C++ Learning (1)

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Computer Science: A Structured Approach Using C++, Second Edition
It's a good study material for someone who are going to study C++ from the begining.
There are 17 Chapters , including lots of codes.
I concluded some points while reading this book as follows:
1) I/O Stream Classes :
A file would be in reading ,writing or error states. And the error state includes logical error and physical error.
Open a file :
                    ifstream fsIn; 
At the begining, the reading header is at the start of the file. While reading, it will move foward ,until reach the end of the file.
Create a new file:
                        ofsteam fsOut; 
If the file has exist, the old data will be deleted, if not , it would create a new file.
Append file:


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C++ Learning (1)

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