over-exhausted of youngsters

There is an explosive news today(I didn't change it because I wrote this sentence on that news day). A young man at the age 25, working in a reputable Chinese big company, died because of working overtime almost every day.

It is not the first or the only case for those died in their early age of life. The proffessors of Tinghua University, the director of The Barber(I am not sure if the translation is correct), and so on. And the over-exhausting death is put forward on the dispute table again.

My shoulder is aching these days, I have seen the doctor, tried massage, and exercises every day, but there is little effect. So it is probably the real life of youngsters, especially those in the field of IT, they work late and work hard to get promoted or to get their salary raised, or most probably to get money to afford their house and car instalment, or just get their work done. They are undertaking great pressure to make sure the projects moving on smoothly.

We can't deny all the factors mentioned above. So what we are gonna to do with ourselves? We need to balance work and life, it is an old topic. We can work late, but after we go home, we just put all the work and company related things aside and get them rid of our mind. We can go to pubs to talk with strangers, we can go to gym or the central garden beside our building and run for sometime, we can play badminton with our friends, we can go hiking, or we can take a trip, and all in all, everything except work. Leave our work alone at the office, and that is what I am trying to do.

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