Lesson 16 Mary had a little lamb

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Lesson 16 Mary had a little lamb

Was Dimitri right to apologize to his neighbor? Why not?

Mary and her husband Dimitri  lived in the tiny village of Perachora in southern Greece.

One of Mary's prize possessions was a little white lamb which her husband had given her.

She kept it tied to a tree in a field during the day and went to fetch it every evening.

One evening, however, the lambwas missing.

The rope had been cut, so it was obvious that the lamb had been stolen.

When Dimitri came in from the fields, his wife told him what had happened.

Dimitri at once set out to find the thief.

He knew it would not prove difficult in such a small village.

After telling several of his friends about thetheft, Dimitri found out that his neighbor, Aleko, had suddenly acquired a new lamb.

Dimitri immediately went to Aleko's house and angrily accused him of stealing the lamb.

He told him he had better return it or he would call the police.

Aleko denied taking it and led Dimitri into his backyard.

It was true that he had just bought a lamb, he explained, but his lamb was black.

Ashamed of having acted so rashly, Dimitri apologized to Aleko for having accused him.

While they were talking it began to rain and Dimitri stayed in Aleko's house until the rain stopped.

When he went outside half an hour later, he was astonished to find that the little black lamb was almost white.

Its wool, which had been dyed black, had been washed clean by the rain!


  • was missing 表示丢了而不是现在进行时,missing是形容词 
  •  theft -- prevent information theft
  • dyed --发音同died
  • wall [wɔ:l]  wool  [wul]

  ·        prize

n. sth. of valuethat is gained after a struggle; a precious possession

prize possessions最珍贵的财产   Human Resources areour prize assets.

See what a prize Ihave found!看我发了多大一笔横财

vt.  value highly

Mother prizes her best china.母亲珍藏着她的最好的瓷器

·        be missing表示丢了,不是现在进行时  I love that shirt. But it’s missing two buttons.

·        keep +done / doing把事物保持在某种状态

She kept it tiedto a tree in a field during the day and went to fetch it every evening.

She kept askingsilly question.

·         accuse sb. of doing  sth.                              

·        had better +动词原形  you can’t go likethat, you’d better change.

·        deny

         Ø deny doing sth.  

         Ø deny + n.   He denied all the charges against him.他否认了对他的所有指控

         Ø deny +that引导的从句Do you deny that this is your handwriting ?

·        (being) ashamed of having acted so rashly分词伴随

·        rash-> rashly  done, doing sth. Without enough thought of the consequence

         1)     Ashamed of having acted so rashly, Dimitri apologized to Aleko for having accused him.

             Despite the new tunnel, there are still a few people who rashly attempted to cross the pass on foot.

       2)     There’s no rash.不用着急

      3)     Don’t rash in making your decision.

·        dye->     dyed[daɪd]died[daɪd]发音相同    dye发音与die相同

·        英语中某些动词可做为系动词直接加形容词

       dye black 

          wash clean 

           He painted the room yellow.

  • find that , find out that

        如果是不需要思考,只要死命搜寻某物,然后找到的话是find that
        如果是要经过思考,才能找到的话(例如寻找答案)是find out that

        The editor at once sent the journalist a fax instructing him to find out the exact number of steps and the height of the wall. 

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