For building on Unix:

 - unix/configure is for Unix and GTK. If you don't have GTK, you
   should still be able to build the command-line utilities (PSCP,
   PSFTP, Plink, PuTTYgen) using this script. To use it, change
   into the `unix' subdirectory, run `./configure' and then `make'.

   Note that Unix PuTTY has mostly only been tested on Linux so far;
   portability problems such as BSD-style ptys or different header file
   requirements are expected.

 - unix/Makefile.gtk and unix/Makefile.ux are for non-autoconfigured
   builds. These makefiles expect you to change into the `unix'
   subdirectory, then run `make -f Makefile.gtk' or `make -f
   Makefile.ux' respectively. Makefile.gtk builds all the programs but
   relies on Gtk, whereas Makefile.ux builds only the command-line
   utilities and has no Gtk dependence.

 - For the graphical utilities, Gtk+-1.2 and Gtk+-2.0 should both be


从红色的两处看出,在Linux中必须有Gtk+-1.2 和 Gtk+-2.0

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