something learnt in last week

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designing usecase and contract (based by functions of role)
designing system sequence diagram to learn business
designing concept model and domain model
grasp : responsibility contributed patterns
1)expert pattern :We should contribute a function to a class which knowes information needed to execute the function.
2)coupling pattern (高内聚模式)
4)controller pattern
still to study this chapters.
Design patterns:
composite pattern :
(create a tree and execute a single class or a list class in the same way)
need a component ,a single class and a list class should implement the interface and the list class should have list variable containing many single classes.In the executing method of list class it should execute the method of single classes in the list iteratively.
proxy pattern
facade pattern
decorator pattern:
(add functions to a class without extending the class)
the class and decorator class should implement the same interface.The decorator class should have a variable of the class extended .Then we can add functions to the decorator class and execute the methods of the class extended because of the variable of the class extended.
template pattern
command pattern
Habenate: or/m
The rationale of servlet container :use of reflection and socket
The rationale of struts :ActionServlet and flow of web.xml and struts_config.xml

POJ_P1274 The Perfect Stall(二分图匹配+匈牙利算法)

Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 21468 Accepted: 9664 Descri...
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poj 1247 The Perfect Stall 裸的二分匹配,但可以用最大流来水一下

The Perfect Stall Time Limit: 1000MS   Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 16396...
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POJ 1274 The Perfect Stall 二分匹配||最大流(简单题)

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POJ1274:The Perfect Stall(二分图最大匹配 匈牙利算法)

The Perfect Stall Time Limit: 1000MS   Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 17895   Accepte...
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1、问题: 在某些情况下,会需要将日期按周来进行排序或统计,mysql就要用到week()或yearWeek()函数,就会发现,比如2016年的某一天,在mysql里面是属于第30周,但在JAVA中使...
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abstract class Name {    private String name;    public abstract boolean isStupidName(String name)...
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last 数据源: /var/log/wtmp(默认 记录每个用户的登录次数和持续时间等信息)和/var/log/btmp(详细,包括登录失败请求) 数据源格式:二进制(可以通过dump-utmp 命...
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HDU 4380 预处理枚举

题意:给出n个房子m个矿问从n个房子选三个组成的三角形内部矿数为奇数有多少种选法。 先预处理一下每条线段正上方有多少个点,然后在枚举三条线段就可以了。 #include #include #in...
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函数:len() 1:作用:返回字符串、列表、字典、元组等长度 2:语法:len(str) 3:参数: str:要计算的字符串、列表、字典、元组等 4:返回值:字符串、列表、字典、元组等元素...
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阿里巴巴北京实习 Week 1

7 月 28 号周一入职. # Mon 签协议, ling
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