Machine Learning and Database

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Machine learning, especially neural network, is a way to store the data in the neural network, compared to database-driven programing. Database-driven programming is implemented by hard-coded algorithm and computer programs, which separate data and logic, thus to be mechnical. 

Also, machine learning can be thought of as a revolutional programming style, training as programming !

Machine Learning - Neural Networks Examples and Intuitions

This articles contains topics about Neural Networks examples and intuitions.
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【Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning】p8-9 preface

P8 Preface 本书练习延伸泛化概念或者补充细节。难度看星号,强化概念的联系网上有答案。...

今天开始学模式识别与机器学习Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (PRML),章节1.2,Probability Theory (下)

原创书写,转载请注明此文出自:,Bin的专栏 今天开始学Pattern Recognition and Machine...

Why is machine learning used heavily for Google's ad ranking and less for their search ranking?

From what I gathered while I was there, Amit Singhal, who heads Google's core ranking team, has a ...

Coursera Machine Learning 第六周 Programming Exercise 5: Regularized Linear Regression and Bias

linearRegCostFunction.m function [J, grad] = linearRegCostFunction(X, y, theta, lambda) %LINEARREGCO...

Machine learning and Data Mining - Association Analysis with Python

Recently I've been working with recommender systems and association analysis.  This last one, specia...

翻译 《Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning》(PRML)的前言

翻译 《Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning》(PRML)的前言 这本书为机器学习方面的经典书籍。...

<<Machine learning: Trends, perspectives, and prospects>> 总结

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PRML(Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning)学习【2】

本文是Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning学习第二章的学习笔记和心得。

翻译 《Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning》(PRML)的数学符号说明

数学符号 在可以保证对这个领域适当掌握的情况下,我试图保持这本书里的数学内容是最少的。然而这个最少的程度并不是0。要想清晰的理解现代模式识别和机器学习技术,掌握微积分学、线性代数和概率论是基本的而且是...
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