Some advice for NS2 beginner.

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Ok, There are lots of people(research people) who want to touch ns2, especial those people with computer network as their research field. I have experienced ns2 for several years, some advice may be help.

1. If you want to take sth out in few days(with 2 months) from ns2, please keep away.

   I have come across several graduates/undergraduates who would graduate in few months. They asked help from me. They want to get results from ns2 simulation in two monthes and they knew nothing about ns2 before. At last, I persuade they give it up. Why? Personnally, I think it's not workable in such a short time. Maybe opnet is possible. Then there is another question you may be ask. How long it will take to study ns2? It's hard to say. But if you know well about c++ and linux-like environment, you can step into it quickly. Because tcl/tk is not so difficult. Otherwise, It will take a long time for you to experience it.

2. Please make an intensive comprehension about ISO network model or TCP/IP model. Whether you are play with wired scneario(IP, IPV6) or wireless scenario(WSN, WMN, WiMAX). The network model is the basic. In fact, NS2 is the implementation of ISO model.

3. Internet will be your best teacher. I have to admit that ns2 don't have a good instruction. In fact, it's a research tool but not a user tool like MS word, Visual C++ etc. Please don't want to find sth like MSDN. Please take advantage of Internet asap. Google, Groups, Mail-list, Blog...are your teacher.

4. NS2 is a tool. That means two aspects. Firstly, you play ns2 well, but you don not always play research well. NS2<>Research. Grasping ns2 will be the step of your research. It is a basic skill for your study. Secondly, ns2 is the collection of all kinds of simulation packages from different aspects(wired, wireless, 3G, etc.) You don't have to master them all. You have to focused on your research field. For me, WSN is my primary objective.

Ok, Enjoy ns2, Enjoy research.

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