Transformer info


Transformer info

If you want to take advantage of Transformer's relative time functionality, do not import the date
dimensions from dimensional packages. Instead, use the Insert Data Source option to import the
appropriate date field to create your time dimension.

Transformer does not support importing time dimensions from any OLAP source, including
PowerCubes. To create the Transformer time dimension with relative time categories, import
your time information from either an IBM Cognos 8 relational package or report source, or
from a flat file exported from IBM Cognos 8 or the original OLAP vendor.
Transformer不支持从任何OLAP源导入时间维度,包括Powercubes。为创建Transformer相关时间类别的时间维度,请从IBM Cognos 8关系包,或报表源,或从一个来自IBM Cognos 8或OLAP供应提供商导出的平面文件中。

IBM Cognos 8 Package or Report Data Source Limitations(包和报表数据源限制)

IBM Cognos 8 Data Source Using Model as a Data Source

When an IBM Cognos 8 package or report data source uses a model, and the model is subsequently
altered to remove query subjects, the Transformer model that uses that data source is not automatically
updated to reflect the changes.
You can use the Modify Columns feature to detect and fix the changes. Otherwise, the changes in
the source model are detected only when queries are executed, or when you run Check Model on
the Transformer model.

Rollup Aggregate Settings
When you work with a data source that uses report-based measure query items, review the measure
properties defined on that data source to ensure that the measure has the appropriate rollup type.

Aggregate Values for Imported Query Items May Not Match the Source Package or Report
When you import a Report Studio report, a Query Studio report, or an IBM Cognos 8 package as
a data source, you will receive an error message if the report or package contains an aggregation
rule that is not supported by Transformer. When an aggregation rule is not supported, Transformer
defaults to the Sum rollup rule.

In addition to saving your models in .mdl format, you should regularly use the Check
Model command from the Tools menu to help you diagnose and resolve any problems in
your model design.

Transformer Model中运用Prompt:

Prompts are questions that help users customize the information to suit their
own needs. For example, a prompt may let users select a product type. Only products belonging to
the selected product type are retrieved and shown in the report.

Prompts are either mandatory or optional; mandatory prompts require values before Transformer
can execute queries. For optional prompts in IBM Cognos 8 report or package data sources,
Transformer does not require that you provide values.

Report or package authors determine whether prompts are mandatory or optional. You cannot
change this designation within Transformer, or create prompts using Transformer.

Transformer may reflect a cascade prompt as two multi- or single-select prompts:
● The first prompt represents the first level of the original cascade prompt.
● The second prompt represents the second cascade level.

For query results in Transformer, only the second level is relevant. You should be aware that the
first prompt may appear as a multi-select prompt in Transformer, even though the prompt in Report
Studio is a drop-down list box; in this situation, Transformer will ignore the first prompt.
When using a report that includes prompts as a data source, some types of prompts produce supporting
queries. Although these queries can be selected in Transformer, error messages will occur
if you select them. You can ignore the messages.