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HP QuickTest Professional software ActiveScreen technology offers the industry’s shortest learning curve for testers and its TestGuard technology provides easy to-maintain tests. It satisfies the testing needs of both technical experts and business analysts, enabling yourcompany to deploy higher-quality applications faster, with reduced risks and cost. HP QuickTest Professional software provides support for additional environments and includes the following core enhancements:

• Provides support for HP Business Process Testing software to create keyword-driven, componentbased tests, allowing subject-matter experts and HP QuickTest Professional software engineers to work together

• Enables testers to create and use Multiple Application Areas for each part of the application

•Offers a Function Definition Generator to quickly document and register new user-defined functions for tests and components

• Provides an Open XML report format for test results

• Provides the ability to pass data in tests and components using parameters

• Includes an Object Repository Comparison Tool and Object Repository automation for easier management

•Offers Navigate and Learn capabilities to simplify object repository creation

• Provides support for .NET 2.0, web, Java™, web services, and Windows environments

• Includes an HP QuickTest Professional software script editor tool to edit multiple test scripts

• Provides a single license mechanism for HP QuickTest Professional software and add-ins


HP WinRunner software is the industry’s most popular functional testing solution. Currently, more than 24,000 companies and 250,000 QA professionals use this powerful solution. HP WinRunner software captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically, so testers can identify defects and determine that business processes work flawlessly upon deployment and remain reliable. HP WinRunner software adds the following core enhancements and provides support for additional environments:

•Delivers a new highly customizable user interface

• Provides a framework-based test design support through Compiled Module functions with a new drag-and-drop interface

• Includes an Advanced Debugger and Dockable Debug Interface

• Presents a new GUI-Map configuration

• Provides enhanced memory management

•Offers updated environment support for Windows 2003, the latest Active X, C++, Visual Basic, MFC, Terminal Emulation, Oracle, web, Java updates and PowerBuilder 10


Choosing Between HP QuickTest Professional software and HP WinRunner software

HP WinRunner software and HP QuickTest Professional software are both excellent functional testing solutions.

The choice of which product to use should be based upon the computing environment in which the testing will be conducted, as well as decisions to leverage the enterprise’s existing investments in HP WinRunner software scripts and employee training. The environments supported by HP WinRunner software and HP QuickTest Professional software can be classified into three categories: classic, common and emerging:

• Classic: These are environments supported only by HP WinRunner software. This category includes client/server environments, such as PowerBuilder, as well as earlier ERP/CRM applications, such as Siebel 5 and 6.

• Common: Includes environments supported by both HP WinRunner software and HP QuickTest

Professional software, such as web and Windows (Win32).

• Emerging: This category consists of environments supported by only HP QuickTest Professional software and includes .NET and newer ERP/CRM environments, such as SAP and Siebel 7.



区别          1.工具试用环境(功能自动化测试工具的选择与开发语言有关系,性能测试工具选择与协议有关系)的区别,这个区别很重要是自动化实施选择的第一步:     qtp 和 wr...


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QTP三种录制模:                     正常录制模式:QTP默认的录制模式,这种录制模式是QTP最突出的特点,是直接对对象的操作,录制完之后,不管再次打开的对象位置在哪,它都能执...

QTP/UFT 11中EmbedScript 和 RunScript 的区别

问起QTP11中多了的两个方法EmbedScript. 和 RunScript的区别。 这里先介绍语法形式为 :Browser("Browser").EmbedScript. / Browser("...

QTP sky下Native Properties和Identification Propertie的区别

首先解释下这两个关键词的意思: Native Properties=本地的属性,Identification Properties=识别属性。 平时在使用qtp的sky工具识别页面对象,很少关注...


Test参数化和Action参数化最主要的区别就是,Test参数化是整个脚本全部执行反复迭代,而Action参数化是局部指定Action脚本执行反复迭代。 DataTable中Sheet表单的分类: ...


    前段时间公司需要实施WinRunner来进行回归测试,包括制定一套方案和一套标准脚本,通过实施起来真的是学到了很多东西,还是赶快总结出来,久了可能又忘记了。自动化测试总结:    通过进行自动...


整理作者:浮世若客 1、获取软件 所使用的软件下载地址: 2、安装入口 问题:下载的文件是一个压缩文件,解压之后发现并...


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