原创 2007年10月07日 15:21:00

A saying says toothache is not counted as a kinda illness but a disaster that can take your life away when it comes.  Actually as it is, i have suffered a complete pain it brought for couples of days and nights till yesterday, when i finally went to a hospital, people's hospital of the province, coz i cant stand the pain any more. This's the first time i have gone to a great hospital for cure since i went to hz 5 years ago. Not knowing the details of  flow, i found a wrong place to register at first. The receptionist told me to head for #3 building for registering and nonnasality department is located on the 4th floor there. I thanked her, but i found i went to #1 building instead when a nurse told me thats the in-patient department but not the counterpart one in #3 building.

At last i got the right place. A doctor told me to lay down on the cure chair. Then he got a plastic spoon and nipper to determine my broken tooth. I was told that the nerve in the gum was exposed which caused my longtime unstandable ache. To cure my toothache, that unshielded nerve must be disabled in the first step, and then fill the hole using something solid enough. He operated on my tooth with a kinda water drill. Huge noise did sacre me a lot. Thank god he didnt make a mistake to hurt me:) I paid 50 yuan for cure and 37 for analgetic medicine. Hope continuous cure in 2 days would be ok.