FW - Dimensional Modeling Concepts

 Dimensional Modeling Concepts



Regular and measure dimensions are used to enable an OLAP presentation of metadata, drilling up and down, and a variety of OLAP functions. You must use star schema groups (one fact with multiple dimensions) if you want to use Analysis Studio with a relational data source.

常规和度量维度用于启用OLAP展现的元数据,上卷下钻,和各种OLAP功能。如果想要对一个关系数据源使用Analysis Studio时,必须使用星形架构(一个事实表带多个维度表)。


When building your model, it is recommended that model regular dimensions and model measure dimensions be created based on a relational model in which star schema concepts have been applied.



While you can convert data source query subjects to data source dimensions, data source dimensions have limited functionality in comparison to query subjects or model dimensions, and they are not recommended for general use.