something learnt in last week

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designing usecase and contract (based by functions of role)
designing system sequence diagram to learn business
designing concept model and domain model
grasp : responsibility contributed patterns
1)expert pattern :We should contribute a function to a class which knowes information needed to execute the function.
2)coupling pattern (高内聚模式)
4)controller pattern
still to study this chapters.
Design patterns:
composite pattern :
(create a tree and execute a single class or a list class in the same way)
need a component ,a single class and a list class should implement the interface and the list class should have list variable containing many single classes.In the executing method of list class it should execute the method of single classes in the list iteratively.
proxy pattern
facade pattern
decorator pattern:
(add functions to a class without extending the class)
the class and decorator class should implement the same interface.The decorator class should have a variable of the class extended .Then we can add functions to the decorator class and execute the methods of the class extended because of the variable of the class extended.
template pattern
command pattern
Habenate: or/m
The rationale of servlet container :use of reflection and socket
The rationale of struts :ActionServlet and flow of web.xml and struts_config.xml

everybody has a story

have no motivation to tell story.everybody else has story ,why dont me!?
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