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Image Processing Books, Image Processing .

Rosenfeld, A.[Azriel]
Picture Processing by Computer,
Academic PressNew York, 1969. BibRef 6900

Rosenfeld, A., and Kak, A.C.
Digital Picture Processing,
Two volumes. New York: Academic Press1982. ISBN 0-12-597301-2. BibRef 8200 
Earlier: First edition, New York: Academic Press1976. Survey, Image ProcessingImage Processing, Survey. The early basic image processing book.Buy this book: Digital Picture Processing: Volume 1 (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) BibRef

Rosenfeld, A.[Azriel]
Digital Picture Analysis,
Springer-VerlagBerlin Heidelberg, 1976. Indexed as BibRef 7600 DPA76 
Springer DOI Link ISBN: 978-3-540-07579-0 BibRef

Andrews, H.C.
Computer Techniques in Image Processing,
Academic PressNew York, 1970. BibRef 7000

Andrews, H.C.
Digital Image Processing,
Spectrum(16), No. 4, April 1979, pp. 38-49. BibRef 7904

Fu, K.S., and Whinston, A.B., (eds.) 
Pattern Recognition Theory and Application,
Noordhoff-Leyden1977. BibRef 7700

Fu, K.S., and Ichikawa, T.
Special Computer Architectures for Pattern Processing,
CRC Press1982. BibRef 8200

Fu, K.S., (ed.), 
Applications of Pattern Recognition,
CRC Press1982. BibRef 8200

Fu, K.S., (ed.), 
Digital Pattern Recognition,
Springer-Verlag1976 BibRef 7600

Nagel, H.H.
Digitale Bildverarbeitung / Digital Image Processing,
Springer-VerlagBerlin, 1977. BibRef 7700

Andrews, H.C., and Hunt, B.R.
Digital Image Restoration,
Prentice HallEnglewood Cliffs, NJ, 1977. BibRef 7700

Oppenheim, A.V.
Applications of Digital Signal Processing,
Prentice HallEnglewood Cliffs, 1978. BibRef 7800

Oppenheim, A.V.
Symbolic and Knowledge-Based Signal Processing,
Prentice Hall1992. BibRef 9200

Devijver, P.A., and Kittler, J.V.
Pattern Recognition: A Statistical Approach,
Prentice Hall1982. BibRef 8200

Batchelor, B.G.
Pattern Recognition: Ideas in Practice,
PlenumPress, New York, 1978. BibRef 7800

Castleman, K.R.
Digital Image Processing,
Prentice HallEnglewood Cliffs, NJ. 1979. BibRef 7900

Hall, E.L.
Computer Image Processing and Recognition,
New York: Academic Press1979. Survey, Image ProcessingImage Processing, SurveyBibRef 7900

Gonzalez, R.C.[Rafael C.]Woods, R.E.[Richard E.]
Digital Image Processing, Third Edition,
Prentice Hall2008. ISBN: 013168728X Buy this book: Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition) BibRef 0800 
Digital Image Processing, Second Edition,
Prentice Hall2002. ISBN: 0201180758. Survey, Image ProcessingImage Processing, Survey
HTML Version. Instructors Manual: 
HTML VersionBibRef

Gonzalez, R.C., and Wintz, P.A.
Digital Image Processing,
Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley1977. BibRef 7700 
And: Replace A2: Woods, R., Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley1982. And 1992. Survey, Image ProcessingImage Processing, SurveyBibRef

Gonzalez, R.C., and Thomason, M.G.
Syntactic Pattern Recognition: An Introduction,
Addison-WesleyReading, 1978. BibRef 7800

Pratt, W.K.
Digital Image Processing (Second Edition),
New York: Wiley1991, 698 pp. ISBN 0-471-85766-1 BibRef 9100 
Digital Image Processing (First Edition),
New York: Wiley1978. Survey, Image ProcessingImage Processing, Survey. The first was comprenhensive, but the second leaves out relevant material. Buy this book: Digital Image Processing BibRef

Hord, R.M.
Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data,
Academic Press1982. Remote SensingBibRef 8200

Green, W.B.
Digital Image Processing: A Systems Approach,
Van Nostrand-Reinhold: New York, 1982. BibRef 8200

Dudgeon, D.E., and Mersereau, R.M.
Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing,
Prentice Hall1983. BibRef 8300

Watanabe, S.
Pattern Recognition: Human and Mechanical,
John Wiley& Sons, 1985. Pattern Recognition. Standard reference. BibRef 8500

Niblack, W.
An Introduction to Digital Image Processing,
Prentice Hall1986. Binarization technique comparison in: See also Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Document ImagesBibRef 8600

Jain, A.K.
Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall1989. Survey, Image ProcessingImage Processing, SurveyBibRef 8900

Pavlidis, T.
Algorithms for Graphics and Image Processing,
Rockville MD: Computer Science Press1982. Survey, AlgorithmsAlgorithms, SurveyCode, Image Processing. The book has basic algorithms for many standard image processing tasks. Topics: Digitization, processing, segmentation, projection, data structures, binary images, contour filling, thinning, curve fitting, surface fitting, 2-D graphics, polygon clipping, 3-D graphics. BibRef 8200

Stearns, S.D.[Samuel D.]David, R.A.[Ruth A.]
Signal Processing Algorithms in MATLAB,
Prentice Hall1996. ISBN 0-13-045154-1. Code, Signal ProcessingCode, Image Processing, MatlabBibRef 9600 
Signal Processing Algorithms in Fortran and C,
Prentice Hall1993. Code, Signal ProcessingBibRef 
And: Code, Image Processing, C
Signal Processing Algorithms,
Prentice Hall1988. BibRef

Trivedi, M.M.[Mohan M.]
Selected Papers on Digital Image Processing,
Optical Engineering Press ( SPIE), Bellingham, Washington, 1990. BibRef 9000

Trivedi, M.M.[Mohan M.]
Image Processing and Analysis,
ECSE1992, pp. 645-650. Overview of the field. BibRef 9200

Lenz, R.[Reiner]
Group Theoretic Methods in Image Processing,
New York: Springer-Verlag1990, ISBN 0-387-52290-5 See also Group invariant pattern recognitionBibRef 9000

Lindley, C.A.
Practical Image Processing in C,
WileyNew York, 1991. Source code included on floppy. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, CBibRef 9100

Low, A.
Introductory Computer Vision And Image Processing,
McGraw-HillNew York, 1991. BibRef 9100

Sonka, M.[Milan]Hlavac, V.[Vaclav]Boyle, R.[Roger]
Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision,
WWW Version. Third Edition. ISBN-10: 049508252X, ISBN-13: 9780495082521 BibRef 0800 
Earlier: First Edition Chapman and HallLondon, 1993. Buy this book: Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision BibRef

Svoboda, T.[Tomas]Kybic, J.[Jan]Hlavac, V.[Vaclav]
Image Processing, Analysis and and Machine Vision: A MATLAB Companion,
Cengage2008. ISBN-10: 0495295957. ISBN-13: 9780495295952 Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, MatlabBuy this book: Image Processing, Analysis & and Machine Vision - A MATLAB Companion BibRef 0800

Batchelor, B.G.Waltz, F.
Interactive Image Processing for Machine Vision,
SpringerBerlin, 1993. BibRef 9300

Dasarathy, B.V.
Nearest Neighbor (NN) Norms: NN Pattern Classification Techniques,
IEEE Computer Society PressISBN 0-8186-8930-7. Los Alamitos, CA, 1991. BibRef 9100

Dasarathy, B.V.
Image Data Compression: Block Truncation Coding,
IEEE Computer Society PressISBN 0-8186-6847-4. Los Alamitos, CA, 1995. CompressionBibRef 9500

Jahne, B.[Bernd]
Digital Image Processing,
Springer2002. ISBN 3-540-67754-2. BibRef 0200 
Digital Image Processing (third edition): Concepts, Algorithms, and Scientific Applications,
Springer-VerlagLondon 1995. ISBN 3-540-59298-9. BibRef 
Digital Image Processing: Concepts, Algorithms, and Scientific Applications,
SpringerBerlin 1991. Buy this book: Digital Image Processing (With CD-ROM) BibRef

Dougherty, E.R.[Edward R.]Astola, J.T.[Jaakko T.]
Mathematical Nonlinear Image Processing,
KluwerDecember 1992, ISBN 0-7923-9314-7. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9212

Dougherty, E.R.[Edward R.]Astola, J.T.[Jaakko T.]
Nonlinear Filters for Image Processing,
Wiley-IEEEPress, June 1999. ISBN: 0780353854. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9906

Chaudhuri, B.B.Majumder, D.D.[D. Dutta]
Two-Tone Image Processing and Recognition,
WileyEastern, New Delhi, 1993. BibRef 9300

Pitas, I.[Ioannis]
Digital Image Processing Algorithms,
Prentice HallEnglewood Cliffs, NJ, 1993. ISBN 0-13-145814-0. Referenced as: BibRef 9300 DIPA93Digital image processing fundamentals; Transforms; Filtering; Compression; Edge Detection; Segmentation; Shape Description. Book has source code. BibRef

Pitas, I.[Ioannis]
Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications,
John Wiley& Sons, Inc. February 2000. ISBN: 0-471-37739-2. Multimedia material for the book: 
WWW VersionCode, Image ProcessingBuy this book: Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications BibRef 0002

Teuber, J.[Jan]
Digital Image Processing,
Prentice HallEnglewood Cliffs, NJ, 1993. ISBN 0-13-213364-4. BibRef 9300

Watkins, C.D.[Christopher D.]Sadun, A.[Alberto], and Marenka, S.R.[Stephen R.]
Modern Image Processing: Warping, Morphing and Classical Techniques,
Academic PressSan Diego, CA. 1993. ISBN 0-12-737860-X. BibRef 9300

Alexandrov, V.V.Gorsky, N.D.
Image Representation and Processing: A Recursive Approach,
KluwerJune 1993, ISBN 0-7923-2136-7. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9306

Barnes, G.A.
Digital Image Processing,
WileyNew York, 1994. BibRef 9400

Dougherty, E.R.
Digital Image Processing Methods,
DekkerNew York, 1994. BibRef 9400

Granlund, G.H.Knutsson, H.
Signal Processing for Computer Vision,
KluwerDecember 1995. ISBN 0-7923-9530-1. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9512

Crowley, J.L., and Christensen, H.I.
Vision as Process,
Springer-Verlag1995 ISBN: 978-3-540-58143-7. 
WWW Version. This book describes the first implemented vision system anywhere to integrate robotic camera control, ocular reflexes, reactive fixation, real-time image processing, image tracking, perceptual grouping, active 3D modeling, and object recognition. From the ESPRIT project.BibRef 9500

Baxes, G.A.
Digital Image Processing: Principles and Applications,
WileyNew York, 1994. ISBN 0-471-00949-0 BibRef 9400

Press, W.H.Flannery, B.P.Teukolsky, S.A.Vetterling, W.T.
Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing,
Cambridge University Press1993, ISBN 0521431085. Code, Numerical AlgorithmsCode, Image Processing, C
WWW VersionBuy this book: Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing BibRef 9300

Phillips, D.
Image Processing in C: Analyzing and Enhancing Digital Images,
R&D PublicationsLawrence, KS, 1994. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9400

Sid-Ahmed, M.A.
Image Processing, Theory, Algorithms and Architectures,
McGraw-Hill1995. ISBN 0-07-057240-2. Filtering, Edges, FFT, phase, color, compression, TV, hardware. BibRef 9500

Pratt, W.K.[William K.]
PIKS Foundation C Programmer's Guide,
Manning Publications1995. ISBN 0-13-172339-1. Guide for using the Programmer's Imaging Kernel System standard. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, CBuy this book: Piks Foundation: A C Programmer's Guide BibRef 9500

Pratt, W.K.[William K.]
Digital Image Processing: PIKS Scientific Inside,
WileyFebruary 2007. ISBN: 978-0-471-76777-0. 4th Edition. 
HTML VersionBuy this book: Digital Image Processing: PIKS Scientific Inside 0905

Tekalp, A.M.
Digital Video Processing,
Prentice HallUpper Saddle River, NJ, 1995. ISBN 0-13-190075-7. BibRef 9500

Bracewell, R.N.[Ronald N.]
Two-Dimensional Imaging,
Prentice HallEnglewood Cliffs, NJ, 1995. ISBN 0-13-062621-X. Intended as a text book. Imaging issues, image processing (FFT, Convolutions, Filters), applications. BibRef 9500

Sanz, J.L.C.
Image Technology: Advances in Image Processing, Multimedia, and Machine Vision,
SpringerBerlin, 1995. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9500

Winkler, G.
Image Analysis, Random Fields, and Dynamic Monte Carlo Methods: A Mathematical Introduction,
SpringerBerlin, 1995. BibRef 9500

Marchese, F.T., (Ed.), 
Understanding Images: Finding Meaning in Digital Imagery,
SpringerBerlin, 1995. BibRef 9500

Jensen, J.R.
Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective,
Prentice HallInc., New Jersey, 1996, pp. 197-256 ISODATA ClusteringBibRef 9600

Kabir, I.[Ihtisham]
High Performance Computer Imaging,
Manning/ Prentice HallAugust 1996. ISBN 0-13-268301-6 (Initial reference gave: 1-884777-26-0). 378 pp. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, C. Includes a large selection of C code. Intended for the practical user who wants to implement computer imaging techniques. Details and a sample: 
HTML VersionBuy this book: High Performance Computer Imaging BibRef 9608

Klette, R.[Reinhard]Zamperoni, P.[Piero]
Handbook of Image Processing Operators,
John Wiley& Sons, 1996. ISBN 0-471-95642-2. Code, Image Processing. Code dealing with image processing defined as mappings of images onto images. This is a translation from the original German book. Buy this book: Handbook of Image Processing Operators BibRef 9600

Gose, E.[Earl]Jost, S.[Steve]
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis,
Prentice Hall1996, ISBN 0-13-236415-8. Intended as a text for introductory course. Programs in SAS. BibRef 9600

Jahne, B.[Bernd]
Practical Handbook on Image Processing for Scientific Applications,
CRC PressBoca Raton, FL. 1997. ISBN 0-8493-8906-2. Image processing and analysis. Covers feature extraction and analysis. BibRef 9700

Smith, S.W.
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing,
California Technical Publishing1997, ISBN 0966017633. 
WWW VersionBibRef 9700

Netravali, A.N.[Arun N.]Haskell, B.G.[Barry G.]
Digital Pictures: Representation, Compression, and Standards,
(Second Edition), Plenum1995. ISBN 0-306-44917-X. 706 pp. CompressionBibRef 9500

Chan, T.F.[Tony F.]Shen, J.H.[Jian-Hong]
Image Processing And Analysis: Variational, PDE, Wavelet, and Stochastic Methods,
SIAM2005, ISBN: 089871589X. Buy this book: Image Processing And Analysis: Variational, Pde, Wavelet, And Stochastic Methods BibRef 0500

Russ, J.C.[John C.]Russ, J.C.[J. Christian]
Introduction to Image Processing and Analysis,
CRC PressOctober, 2007, ISBN: 9780849370731 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Introduction to Image Processing and Analysis 0910

Russ, J.C.[John C.]
The Image Processing Handbook,
CRC PressBoca Raton, FL, Sixth Edition, April 7, 2011. ISBN: 9781439840450. 
WWW VersionBuy this book: The Image Processing Handbook, Sixth Edition BibRef 1104 
Earlier: CRC PressBoca Raton, FL, Fifth Edition, 2007. ISBN: 9780849372544. Code, Image Processing
WWW VersionBibRef 
Earlier: CRC PressBoca Raton, FL, Third Edition, 1999. ISBN 0-8493-2532-3. BibRef 
And: IEEE_PressNew York, 1994, Second Edition. BibRef 
And: CRC Press1995. ISBN 0-8493-2516-1. BibRef

Sanchez, J.[Julio]Canton, M.P.[Maria P.]
Space Image Processing,
CRC PressBoca Raton, FL, 1999. ISBN 0-8493-3113-7. BibRef 9900

Tveter, D.[Donald]
Pattern Recognition Basis of Artificial Intelligence,
CS-Press1998, ISBN 0-8186-7796-1. Start with vision and move to higher levels of problem solving. BibRef 9800

Lyon, D.A.[Doublas A.]
Image Processing in Java,
Prentice Hall1999. ISBN 0-13-974577-7. Fundamentals and java code. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, JavaBuy this book: Image Processing in Java BibRef 9900

Bovik, A.C.
Handbook of Image and Video Processing,
Elsevier2005, 968 pp, ISBN: 978-0-12-119792-6 
WWW VersionBibRef 0500 
Earlier: First Edition: Academic PressMay 2000, 968 pp, ISBN: 0-12-119790-5. Buy this book: Handbook of Image and Video Processing (Communications, Networking and Multimedia) BibRef

Marchand-Maillet, S.[Stephane], and Sharaiha, Y.M.[Yazid M.]
Binary Digital Image Processing: A Discrete Approach,
Academic Press1999, 251 pp, ISBN: 978-0-12-470505-0. 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Binary Digital Image Processing: A Discrete Approach BibRef 9900

Petrou, M.[Maria], and Bosdogianni, P.[Panagiota]
Image Processing: The Fundamentals,
John Wiley& Sons, 1999. BibRef 9900

Efford, N.[Nick]
Digital Image Processing: A Practical Introduction Using Java,
Addison Wesley2000. ISBN 0201596237. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, JavaBuy this book: Digital Image Processing: A Practical Introduction Using Java (With CD-ROM) BibRef 0001

Rodrigues, L.H.[Lawrence H.]
Building Imaging Applications with Java(TM),
Addison Wesley2001. ISBN 0201700743. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, JavaBuy this book: Building Imaging Applications with Java(TM) Technology: Using AWT Imaging, Java 2D(TM), and Java(TM) Advanced Imaging (JAI) BibRef 0100

Seul, M.[Michael]O'Gorman, L.[Lawrence]Sammon, M.J.[Michael J.]
Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis: Description, Examples, and Code,
Cambridge University2001. ISBN 0521660653. 
WWW VersionCode, Image ProcessingBuy this book: Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis: Descriptions, Examples, and Code BibRef 0100

Mann, S.[Steve]
Intelligent Image Processing,
Wiley-IEEEPress, November 2001, ISBN: 0-471-40637-6 EyeTap technology. 
HTML Version. or 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Intelligent Image Processing BibRef 0111

Mitra, S.K.[Sanjit K.]Sicuranza, G.L.[Giovanni L.]
Nonlinear Image Processing,
ElsevierInc., 2001. ISBN: 978-0-12-500451-0 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Nonlinear Image Processing (Communications, Networking and Multimedia) 0905

Nixon, M.S.Aguado, A.S.
Feature Extraction and Image Processing,
Newnes2002, ISBN 0750650788. 
WWW Version. Second Edition. One listing adds in Computer Vision to the title. Buy this book: Feature Extraction in Computer Vision and Image Processing BibRef 0200

Aubert, G.[Gilles]Pierre, K.[Kornprobst]
Mathematical Problems in Image Processing Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations,
Springer2006, ISBN 978-0-387-32200-1. 
WWW VersionBibRef 0600 
Earlier: SpringerApplied Mathematical Sciences, Vol 147, 2002. ISBN 0-387-95326-4. 
HTML Version. Or: 
WWW VersionPDEVariational ApproachSurvey, PDE. PDEs applied to Image Processing. BibRef

Klette, R.[Reinhard]Rosenfeld, A.[Azriel]
Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Picture Analysis,
Morgan KaufmannSan Francisco 2004. ISBN: 978-1-55860-861-0. 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Digital Geometry: Geometric Methods for Digital Image Analysis (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) BibRef 0400

Gonzalez, R.C.[Rafael C.]Woods, R.E.[Richard E.]Eddins, S.L.[Steven L.]
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB(R), 2nd Edition,
Gatesmark Publishing2009. ISBN: 9780982085400. 
HTML VersionBuy this book: Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd ed. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, MatlabBibRef0900 
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB(R),
Prentice Hall2004 ISBN: 0-13-008519-7 
HTML Version
HTML VersionBuy this book: Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB BibRef

Blanchet, G.[Gerard]Charbit, M.[Maurice]
Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB(R),
ISTE Ltd2006. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, Matlab. ISBN: 1905209134. Buy this book: Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB (Digital Signal and Image Processing series) BibRef 0600

Eddins, S.L.Orchard, M.T.
Using MATLAB and C in an image processing lab course,
ICIP94(I: 515-519). 
IEEE DOI Link 9411

Rana, S.[Sanjay], (Ed.) 
Topological Data Structures for Surfaces: An Introduction to Geographical Information Science,
WileyMarch 2004. ISBN: 0-470-85151-1 
HTML VersionBuy this book: Topological Data Structures for Surfaces: An Introduction to Geographical Information Science BibRef 0403

Young, I.T.Gerbrands, J.J.van Vliet, L.J.
Image Processing Fundamentals,
Online Book2004 
HTML VersionBibRef 0400

Morris, T.[Tim]
Computer Vision and Image Processing,
PalgraveMacmillan. September 2003. ISBN 0-333-99451-5. Buy this book: Computer Vision and Image Processing BibRef 0309

Byrne, C.L.[Charles L.]
Signal Processing: A Mathematical Approach,
A.K. Peters2005. ISBN: 1-56881-242-6 Buy this book: Signal Processing: A Mathematical Approach BibRef 0500

Acharya, T.
Image Processing: Principles and Application,
John Wileyand Sons, 2005, ISBN: 0471719986, online ISBN: 0471745790. 
HTML VersionBuy this book: Image Processing: Principles and Applications BibRef 0500

Richards, J.A.[John A.]Jia, X.P.[Xiu-Ping]
Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction,
Springer2006, ISBN 978-3-540-25128-6. 
WWW Version. Fourth edition. Introduction to quantitative evaluation of satellite and aircraft derived remotely retrieved data. Textbook. Buy this book: Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction BibRef 0600

Hoggar, S.[Stuart]
Mathematics of Digital Images,
Cambridge University PressSeptember, 2006. ISBN: 052-1780292 
WWW Version. Compression, restoration, recognition. Buy this book: Mathematics of Digital Images: Creation, Compression, Restoration, Recognition BibRef 0609

Burger, W.[Wilhelm], and Burge, M.J.[Mark J.]
Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Approach Using Java,
Springer2007. ISBN 1846283795 and ISBN 3540309403. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, JavaBuy this book: Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Introduction using Java Or the German version: Buy this book: Digitale Bildverarbeitung: Eine Einführung mit Java und ImageJ ( BibRef 0700

Burger, W.[Wilhelm]Burge, M.J.[Mark J.]
Principles of Digital Image Processing: Core Algorithms,
Springer2009, ISBN: 978-1-84800-194-7 
WWW Version. Supplemtary information: 
WWW VersionCode, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, Java. Second in the series. Color, comparing images, curve and corner, Fourier and Cosine transforms, Regions techniques. Buy this book: Principles of Digital Image Processing: Core Algorithms (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science) BibRef 0900

Burger, W.[Wilhelm]Burge, M.J.[Mark J.]
Principles of Digital Image Processing: Fundamental Techniques,
Springer2009, ISBN: 978-1-84800-190-9 
WWW Version0905
Third in the series. Edges, contours, Filters (linear, nonlinear), Image morphology, Image statistics, Image types and formats. Supplemtary information: 
WWW VersionCode, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, JavaBuy this book: Principles of Digital Image Processing: Fundamental Techniques (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science) BibRef

Astola, J.T., and Yaroslavsky, L.
Advances in Signal Transforms: Theory and Applications,
HindawiAugust, 2007. ISBN: 977-5945-55-0 
PDF Version. Fundamentals of signal and image processing. Buy this book: Advances in Signal Transforms: Theory and Applications (EURASIP Book Series on Signal Processing and Communications) BibRef 0708

Dahlhaus, R.Kurths, J.Maass, P.Timmer, J., (Eds.) 
Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing and Digital Image Analysis,
Springer2008, ISBN: 978-3-540-75631-6. 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing and Digital Image Analysis (Understanding Complex Systems) BibRef0800

Velho, L.[Luiz]Frery, A.C.[Alejandro C.]Gomes, J.[Jonas]
Image Processing for Computer Graphics and Vision,
Springer2009, ISBN: 978-1-84800-192-3 
WWW Version. Signal processing, data discretization, the theory of color and different color systems, operations in images, dithering and half-toning, warping and morphing, and image processing. Buy this book: Image Processing for Computer Graphics and Vision (Texts in Computer Science)BibRef 0900

Koschan, A.[Andreas]Abidi, M.[Mongi]
Digital Color Image Processing,
WileyApril 2008. ISBN: 978-0-470-14708-5. 
HTML VersionBuy this book: Digital Color Image Processing 0905

Shih, F.Y.
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Fundamentals and Techniques,
WileyMay 2010. ISBN: 978-0-470-40461-4. 
HTML VersionBuy this book: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Fundamentals and Techniques 0905

Hyvärinen, A.[Aapo]Hurri, J.[Jarmo]Hoyer, P.O.[Patrick O.]
Natural Image Statistics: A Probabilistic Approach to Early Computational Vision,
Springer2009, ISBN: 978-1-84882-490-4. 
WWW Version. Computational vision, image processing. Model visual processing via image statistics. Buy this book: Natural Image Statistics: A Probabilistic Approach to Early Computational Vision. (Computational Imaging and Vision) 0906

Koster, U.Hyvarinen, A.
Natural image statistics: Energy-based models estimated by score matching,
IEEE DOI Link 0908

Zhang, Y.J.[Yu-Jin]
Image Engineering: Processing, Analysis, and Understanding,
Cengage2005. BibRef 0500

Wang, M.Q.[Mei-Qing]Lai, C.H.[Choi-Hong]
A Concise Introduction to Image Processing using C++,
CRC PressNovember 2008, ISBN: 9781584888970 Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, C++
WWW VersionBuy this book: A Concise Introduction to Image Processing using C++ (Chapman & Hall/Crc Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing) 0910

Qidwai, U.[Uvais]Chen, C.H.
Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Approach with MATLAB,
CRC PressOctober 2009, ISBN: 9781420079500. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, Matlab
WWW VersionBuy this book: Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Approach with MATLAB (Chapman & Hall/Crc Textbooks in Computing)0910

Chaira, T.[Tamalika]Ray, A.K.[Ajoy Kumar]
Fuzzy Image Processing and Applications with MATLAB,
CRC PressNovember 2009, ISBN: 9781439807088. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, Matlab
WWW VersionBuy this book: Fuzzy Image Processing and Applications with MATLAB 0910

Demirkaya, O.[Omer]Asyali, M.H.[Musa H.]Sahoo, P.K.[Prasanna K.]
Image Processing with MATLAB: Applications in Medicine and Biology,
CRC PressSeptember 2008, ISBN: 9780849392467. Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, Matlab
WWW VersionBuy this book: Image Processing with MATLAB: Applications in Medicine and Biology (MATLAB Examples) 0910

Yap, K.H.[Kim-Hui]Guan, L.[Ling]Perry, S.W.[Stuart William]Wong, H.S.[Hau San]
Adaptive Image Processing: A Computational Intelligence Perspective,
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WWW Version. Second Edition. Buy this book: Adaptive Image Processing: A Computational Intelligence Perspective, Second Edition (Image Processing Series) 0910

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WWW VersionBuy this book: High-Quality Visual Experience: Creation, Processing and Interactivity of High-Resolution and High-Dimensional Video Signals (Signals and Communication Technology) 1007

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WileyFebruary 2011. ISBN: 978-0-470-84472-4 
HTML Version. Also: 
WWW VersionBuy this book: Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing: A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab 1010
Code, Image ProcessingCode, Image Processing, MatlabBibRef

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WWW VersionBuy this book: Computational Photography: Methods and Applications (Digital Imaging and Computer Vision) 1010

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WWW VersionBuy this book: The Science of Imaging, Second Edition 1010

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WWW VersionBuy this book: Statistical Image Processing and Multidimensional Modeling (Information Science and Statistics) 1011

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WWW VersionBuy this book: Image and Video Processing in the Compressed Domain 1106

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WWW VersionBuy this book: Mathematical Image Processing: University of Orléans, France, March 29th - April 1st, 2010 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics) 1106
Based on the 2010 conference papers. University of Orléans, France, March 29th - April 1st, 2010 BibRef

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