritage exhibition.

  I go on learning English hard, reciting new words. I dream that I would get the MEM degree some day.

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