People in Computer Vision

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Alex Pentland (MIT)

Marc Levoy (Google X)

People in Computer Vision

People in Computer VisionPlease feel free to send pull requests to add new links or correct wrong on...
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How to Solve Problems in Computer Vision?

How to Solve Problems in Computer Vision? Preface Jia-Bin Huang
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图像处理中的全局优化技术(Global optimization techniques in image processing and computer vision) (一)

图像处理和计算机视觉算法介绍:Discrete Optimization, Graph Cuts, Belief Propagation
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计算机视觉中的颜色特征-法国INRIA LEAR组Joost van de Weijer-Color in Computer Vision

Color in Computer Vision Color Naming Color names are linguistic labels that humans attach to colo...

Computer vision with iOS Part 2: Face tracking in live video

Update: Nov 28 2011 – The OpenCV framework has been rebuilt using opencv svn revision 7017 Introd...
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整理《Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects》中第5章用SVM和神经网络进行车牌识别操作流程

ANPR(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is divided in two main steps: plate detection and plate rec...

Learning OpenCV 3 Computer vision in C++ epub

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