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CVPR 2015 papers

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Below every paper are TOP 100 most-occuring words in that paper and their color is based on LDA topic model with k = 7.
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DeepID-Net: Deformable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection
Ouyang, Wanli, Wang, Xiaogang, Zeng, Xingyu, Qiu, Shi, Luo, Ping, Tian, Yonglong, Li, Hongsheng, Yang, Shuo, Wang, Zhe, Loy, Chen-Change, Tang, Xiaoou

[learning, visual, annotation, baseline, human, task, rejection, example, test, semantic, horse] [deep, layer, map, convolutional, pretraining, imagenet, learned, training, improves, rcnn, table, feature, size, output, learn, context, pooling, pretrain, contextual, pedestrian, cnn, net, better, class, neural, input, shared, train, arxiv, preprint, representation, generic, global, max, network] [object, detection, bounding, box, multiple, based, allowed] [model, deformation, deformable, approach, location, localization] [data, penalty, proposed, experimental, upper, det, denoted] [circular, figure, pattern, averaging, paper] [image, scheme, large]
Convolutional Neural Networks at Constrained Time Cost
He, Kaiming, Sun, Jian

[involved, baseline, understanding] [convolutional, layer, stage, table, pooling, feature, training, accuracy, size, actual, stride, testing, neural, width, map, deep, network, imagenet, investigate, replacement, cnns, sppnet, deeper, previous, increased, smaller, replace, max, better, increase, gpu, augmentation, pool, increasing, replaced, pad, recognition, issue, subsampling, reported, trained] [cost, based, three, memory, series, detection] [model, depth, error, constrained, single, controlled, structure] [time, complexity, running, number, data, reduces, reduced, consider, theoretical, faster] [accurate, paper, commercial, second, pixel] [image, fast, compare, spatial, subsequent, preserve]
Modeling Local and Global Deformations in Deep Learning: Epitomic Convolution, Multiple Instance Learning, and Sliding Window Detection
Papandreou, George, Kokkinos, Iasonas, Savalle, Pierre-Andre

[search, learning, work, set, system, baseline, instance, positive] [epitomic, network, deep, training, convolutional, layer, convolution, input, window, sliding, dcnn, imagenet, size, performance, output, stride, table, global, architecture, neural, epitome, map, response, dcnns, conv, loss, train, max, cnn, pascal, better, fully, accuracy, trous, trained, feature, standard, testing, pyramid, alternative, validation] [object, detection, multiple, score, bounding, box] [position, model, error, aspect, modeling, single, allows, full] [proposed, maximum, computation, data, algorithm] [ratio, small, figure] [image, scale, best, computing, region, invariance, spatial, large, local, rate]
End-to-End Integration of a Convolution Network, Deformable Parts Model and Non-Maximum Suppression
Wan, Li, Eigen, David, Fergus, Rob

[set, system, learning, human, positive, prediction, perform, green, predicted] [loss, training, convolutional, convnet, dpm, network, root, input, layer, performance, train, feature, pascal, response, negative, trained, apply, def, hog, max, output, map, size, table, pyramid, voc, convolution, class, improves, deep, integrating, imagenet, structured, achieves, neural, discriminative, activation] [object, bounding, detection, box, appearance, cost, suppression, entire, online, three] [model, deformation, ground, deformable, location, joint] [note, assignment, function, form, machine] [figure, red, computer, ieee, relative] [image, view, spatial, applied, scale, person, well, region]
Taking a Deeper Look at Pedestrians
Hosang, Jan, Omran, Mohamed, Benenson, Rodrigo, Schiele, Bernt

[test, set, learning, task, default, work, datasets] [pedestrian, training, caltech, alexnet, cifarnet, table, convnets, network, performance, convnet, convolutional, neural, squareschnftrs, trained, layer, previous, input, imagenet, validation, size, deep, decision, top, detector, scf, improves, additional, sdn, stride, better, architecture, acf, spatialpooling, window, reach, improvement, ldcf, feature, katamari, jointdeep, improve, pool, competitive, recognition, published, negative, max, pascal] [detection, proposal, object, iou, indicates, edgeboxes, recall] [kitti, model, provide] [data, method, number, consider] [quality, small, figure, ratio] [best, large, good, despite, image]
Is Object Localization for Free? - Weakly-Supervised Learning With Convolutional Neural Networks
Oquab, Maxime, Bottou, Leon, Laptev, Ivan, Sivic, Josef

[supervised, weakly, learning, prediction, coco, visual, test, predict, search, work, dataset, unsupervised, label, indicating, instance, introduce] [network, training, convolutional, pascal, voc, input, output, window, table, neural, performance, architecture, class, recognition, supervision, map, fully, eak, adding, cnn, global, microsoft, layer, deep, train, sliding, extent, validation, size, trained, connected] [object, bounding, score, multiple, detection, box, complex, segmentation, localize, entire] [location, localization, cluttered, single, position, model, scene, procedure] [method, operation, note, form] [figure, presence, setup] [image, limited, illustrated, scale, area]
Convolutional Feature Masking for Joint Object and Stuff Segmentation
Dai, Jifeng, He, Kaiming, Sun, Jian

[semantic, set, process, baseline, search, positive, domain, category] [feature, convolutional, stuff, cfm, table, pascal, training, voc, masking, design, network, layer, raw, sppnet, input, stochastic, spp, vgg, grass, apr, sgd, extracted, accuracy, pyramid, svm, validation, reported, selective, pooling, train, map, neural, cnn, deep, apply, fully, arxiv, rectangular, generic] [segment, segmentation, object, proposal, detection, based, candidate, combination, score, pursuit, iou, bounding, deterministic, generate, entire, mcg] [joint, single, model] [method, compact, binary, time] [figure, small, measured] [image, region, person, sampled, masked, spatial, impact]
Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation
Long, Jonathan, Shelhamer, Evan, Darrell, Trevor

[semantic, prediction, learning, test, work, visual, vision, set] [convolutional, fully, training, output, net, layer, stride, input, pascal, deep, class, coarse, performance, loss, receptive, feature, architecture, voc, neural, learn, size, table, patchwise, learned, skip, convolution, trained, train, fcn, improvement, convnets, factor, tighe, effective, nii, convnet] [segmentation, detection, object] [model, inference, described, single, full, pixelwise] [computation, data, number, time, nonlinear, random, fusion, convergence, faster, bilinear] [figure, pixel, upsampling, produce, relative, computer, gupta] [image, dense, spatial, sampling, local, sift, upsampled, rate, gradient, fast]
Deformable Part Models are Convolutional Neural Networks
Girshick, Ross, Iandola, Forrest, Darrell, Trevor, Malik, Jitendra

[work, visual, learning, baseline, describe, human, report, set] [dpm, pyramid, feature, level, pooling, map, max, cnn, deeppyramid, convolutional, hog, root, dpms, network, voc, deep, training, input, layer, convolution, performance, negative, neural, maxout, pascal, standard, output, cnns, implemented, trained, train, stride, table, learned, top] [object, detection, score] [model, deformable, inference, face, mixture] [method, equivalent, algorithm, function, construction, number, idea, case, sparse, call] [component, geometry, figure, second] [image, distance, transform, outperforms, implementation, computed, spatial, filter]
Pedestrian Detection Aided by Deep Learning Semantic Tasks
Tian, Yonglong, Luo, Ping, Wang, Xiaogang, Tang, Xiaoou

[attribute, learning, hard, datasets, task, positive, semantic, existing, work, human, dataset] [pedestrian, deep, log, negative, shared, feature, learned, learn, channel, representation, effectiveness, eth, jointly, unshared, achieved, percent, hog, loss, cnn, jointdeep, improve, layer, tacnn, table, acf, caltech, trained, convolutional, network, training, performance, context, previous, road] [detection, multiple, background, including, segmentation, object] [scene, model, single, structure, tree, body, challenging, mixture, occlusion, deformable] [main, data, number, sample, binary, proposed, vector, reduces, denoted, function, matrix, projection] [figure, motion, second, vehicle, carefully, result, vertical, sky] [rate, outperforms, large, corresponding, image]
Deeply Learned Face Representations Are Sparse, Selective, and Robust
Sun, Yi, Wang, Xiaogang, Tang, Xiaoou

[attribute, learning, people, selected, evaluate, test] [neural, deep, identity, activation, net, recognition, accuracy, layer, feature, activated, training, performance, learned, neuron, convolutional, representation, higher, standard, supervisory, discriminative, hidden, combining, inhibitory, excited, constantly, compared, excitatory, belonging, extracted, achieve, achieved, dropout] [three, moderate, distinguish, youtube, entire] [face, single, joint, occluded, occlusion] [binary, sparsity, block, original, random, sparse, code, number] [figure, robust, high, half, second, red, left, paper] [lbp, lfw, best, bayesian, comparison, histogram, image, remaining, large, distance, partial]
Fisher Vectors Meet Neural Networks: A Hybrid Classification Architecture
Perronnin, Florent, Larlus, Diane

[supervised, unsupervised, learning, set, report, visual, perform, test, study, work, system] [hidden, architecture, layer, cnn, training, output, deep, feature, standard, fisher, bagging, convolutional, fvs, learned, hybrid, involves, intermediate, table, pascal, neural, recognition, augmentation, validation, reported, train, map, competitive, cnns, trained, simonyan, better, accuracy, challenge, learn, imagenet, itp] [multiple, object, cost] [error, model, single] [linear, number, kernel, proposed, dimensionality, data, case, random, reduction, vector, encoding, gmm, consider] [figure] [image, large, local, best, pca, rate, compare, retrieval, comparison, scale]
segDeepM: Exploiting Segmentation and Context in Deep Neural Networks for Object Detection
Zhu, Yukun, Urtasun, Raquel, Salakhutdinov, Ruslan, Fidler, Sanja

[set, car, dog, bird, test, horse, scoring, evaluate, bottle, prediction, cat, semantic, exploit, learning, cow, boat] [segdeepm, feature, contextual, performance, pascal, table, voc, val, rcnn, class, additional, improvement, chair, train, map, network, detector, context, deep, training, achieves, segdpm, expanded, neural, trained, convolutional, better, top, layer, input, cnn, bus] [object, box, segmentation, detection, segment, bounding, candidate, score, recall, precision, appearance, cpmc, boost, indicates, hypothesis] [approach, model, current, inference, full] [curve, method, random, number, proposed, variable, order, iterative, note] [figure, small, accurate, plane, result] [person, image, best, grid, computed, well, choose, place, compute]
Saliency Detection by Multi-Context Deep Learning
Zhao, Rui, Ouyang, Wanli, Li, Hongsheng, Wang, Xiaogang

[learning, visual, strategy, dataset, evaluation, prediction, task, work, datasets] [deep, context, global, xlc, convolutional, xgc, training, contemporary, neural, imagenet, network, input, cnn, feature, performance, arxiv, layer, preprint, jointly, map, connected, pcas, table, fully, clarifai, googlenet, learned, pretraining, padded] [saliency, object, detection, salient, contrast, segmentation, framework, based, superpixel, score, background, groundtruth, bounding, drfi, gbmr, objectness, ecssd, three, including] [model, modeling, approach, full, initialization, provide] [proposed, function] [figure, ieee] [image, local, scheme, region, outperforms, large]
Efficient Object Localization Using Convolutional Networks
Tompson, Jonathan, Goroshin, Ross, Jain, Arjun, LeCun, Yann, Bregler, Christoph

[work, human, dataset, learning, set, perform, test, predicted, prediction, instance] [coarse, network, flic, pool, performance, input, convolution, pooling, architecture, convnet, relu, dropout, convolutional, feature, cascade, training, output, standard, layer, improve, table, trained, crop, heatmap, size, cropped, shoulder, maxpool, generalization, detector, accuracy, tompson, shared, sapp, train, toshev, spatialdropout] [detection, mpii, target, average] [model, joint, pose, wrist, location, localization, error, regression, cascaded, estimation, single, body, face, pck, elbow, yang] [normalized, time, number] [figure, high, small, pixel] [spatial, image, distance, scale, resolution, comparison]
Hypercolumns for Object Segmentation and Fine-Grained Localization
Hariharan, Bharath, Arbelaez, Pablo, Girshick, Ross, Malik, Jitendra

[system, semantic, baseline, work, set, task, category, prediction, predict, probability, instance, evaluate, positive] [feature, hypercolumn, network, convolutional, heatmap, training, top, layer, pipeline, representation, apr, better, cnn, train, hypercolumns, architecture, output, table, map, performance, neural, cropped, expanded, upsample, trained, fully, hyp, deep, higher, combine, gain, apk] [bounding, box, detection, segmentation, score, object, overlap, multiple, based, segment, threshold, action] [location, pose, localization, estimation, reasoning, ground, point, described, starting, allows] [linear, vector, original] [figure, pixel, separate, optical, produce] [keypoint, grid, person, region, large, best, image, metric, neighborhood]
A Discriminative CNN Video Representation for Event Detection
Xu, Zhongwen, Yang, Yi, Hauptmann, Alex G.

[latent, concept, med, prediction, positive, visual, collection, competition] [cnn, pooling, performance, medtest, fisher, representation, trecvid, convolutional, map, improved, table, feature, encoded, level, apply, layer, deep, better, training, achieves, spp, network, size, medeval, discriminative, standard, extracted, achieve, cosine, neural] [video, event, average, detection, frame, generate, utilize, complex, action, propose, multiple, multimedia, idt] [] [vector, encoding, dimension, original, proposed, linear, number, fusion, product, data, quantization, analysis] [figure, motion] [vlad, dense, local, best, large, spatial, descriptor, image, similarity, pca, good, comparison, nearest, impact]
Deep Roto-Translation Scattering for Object Classification
Oyallon, Edouard, Mallat, Stephane

[supervised, unsupervised, learning, set, type] [network, deep, feature, training, layer, convolution, representation, caltech, convolutional, accuracy, class, neural, output, table, applying, size, computes, morlet, apply, cascade, build, larger, trained, pooling] [complex, object, performs, art, state, multiple] [prior, indexed, depth, rigid] [order, linear, orthogonal, data, gaussian, number, cifar, random, operator, algorithm, vector] [scattering, second, modulus, square, rotation, color, averaging, translation, removed, figure, angular, angle, small, computer, cascading] [image, wavelet, spatial, transform, computed, scale, geometric, invariant, dict, sift, separable, dictionary, stable, adapted, transforms, invariance, well]
The Treasure Beneath Convolutional Layers: Cross-Convolutional-Layer Pooling for Image Classification
Liu, Lingqiao, Shen, Chunhua, van den Hengel, Anton

[visual, dataset, attribute, existing, indicator, report, create, describe, perform, style] [convolutional, layer, feature, pooling, performance, dcnn, table, representation, input, applying, pretrained, scfv, extracted, map, deep, better, training, neural, network, extracting, pooled, discriminative, achieves, regional, unit, combining, cnn, power, fully, connected, comparable, dcnns, pascal, issue] [object, multiple, extract, based] [scene] [method, proposed, vector, note, sign, encoding, computational, data, quantization, time, dimensionality, experiment, number] [ieee, directly, figure] [image, local, spatial, applied, best, comparison, corresponding, resolution, outperforms]
MatchNet: Unifying Feature and Metric Learning for Patch-Based Matching
Han, Xufeng, Leung, Thomas, Jia, Yangqing, Sukthankar, Rahul, Berg, Alexander C.

[learning, set, evaluate, evaluation, dataset, work, positive, labeled] [feature, network, matchnet, training, convolutional, bottleneck, neural, representation, layer, performance, deep, better, size, input, output, accuracy, learned, trained, jointly, table, nsift, previous, pooling, standard, train, learn, fewer, notredame, negative, simonyan, achieves, learns, tower, recognition, convolution, response, fully] [average, generate, object, based, group] [error, approach, model, structure, point, quantized] [dimension, batch, number] [figure, stereo, robust, absolute] [metric, patch, matching, similarity, image, local, sift, descriptor, distance, rate, pair, difference, buffer, sampling, comparison, liberty, reservoir, gradient, best, sampler]
Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition
Liang, Ming, Hu, Xiaolin

[learning, visual, set, processing, existing, unsupervised, baseline] [recurrent, neural, rcnn, layer, cnn, convolutional, deep, feature, recognition, training, network, input, maxout, pooling, testing, context, table, unit, max, performance, architecture, rcl, fewer, better, dsn, size, connection, augmentation, global, increasing, output, receptive, achieved, dropout, grant, outperformed] [object, hierarchical, three, weight, dynamic, path] [model, error, depth, structure, current] [number, data, nin, machine, proposed, time, journal, mnist, note, lower, sparse, function] [conference, international, figure, computer, ieee, pattern] [comparison, image, recursive, local, benchmark, rate, large]
Scene Labeling With LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks
Byeon, Wonmin, Breuel, Thomas M., Raue, Federico, Liwicki, Marcus

[labeling, learning, dataset, label, include, vision, processing, predicted, natural] [lstm, input, layer, class, neural, accuracy, recurrent, performance, size, feedforward, global, cnns, output, training, hidden, stanford, convolutional, network, context, deep, reported, learn, window, compared, feature, architecture, testing, road, grass, unbalanced, gate, higher, rcnns, contextual, improve, improved, table] [memory, long, target, background, segmentation, three, object] [scene, approach] [time, number, machine, third, block, note, random] [figure, pixel, computer, conference, ieee, frequency, pattern, international, flow, second, water, small] [image, large, sift, local, spatial, texture]
Beyond Short Snippets: Deep Networks for Video Classification
Yue-Hei Ng, Joe, Hausknecht, Matthew, Vijayanarasimhan, Sudheendra, Vinyals, Oriol, Monga, Rajat, Toderici, George

[learning, dataset, work, process, human] [pooling, lstm, convolutional, network, layer, cnn, neural, feature, conv, recognition, googlenet, table, recurrent, better, training, performance, input, output, global, alexnet, learn, raw, accuracy, connected, architecture, deep, cnns, trained, fully, previous, compared, level, larger, gate, hidden, softmax, achieve] [video, frame, temporal, action, memory, slow, short, long, clip, late, average, capable, sequence, entire] [model, single, approach, performed] [method, number, time, order, proposed, data, lower, fusion] [optical, motion, flow, small, figure] [image, local, applied, rate, best]
Designing Deep Networks for Surface Normal Estimation
Wang, Xiaolong, Fouhey, David, Gupta, Abhinav

[learning, work, task, understanding, dataset, set, prediction, predicting, vision, evaluate, label] [network, global, output, convolutional, input, coarse, performance, fully, connected, window, size, deep, table, apply, training, top, architecture, improve, layer, cnn, learn, better, sliding, structured, loss, cnns, neural, feature, ablative, conv] [edge, object, box, art, detection, state, complementary] [surface, normal, layout, room, scene, single, estimation, full, reasoning, model, approach, predicts, structure, depth, qualitative, capture, regression, indoor, occlusion] [fusion, data, note, form, problem] [figure, vanishing, computer, captured] [local, image, rate, well]
DEEP-CARVING: Discovering Visual Attributes by Carving Deep Neural Nets
Shankar, Sukrit, Garg, Vikas K., Cipolla, Roberto

[attribute, label, instance, visual, learning, supervised, sad, weakly, test, search, set, dataset, prediction, correct, natural, predicting, fig, noun, entropy, sun, positive, task, predicted, weak, scenario, carve, ranking, vision] [training, deep, net, feature, loss, convolutional, layer, recognition, cnns, alexnet, softmax, sigmoid, neural, learn, setting, connected, better, class, architecture, input, cnn, fully] [multiple, object, indicates, precision, average, based] [provide, scene] [number, problem, consider, note, vector] [figure, computer, generally, presence, color] [image, best, cross]
Learning to Generate Chairs With Convolutional Neural Networks
Dosovitskiy, Alexey, Tobias Springenberg, Jost, Brox, Thomas

[learning, set, knowledge, dataset, transfer, source, interesting, work, example, generation, unsupervised, label, manually] [network, feature, training, chair, deep, neural, convolutional, fully, connected, activating, intermediate, layer, performance, class, representation, size, top, stochastic, hidden, morphings, input, output, additional, activation, trained, rbms, architecture, neuron] [generate, generated, target, object, average, segmentation, combination, three] [generative, single, rgb, model, face, viewpoint, approach, allows, inference] [row, number, data, simply, method, gaussian] [figure, small, quality, second, optical, interpolation, interpolate, conference] [image, nearest, pair, large, keypoints, corresponding, spatial, variation, morphing, sift]
Learning to Compare Image Patches via Convolutional Neural Networks
Zagoruyko, Sergey, Komodakis, Nikos

[positive, learning, dataset, test, set, baseline, evaluation, vision, variety] [network, layer, convolutional, neural, performance, input, training, size, architecture, decision, top, trained, feature, spp, simonyan, better, pooling, learn, deep, fully, connected, output, etal, outperform, relu, train, shared, increasing, notredame] [branch, cost] [error, depth, approach] [function, siam, case, mrf, proposed, number, basic] [stereo, figure, computer, ieee, pattern, central, directly, photometric, account] [image, siamese, patch, rate, similarity, false, comparing, descriptor, matching, spatial, local, corresponding, sift, true, consists, wide, computed, mser, computing, liberty, compare, yosemite, applied, benchmark]
Object Detection by Labeling Superpixels
Yan, Junjie, Yu, Yinan, Zhu, Xiangyu, Lei, Zhen, Li, Stan Z.

[labeling, label, generation, set, semantic, category, system, learning, search, visual] [cnn, pascal, rcnn, performance, voc, imagenet, feature, better, deep, convolutional, neural, output, learned, sliding, training, pedestrian, arxiv, preprint, window, testing, belongs, map, cnns, trained, top, selective, layer, googlenet, improve, context, table, improvement] [detection, object, superpixel, cost, based, proposal, superpixels, appearance, bounding, recall, partition, segmentation, structural, weight, truth, generate, leading, score, overlap] [model, term, inference, face, ground, infer, current, scene, single] [method, data, proposed, number, energy, function, compact, problem] [result, smooth, small, ratio, paper, pixel, robust] [image, large, neighborhood]
Visual Saliency Based on Multiscale Deep Features
Li, Guanbin, Yu, Yizhou

[visual, dataset, set, label, learning, existing, labeled, human] [cnn, feature, neural, deep, trained, map, network, training, connected, fully, convolutional, performance, extracted, output, achieves, rectangular, fed, imagenet, architecture, layer, recognition] [saliency, salient, recall, three, precision, multiscale, contrast, object, mdf, segmentation, based, drfi, multiple, score, attention, edge, hierarchical, bounding, box, detection, strength, entire, surrounding, including, truth, generate, msra, boundary, capable, extraction, background] [model, pixelwise, challenging, ground] [method, vector, number, respect, binary, proposed] [coherence, second, pixel] [image, region, spatial, well, considered, large, best, distance, comparison]
Scene Classification With Semantic Fisher Vectors
Dixit, Mandar, Chen, Si, Gao, Dashan, Rasiwasia, Nikhil, Vasconcelos, Nuno

[semantic, embedding, natural, probability, semantics, vision, visual, sun, bag, embeddings, learning] [cnn, fisher, imagenet, feature, bos, convolutional, representation, extracted, mit, layer, recognition, retinotopic, table, multinomial, bof, log, network, class, trained, fully, performance, neural, global, better, indirect, implemented, highly, effective, map, connected, architecture, learned, smn] [object, based, localized] [scene, indoor, mixture, posterior, modeling] [space, vector, mapping, parameter, euclidean, denoted, encoding, linear, distribution, gaussian, dimensional, proposed, projection, problem] [figure, computer, ieee, conference, pattern, directly, direct] [image, patch, local, implementation, comparison, invariant, discriminant, invariance, best, pca, scale]
The Application of Two-Level Attention Models in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Classification
Xiao, Tianjun, Xu, Yichong, Yang, Kuiyuan, Zhang, Jiaxing, Peng, Yuxin, Zhang, Zheng

[bird, dog, relevant, set, selected, work, dataset, search, visual, process, prediction, domain, learning, select] [cnn, feature, domainnet, level, training, pipeline, performance, accuracy, deep, convolutional, detector, trained, discriminative, network, weakest, advantage, better, class, testing, filternet, train, supervision, extractor, softmax, dpd, neural, selective, arxiv, achieves, preprint, learn] [attention, object, bounding, detection, score, box, based, group, extract, foreground, propose, three, utilize] [error, pose, step, provide, deformable, detailed] [method, cluster, proposed, data, clustering, selects] [figure, second, high, phase] [image, patch, best, large]
Deep LAC: Deep Localization, Alignment and Classification for Fine-Grained Recognition
Lin, Di, Shen, Xiaoyong, Lu, Cewu, Jia, Jiaya

[bird, work, dataset, set, evaluate, category, system, semantic, label] [lac, accuracy, table, deep, vlf, neural, cnn, convolutional, network, performance, recognition, valve, training, previous, input, output, layer, subnetwork, connected, stage, feature, fully, achieved, module, follow, imagenet, representation] [bounding, object, localized, propose, three, box, extract, truth, lgt, framework, based, detection] [alignment, localization, head, body, template, model, location, linkage, error, ground, pose, aligned, term, joint] [function, method, expressed, form, update, case, denoted, objective, analysis] [figure, center, zhang, rotation] [image, large, comparison, similarity, region, major, best]
Deep Neural Networks Are Easily Fooled: High Confidence Predictions for Unrecognizable Images
Nguyen, Anh, Yosinski, Jason, Clune, Jeff

[human, dataset, natural, test, recognize, label, vision, diversity, set, learning, visual, prediction, tend, perform] [dnns, dnn, imagenet, class, cppn, unrecognizable, evolutionary, neural, trained, recognizable, training, fooling, fooled, deep, discriminative, evolved, fool, input, evolving, learn, recognition, learned, evolve, imperceptible, convolutional, arxiv, preprint, encoded, suggests, network, performance, negative, larger, belonging] [evolution, target, score, three, generated] [model, independent, generative] [mnist, easily, ascent, encoding, optimization, repeated] [produce, high, figure, produced, median, computer, small, directly, result, pattern, ieee, conference, producing] [image, gradient, regular, well, match]
From Image-Level to Pixel-Level Labeling With Convolutional Networks
Pinheiro, Pedro O., Collobert, Ronan

[weakly, supervised, vision, learning, dataset, test, label, set, semantic, task, probability, system, instance, datasets, bird] [class, pascal, training, voc, smoothing, convolutional, trained, feature, cnn, output, imagenet, recognition, table, network, layer, overfeat, compared, neural, performance, input, fully, size, architecture, achieved, train, lse, cnns] [segmentation, object, score, bounding, box, detection, three, weight, average, background, based, multiple, precision] [model, prior, approach, inference, rgb] [consider, data, proposed, number, algorithm, extra, problem] [conference, computer, pixel, ieee, pattern, figure, international] [image, aggregation, large, considered, compare, false, well]
Material Recognition in the Wild With the Materials in Context Database
Bell, Sean, Upchurch, Paul, Snavely, Noah, Bala, Kavita

[dataset, minc, test, stone, click, learning, wood, set, foliage, category, work, example, plastic, tile, predict, flickr, evaluate, carpet, convert] [cnn, accuracy, training, alexnet, recognition, opensurfaces, class, googlenet, convolutional, train, fmd, crf, table, cnns, context, trained, sliding, fully, smaller, size, input, larger, network, neural, connected, wallpaper, better, houzz, improve, polished, deep] [segmentation, average, recognizing, object] [full, scene, prior, single, mirror] [data, range, experiment, number, pairwise, method] [material, figure, water, fabric, paper, sky, high, total, glass] [patch, image, best, database, scale, large, dense, spatial, sift]
Going Deeper With Convolutions
Szegedy, Christian, Liu, Wei, Jia, Yangqing, Sermanet, Pierre, Reed, Scott, Anguelov, Dragomir, Erhan, Dumitru, Vanhoucke, Vincent, Rabinovich, Andrew

[learning, work, vision, visual] [conv, inception, network, deep, convolutional, layer, architecture, neural, googlenet, maxpool, increase, ilsvrc, imagenet, size, performance, table, pooling, output, depthconcat, larger, suggests, challenge, training, higher, increasing, ensemble, max, top, pool, trained, accuracy, connected, improved, compared, previous, increased, stage, expensive, dropout, auxiliary, validation, design, highly] [detection, object, bounding, box, based, average] [model, approach, current, single, localization, error, inference, structure, depth, allows] [number, sparse, computational, data, linear, order, main, reduction, optimal, matrix, problem, construction] [computer, figure, quality, result] [image, large, well, dense, external, rate, region]
A Dynamic Convolutional Layer for Short Range Weather Prediction
Klein, Benjamin, Wolf, Lior, Afek, Yehuda

[learning, dataset, prediction, vision, set] [layer, convolutional, convolution, network, input, feature, cnn, radar, output, kij, previous, size, passed, architecture, neural, deep, learned, map, training, loss, computes, applying, validation, performance, tel, arxiv, preprint, recognition, multiplicative, global, max, aviv, softmax, stride, connected, generalization, rain, fully, compared] [dynamic, based, sequence, three, short, frame, forward, contrast] [error, regression, model] [weather, function, sample, order, linear, method, vector, pass, range, euclidean] [conventional, figure, computer, motion, conference, center, color, result, second, ieee, pattern] [image, patch, computed, gradient, synthesis, applied, represents, best, performing, comparison]
Deep Filter Banks for Texture Recognition and Segmentation
Cimpoi, Mircea, Maji, Subhransu, Vedaldi, Andrea

[dataset, datasets, example, msrc, evaluation, domain, learning, visual, vision, set, contribution, collected, cub] [recognition, convolutional, cnn, performance, pooling, better, mit, deep, accuracy, pascal, fmd, dtd, orderless, extracted, trained, improves, cnns, network, size, layer, voc, input, crisp, imagenet, table, categorisation, advantage, pooled, technical, feature, fully, comparable] [segmentation, object, recognizing, performs] [indoor, scene, approach, shape, model, fact] [method, number, data, acc, vector, analysis, order] [material, computer, paper] [texture, image, region, best, descriptor, local, applied, sift, corresponding, well, large, computed]
DeepEdge: A Multi-Scale Bifurcated Deep Network for Top-Down Contour Detection
Bertasius, Gedas, Shi, Jianbo, Torresani, Lorenzo

[human, predict, learning, vision, prediction, perform, dataset] [contour, convolutional, architecture, feature, network, layer, pooling, deep, knet, input, table, trained, bifurcated, training, accuracy, achieves, train, labelers, negative, deepedge, neural, size, higher, recognition, fully, combining] [detection, object, branch, edge, candidate, average, multiple, extract, generate, considering, three, precision, truth] [regression, approach, point, ground, single] [method, number, note] [center, high, figure, pattern, computer, produced, small, second, ieee, presence, produce] [image, fraction, computed, patch, false, scale, marked]
FaceNet: A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering
Schroff, Florian, Kalenichenko, Dmitry, Philbin, James

[set, embedding, learning, test, personal, hard, select, positive, work, labeled, embeddings] [inception, loss, training, performance, network, table, triplet, deep, recognition, accuracy, size, convolutional, standard, architecture, input, negative, pooling, val, smaller, trained, layer, reported, representation, reduce, margin, identity, output, bottleneck, achieve, achieves, improve, cnn] [based, online, employ] [face, model, error, approach] [method, number, clustering, batch, data, order, space, dimensionality, reduced, compact] [figure, directly, squared, small, paper, clear] [distance, image, rate, large, lfw, false, well, accept, pair, anchor, person]
Rotating Your Face Using Multi-Task Deep Neural Network
Yim, Junho, Jung, Heechul, Yoo, ByungIn, Choi, Changkyu, Park, Dusik, Kim, Junmo

[task, set, learning, vision, novel, written, test, dataset] [layer, input, recognition, connected, output, fully, identity, dnn, deep, multitask, feature, setting, pooling, frontal, table, cpf, performance, neural, training, auxiliary, multipie, size, extracted, cpi, better, network, designed, previous, convolutional, prepared] [target, path, weight, cost, generated] [face, pose, model, single, described, controlled] [code, main, experiment, proposed, arbitrary, function, method, original, parameter, space, avg] [figure, illumination, second, ieee, computer, conference, preserving, result, desired, pattern, changed, high, produced, international] [image, remote, locally, represents, change, best, equal, rate, preserve, demonstrate, construct, gallery, invariant]
Web-Scale Training for Face Identification
Taigman, Yaniv, Yang, Ming, Ranzato, Marc'Aurelio, Wolf, Lior

[set, learning, dataset, open, vision, transfer, closed, system, bootstrapping, link, datasets, labeled, randomly, baseline, task, protocol, perform, selected, domain, report] [representation, training, performance, recognition, deep, network, layer, trained, convolutional, accuracy, neural, dir, table, larger, input, feature, bottleneck, deepface, train, learn, softmax, architecture, better] [three, bootstrapped, based] [face, initial, single, model] [norm, order, linear, random, vector, method, compressed, data, number, lower, underlying, dimensionality, note, selection] [computer, figure, commercial, ieee, directly, measured, clear] [lfw, large, image, well, benchmark, gallery, scale, similarity, best, internal, unconstrained]
Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition and Description
Donahue, Jeffrey, Anne Hendricks, Lisa, Guadarrama, Sergio, Rohrbach, Marcus, Venugopalan, Subhashini, Saenko, Kate, Darrell, Trevor

[visual, description, learning, language, sentence, vision, natural, generation, caption, human, semantic, evaluation, system, prediction] [lstm, input, convolutional, deep, lrcn, recognition, recurrent, neural, architecture, hidden, crf, learn, network, decoder, table, cnn, lstms, training, representation, output, arxiv, previous, preprint, gate, max, unit, rnn, convnet, timestep, feature, layer] [video, temporal, sequence, activity, state, memory, complex, average, based, action, frame, three, perceptual] [model, sequential, described, rgb, single, approach, current] [time, machine, proposed, base, data, number, variable, vector] [length, figure, translation, directly, stack] [image, cell, outperforms, retrieval, encoder]
Improving Object Detection With Deep Convolutional Networks via Bayesian Optimization and Structured Prediction
Zhang, Yuting, Sohn, Kihyuk, Villegas, Ruben, Pan, Gang, Lee, Honglak

[search, set, learning, visual, baseline, test, evaluation, report, positive] [structured, fgs, cnn, performance, voc, selective, map, deep, svm, pascal, training, structobj, convolutional, neural, trained, optimum, table, improvement, train, max, loss, global, feature, better, standard, layer, higher, output, recognition, negative, network, detector] [bounding, detection, object, iou, box, score, framework, truth, based, multiple, entire, propose] [localization, ground, regression, model, supplementary, initial, single] [proposed, optimization, algorithm, function, method, number, objective, random, machine, problem, arg, analysis, computational, gaussian, maximum, distribution, solution] [figure, high, accurate] [local, image, region, bayesian, large, good]
Feedforward Semantic Segmentation With Zoom-Out Features
Mostajabi, Mohammadreza, Yadollahpour, Payman, Shakhnarovich, Gregory

[semantic, work, set, learning, label, labeling, category, include, common, vision, nature, dataset] [feature, voc, accuracy, convolutional, level, loss, table, neural, network, class, architecture, training, structured, performance, arxiv, preprint, global, pooling, feedforward, train, size, better, layer, subscene, fully, additional, val, convnet, context, distant, extracted, recognition, receptive, deep, compared] [segmentation, superpixel, superpixels, object, background, complex, detection, iou, state, con, evidence] [scene, approach, capture, single, model, full, ground] [main, vector, data, machine, number, original, method, asymmetric] [figure, color, small, pixel, computer] [image, computed, local, region, expect, large, despite, applied]
Beyond Frontal Faces: Improving Person Recognition Using Multiple Cues
Zhang, Ning, Paluri, Manohar, Taigman, Yaniv, Fergus, Rob, Bourdev, Lubomir

[set, people, test, dataset, photo, learning, task, vision, instance, example, subset, clothing, facebook, system, prediction, label, flickr, existing] [recognition, identity, performance, training, global, frontal, poselet, deep, train, trained, validation, feature, piper, accuracy, cnn, table, poselets, deepface, convolutional, top, svm, public, combining, album, network, krizhevsky, layer, neural] [three, multiple, bounding, recognizing, score] [face, pose, model, split, body, full, head] [method, number, sparsity, proposed, vector, problem] [figure, computer, conference, pattern, second, high, equation, robust] [person, image, compute, large, metric, consists, invariant, well, unconstrained]
Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Image Classification and Auto-Annotation
Wu, Jiajun, Yu, Yinan, Huang, Chang, Yu, Kai

[learning, instance, keywords, visual, dmil, supervised, annotation, weakly, dataset, keyword, system, vision, search, mil, bag, label, web, popular, returned, perform, unsupervised, relevant, task] [deep, pascal, table, voc, neural, convolutional, mit, learn, representation, network, layer, feature, fully, performance, training, recognition, jointly, connected, log, dnn, hidden, accuracy, achieves, baidu, apply, train, effective] [multiple, object, framework, including, segmentation, average, extract] [scene, indoor, joint, provide] [number, data, note, proposed, exp, vector, method, sample] [figure, assumption, traditional, high, property] [image]
Predicting Eye Fixations Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Liu, Nian, Han, Junwei, Zhang, Dingwen, Wen, Shifeng, Liu, Tianming

[visual, dataset, learning, set, datasets, human, predict, novel, positive, natural, vision, predicting] [layer, fixation, col, learned, convolutional, training, network, learn, feature, mit, performance, testing, deep, size, toronto, input, edn, neural, cerf, trained, shuffled, map, architecture, activation, raw, learns, better, rescaled, convolution] [saliency, eye, three, based, hierarchical, auc, detection, contrast, video, average, extract, multiple, score, considering, judd] [model] [proposed, gaussian, number, optimal, data, linear, coding, sparse, original, third] [figure, ieee, center, second, blur, pattern] [image, early, best, corresponding, benchmark]
Sparse Convolutional Neural Networks
Liu, Baoyuan, Wang, Min, Foroosh, Hassan, Tappen, Marshall, Pensky, Marianna

[learning, work] [convolutional, network, layer, input, neural, accuracy, fully, convolution, performance, connected, reduce, output, feature, achieve, table, redundancy, higher, cnn, smaller, trained, size, deep, drop, training, previous, cpu, actual, cascade, achieved, loss, highly, apply] [object, detection, average, based, memory, divided, propose, decompose] [model, percentage, performed] [sparse, matrix, multiplication, time, sparsity, number, speedup, kernel, method, original, running, algorithm, theoretical, decomposition, row, cache, loading, column, code, scnn, linear, tensor, basis, avx, complexity, data] [figure, small, second, international, high, conference, total, computer] [dense, large, comparison, overhead, pca, image]
From Captions to Visual Concepts and Back
Fang, Hao, Gupta, Saurabh, Iandola, Forrest, Srivastava, Rupesh K., Deng, Li, Dollar, Piotr, Gao, Jianfeng, He, Xiaodong, Mitchell, Margaret, Platt, John C., Lawrence Zitnick, C., Zweig, Geoffrey

[word, set, human, language, caption, system, sentence, visual, generation, evaluation, text, coco, bleu, learning, test, semantic, dmsm, mil, generating, multimodal, novel, dataset, probability, automatic, meteor, common, work, instance, predicted, entropy, selected, search, process, attribute, pplx, randomly, report] [training, neural, deep, table, microsoft, convolutional, map, representation, performance, feature, cnn, better, network, top, validation, global, train, response, fully, detector, arxiv, speech, previous, preprint, alexnet] [score, precision, multiple, based, bounding, generated, likelihood, object, detection, three] [model, approach, detected, conditioned] [data, maximum, vector, machine] [figure, quality, length] [image, similarity, corresponding, compare, compute]
Recognize Complex Events From Static Images by Fusing Deep Channels
Xiong, Yuanjun, Zhu, Kai, Lin, Dahua, Tang, Xiaoou

[visual, vision, human, dataset, semantic, learning, work, web, people, understanding, search, process, dedicated, set, exploit, strategy, novel] [recognition, deep, convolutional, channel, representation, accuracy, cnn, training, map, performance, layer, compared, size, class, feature, network, table, neural, capturing, capability] [event, object, detection, bounding, recognizing, complex, framework, multiple, key, appearance, three, action, propose, static] [scene, face, detected, capture, model, fused, represent, project] [method, analysis, machine, proposed] [computer, ieee, figure, pattern, conference, international, directly, second, comprised] [spatial, large, image, dense, june]
Detector Discovery in the Wild: Joint Multiple Instance and Representation Learning
Hoffman, Judy, Pathak, Deepak, Darrell, Trevor, Saenko, Kate

[labeled, weakly, learning, set, weak, category, positive, annotated, instance, mined, discovered, latent, visual, mil, label, domain, discovery, dataset, supervised, transfer, lsda, source, include, example, scoring] [representation, feature, auxiliary, training, detector, previous, learn, jointly, performance, cnn, train, standard, generic, top, learned, negative, convolutional, imagenet, neural, recognition, map, deep, table, effective, better, network] [detection, strong, object, bounding, box, multiple, precision, interest] [model, joint, initial, localization, initialization] [data, algorithm, optimize, optimization, method, space, problem, min, alternating] [figure, produce, equation] [image, large, outperforms, region, initializing, patch, well]
Matching-CNN Meets KNN: Quasi-Parametric Human Parsing
Liu, Si, Liang, Xiaodan, Liu, Luoqi, Shen, Xiaohui, Yang, Jianchao, Xu, Changsheng, Lin, Liang, Cao, Xiaochun, Yan, Shuicheng

[human, label, semantic, annotated, probability, learning, clothing, work, processing, dataset, test, corpus, bag] [convolutional, knn, parsing, feature, input, paperdoll, training, testing, map, gkl, layer, performance, network, cnn, neural, deep, yamaguchi, skirt, designed, better, transferred, architecture, tkl, achieve, hat, loss, smoothing, train, nonparametric, table, arxiv] [based, path, superpixel, segmentation, object, foreground, framework, detection, score, three, average, generated] [single, model, pose, capture, scene, face] [proposed, number, method, data, kernel] [parametric, estimate, component, figure, absolute] [image, matching, cross, region, matched, calculated, pair, rate, retrieved, corresponding, well]
Deep Hierarchical Parsing for Semantic Segmentation
Sharma, Abhishek, Tuzel, Oncel, Jacobs, David W.

[semantic, parse, visual, label, learning, labeled, dataset, help, labeling] [rcpn, network, training, feature, bypass, loss, neural, combiner, contextual, daimler, context, cnn, layer, previous, parsing, stanford, deep, better, performance, table, categorizer, mapper, wdec, gcom, decombiner, stronger, refers, ppa, learn, root, referred] [segmentation, node, three, iou, background, utilize, mca, hierarchical, based, entire, propose] [error, tree, model, scene, structure, initial, provide, urban] [random, mrf, proposed, problem, number, order, binary, original] [ieee, figure, enhanced, signal, flow, pixel] [image, internal, sift, propagation, gradient, recursive, parent]
DevNet: A Deep Event Network for Multimedia Event Detection and Evidence Recounting
Gan, Chuang, Wang, Naiyan, Yang, Yi, Yeung, Dit-Yan, Hauptmann, Alex G.

[learning, dataset, evaluation, positive, label, med, task, human, visual, work] [deep, convolutional, feature, training, layer, apply, recognition, cnn, shallow, cnns, imagenet, network, class, level, trecvid, discriminative, improved, table, map, representation, higher, neural, compared] [event, key, detection, video, recounting, minndc, devnet, saliency, evidence, multimedia, temporal, frame, action, localize, score, average, based, complex, trajectory, object, framework, detecting] [approach, model, single, scene, described, localization] [vector, data, number, rank, pass, proposed] [figure, pixel, informative, vehicle, quality, computer] [spatial, image, large, rate, dense]
Understanding Image Representations by Measuring Their Equivariance and Equivalence
Lenc, Karel, Vedaldi, Andrea

[learning, visual, set, task, cat, example] [equivariant, hog, feature, convolutional, representation, learned, deep, cnn, layer, input, performance, equivariance, structured, lexn, training, regulariser, table, neighbourhood, learn, map, lcs, loss, trained, better, size, neural, shallow, output, compensated, generic] [] [regression, error, reconstruction, pose, structure, fact] [mapping, equivalence, data, sparsity, permutation, linear, number, case, sparse, experiment, method, original, objective, problem, empirically] [rotation, figure, vertical, horizontal, small, second, translation, stitching, direct] [image, transformation, invariant, invariance, local, corresponding, good, geometric, distance]
Shape Driven Kernel Adaptation in Convolutional Neural Network for Robust Facial Traits Recognition
Li, Shaoxin, Xing, Junliang, Niu, Zhiheng, Shan, Shiguang, Yan, Shuicheng

[adaptation, learning, trait, evaluation, indicated, automatically] [convolutional, cnn, subnetworks, recognition, deep, network, age, feature, multipie, architecture, webface, conduct, subnetwork, learned, neural, learn, morph, convolve, stage, trained, performance, alexnet, representation, layer, input, additional, pool, better, setting, global, deepface, convolution, accuracy] [adaptive, multiple, propose, appearance, generate, based, three] [face, facial, shape, gender, pose, estimation, structure, expression, driven, landmark, model] [kernel, method, proposed, function, fusion, optimization, note, normalized, data, element, idea, denoted, random] [robust, figure, real] [local, image, database, patch, corresponding, comprehensive, variation, large, texture]
Neuroaesthetics in Fashion: Modeling the Perception of Fashionability
Simo-Serra, Edgar, Fidler, Sanja, Moreno-Noguer, Francesc, Urtasun, Raquel

[fashionability, post, user, clothing, fashion, dataset, type, latent, work, predicting, fashionable, pastel, semantic, prediction, casual, enp, style, refer, predict, dress, sentiment, los, analyze, perform, personal, going, country, ethnicity, people, garment, example] [table, feature, crf, learn, network, deep, output, class, improve, setting, map, hidden, performance, neural, input] [online, segmentation, individual, strong] [model, scene, current, social, dominant, unary, location, face, reader] [number, order, analysis, pairwise, random, note, cluster, time] [black, figure, high, photograph, small, blue] [image, large, well, person, visualization, scale, compute, consists]
Show and Tell: A Neural Image Caption Generator
Vinyals, Oriol, Toshev, Alexander, Bengio, Samy, Erhan, Dumitru

[word, description, language, sentence, human, bleu, set, natural, datasets, report, nic, ranking, evaluation, visual, work, generation, vision, task, learning, mscoco, embeddings, embedding, system, text, generating, transfer, dataset, describing, test, example, sbu, probability, flickr, novel, evaluating] [training, neural, lstm, input, recurrent, trained, size, network, rnn, table, gate, log, cnn, deep, pascal, better, performance, output, advantage, fed, convolutional, representation] [generated, memory, generate, score, sequence, based, likelihood] [model, approach, current, provide] [data, machine, time, case, number] [translation, figure, computer, generates, quality] [image, well, large, best, cell, metric]
Integrating Parametric and Non-Parametric Models For Scene Labeling
Shuai, Bing, Wang, Gang, Zuo, Zhen, Wang, Bing, Zhao, Lifan

[labeling, label, learning, semantic, vision, transfer, set, visually, natural, work] [global, cnn, feature, belief, class, convolutional, context, neural, network, table, recognition, better, discriminative, learned, training, stanford, cnns, size, performance, accuracy, achieved, fed, integrating, nonparametric, input, road, deep, siftflow, sand, reported, learn, parsing, achieve, layer, pooling, softmax] [based, likelihood, background, integration, average, object, final] [scene, model, potential, estimation, building, sea, pose] [energy, function, method, clique, denotes, data] [computer, pixel, ieee, conference, pattern, figure, result, parametric, presented, equation, international, frequency, sky] [local, image, nearest, metric, large, sift, distance, spatial, comparison]
On the Relationship Between Visual Attributes and Convolutional Networks
Escorcia, Victor, Carlos Niebles, Juan, Ghanem, Bernard

[attribute, visual, work, relationship, vision, learning, recognize, tend, semantic, encode, existence, furry, dataset, focus, understanding, predict, set, centric, shiny, pink, green, orange, european] [acns, recognition, convolutional, trained, layer, acn, performance, deep, imagenet, network, neural, discriminative, representation, accuracy, ablated, learn, top, conv, wet, brown, activation, wooden, learned, feature, metallic, striped] [object, average, correlation, group, long, based] [percentage, model, rough] [sparse, number, sparsity, normalized, matrix, solution, solving, round] [figure, computer, conference, pattern, high, yellow, small, blue, ieee, red, white, black] [image, well, roc, large]
Evaluation of Output Embeddings for Fine-Grained Image Classification
Akata, Zeynep, Reed, Scott, Walter, Daniel, Lee, Honglak, Schiele, Bernt

[embeddings, learning, embedding, text, unsupervised, awa, semantic, word, label, supervised, soa, sje, cub, wikipedia, corpus, bird, human, attribute, test, wordnet, highest, cmb, visual, labeled, ranking, unlabeled, evaluate, glove, prediction, appear, work, annotation, correspond, perform, goog, set] [output, input, class, combining, training, accuracy, structured, context, learn, deep, learned, build, improve, improves, table, performance, recognition, window, better, size, neural, cnn, network, convolutional, standard] [hierarchical, combination, framework, obtains, target, cost, multiple] [joint, model, continuous] [data, vector, binary, objective, method, number] [computer] [image, large, similarity, compatibility, best, vocabulary, hierarchy, distance]
Deep Hashing for Compact Binary Codes Learning
Erin Liong, Venice, Lu, Jiwen, Wang, Gang, Moulin, Pierre, Zhou, Jie

[learning, unsupervised, supervised, set, semantic, visual, search, dataset, existing] [deep, learn, learned, top, training, layer, network, feature, map, compared, discriminative, neural, table, loss, performance, output, convolutional, grant] [recall, precision, three, object, multiple, hierarchical] [approach, term, model, independent] [hashing, binary, sdh, method, proposed, kmh, hamming, pcah, splh, compact, bre, sample, lsh, itq, mlh, projection, vector, nonlinear, minimizing, function, objective, time, original, number, seek, singapore, quantization, basic, mnist, algorithm, row] [spherical, figure, second, presented] [image, large, computed, query, retrieved, gradient, outperforms, gallery]
An Improved Deep Learning Architecture for Person Re-Identification
Ahmed, Ejaz, Jones, Michael, Marks, Tim K.

[set, learning, positive, test, summary, novel, labeled, report, visual, work, hard] [network, feature, layer, deep, input, architecture, negative, size, training, previous, convolution, convolutional, tied, performance, max, fully, connected, learned, passed, fpnn, trained, learn, map, smaller, identification, response, accuracy, representation, softmax] [state, art, performs] [model, approach, body] [data, method, rank, analysis, problem] [figure, small, ieee, computer, pattern, conference, presented] [neighborhood, person, image, metric, difference, patch, large, pair, local, rate, compare, viper, similarity, esdc, computed, sdalf, outperforms, itml, compute, kissme]
Understanding Deep Image Representations by Inverting Them
Mahendran, Aravindh, Vedaldi, Andrea

[visual, natural, understanding, amount, interesting, learning, study, subset] [hog, deep, neural, cnn, inversion, dsift, representation, network, cnns, standard, invert, table, regulariser, layer, loss, inverting, convolutional, imagenet, shallow, compared, implemented, hoggle, feature, max, binning, larger, learned, increasing, apply] [average, based, viewed, apparent] [reconstruction, error, model, qualitative, prior] [method, euclidean, analysis, function, problem, code, bilinear, norm, linear, algorithm, note, objective, original, normalized, regularization] [figure, inverse, technique, paper, reconstructing, requires, direct, ieee, derivative] [image, gradient, local, best, sift, applied, computing, contained, cell, reference, large]
Combining Local Appearance and Holistic View: Dual-Source Deep Neural Networks for Human Pose Estimation
Fan, Xiaochuan, Zheng, Kang, Lin, Yuewei, Wang, Song

[human, set, selected, learning, dataset, include, select] [testing, training, convolutional, input, flic, cnn, performance, heatmap, layer, tompson, deep, better, sliding, neural, output, size, combine, loss, network] [object, detection, appearance, based, likelihood, average, three, indicates, multiple, including, performs, proposal] [joint, pose, body, estimation, lsp, model, holistic, graphical, localization, location, pdj, detected, full, deeppose, visible, limb, single, pictorial, located, pcp, johnson, capture] [method, proposed, normalized, number, upper] [figure, left, developed, estimating, computer] [image, patch, local, comparison, distance, construct, view, spatial, large, rate]
DeepContour: A Deep Convolutional Feature Learned by Positive-Sharing Loss for Contour Detection
Shen, Wei, Wang, Xinggang, Wang, Yan, Bai, Xiang, Zhang, Zhijiang

[learning, dataset, positive, set, natural, label, work, selected, versus, human, supervised, semantic, labeled, probability] [contour, deep, feature, loss, cnn, convolutional, learned, class, training, layer, neural, softmax, learn, performance, nyud, discriminative, negative, standard, output, architecture, network, generalization, structured, log, setting, apply, better, belongs, table, explore, unit, effective, size] [detection, object, edge, segmentation, truth, partition, based, background, contrast] [shape, ground, model, forest] [data, function, parameter, proposed, method, problem, binary, clustering, number, sparse, code] [pattern, ieee, figure, result, computer, color] [image, patch, local, gradient, cross, sketch]
Mid-Level Deep Pattern Mining
Li, Yao, Liu, Lingqiao, Shen, Chunhua, van den Hengel, Anton

[visual, mining, association, set, rule, discovered, discovery, dataset, discover, process, category, work, natural, baseline, representativeness, positive, test, outperforming, item] [cnn, activation, training, discriminative, pooling, feature, mdpm, table, neural, convolutional, performance, recognition, deep, max, representation, appealing, mit, pascal, voc, conf, detector, accuracy, suppmin, scfvc, ensemble, extracted, class, previous, apply, train, frequent] [object, target, based, bounding, box, detection, merging] [approach, indoor, scene, current] [element, number, proposed, algorithm, encoding, min, largest, method, linear] [pattern, ieee, transaction, figure, high] [image, large, patch, corresponding, vlad, local]
Deep Transfer Metric Learning
Hu, Junlin, Lu, Jiwen, Tan, Yap-Peng

[learning, transfer, domain, source, dataset, set, knowledge, visual, labeled, supervised, label, datasets, unlabeled, subject, exploit, positive] [deep, top, layer, training, discriminative, network, recognition, feature, performance, neural, hidden, better, output, table, accuracy, testing, loss, learned, learn, activation, convolutional, designed] [target, hierarchical, qij, deeply] [face] [method, proposed, function, nonlinear, data, distribution, linear, objective, vector, sample, experimental, subspace, problem, machine] [captured, figure, assume] [metric, dtml, person, caviar, viper, distance, lij, lji, dstml, lfw, image, lsi, lti, rate, mth, wdref, computed, stml, compute, pij, applied, large, ddml, similarity, difference, htj]
Viewpoints and Keypoints
Tulsiani, Shubham, Malik, Jitendra

[prediction, task, predicted, vision, predict, instance, set, human, evaluate, annotated, evaluation, correct, car, system] [performance, convolutional, table, global, cnn, training, train, network, architecture, setting, pascal, neural, output, generic, response, layer, voc, restricted, size, class, improve, trained, feature, xiang, loss, recognition] [object, detection, based, appearance, likelihood, bounding, multiscale, box, propose, truth] [viewpoint, pose, estimation, error, model, approach, conditioned, localization, capture, euler, ground, occluded, described] [method, analysis, denote, note, number, problem] [computer, ieee, pattern, conference, rotation, small, figure] [keypoint, keypoints, local, corresponding, well, image, metric]
Hyper-Class Augmented and Regularized Deep Learning for Fine-Grained Image Classification
Xie, Saining, Yang, Tianbao, Wang, Xiaoyu, Lin, Yuanqing

[learning, vision, dataset, car, labeled, annotated, search, visual, dog, set, label, work, human, novel, baseline, probability, task, report] [deep, recognition, cnn, training, class, neural, performance, fgic, stanford, level, train, imagenet, network, auxiliary, convolutional, feature, improve, augmentation, baidu, table, multitask, accuracy, sharing, learn, generic, activation] [framework, object, propose, multiple, detection, success] [model, approach, pose] [data, proposed, augmented, regularization, number, regularized, easily, method, denote, note, exploiting] [computer, conference, ieee, pattern, international, figure, small, high] [image, large, inherent, view, variance, well]
A Large-Scale Car Dataset for Fine-Grained Categorization and Verification
Yang, Linjie, Luo, Ping, Change Loy, Chen, Tang, Xiaoou

[car, dataset, attribute, benz, door, audi, test, prediction, labeled, bwm, vision, seat, volkswagen, compcars, rich, hatchback, type, interesting, side, convertible, categorization, datasets, predict, subset, learning, novel, baseline, suzuki, positive] [cnn, feature, table, recognition, deep, neural, training, train, observe, capturing, accuracy, class] [object, including, detection, three, series, appearance, utilized, entire, based, truth] [model, joint, face, viewpoint, challenging, ground, continuous] [number, data, maximum, sample, analysis, space, row, implicit] [figure, speed, computer, unique, suv, total, vehicle] [image, bayesian, large, displacement, pair, best]
Mind's Eye: A Recurrent Visual Representation for Image Caption Generation
Chen, Xinlei, Lawrence Zitnick, C.

[visual, sentence, language, word, coco, flickr, generating, novel, human, learning, set, generation, meteor, evaluation, text, bleu, caption, cider, datasets, description, probability, automatic, ability, task, evaluate, dataset, report, ranking, natural, perplexity, vision] [neural, rnn, recurrent, hidden, network, better, learn, representation, training, previous, pascal, feature, arxiv, layer, preprint, deep, table, performance, validation, rnns, standard, microsoft] [generated, generate, based, memory, likelihood, long, truth, numerous, capable] [model, approach, error, provide, scene, ground] [time, random, machine, data, lower] [figure, paper, directly, computer] [image, retrieval, reference]
Action Recognition With Trajectory-Pooled Deep-Convolutional Descriptors
Wang, Limin, Qiao, Yu, Tang, Xiaoou

[dataset, learning, human, datasets, set, visual, describe, evaluation] [feature, convolutional, convnets, recognition, deep, tdd, tdds, improved, performance, pooling, map, net, training, input, size, channel, table, effective, layer, extracting, conduct, discriminative, fisher, convnet, representation, trained, learn, accuracy, architecture, neural] [action, video, temporal, trajectory, spatiotemporal, based, extraction, extract, hof, complementary] [point, model, single] [dimension, number, method, proposed, original, vector, fusion] [optical, motion, figure, high] [spatial, normalization, local, large, dense, descriptor, choose, sampling, image, called, best]
Simultaneous Feature Learning and Hash Coding With Deep Neural Networks
Lai, Hanjiang, Pan, Yan, Liu, Ye, Yan, Shuicheng

[learning, supervised, ranking, returned, search, unsupervised, existing, visual, vision] [input, convolution, deep, architecture, shared, triplet, cnnh, alternative, loss, module, training, top, feature, output, table, representation, designed, size, intermediate, layer, neural, learn, map, sigmoid, encoded, learned, network, class, stage] [precision, three, based, threshold, propose, generate, multiple] [independent] [hash, proposed, hashing, binary, method, hamming, data, number, function, approximate, code, quantization, form, vector, machine, lsh, coding, mlh] [figure, conference, relative, ieee, international, computer, pattern] [image, comparison, preserve, corresponding]
Interleaved Text/Image Deep Mining on a Very Large-Scale Radiology Database
Shin, Hoo-Chang, Lu, Le, Kim, Lauren, Seff, Ari, Yao, Jianhua, Summers, Ronald M.

[topic, learning, radiology, semantic, perplexity, document, latent, language, text, lda, visual, categorization, sentence, word, processing, report, set, datasets, work, natural, diagnostic, mining, collection, describing, dataset, unsupervised, label, referring, system] [deep, cnn, neural, imagenet, output, training, extracted, table, convolutional, level, cnns, trained, representation, learned, learn, map, better] [key, based, object, score, three, cost] [model, supplementary, body, adjacent] [vector, number, space, data, national, dirichlet, machine] [figure, imaging, computer, conference, high] [image, medical, large, disease, good, reference, database, matching]
Deep Visual-Semantic Alignments for Generating Image Descriptions
Karpathy, Andrej, Fei-Fei, Li

[word, sentence, set, multimodal, visual, language, test, text, ranking, generating, work, evaluation, mscoco, learning, embedding, example, description, dataset, karpathy, describe, goal, natural, novel, datasets, annotation, aligns] [neural, rnn, recurrent, network, training, arxiv, preprint, context, brnn, size, input, learn, representation, performance, table, trained, convolutional, powerful, deep, previous, cnn, challenge] [generate, based, score, bounding, sequence, generated, object] [model, full, approach, alignment, single, tree, scene, generative] [dependency, function, data, vector, consider, note, time, method, space] [figure, generates, developed] [image, region, retrieval, outperforms, compute, large]
Deep Convolutional Neural Fields for Depth Estimation From a Single Image
Liu, Fayao, Shen, Chunhua, Lin, Guosheng

[learning, work, conditional, predicting, semantic, prediction, baseline, dataset, rel, set, report] [deep, cnn, network, neural, convolutional, training, crf, map, jointly, input, better, conv, table, composed, train, layer, relu, trained, learn, structured, compared, shared, negative, eigen] [superpixel, partition, performs, based, superpixels] [depth, model, unary, continuous, single, estimation, scene, potential, rpq, error, svr, nyu, regression, neighbouring, inference, smoothness, analytically, indoor, term, spq] [method, pairwise, function, consider, problem, note, solve, random, general, solving, optimization, proposed, matrix, vector, extra] [ieee, outdoor, directly, rms] [image, outperforms]
Efficient and Accurate Approximations of Nonlinear Convolutional Networks
Zhang, Xiangyu, Zou, Jianhua, Ming, Xiang, He, Kaiming, Sun, Jian

[evaluate, work, set] [layer, convolutional, increase, accuracy, table, increased, deep, feature, imagenet, reduce, previous, neural, version, response, training, network, apply, accelerating, trained, size, input, output] [based] [error, model, reconstruction, single, evaluated] [speedup, nonlinear, linear, asymmetric, method, rank, complexity, solution, approximated, problem, approximation, matrix, zij, peedup, energy, decomposition, case, accelerated, selection, jaderberg, number, accumulative, accumulated, original, computation, approximate, min, symmetric, optimization, consider, theoretical, vector, largest, time, reduction, solve] [ratio, solver, figure, accurate, small, adopt] [spatial, pca, rate, image, large, computed, compute, degradation]
Multi-Objective Convolutional Learning for Face Labeling
Liu, Sifei, Yang, Jimei, Huang, Chang, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[labeling, label, set, learning, semantic, test, dataset, evaluation, existing, work] [nonparametric, network, training, cnn, convolutional, cnns, input, loss, size, hair, deep, output, train, table, crf, trained, structured, accuracy, testing, compared, map, class, apply, parsing, additional, combining, performance, neural, smaller, learned] [based, edge, generated, truth, propose, generate] [face, prior, facial, unary, model, term, approach, ground, inference, helen, single, xij] [pairwise, proposed, method, algorithm, number, crfs, regularization, random, energy, note, addressed] [figure, generates, pixel, skin, second, component] [image, patch, sampling, comparison]
Finding Action Tubes
Gkioxari, Georgia, Malik, Jitendra

[task, human, label, visual, positive, predicted, work, report, dataset, study, predict, correct] [convolutional, train, svm, feature, trained, neural, layer, network, build, accuracy, extracted, recognition, ablation, improvement, table, level, cnns, classify, jain, pascal, better, training, inspired] [action, detection, video, object, frame, ucf, auc, threshold, tube, average, score, appearance, wang, three, static, based, overlap, temporal, truth, performs, linked, localize] [approach, model, shape, rgb, ground] [problem, running] [motion, figure, optical, high, camera, produce, red, signal] [spatial, image, region, roc, rate]
Deep Domain Adaptation for Describing People Based on Fine-Grained Clothing Attributes
Chen, Qiang, Huang, Junshi, Feris, Rogerio, Brown, Lisa M., Dong, Jian, Yan, Shuicheng

[domain, attribute, clothing, adaptation, dataset, learning, source, people, surveillance, shopping, visual, describing, unsupervised, set, search, work, annotated, fashion, supervised, semantic, amount, evaluation, label, human, datasets, annotation, ddan, prediction] [deep, feature, network, layer, training, convolutional, neural, cnn, imagenet, output, fully, standard, bridge, recognition, setting, learned] [target, online, based, detection, cost, bounding, hierarchical, including, merging, candidate, path, correlation] [model, alignment, body, approach, detailed] [data, proposed, problem, consider, number, method, function, linear, analysis, application] [directly, figure, captured, color, small] [street, large, unconstrained, image, similarity, retrieval, consists]
Filtered Feature Channels for Pedestrian Detection
Zhang, Shanshan, Benenson, Rodrigo, Schiele, Bernt

[set, test, baseline, dataset, learning, evaluation, human, work] [training, caltech, pedestrian, feature, channel, decision, top, validation, ldcf, trained, size, observe, additional, learned, informedhaar, detector, acf, informedfilters, randomfilters, performance, compared, reported, table, improvement, design, larger, pooling, hog, context, pcaforeground, squareschnftrs, explore, negative, train, effective, adaboost, rectangular, spatialpooling, improving, inria, standard, katamari, realboost] [detection, based, object, bank, strong] [kitti, model, single, provide, step, discrete] [number, data, method, consider, original, random, vector] [optical, quality, figure, paper, uniform] [best, image, applied, change, local, comparison, integral, considered, gap, lbp]
A Convolutional Neural Network Cascade for Face Detection
Li, Haoxiang, Lin, Zhe, Shen, Xiaohui, Brandt, Jonathan, Hua, Gang

[vision, evaluation, set, positive, visual, test, annotated, work, dataset] [cascade, cnn, layer, detector, training, convolutional, neural, stride, input, performance, cnns, boosted, stage, apply, network, window, achieve, trained, size, cpu, better, vga, headhunter, discriminative, gpu] [detection, bounding, object, score, recall, detect] [face, structure, fps, scan, afw, single, reject, joint] [number, proposed, data, method, kernel, binary, problem, time, faster, discontinuous] [calibration, figure, computer, pattern, ieee, conference, simple, high, accurate, international] [image, false, fast, large, benchmark, resolution]
Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Wang, Fang, Kang, Le, Li, Yi

[learning, domain, dataset, datasets, correct, set, semantic, select, labeled] [network, feature, training, cnn, convolutional, learn, table, loss, input, performance, layer, neural, class, learned, architecture, standard, top, reported, map, size] [based, three, state, recall, propose, art, generate, object, precision, multiple] [shape, model, approach] [method, number, proposed, denotes, function, note, time, sample] [figure, computer, acm, rendering] [retrieval, sketch, siamese, view, furuya, matching, similarity, best, metric, cross, well, comparison, benchmark, large, psb, illustrated, image, demonstrate, query, cyan, dcg, saavedra, pair]
Learning From Massive Noisy Labeled Data for Image Classification
Xiao, Tong, Xia, Tian, Yang, Yi, Huang, Chang, Wang, Xiaogang

[noisy, label, learning, clean, dataset, labeled, confusing, massive, probability, clothing, windbreaker, set, mislabeled, correct, amount, test, visual, hoodie, latent, type, work, unlabeled, supervised, jacket, coat, knitwear, sweater, predict, share, hard, content] [training, deep, better, class, log, cnn, neural, cnns, train, convolutional, layer, accuracy, alexnet, pretrained, validation, size, table, imagenet] [surrounding, truth, based, framework, integrate, confusion, utilize] [model, ground, probabilistic, free, independent, predicts, posterior, wrong] [data, random, method, matrix, problem, proposed, optimal, distribution, theorem, row, number] [noise, figure, small, pure, simple] [image, true, upsampled, limited]
From Categories to Subcategories: Large-Scale Image Classification With Partial Class Label Refinement
Ristin, Marko, Gall, Juergen, Guillaumin, Matthieu, Van Gool, Luc

[set, ncm, learning, test, knowledge, category, baseline, labeled, label, evaluate, subset, annotated, transfer, semantic] [training, accuracy, class, rncmf, trained, scoarse, coarse, table, subcategories, performance, subcategory, improves, additional, kcoarse, achieves, improve, ucoarse, validation, stacked, learned, train, classify, multiclass, fisher, stacking, feature, coarser, outperform, improvement, gain] [based, average, hierarchical, object, node] [model, forest, approach, tree, full] [data, number, random, regularized, function, sample, proposed, objective, consider] [second, relative] [image, metric, nearest, splitting, large, outperforms, impact, best, hierarchy, well, neighbor]
Deep Networks for Saliency Detection via Local Estimation and Global Search
Wang, Lijun, Lu, Huchuan, Ruan, Xiang, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[set, search, label, learning, visual, svo, predict] [global, feature, training, deep, map, network, accuracy, neural, input, convolutional, dnns, level, generic, table, trained, size, layer] [saliency, object, salient, candidate, detection, based, contrast, background, score, generated, foreground, complex, coverage, detect, boundary, propose, truth, objectness, precision, wctr, entire, recall, drfi, hdct, hrgb, three, overlap, ufo, generate] [estimation, rgb, ground, model, scene, mae, shape] [data, method, proposed, low, distribution, vector, number] [figure, color, high, pixel] [local, image, region, well, geometric, rate, patch, spatial, pca]
Learning Deep Representations for Ground-to-Aerial Geolocalization
Lin, Tsung-Yi, Cui, Yin, Belongie, Serge, Hays, James

[test, learning, set, novel, embedding, task, visual, generalize, search, hard, evaluation, correct, baseline] [feature, deep, training, learned, top, representation, network, convolutional, trained, performance, learn, architecture, layer, loss, margin, input, build] [average, based, object, correctly, publicly] [face, depth, aligned, ground, location, orientation, model, building, scene] [data, method, number, function, dimensional, euclidean, proposed] [figure, traditional, paper, direction] [image, aerial, matching, view, matched, query, distance, unmatched, pair, match, street, imagery, geolocalization, san, corresponding, scale, large, crossview, database, similarity, reference]
Deep Semantic Ranking Based Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
Zhao, Fang, Huang, Yongzhen, Wang, Liang, Tan, Tieniu

[ranking, semantic, learning, set, dataset, visual, evaluation, relevant, common, supervised] [deep, feature, loss, learn, layer, cnn, representation, neural, convolutional, performance, compared, activation, supervision, level, training, triplet, cnns, map, effective, better, network, connected, larger, learned] [based, framework, measure, multiple] [model, structure, point] [hash, hashing, binary, data, function, multilevel, method, proposed, surrogate, hamming, order, problem, optimization, compact, acg, optimizing, dsrh, number, pairwise, objective, original, multilabel, ndcg, multivariate] [ieee, pattern, figure, preserving, acm] [image, similarity, preserve, database, retrieval, weighted, large, distance, query, list, metric, gradient, construct, well]
Depth and Surface Normal Estimation From Monocular Images Using Regression on Deep Features and Hierarchical CRFs
Li, Bo, Shen, Chunhua, Dai, Yuchao, van den Hengel, Anton, He, Mingyi

[set, work, transfer, learning, predict, predicted, semantic, common, rel] [deep, training, map, size, performance, level, network, table, cnn, convolutional, crf, transferred, neural, context, layer, learned, trained, generalization, input, feature] [framework, hierarchical, extract, truth, formulate] [depth, estimation, regression, surface, model, normal, single, nyu, scene, error, structure, inference, qualitative, ground, term, represent, monocular, provide] [data, method, problem, number, experimental, function, random, proposed, solution, energy, denotes] [pixel, ieee, color, estimated, figure, estimate, presented, liu, blue] [image, local, large, patch, corresponding]
Multi-Instance Object Segmentation With Occlusion Handling
Chen, Yi-Ting, Liu, Xiaokai, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[semantic, category, set, predictor, task] [cnn, voc, contour, exemplar, pascal, top, performance, validation, map, class, log, train, better, apply, feature, hariharan, network, size] [segmentation, object, detection, based, foreground, likelihood, tackle, framework, bounding, propose, generate, handling, sfj, score, proposal, mcg, iou, superpixel, pcj, box, appearance, overshooting, favorable, categorized] [shape, occlusion, occluding, joint, model, prior, chamfer, reasoning, challenging] [algorithm, proposed, energy, number, note, minimization, parameter] [figure, high, quality, inconsistent, handle, pixel, remove] [image, region, person, distance, scale, large, choose, matched]
Learning Lightness From Human Judgement on Relative Reflectance
Narihira, Takuya, Maire, Michael, Yu, Stella X.

[human, dataset, vision, work, set] [crf, cnn, feature, neural, performance, global, training, convolutional, deep, layer, learn, representation, log, perceived, learned, network, input, output, trained] [hierarchical, multiple] [model, approach, potential, point, error, cij] [sparse, pairwise, coding, linear, decomposition, vector, solution, method, data, note, function, algorithm, order, machine, denotes, encoding] [figure, intrinsic, relative, intensity, computer, conference, pattern, ieee, illumination, shading, direct, total, pixel, recovering, directly] [lightness, image, patch, hsc, local, query, jij, iiw, judgement, difference, rate, well, large, dense, darker, initialized, benchmark, dictionary, implementation]
Towards 3D Object Detection With Bimodal Deep Boltzmann Machines Over RGBD Imagery
Liu, Wei, Ji, Rongrong, Li, Shaozi

[learning, positive, dataset, semantic, labeled, labeling, existing, domain, set, focus, hard, label, european, task, evaluate] [bimodal, training, representation, hidden, feature, deep, raw, train, sliding, detector, layer, stochastic, trained, negative, input, learn, testing, wjl, imagenet, performance, exemplar, pretrained] [detection, object, bounding, based, truth, box, precision, average, framework, extract, score] [rgbd, depth, dbm, rgb, point, model, joint, boltzmann, ground, cloud, rmrc, visible, cad, fused, scene, single, performed, modeling] [data, proposed, binary, energy, gaussian, space] [figure, computer, conference, international, ieee, pattern] [image, reference, corresponding, well, leveraged]
What do 15,000 Object Categories Tell Us About Classifying and Localizing Actions?
Jain, Mihir, van Gemert, Jan C., Snoek, Cees G. M.

[set, dataset, study, human, test, category, evaluation, learning, preference, datasets, localizing, semantically, selected, include, work, relevant] [representation, recognition, accuracy, adding, table, fisher, validation, better, improve, improvement, conduct, learned, classifying, kth, performance, jain, class, discriminative, response, top, improves, follow, convolutional, train, training] [action, object, video, average, responsive, matter, combined, weight, avoidance, ucf, wang, key, peng, interest, tubelet, barbell, groundtruth, three, thumos] [localization, approach, modeling, qualitative] [encoding, number, experiment, empirical, selection, consider, vector] [motion, figure, preferred, high] [best, large, local, compare]
Situational Object Boundary Detection
Uijlings, Jasper R. R., Ferrari, Vittorio

[semantic, set, test, coco, prediction, visual, work, evaluation, learning, predict, annotated, dataset, variety, label, baseline, occur] [class, cnn, global, specific, training, detector, table, imagenet, fisher, trained, contour, pascal, microsoft, apply, voc, train, performance, context, convolutional, better, structured, validation] [object, boundary, monolithic, detection, subclass, situational, agnostic, appearance, precision, situation, recall, segmentation, average, yield, three, specialized, based, edge, truth, sbd] [single, approach, ground, forest] [random, number, method, cluster, row] [figure, caused, water, relative, paper] [image, local, true, choose, outperforms, false, applied, good, fast]
An Active Search Strategy for Efficient Object Class Detection
Gonzalez-Garcia, Abel, Vezhnevets, Alexander, Ferrari, Vittorio

[search, set, evaluating, test, strategy, learning, evaluate, visual, work, active, car, dataset] [window, context, training, belief, extractor, pascal, map, cnn, performance, uva, detector, van, fewer, convolutional, sliding, input, deep, train, subsampling, hyperparameters, decision, highly, actual] [object, detection, score, based, appearance, multiple, average, proposal, node] [force, location, forest, approach, challenging, point, model, cluttered] [method, random, number, runtime, effectively, kernel, reduces] [observation, figure, observed, relative, observing, high, ieee, small] [image, displacement, distance, internal, large, overhead]
Associating Neural Word Embeddings With Deep Image Representations Using Fisher Vectors
Klein, Benjamin, Lev, Guy, Sadeh, Gil, Wolf, Lior

[sentence, set, vision, annotation, dog, woman, learning, test, search, association, language, text, maximization, word, work, common, cca, vec, probability] [fisher, neural, hybrid, previous, deep, recognition, representation, table, arxiv, preprint, validation, convolutional, feature, network, size] [based, three, object, truth] [mixture, model, single, step, volume, current, ground] [vector, rank, laplacian, hglmm, distribution, gmm, gaussian, lmm, parameter, multivariate, diagonal, computational, data, order, respect, represented, matrix, normalized] [computer, conference, black, median, component, ieee, international, equation, pattern] [image, query, geometric, weighted, normalization, derived, retrieval, expectation, benchmark]
Transformation-Invariant Convolutional Jungles
Laptev, Dmitry, Buhmann, Joachim M.

[dataset, set, learning, vision, select, task, include, selected] [feature, convolutional, training, recognition, neural, decision, class, neuronal, size, learn, performance, learned, trained, better, global, layer, train, generalization, achieve, ensemble, max, width, accuracy, identity] [segmentation, incorporate, art, state, propose, object] [allows, face, prior, split] [algorithm, maximum, method, proposed, regularization, consider, data, clustering, original, parameter, number, optimization, idea, yale, machine, lemma, main, kernel, case] [computer, pixel, ieee, conference, pattern, presented, figure, paper] [image, ticj, transformation, local, large, tict, considered, applied, discussed, includes, gradient, transformed]
Multi-Manifold Deep Metric Learning for Image Set Classification
Lu, Jiwen, Wang, Gang, Deng, Weihong, Moulin, Pierre, Zhou, Jie

[set, learning, dataset, datasets, visual, randomly, versus, existing, selected, work] [deep, mmdml, discriminative, training, recognition, feature, layer, compared, network, testing, learned, margin, table, performance, learn, standard, top, dfrv, neural, class, nonlinearity, grant, map] [object, multiple, based, average, video, propose, employed, key, appearance] [face, model, approach, single] [method, manifold, number, ytc, nonlinear, proposed, sample, function, mobo, algorithm, time, china, problem, singapore, analysis, mmsml, vector, linear, nonlinearly, effectively] [figure, captured, second, varying] [image, distance, compute, rate, metric, pubfig, computed, large, similarity, nearest]
Towards Unified Depth and Semantic Prediction From a Single Image
Wang, Peng, Shen, Xiaohui, Lin, Zhe, Cohen, Scott, Price, Brian, Yuille, Alan L.

[semantic, prediction, predicted, predict, consistency, set, label, learning] [global, cnn, map, jointly, trained, network, training, better, feature, learned, output, train, achieves, coarse, previous, loss, convolutional, parsing] [segment, segmentation, edge, object, hierarchical, framework, formulate, generate, appearance, bounding, propose, considering, truth] [depth, joint, inference, potential, ground, hcrf, scene, estimation, unary, single, model, infer, represent, canonical, nyu, neighboring, approach, quantitative, structure] [normalized, method, data, problem, consider, denote, regularize] [pixel, figure, vertical, absolute, relative, accurate, inside, center, balancing] [local, image, scale, geometric, limited, regressor, comparison, difference, large]
Salient Object Subitizing
Zhang, Jianming, Ma, Shugao, Sameki, Mehrnoosh, Sclaroff, Stan, Betke, Margrit, Lin, Zhe, Shen, Xiaohui, Price, Brian, Mech, Radomir

[subitizing, vision, category, dataset, test, amt, existence, labeled, set, visual, human, predicting, mso, baseline, task, labeling, label, resorting, processing, sun, predicted, learning, european, consistency, evaluate, people] [recognition, cnn, accuracy, global, feature, performance, table, hog, neural, imagenet, training, output, convolutional, reported] [salient, object, detection, saliency, bounding, three, average, proposal, based, counting, threshold, detecting, precision] [model, single, provide, scene, localization, approach] [number, method, time, proposed, sample, consistently, analysis, gist, row] [conference, computer, ieee, pattern, international, figure, simple, small, viewing, technique, tested] [image, cell, implementation, large, proportion]
Cross-Scene Crowd Counting via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Zhang, Cong, Li, Hongsheng, Wang, Xiaogang, Yang, Xiaokang

[dataset, test, learning, unseen, randomly, set, selected, labeled, treated, surveillance, task, predict, predicted, example] [training, map, cnn, pedestrian, loss, table, deep, global, better, ucsd, performance, trained, convolutional, neural, input, compared, learn, learned, nonparametric] [crowd, density, counting, target, truth, based, count, video, detection, segmentation, foreground, ucf, candidate, three, propose, framework, object, including] [scene, model, regression, ground, estimation, switchable, head, introduced] [method, number, proposed, distribution, data, objective, kernel, normalized] [figure, perspective, estimated, total, absolute] [image, local, patch, retrieved, ridge, scheme, view, best, scale]
Learning Coarse-to-Fine Sparselets for Efficient Object Detection and Scene Classification
Cheng, Gong, Han, Junwei, Guo, Lei, Liu, Tianming

[dataset, set, visual, learning, existing, work, baseline, exploit, unsupervised, aca, supervised] [sparselets, activation, discriminative, training, classification, coarse, train, hidden, shared, learned, pascal, mit, fine, sparselet, trained, factor, voc, learn, table, merced, size, accuracy, layer, neural, land, convolution, discriminatively, performance, detector, achieved, input, hog, effective, dpm, dpms, unified, recognition] [object, detection, based, average, framework, propose, cost] [scene, reconstruction, deformable, term] [method, number, speedup, sparse, sparsity, proposed, objective, function, algorithm, constraint, computational, simultaneously, solution, vector] [total, second] [dictionary, large, image, compute, spatial]
Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation for Social Images
Zhang, Wei, Zeng, Sheng, Wang, Dequan, Xue, Xiangyang

[semantic, label, supervised, weakly, noisy, latent, visual, concept, dataset, learning, consistency, existing, conditional, labeled, annotated, probability, task] [cnn, training, feature, global, learn, contextual, fully, performance, convolutional, learned, pascal, network, extracted, accuracy, table, neural, comparable] [segmentation, superpixels, superpixel, object, lsc, correlation, background, multiple, based, overlap, appearance, framework, failure] [model, approach, potential, social, tree, joint, inference, challenging, adjacent, ground, building] [energy, pairwise, proposed, problem, quantization, random, algorithm, graph, vector, function, distribution, number, missing] [figure, sky, field] [image, spatial, comparison, large]
Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network for Skeleton Based Action Recognition
Du, Yong, Wang, Wei, Wang, Liang

[human, dataset, work, vision, learning] [layer, recognition, recurrent, rnn, neural, brnn, hidden, network, lstm, input, deep, representation, output, training, connected, fully, connection, activation, accuracy, brnns, tanh, gate, effectiveness, contextual, table, subnets, chaudhry] [action, skeleton, temporal, based, three, hierarchical, sequence, forward, msr, propose, berkeley, vantigodi, memory, backward] [model, body, capture, depth, joint, performed, trunk, represent] [proposed, experimental, time, number, problem, function, method] [conference, ieee, bidirectional, computer, pattern, motion, international, figure, adopt, left] [compare, derived, corresponding, spatial, gradient]
Deep Correlation for Matching Images and Text
Yan, Fei, Mikolajczyk, Krystian

[text, dcca, protocol, visual, evaluation, learning, caption, cca, description, natural, latent, work, language, learnt, dataset, test, girl, annotation, automatic, gold, ranked, cula, generation, set, iapr, address, vision, generating, standing, example, content, dog, task, sentence, describing] [deep, table, training, performance, gpu, neural, layer, network, top, cpu, structured, convolutional, architecture, validation] [correlation, based, three, video, art, state, memory, average] [canonical] [objective, proposed, data, trace, batch, norm, matrix, space, linear, rank, analysis, time, row, singular, order, number] [figure, white, tno, total, paper] [image, matching, scheme, retrieval, large, magnitude, implementation, gradient]
Beyond Gaussian Pyramid: Multi-Skip Feature Stacking for Action Recognition
Lan, Zhengzhong, Lin, Ming, Li, Xuanchong, Hauptmann, Alex G., Raj, Bhiksha

[datasets, human, dataset, visual, task, evaluation] [feature, mifs, performance, recognition, representation, convolutional, improved, pyramid, level, learnability, extracted, table, stacking, training, higher, neural, deep, standard, simonyan, improvement, skip, reported, improves, better, arxiv, preprint, fisher, smaller, accuracy, macc] [action, video, trajectory, wang, multiple, event, cost, based, peng, olympics, detection, youtube, dynamic] [single] [number, time, condition, gaussian, differential, singular, computational, method, matrix, theorem, vector, range, proof, linear] [frequency, signal, conventional, figure, motion, generates, small, bias, optical, recover] [large, dense, image, scale, comparison]
Exemplar SVMs as Visual Feature Encoders
Zepeda, Joaquin, Perez, Patrick

[set, positive, vision, learning, visual, dataset, search, european, distractor, evaluate, work, task, system, baseline] [feature, exemplar, negative, generic, map, performance, fisher, sgd, cnn, deep, svms, pool, convolutional, size, extracted, learned, neural, improvement, svm, table, representation, training, generalization, larger] [based, object, propose, average, precision] [approach, single] [encoding, number, proposed, method, vector, linear, base, machine, kernel, close, function, order, analysis] [computer, pattern, relative, conference, international, figure, ieee] [image, local, large, retrieval, encoder, query, recursive, vlad, oxford, scale, consists, computed, well]
Fine-Grained Classification of Pedestrians in Video: Benchmark and State of the Art
Hall, David, Perona, Pietro

[dataset, clothing, people, gait, human, sex, set, labelled, style, work, annotation, label, datasets, entropy, visual, attribute, baseline, learning, collected, task, worker, existing, casual] [categorisation, subcategories, age, class, recognition, deep, performance, pedestrian, subcategory, training, convolutional, size, accuracy, extracted, network, top] [bounding, box, video, weight, frame, three, entire, average] [pose, error, estimation, body, model, occlusion, labelling, single, challenging, lsp, viewpoint, height, articulated, normalised, gender] [number, method, data] [figure, left, estimate, total, warped] [image, large, keypoints, person, benchmark, keypoint, region, best, indicate]
Grasp Type Revisited: A Modern Perspective on a Classical Feature for Vision
Yang, Yezhou, Fermuller, Cornelia, Li, Yi, Aloimonos, Yiannis

[type, human, vision, set, dataset, system, category, learning, recognize, labeled, visual, natural, correct, test, prediction, work] [recognition, cnn, training, convolutional, feature, neural, layer, power, belief, level, input, testing, deep, performance, nan, apply, size, achieved] [action, based, precision, segmentation, three, truth, average, key, cooking, evolution, static, tracking, video, recall, segment, cognitive, robot, detection, object] [grasp, hand, intention, manipulation, grasping, infer, ground, inference, pgraspt, model, knife, current, scene] [data, consider, number, experimental, journal, experiment, third, main, method] [computer, figure, ieee, conference, intelligent, pattern, international, small, cylindrical] [image, unconstrained, patch, large, considered]
Deeply Learned Attributes for Crowded Scene Understanding
Shao, Jing, Kang, Kai, Change Loy, Chen, Wang, Xiaogang

[attribute, dataset, learning, stand, dlsf, prediction, dlmf, user, understanding, set, human, describe, study, subject, sto, existing, example, tag, evaluation, keywords, common, label, audience, probability] [deep, learned, table, performance, input, response, higher, pedestrian, convolutional, feature, compared, network, size, negative, learn, generic, design] [crowd, video, appearance, auc, crowded, walk, three, tracklet, deeply, multiple, frame, background, cue, static, average, action, sit, indicates, recognizing] [scene, model, single, indoor, structure] [row, number, time, proposed] [motion, figure, outdoor, high, second, stability, blue] [well, descriptor, image, compare, cuhk, good]
Learning a Convolutional Neural Network for Non-Uniform Motion Blur Removal
Sun, Jian, Cao, Wenfei, Xu, Zongben, Ponce, Jean

[set, predict, learning, predicting, example, natural, predicted, work, probability] [cnn, convolutional, neural, layer, network, better, table, learned, learn, effective, training, deep, fully] [candidate, based, generate, complex, interval, propose] [approach, estimation, model, challenging, term, single, error] [kernel, distribution, mrf, vector, method, optimize, extension, effectively, note, markov, problem] [motion, blur, blurry, estimate, deblurring, figure, pixel, rotated, camera, estimated, sharp, mse, estimating, uniform, spatially, extend, nonuniform, synthetic, sext, remove, varying, rotation, deconvolution, result, removing, caused, removal, designing, blind, length, directly] [image, patch, dense, local, well, psnr, compare]
Pooled Motion Features for First-Person Videos
Ryoo, Michael S., Rothrock, Brandon, Matthies, Larry

[dataset, set, human, learning, datasets] [feature, representation, pooling, cnn, recognition, ifv, performance, pyramid, advantage, compared, designed, previous, overfeat, max, combining, improved, caffe, convolutional, better, pooled, hog, class, table, public] [pot, temporal, activity, video, series, dogcentric, itf, multiple, uec, hof, appearance, park, based, entire, framework, including, combined, egocentric, mbh, stip, sequence] [capture, single, structure, performed, approach, described, cuboid] [time, vector, superior, number, idea, explicitly] [motion, figure, conventional, camera, optical, result, tested] [bow, descriptor, image, best, local, histogram, well, representing]
3D ShapeNets: A Deep Representation for Volumetric Shapes
Wu, Zhirong, Song, Shuran, Khosla, Aditya, Yu, Fisher, Zhang, Linguang, Tang, Xiaoou, Xiao, Jianxiong

[learning, category, active, dataset, label, test, recognize, evaluate, probability] [recognition, deep, representation, layer, convolutional, map, table, belief, training, testing, convolution, train, hidden, trained, feature, reduce, chair, stride, size, top, build, accuracy] [object, based, complex, propose, average] [shape, model, depth, shapenets, cad, voxels, surface, voxel, planning, mesh, free, completion, visible, nyu, reconstruction, full, represent, point, generative, princeton, potential, probabilistic, joint] [data, distribution, space, algorithm, binary, method, sample, selection, missing] [figure, observed, result, camera, acm, unique, unknown] [view, large, retrieval, choose, geometric, image, limited, sampling, construct, best]
ActivityNet: A Large-Scale Video Benchmark for Human Activity Understanding
Caba Heilbron, Fabian, Escorcia, Victor, Ghanem, Bernard, Carlos Niebles, Juan

[activitynet, human, untrimmed, dataset, datasets, category, existing, household, collection, annotation, vision, set, test, semantic, personal, encode, visual, goal, taxonomy, variety, benchmarking, report, cleaning, hardest, search, introduce, hard, annotated, rich] [recognition, performance, feature, level, top, deep, table, class, validation, challenge, map, structured, training, size] [activity, video, action, trimmed, temporal, detection, three, ing, object, multiple, average, thumos, organization, static, measure] [current, provide, scene] [number, data, order, note, largest, analysis, time, third] [figure, computer, motion, second, international, care] [large, benchmark, scale, compare, false, best, limited, tier, hierarchy]
A Coarse-to-Fine Model for 3D Pose Estimation and Sub-Category Recognition
Mottaghi, Roozbeh, Xiang, Yu, Savarese, Silvio

[set, learning, car, perform, work, subset, sedan, category] [training, layer, table, level, better, recognition, performance, coarse, representation, pascal, dpm, loss, feature, increase, standard, hog] [object, box, hierarchical, bounding, detection, three, proposal, based, segmentation, appearance, groundtruth] [viewpoint, continuous, model, discrete, cad, pose, potential, estimation, inference, joint, represent, alignment, modeling, detailed, glb, reason, typically, mixture, height] [consider, note, method, function, variable, projection, random, number, case] [figure, azimuth, estimated, estimate, result, elevation] [hierarchy, distance, compute, computed, corresponding, sampling, image, compare, represents]
Fine-Grained Recognition Without Part Annotations
Krause, Jonathan, Jin, Hailin, Yang, Jianchao, Fei-Fei, Li

[vision, test, set, visual, work, annotation, european, generating, dataset] [recognition, bbox, training, class, discriminative, performance, cnn, feature, decision, trained, improves, convolutional, learned, learn, better, standard, size, top, combining, caffenet, table, setting] [bounding, segmentation, foreground, object, box, detection, combination, grabcut, based, background, generated, truth, appearance] [pose, alignment, approach, model, aligning, prior, align, single, term, ground, point, shape, represent] [method, graph, time, analysis, minimum, spanning, machine, scaling, number] [computer, pattern, conference, international, figure] [image, difference, large, comparison, propagated]
Picture: A Probabilistic Programming Language for Scene Perception
Kulkarni, Tejas D., Kohli, Pushmeet, Tenenbaum, Joshua B., Mansinghka, Vikash

[vision, human, language, learning, summary, automatically, automatic, set, dataset, latent, work, representative] [neural, representation, deep, layer, stochastic, convolutional, learned, trained, discriminative, network, arxiv] [object, proposal, based, complex, monte, generate, density, likelihood, hypothesized, appearance] [inference, program, scene, probabilistic, picture, model, generative, pose, face, shape, approach, sreal, elliptical, modeling, supplementary, reconstruction, continuous, single, error, earlier, render, mcmc, express, tolerance, quantitative] [random, approximate, programming, function, data, trace, kernel, number, code, gaussian] [figure, observed, rendering, computer, slice, inverse, camera, conference] [image, bayesian, fast, large]
Learning to Segment Moving Objects in Videos
Fragkiadaki, Katerina, Arbelaez, Pablo, Felsen, Panna, Malik, Jitendra

[ranking, set, work, learning, generation] [detector, cnn, performance, previous, network, training, convolutional, trained, combining, architecture, layer, input, increase] [object, moving, trajectory, segmentation, static, frame, video, segment, detection, objectness, boundary, tube, proposal, multiple, supervoxel, background, multiscale, average, moseg, score, mop, bounding, box, based, union, tracking, intersection, hierarchical, boost] [point, challenging, capture, rgb] [method, number, clustering, random, consider, proposed, denote, code, effectively] [motion, optical, figure, pixel, extend] [image, large, best, dense, well, compute, compare, benchmark, displacement, rate, weighted, outperforms]
Multi-Feature Max-Margin Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Action Recognition
Yang, Shuang, Yuan, Chunfeng, Wu, Baoxin, Hu, Weiming, Wang, Fangshi

[learning, latent, dataset, process, topic, perform, task, test, lda, datasets, visual, work, human, label, expected] [hbm, hgm, recognition, representation, feature, learn, class, global, kth, learned, discriminative, table, stp, accuracy, jointly, svm, shared, loss, combining, training, context, capability, achieves] [action, hierarchical, multiple, based, ucf, clip, employ, average, wang, temporal, mbh, video, framework, appearance, including, propose, integrate] [model, generative, inference, probabilistic, graphical, represent] [proposed, gibbs, gaussian, distribution, number, method, dirichlet, parameter] [figure, total] [bayesian, local, sampling, compare, spatial, sift, divergence, image]
Model Recommendation: Generating Object Detectors From Few Samples
Wang, Yu-Xiong, Hebert, Martial

[task, set, transfer, library, collaborative, store, learning, airplane, bed, recommendation, pbc, dataset, system, recommender, unsupervised, category, search, rating, source, select, predict, generating, perform, nmf, test, sun, work, unlabeled, supervised, visual, annotated, randomly, recommended] [input, performance, training, chair, factor, ensemble, size, feature, pascal, map, hidden, voc, shared, better, detector, contextual, dpm] [detection, object, target, based, average, generate, generated, bounding, box, entire] [model, approach, single, rij, procedure] [matrix, data, number, factorization, vector, svd, note, random, space] [direct, figure, setup, relative, directly] [large, probe, best, well, image, region]
Adaptive Region Pooling for Object Detection
Tsai, Yi-Hsuan, Hamsici, Onur C., Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[set, transfer, selected, search, learning, representative, positive, test, esvm, select, evaluate, dataset, car] [pooling, exemplar, feature, training, coarse, table, learn, cnn, testing, pascal, better, performance, achieves, voc, transferred, top, pyramid, discriminative, apply, negative, train, map, size] [object, detection, bounding, recall, adaptive, overlap, segmentation, box, based, target, truth, appearance, propose, performs, mask, segmented, extract, multiple] [structure, detected, model, regression, ground, approach, error] [method, algorithm, proposed, number, note, linear, cluster] [figure, ratio, small, quality] [region, matching, rate, large, sift, well, keypoint, keypoints, image, spatial, compare]
Fusing Subcategory Probabilities for Texture Classification
Song, Yang, Cai, Weidong, Li, Qing, Zhang, Fan, Dagan Feng, David, Huang, Heng

[probability, dataset, test, visual, generation, contribution, datasets, set, representativeness] [subcategory, feature, svm, subcategories, sck, class, performance, caffe, ifv, compared, training, fmd, belonging, design, higher, fck, representation, better, dtd, multiclass, discriminative, convolutional, improvement, cotton, trained, qck, bread, accuracy, improve, table, rck] [based, three, object, segmentation, weight] [model, challenging, performed, fused, represent] [data, method, clustering, vector, subspace, cluster, sparse, number, fusion, matrix, analysis, approximated, encoding, lower, proposed, support] [figure, ieee, paper, pattern, second] [texture, image, computed, distinctiveness, local, difference, descriptor, applied, variation, similarity]
DeepShape: Deep Learned Shape Descriptor for 3D Shape Matching and Retrieval
Xie, Jin, Fang, Yi, Zhu, Fan, Wong, Edward

[noisy, set, clean, human, learning, dataset, green, workshop] [discriminative, layer, hidden, feature, deep, performance, input, output, training, class, train, representation, neural, activation, learned, learn, standard, discrimination, hybrid, fisher, unit] [based, multiscale, multiple, object] [shape, model, represent, vertex, mesh, surface, term, point, pose] [proposed, distribution, method, function, kernel, form, number, order, denote, algorithm, vector, represented, criterion, denotes, denoted, sparse, scatter] [computer, noise, figure, red, small] [descriptor, retrieval, heat, matching, hks, dasd, mcgill, dictionary, geometric, scale, shapegoogle, signature, eurographics, partial, large, local, invariant, insensitive, histogram, crab, benchmark]
Learning Semantic Relationships for Better Action Retrieval in Images
Ramanathan, Vignesh, Li, Congcong, Deng, Jia, Han, Wei, Li, Zhen, Gu, Kunlong, Song, Yang, Bengio, Samy, Rosenberg, Charles, Fei-Fei, Li

[relationship, visual, relation, vision, set, prediction, language, embedding, semantic, learning, dataset, consistency, mutually, work, human, people, positive, exclusive, riding, predicted, rab, test, feeding, textual, holding, newly, ank, knowledge, processing, correct, cab, subset, ang, label, returned, search] [recognition, loss, training, neural, learn, higher, performance, additional, better, layer, improvement, gain, learned, network, stanford, train, compared] [action, object, based, weight, three] [model, prior, full, single] [method, objective, function, vector, data, number, original] [computer, conference, ieee, pattern, international, figure, small] [image, retrieval, person, corresponding, large, similarity]
Joint Calibration of Ensemble of Exemplar SVMs
Modolo, Davide, Vezhnevets, Alexander, Russakovsky, Olga, Ferrari, Vittorio

[positive, test, search, set, evaluate, example, visual, task, subset] [sigmoid, window, training, negative, table, scored, global, better, ilsvrc, loss, pascal, isotonic, trained, voc, cnn, performance, output, map, calibrating, calibrate, class, exemplar, train, root, hog, ensemble, max, rooted, svm] [object, threshold, score, detection, recall, average, node, candidate] [joint, tree, independent, procedure, step, regression, single, subtree] [algorithm, optimal, solution, feasible, positively, number, optimization, method, space, note, pruning, consider, problem, satisfy, data, equivalent, approximate, function] [calibration, observation, figure, presented, small] [false, compare, globally, large, outperforms, image]
SOM: Semantic Obviousness Metric for Image Quality Assessment
Zhang, Peng, Zhou, Wengang, Wu, Lei, Li, Houqiang

[semantic, human, dataset, visual, set, predicted, existing, work, evaluation, type, learning, natural, perception, randomly] [feature, performance, generic, raw, table, training, previous, extracted, pooling, jpeg, cnn, top, global, trained, discriminative, detector] [based, detection, obviousness, iqa, object, assessment, extract, score, srocc, framework, measure, lcc, perceptual, objectness, som, brisque, cornia, dmos, correlation] [live, approach, regression, represent] [codebook, proposed, number, method, experimental, range, machine, linear, encoding, adopted, promising] [quality, distorted, figure, distortion, signal, paper, blind, result] [image, local, reference, metric, region, corresponding, fast, consists, ssim]
Learning a Sequential Search for Landmarks
Singh, Saurabh, Hoiem, Derek, Forsyth, David

[human, learning, set, search, dataset, scoring, tend, test, fashion, visual] [training, learns, context, learned, performance, better, margin, layer, contextual, apply, learn, feature] [detection, appearance, truth, state, candidate, object, detect, art, individual, making] [landmark, model, detected, pose, step, inference, ordering, ground, approach, dependent, location, independent, earlier, body, lsp, articulated, current, error, sequential, modeling, estimation, pictorial, provide] [method, order, note, normalized, fixed, general, consider, random, function, original, close, range] [figure, high, small] [image, spatial, distance, gradient, computed, well, rate, good, best, corresponding, comparison]
Attributes and Categories for Generic Instance Search From One Example
Tao, Ran, Smeulders, Arnold W.M., Chang, Shih-Fu

[instance, search, attribute, shoe, dataset, visual, learning, category, existing, example, evaluate, address, cleanshoes, work, set, automatically, semantic, expvlad, relevant, embedding, aim, manually, triemb, common] [fisher, generic, learned, deep, training, performance, representation, feature, better, combining, improve, table, pascal, top, learn, achieves, cnn, achieved] [object, appearance, propose, three, combination, target] [searching, building, viewpoint] [consider, vector, range, proposed, method, space, problem, arbitrary, locality, number] [figure, second, high, result] [query, image, large, local, descriptor, similarity, retrieval, good, randomized, best, well, matching, scale, wide]
Domain-Size Pooling in Local Descriptors: DSP-SIFT
Dong, Jingming, Soatto, Stefano

[domain, vision, dataset, learning, selected, evaluation, include] [pooling, size, performance, recognition, feature, map, convolutional, neural, arxiv, larger, improvement, discriminative, network, response, standard, detector, increasing] [average, precision, interpretation, including] [scene, point, visibility, performed, detected, single] [number, dimension, complexity, derivation, depends, analysis, method] [computer, conference, pattern, ieee, figure, frequency, small, international, blur, sensitivity, planar, classical] [sift, computed, descriptor, scale, matching, image, spatial, magnitude, oxford, transformation, outperforms, comparison, nuisance, local, large, best, sampling, fischer, gradient, variability, compare, ordinary, distance, corresponding, aggregating]
Zero-Shot Object Recognition by Semantic Manifold Distance
Fu, Zhenyong, Xiang, Tao, Kodirov, Elyor, Gong, Shaogang

[semantic, embedding, unseen, learning, absorbing, test, visual, amp, attribute, zsl, relatedness, word, process, dataset, probability, set, label, existing, strategy, novel, transient, awa, vision, prototype, transductive, knowledge, processing, devise, labelled] [class, feature, imagenet, recognition, connected, neural, cnn, training, deep, compared, performance, achieved, learned, convolutional, accuracy] [based, object, node, state, transition, combination, framework, measure] [model, structure, approach, tree] [space, graph, manifold, vector, chain, markov, method, matrix, proposed, projection, extended, number, represented, data] [computer, result, figure, ieee, pattern, conference] [image, distance, similarity, large, computed, metric, scale, compute, outperforms, nearest]
The S-Hock Dataset: Analyzing Crowds at the Stadium
Conigliaro, Davide, Rota, Paolo, Setti, Francesco, Bassetti, Chiara, Conci, Nicola, Sebe, Nicu, Cristani, Marco

[people, set, game, human, categorization, novel, collection, vision, focus, annotated, annotation, dataset, perform, ice] [neural, standard, training, accuracy, map, size, performance, trained, convolutional, network, dpm, cnn, deep] [crowd, spectator, detection, behavior, action, based, propose, focusing, ock, bounding, crowded, team, supported, sae, rink, frame, segmentation, sport, object, video] [head, pose, social, body, estimation, prior, face, model, single, fact, ground, modeling] [method, order, analysis, consider, proposed, time, upper, literature, computation, data, low, case] [computer, paper, figure, motion, left, second] [person, considered, large, best, patch, image, similarity, computed]
Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation in the Wild
Zhang, Xucong, Sugano, Yusuke, Fritz, Mario, Bulling, Andreas

[dataset, evaluation, datasets, multimodal, work, collected, existing, test, subset, learning, system, evaluate, visual, collection] [training, performance, cnn, input, convolutional, fully, layer, neural, previous, learn, connected, larger] [eye, appearance, tracking, detection, key, three, indicates] [gaze, estimation, head, mpiigaze, pose, face, multiview, model, eyediap, error, coordinate, single, regression, normalisation, facial, normalised, challenging, potential, continuous, approach, controlled, pupil, current] [data, method, number, space, proposed, vector, random, respect, sample, mapping] [figure, camera, angle, intensity, left, illumination, total, handle, lighting, light] [image, large, well, difference, person, region]
Multi-Task Deep Visual-Semantic Embedding for Video Thumbnail Selection
Liu, Wu, Mei, Tao, Zhang, Yongdong, Che, Cherry, Luo, Jiebo

[embedding, thumbnail, semantic, visual, learning, relevance, dataset, search, representative, selected, select, labeled, latent, side, positive, label, representativeness, word, textual, common, keyframes, summarization, content, clicked, strategy, leverage, set, web, freely, evaluate] [deep, trained, training, map, representation, compared, train, performance, layer, loss, improve, input, cnn, highly, achieves, effectiveness, shared, higher] [video, based, candidate, score, employ, frame, online] [model] [method, selection, proposed, fusion, vector, space, data, projection, function, china, order, algorithm] [figure, directly, conventional, equation] [query, image, similarity, compute, choose, gap, well, computing]
Ontological Supervision for Fine Grained Classification of Street View Storefronts
Movshovitz-Attias, Yair, Yu, Qian, Stumpe, Martin C., Shet, Vinay, Arnoud, Sacha, Yatziv, Liron

[business, text, restaurant, food, system, set, store, human, beauty, label, category, visual, shopping, gas, health, vision, prediction, drink, textual, automotive, language, cafe, grained, correct, ontology, salon, listing, task, geographical, google, test, work, labeled, dental, nail, process, ood, word, transcription, containment, search, study, storefront] [training, network, top, accuracy, level, recognition, deep, convolutional, neural, extracted, googlenet, architecture, performance, train] [recall, precision, based, multiple, object, detection] [model, location, described, ground, full, approach] [data, number, method, note, multi] [figure, computer, conference, ieee, real, pattern, high, international] [image, street, large, view, scale, area]
ConceptLearner: Discovering Visual Concepts From Weakly Labeled Image Collections
Zhou, Bolei, Jagadeesh, Vignesh, Piramuthu, Robinson

[concept, visual, set, weakly, labeled, sbu, learning, dataset, supervised, hard, positive, label, sentence, associated, tag, weak, instance, selected, search, describe, sun, description, discovery, relevant, evaluate, baseline, test, discover, work, predicted, discovered, ranked, datasets, fwc, system, knowledge, human, discovering] [learned, recognition, train, pascal, feature, voc, negative, fully, training, detector, deep, pool, learn, supervision, table, top, svm, accuracy, validation] [object, detection, based, multiple, generate, target] [scene] [method, selection, data, vector, number, easy, algorithm, cluster, note, row] [figure] [image, large, database, well, region]
Metric Imitation by Manifold Transfer for Efficient Vision Applications
Dai, Dengxin, Kroeger, Till, Timofte, Radu, Van Gool, Luc

[learning, domain, transfer, embedding, source, human, test, unsupervised, datasets, vision, set, work, knowledge, goal, privileged, popular] [training, learned, table, feature, cnn, learn, trained, convolutional, better, standard, performance, van, learns, improves, expensive, compared, global] [object, imitation, target, three, precision] [evaluated] [manifold, method, data, matrix, lap, dimensionality, space, clustering, linear, mapping, pairwise, computationally, problem, gist, rest, function, projection, euclidean, time] [tested] [metric, sfs, image, tfs, distance, lle, local, good, retrieval, lbp, computed, neighborhood, jor, large, transformation, phog, nearest, cheap, transformed, ukbench, neighbor]
Large-Scale Damage Detection Using Satellite Imagery
Gueguen, Lionel, Hamid, Raffay

[learning, unsupervised, supervised, positive, sun, set, work, labeled, human, novelty, label, indicator, relevant, collected, example] [feature, training, extracted, table, cnn, level, accuracy, learn, size, input, reported] [detection, framework, based, multiple, average, cost] [shape, detected, tree, error, model, canonical] [data, analysis, time, number, problem, note, proposed, linear, lower, consider, vector, upper] [figure, ieee, acquisition, high, elevation] [image, damage, satellite, difference, change, rate, area, damaged, imagery, equal, represents, pair, variability, curation, false, impact, local, computed, gsd, eer, true, sift, opposed]
Joint Patch and Multi-Label Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection
Zhao, Kaili, Chu, Wen-Sheng, De la Torre, Fernando, Cohn, Jeffrey F., Zhang, Honggang

[learning, jpml, apl, positive, selected, gft, relation, automatic, facs, subset, select, work, exploit, describe] [negative, feature, table, performance, training, unit, discriminative, better, standard, compared, jointly, involves, learn, improve, recognition] [action, three, group, correlation, detection, dynamic, truth] [facial, face, joint, spontaneous, expression, model, ground, affective] [matrix, lower, sparse, upper, algorithm, norm, problem, data, vector, number, iteration, min, selection, sparsity, regularizer, spsd, convergence, admm, effectively, coding, linear, column, denote] [figure] [patch, best, skew, image, indicate, computed, local, bold]
Cross-Age Face Verification by Coordinating With Cross-Face Age Verification
Du, Liang, Ling, Haibin

[task, learning, study, visual, dataset, novel, work, share, baseline, versus, strategy, competition, datasets, selected, positive] [age, feature, auxiliary, recognition, loss, training, agcd, coordinating, discriminative, sharing, boosting, morph, cme, previous, exclusion, performance, table, coordination, size, improve, pool] [target, hypothesis, framework, weight, gop, multiple] [face, coordinate, joint, model, facial, descent, modeling, estimation] [algorithm, proposed, greedy, base, experimental, analysis, function, alternating, orthogonal, regularization, regularized, selection, conducted, number, sensitive, binary, update, graph, method] [figure, small, tested, competing] [image, best, aging, eer, gradient, local, invariant, difference, large, cross]
Regularizing Max-Margin Exemplars by Reconstruction and Generative Models
Rubio, Jose C., Ommer, Bjorn

[positive, learning, set, visual, lda, category, vision, mining, hard, esvm, domain, popular, search, process] [training, exemplar, negative, performance, margin, hog, trained, representation, recognition, discriminative, pascal, mlda, voc, train, additional, dpm, class, feature, structured, improve, table, size, generalization] [object, bounding, detection, propose, multiple, average, based, three] [model, reconstruction, generative, approach, single, localization, prior, neighboring] [original, regularization, distribution, covariance, optimization, optimal, maximum, sample, number, matrix, approximation, method, data, order, linear, computationally] [figure, computer, conference, pattern, estimate, quality, ieee] [image, large, good, wavelet, corresponding, well, nearest, patch, region]
Supervised Mid-Level Features for Word Image Representation
Gordo, Albert

[word, character, text, learning, label, annotated, supervised, semantic, encode, atts, visual, dataset, lexicon, set, work, char, perform, midlevel, describe, localizing, spotting, test, correlated, embedding, bbi] [global, training, recognition, representation, fisher, learn, testing, fvs, standard, accuracy, pyramid, deep, level, discriminative, table] [bounding, based, extract, individual, box, framework, propose] [approach, scene, project] [block, dimensionality, space, svt, proposed, projection, normalized, explicitly] [small, produce, figure, second] [image, sift, spatial, retrieval, compute, construct, region, sampled, aggregated, local, densely, aggregate, normalization, computing, best]
Basis Mapping Based Boosting for Object Detection
Ren, Haoyu, Li, Ze-Nian

[weak, vision, dataset, hard, positive, referring, evaluation, select, description, learning, human, evaluate] [training, hog, pedestrian, boosting, xbasis, feature, boosted, logitboost, inria, accuracy, chm, performance, size, train, cascade, pascal, better, effectiveness, achieves, testing, table, voc, trained, learn, detector, improves, compared, caltech] [detection, object, based, propose, intersection] [current, face] [basis, mapping, sample, proposed, kernel, original, linear, space, method, function, machine, algorithm, number, analysis, vector, approximation, problem, dimension, convergence, computation, implicit] [computer, ieee, conference, pattern, speed, international, figure, result, conventional] [mapped, descriptor, histogram, rate, local, best, false, region, image, fast]
Sparse Projections for High-Dimensional Binary Codes
Xia, Yan, He, Kaiming, Kohli, Pushmeet, Sun, Jian

[learning, dataset, work, evaluate, visual] [map, accuracy, deep, effective, table, learned, feature, performance, imagenet, better, neural, raw, convolutional, dnn] [long, based, applicable] [valid, model] [binary, solution, encoding, method, itq, projection, matrix, time, problem, cbe, lsh, number, code, sparse, data, iterative, sparsity, objective, constraint, regularizer, case, function, procrustes, min, note, hamming, faster, orthogonal, thrm, computational, algorithm, thresholding, coding, optimization, circulant, approximate, update, vector, easily] [accurate, length, figure, requires, second] [image, large, nearest, dense, retrieval, degradation, vlad]
Oriented Edge Forests for Boundary Detection
Hallman, Sam, Fowlkes, Charless C.

[label, probability, set, predicted, natural, vision, learning, system] [training, output, detector, decision, performance, trained, contour, input, map, structured, centered, table, learn, feature, class] [edge, boundary, detection, oriented, precision, average, contrast, segmentation, individual, based] [forest, tree, model, orientation, approach, location, posterior, discrete, allows] [space, data, random, parameter, sparse, distribution, number, empirical, analysis, order] [figure, calibration, computer, averaging, ieee, pixel, pattern, requires, conference, simple, small, high, produce] [image, patch, local, sharpening, voting, benchmark, scale, large, distance, computed, monotonic, oef, randomized, outperforms]
Enriching Object Detection With 2D-3D Registration and Continuous Viewpoint Estimation
Bongsoo Choy, Christopher, Stark, Michael, Corbett-Davies, Sam, Savarese, Silvio

[dataset, novel, test, existing, car, work, provided, search, generation, set, par, probability, positive] [hog, performance, exemplar, class, feature, convolution, train, training, detector, output, negative, ensemble, table, discriminative, additional, level, trained] [object, detection, bounding, precision, based, box, average, candidate] [viewpoint, cad, model, pose, template, estimation, rendered, continuous, discrete, single, mcmc, joint, approach, enrich, deformable] [method, conjugate, time, whitening, number, original, parameter, matrix, whitened, iterative, computational, problem, algorithm, condition, data] [figure, focal, rendering, calibration, azimuth, length, result, high] [image, large, gradient, matching, corresponding]
Transferring a Semantic Representation for Person Re-Identification and Search
Shi, Zhiyuan, Hospedales, Timothy M., Xiang, Tao

[attribute, learning, unsupervised, semantic, domain, search, surveillance, supervised, annotated, transfer, fashion, adaptation, clothing, existing, latent, visual, weakly, human, source, colour, datasets, annotation, category, bag, set, description, dasa, evaluate, people, weak, dataset] [representation, auxiliary, factor, learned, performance, table, svm, training, feature, supervision, train, compared, learn, accuracy] [target, appearance, strong, framework, final, generate, based, including, detection] [model, approach, joint, generative, single, face] [data, mrf, vector, method, matrix, number, binary, consider, studied, sample, dimensional] [camera, blue, paper, color] [person, image, query, patch, matching, compute, well, viper]
Hierarchical-PEP Model for Real-World Face Recognition
Li, Haoxiang, Hua, Gang

[vision, set, learning, process, labeled, selected, work, report, baseline, supervised, dataset] [pep, recognition, representation, discriminative, layer, training, feature, accuracy, lde, performance, size, build, table, observe, deep, train, hierarchicalpep, apply, cosine, reduce, previous] [video, propose, based, appearance, hierarchical, multiple] [face, model, joint, pose, elastic, full] [dimensionality, pasc, method, machine, analysis, algorithm, data, experiment, reduction, working, linear, number, selection] [computer, ieee, conference, pattern, figure, simple, international, equation] [image, sift, bayesian, pca, similarity, consists, lfw, patch, pair, matching, comparison, construct, hierarchy, discriminant]
Learning Descriptors for Object Recognition and 3D Pose Estimation
Wohlhart, Paul, Lepetit, Vincent

[set, learning, test, vision, evaluation, dataset, search, work, perform, add, evaluate, representative] [training, hog, recognition, input, train, network, cnn, performance, accuracy, output, learn, fully, class, discriminative, convolutional, neural] [object, detection, cost] [pose, depth, template, rgb, approach, estimation, error, rely, capture, term] [data, method, euclidean, sample, machine, analysis, consider, number, scalable] [computer, conference, pattern, figure, small, ieee, angle, length, ratio, synthetic] [descriptor, linemod, distance, image, similarity, nearest, closest, neighbor, large, dissimilar, corresponding, rate, pair, compute, applied, best, implementation, gradient, mapped, metric, well, ltriplets]
Learning Hypergraph-Regularized Attribute Predictors
Huang, Sheng, Elhoseiny, Mohamed, Elgammal, Ahmed, Yang, Dan

[attribute, hypergraph, learning, hap, prediction, embedding, cshapg, cub, cshaph, usaa, hyperedge, awa, visual, zsl, label, predictor, dataset, test, semantic, side, cshap, collection, provided, categorization, relation, set, depict, supervised, ale, positive, encode, latent] [class, training, feature, accuracy, loss, additional, better, representation, performance, table, jointly, learn] [correlation, three, framework, object, incorporate, based] [approach, model, vertex, capture, aligned] [space, kernel, cut, matrix, proposed, graph, sample, data, exploiting, number, laplacian, problem, normalized, function, consider, denoted, arg, respect, regularized, vector, sign, optimal, mapping] [equation, figure] [well, corresponding]
Beyond Spatial Pooling: Fine-Grained Representation Learning in Multiple Domains
Li, Chi, Reiter, Austin, Hager, Gregory D.

[domain, learning, dataset, visual, work, instance, set, subset] [pooling, feature, recognition, convolutional, representation, better, pooled, testing, discrimination, cshot, deep, table, learned, smaller, achieves, pyramid, performance, achieved, xyz, design, architecture, receptive, max, level, arxiv, context] [object, three, framework, hierarchical, multiple, average, score] [probabilistic, point, pose, depth, current] [proposed, algorithm, method, random, kernel, experiment, space, data, order] [color, viewing, figure, presented] [spatial, invariance, invariant, variance, local, image, bigbird, large, descriptor, distance, choose, region, scale, derived, good, major, view]
Second-Order Constrained Parametric Proposals and Sequential Search-Based Structured Prediction for Semantic Segmentation in RGB-D Images
Banica, Dan, Sminchisescu, Cristian

[semantic, set, test, learning, process, labeling, label, labeled, dataset, selected, prediction, understanding, visual, work, side, generation, category] [table, class, deep, pooling, training, extracted, trained, structured, pooled, feature, performance, recognition] [segmentation, object, based, state, segment, policy, proposal, generated, truth, multiple, action, average, generate, boundary, candidate, score] [depth, scene, rgb, rmrc, inference, nyu, indoor, current, spin, ground, model, sequential, methodology, procedure, point, described, retained, pcf] [order, method, data, number, proposed, problem, algorithm] [intensity, parametric] [image, local, region, spatial, partial, metric, masked, well, overlapping, large]
Learning to Propose Objects
Krahenbuhl, Philipp, Koltun, Vladlen

[set, dataset, type, coco, learning, evaluate, work, add, highest, semantic] [training, ensemble, global, trained, accuracy, table, voc, feature, crf, size, microsoft, train, pascal, performance, optimizes] [object, proposal, segmentation, localized, superpixel, candidate, detection, facility, bounding, average, abo, box, recall, generated, seed, multiple, three, overlap, boundary, edge, gop, combinatorial, koltun, objectness] [approach, model, prior, procedure, location, single, composition] [objective, number, algorithm, optimized, parameter, pairwise, time, vector, method, min, binary, running, approximation, crfs, note, graph] [presented, figure, produced, small, accurate] [image, region, best, distance, outperforms, sampled, well, fast]
Weakly Supervised Object Detection With Convex Clustering
Bilen, Hakan, Pedersoli, Marco, Tuytelaars, Tinne

[learning, latent, supervised, positive, weakly, set, work, probability, search, visual, help] [training, window, discriminative, learned, class, learn, standard, performance, voc, song, table, feature, pascal, additional, loss, svm, global, negative, improve, jointly, neural, learns] [object, detection, target, based, multiple, appearance, background, propose, measure, average] [term, localization, single, model, location, inference, challenging] [method, clustering, convex, formulation, cluster, algorithm, slsvm, optimization, case, parameter, number, problem, regularization, stuck, function, vector, optimal, initialize, enforces, objective] [figure, avoid, smooth, small, enforce] [similarity, image, best, compare, local, comparison, weighted, outperforms]
Video Event Recognition With Deep Hierarchical Context Model
Wang, Xiaoyang, Ji, Qiang

[semantic, vision, learning, dataset, baseline, surveillance, human, set, work, existing, label] [context, level, recognition, feature, deep, hidden, contextual, accuracy, table, combining, performance, learn, improve, layer, previous] [event, three, virat, interaction, based, object, state, appearance, art, video, hierarchical, bounding, utilize, middle, average, box, stip, multiple, key, action, propose, activity, dynamic, wang, including, integrates, integrate] [model, prior, scene, ground, capture, approach, represent, probabilistic] [proposed, vector, method] [conference, figure, computer, ieee, pattern, observation, international] [person, neighborhood, histogram, well, compare, sift, includes, image]
Image Parsing With a Wide Range of Classes and Scene-Level Context
George, Marian

[label, system, baseline, semantic, set, test, labeling, visual, dataset] [parsing, training, balanced, global, context, class, unbalanced, performance, better, nonparametric, recognition, improve, fusing, feature, lmsun, combining, improves, rare, road, bdt, accuracy, achieve, smoothing, size, tighe, output, lsj, previous] [likelihood, superpixels, truth, superpixel, foreground, object, background, cost, score, weight, average, coverage, multiple, combined] [scene, full, ground, inference, step, initial, approach, error, model, probabilistic] [number, method, energy, function, data, mrf, normalized, fusion] [figure, equation, total] [image, retrieval, query, compute, large, rate, computed, lsi, person]
Combination Features and Models for Human Detection
Jiang, Yunsheng, Ma, Jinwen

[human, vision, set, test, work, correspond] [grammar, poselet, hog, feature, performance, voc, recognition, table, effective, hoc, hob, pascal, whl, overlapped, dpm, fuse, conduct, weightednms, competitive, improvement, combine, input, deep, impressive] [detection, object, based, combination, score, framework, integrated, threshold, precision] [model, deformable, structure, procedure, single, volume] [fusion, algorithm, proposed, general, note, method, time, computation, denotes, low, original, order, function] [computer, ieee, color, pattern, figure, direct, hue, calibrated, intensity, saturation] [image, person, large, corresponding, gradient, well, histogram, good, texture]
Computing the Stereo Matching Cost With a Convolutional Neural Network
Zbontar, Jure, LeCun, Yann

[set, learning, vision, dataset, test, work, example, predict, perform, evaluate] [network, training, convolutional, size, neural, output, input, learn, map, yamaguchi, architecture, larger, negative, top, centered, table, recognition] [cost, forward, three, object, combined] [kitti, error, position, neighboring, location, initial, single, term, depth] [method, support, random, machine, number, runtime, pass, denote, analysis, function] [stereo, disparity, left, computer, ieee, figure, pattern, horizontal, conference, vertical, international, camera, pixel] [matching, image, aggregation, computed, patch, semiglobal, computing, arm, ccbca, compute, rate, csgm, differ, pair, well, true]
A Mixed Bag of Emotions: Model, Predict, and Transfer Emotion Distributions
Peng, Kuan-Chuan, Chen, Tsuhan, Sadovnik, Amir, Gallagher, Andrew C.

[emotion, evoked, source, probability, category, transferring, cnnr, predicting, emotional, user, set, transfer, provided, work, predict, amt, positive, dmtr, keywords, subject, joy, semantic, study, hit, randomly, human] [table, previous, better, cnn, input, performance, convolutional, feature, neural, level, training, comparable] [target, truth, framework, multiple, three, average, saliency, propose, based] [ground, affective, dominant, single, model, svr] [distribution, method, basic, random, proposed, experiment, number, changing, algorithm] [color, figure, international, adopt, uniform, ieee] [image, transformed, distance, change, texture, outperforms, closer, tone, compare, database, corresponding, transform, histogram, difference, modify]
Image Retrieval Using Scene Graphs
Johnson, Justin, Krishna, Ranjay, Stark, Michael, Li, Li-Jia, Shamma, David, Bernstein, Michael, Fei-Fei, Li

[test, visual, dataset, vision, man, grounding, set, semantic, attribute, learning, grounded, semantics, novel, example, relationship, text, system, wearing, retrieve, natural, language, tuples, search, work, occur, perform, association, describe] [recognition, performance, representation, table, training, context, class, cnn, structured, crf] [object, recall, iou, entire, based, bounding] [scene, model, full, detailed, localization, represent, modeling] [graph, rank, gist, random, data, number, computational, journal] [computer, conference, ieee, pattern, median, international, figure, simple, detail] [image, retrieval, query, large, sift, outperforms, vocabulary, compute, descriptor, scale]
Scalable Object Detection by Filter Compression With Regularized Sparse Coding
Chao, Ting-Hsuan, Lin, Yen-Liang, Kuo, Yin-Hsi, Hsu, Winston H.

[set, dataset, perform, work, vision, system, process, learning, visual, collected, budget] [map, performance, functionality, convolution, accuracy, achieve, size, feature, better, recognition, conduct, larger, trained, training, loss, stage, learn, dpm, drop, reduce, intermediate, class, higher] [object, detection, score, memory, proposal, based, appearance, illustrate] [reconstruct, model, deformable, error, reconstruction] [sparse, method, coding, codebook, number, speedup, regularized, regularization, original, augmented, huge, computation, experiment, optimization, computational, matrix, codewords, complexity, linear, problem, space, freg, scalability, negligible, minimizing, proposed] [figure, computer, small, ieee, conference, produce, pattern, equation, regard, reconstructed, international, result] [large, difference, computing]
TILDE: A Temporally Invariant Learned DEtector
Verdie, Yannick, Yi, Kwang, Fua, Pascal, Lepetit, Vincent

[learning, vision, dataset, webcam, set, positive, introduce, task, work] [training, detector, feature, performance, learned, layer, loss, trained, learn, response, standard, size, train] [score, average, three, sequence, detection, temporal, extract] [approach, term, detected, shape, location] [method, linear, number, machine, proposed, function, objective, original, time, approximation] [computer, conference, pattern, simple, figure, international, robust, outdoor, ieee, captured, illumination] [keypoints, keypoint, image, regressor, repeatability, sift, oxford, surf, local, scale, applied, separable, sfop, wade, drastic, invariant, mser, sifer, lcf, matching, large, good, wnm, best, fast, chamonix]
Global Refinement of Random Forest
Ren, Shaoqing, Cao, Xudong, Wei, Yichen, Sun, Jian

[learning, prediction, vision, indicator, set, randomly, dataset, human, rule, visual, subset] [global, training, standard, loss, recognition, decision, size, performance, better, accuracy, reduce, boosting, table, version, refined, smaller, age, feature, achieves, power, deep, clearly] [complementary, individual, propose, strong, strength, node, multiple] [forest, leaf, tree, model, error, depth, regression, randomness, face, independent, single, body] [random, number, pruning, vector, machine, data, function, optimization, alternating, optimal, method, parameter, formulation, matrix, mnist, regularization, experiment, reformulation] [conference, computer, figure, ieee, pattern, real, international, ratio, accurate, relative] [large, well, ideal, local, corresponding]
Learning a Non-Linear Knowledge Transfer Model for Cross-View Action Recognition
Rahmani, Hossein, Mian, Ajmal

[learning, knowledge, dataset, transfer, human, existing, set, source, test] [recognition, training, learn, learned, accuracy, input, table, layer, deep, output, feature, representation, shared, discriminative, neural, svm] [action, path, target, trajectory, video, aog, weight, extract, three, average, sequence] [canonical, model, single, performed, viewpoint, joint, approach, point, structure] [proposed, method, data, codebook, general, linear, sparsity, time, number, function, sample, algorithm, decay] [motion, camera, unknown, synthetic, figure, real, requires, technique, captured] [nktm, view, virtual, mocap, ncte, dense, cvp, dvv, ixmas, large, descriptor, respective, transformation]
Finding Distractors In Images
Fried, Ohad, Shechtman, Eli, Goldman, Dan B., Finkelstein, Adam

[distractor, distractors, dataset, vision, user, prediction, work, visual, mturk, mapp, datasets, app, created, mechanical, collected, turk, text, automatic, learning, retargeting, cropping, annotation, future, select, predict, green, probability, interface, photo, predictor] [table, feature, recognition, training, train, top, map, input] [saliency, average, distracting, object, auc, segmentation, salient, segment, score, calculate, threshold, based, detect, detection] [model, rgb, full, hole, described] [main, method, gaussian, number, data, inverted, lasso, random] [computer, ieee, figure, remove, removal, pattern, international, left, removing, attenuated, second, mobile, produce, pixel, quality] [image, good, person]
Co-Saliency Detection via Looking Deep and Wide
Zhang, Dingwen, Han, Junwei, Li, Chao, Wang, Jingdong

[common, transfer, consistency, learning, msrc, dataset, existing, agreement, visual, set, evaluation, unsupervised, visually] [deep, performance, cnn, feature, map, explore, extracted, rbm, table, compared, global, additional, convolutional] [detection, object, saliency, group, spi, based, background, framework, foreground, salient, superpixels, ops, propose, multiple, suppress, video, segmentation, cshs, icoseg, superpixel, generated, recall, extract, contrast, three, candidate] [approach, capture, model, represent, current] [proposed, cluster, order, solve, algorithm, method, effectively, experimental, defined] [figure, ieee, color] [image, wide, similarity, region, bayesian]
Expanding Object Detector's Horizon: Incremental Learning Framework for Object Detection in Videos
Kuznetsova, Alina, Ju Hwang, Sung, Rosenhahn, Bodo, Sigal, Leonid

[domain, lme, learning, embedding, adaptation, dataset, adl, unlabeled, incremental, yto, test, set, category, incrementally, unsupervised, source, existing, work, labeled, select, positive, prototype, datasets, visual, lifelong, instance, baseline, arriving, ucn, newly, adapting] [performance, class, detector, feature, imagenet, learned, training, trained, map, improve, expanded, learn, train] [object, detection, video, target, based, track, bounding, framework, appearance, temporal] [model, initial, probabilistic, approach, continuously, detected, continuous] [data, method, original, complexity, sample, proposed, expansion, problem, space, note, distribution, formulated, number, respect] [figure] [image, similarity, large, corresponding, well]
Don't Just Listen, Use Your Imagination: Leveraging Visual Common Sense for Non-Visual Tasks
Lin, Xiao, Parikh, Devi

[visual, common, sense, fitb, text, human, knowledge, dataset, textual, learning, baseline, understanding, answering, task, clipart, word, description, question, mike, semantic, jenny, describe, learnt, people, describing, test, oij, default, abstract, example, answer, mentioned, vision, evaluate, attribute, language, paraphrasing, generating, study, factual, generation, lpw, set, wrxyd] [performance, learn, training, representation, recognition, input, log] [object, generated, extract, generate, truth, average, three] [scene, approach, model, reasoning, ground, capture, described] [data, solve, base, random] [figure, relative, presence, second, mode] [image, corresponding, pair, well, leveraging]
Multiple Instance Learning for Soft Bags via Top Instances
Li, Weixin, Vasconcelos, Nuno

[positive, bag, mil, soft, instance, separability, learning, supervised, datasets, prediction, expected, source, labeling, set, label, dataset, concept, annotation, separator, indicator, rule, semantic, study, popular, latent, example, evaluation, tlc, weakly, human] [negative, representation, top, svm, performance, feature, training, accuracy, table, setting, larger, max, better, learn, margin] [three, multiple, based, score, combinatorial, object] [fact, composition, procedure] [number, problem, theorem, note, function, proposed, vector, consider, method, linear, optimal, space, bound, support, convex, theoretical, data, solution, programming, empirical] [figure, conventional, small, uniform, generalized] [image, weighted, best, large, separable, weighting, consistent, benchmark, considered]
Query-Adaptive Late Fusion for Image Search and Person Re-Identification
Zheng, Liang, Wang, Shengjin, Tian, Lu, He, Fei, Liu, Ziqiong, Tian, Qi

[search, dataset, learning, datasets, work, test, set, evaluation, relevant, collected, irrelevant] [feature, map, knn, global, effectiveness, table, performance, accuracy, cnn, effective, competitive, recognition, van] [score, three, weight, tail, late, object, multiple, average] [initial, performed, independent, require] [method, fusion, curve, graph, gist, parameter, rank, random, number, normalized, sparse, product, hamming, case, proposed] [figure, result, paper, robust, presented, sensitivity] [image, reference, bow, good, bad, query, area, sift, person, ukbench, database, nearest, neighbor, compare, impact, hsv, comparison, similarity, large, sorted, well, proportion, best, weighting, viper, matching, scale]
Shadow Optimization From Structured Deep Edge Detection
Shen, Li, Wee Chua, Teck, Leman, Karianto

[learning, work, dataset, set, label, novel, prediction, uiuc, probability, colour] [structured, cnn, global, input, output, training, extracted, connected, learned, convolutional, learn, map, dapp, achieves, table] [edge, detection, boundary, groundtruth, framework, ucf, formulate, based, complex, propose, object, measure, moving, superpixel] [shadow, bright, ground, structure, volume, single, approach, labelling, detected, model, shd, cmu, capture, cast, neighbouring] [proposed, method, optimization, number, problem, data, algorithm] [figure, pixel, illumination, recovery, central, computer, robust] [local, image, region, patch, computed, june, compare, connectivity, canny, corresponding, spatial]
3D Deep Shape Descriptor
Fang, Yi, Xie, Jin, Dai, Guoxian, Wang, Meng, Zhu, Fan, Xu, Tiantian, Wong, Edward

[learning, vision, description, set, noisy, dataset, visual, collection] [deep, neural, training, performance, feature, network, discriminative, representation, trained, learn, dnn, margin] [based, structural, target, object, three, group, entire] [shape, model, point, approach, modeling, surface] [kernel, covariance, analysis, machine, data, method, denotes, proposed, isometric, complexity, diffusion, distribution, matrix] [figure, computer, conference, noise, ieee, developed, international, component, robust, informative, result, blue, high, pattern] [descriptor, retrieval, geometric, heat, deepsd, heatsd, signature, incomplete, large, hks, comparison, encoder, heatsds, local, esd, concise, mcgill, dinosaur, query, shapegoogle, image, partial, invariant]
Fine-Grained Histopathological Image Analysis via Robust Segmentation and Large-Scale Retrieval
Zhang, Xiaofan, Su, Hai, Yang, Lin, Zhang, Shaoting

[system, set, supervised, majority, relevant, analyze, category] [accuracy, table, training, performance, designed, extracted, testing, improve, compared, feature, level, design, conduct, van] [segmentation, detection, framework, based, precision, analyzing, truth, seed, segmented, propose, hierarchical, generate, including] [detected, ground, challenging] [hash, hashing, method, analysis, proposed, number, computational, ksh, repulsive, binary, gaussian, denotes, kernel, note, support, main] [robust, traditional, circle, half, accurate, ratio] [image, cell, histopathological, retrieval, scheme, medical, voting, lung, squamous, diagnosis, weighting, weighted, adenocarcinoma, mapped, cancer, cbir, comparing, breast, grading, large, spv, decided, tissue, clinical, microscopic, represents, distance]
Understanding Image Virality
Deza, Arturo, Parikh, Devi

[virality, viral, content, attribute, reddit, human, dataset, understanding, visual, predict, vision, predicting, prediction, asked, study, category, title, popularity, datasets, work, set, sort, selected, annotated, task, people, correlated, highest, chance, familiar, marketing, textual, semantic, beautiful, perception, phenomenon, tend, create, amt, posted, test] [performance, accuracy, context, table, deep, svm, top, level] [score, correlation, multiple, temporal, complex, object, three, role] [social, qualitative] [random, machine, number, studied, experiment, data, explicit, time, consider] [relative, computer, figure, presence, intrinsic, conference, second, synthetically, equation] [image, pair, well, considered, difference, large]
Aligning 3D Models to RGB-D Images of Cluttered Scenes
Gupta, Saurabh, Arbelaez, Pablo, Girshick, Ross, Malik, Jitendra

[instance, set, work, search, system, report, test, semantic, task, evaluate, sofa, understanding, bed, dataset, prediction] [performance, output, table, train, setting, network, coarse, trained, hha, chair, training, top, better, shallow, observe, accuracy, cnn, song] [object, segmentation, box, detection, truth, bounding, mask, recall, plot, placement, average] [model, pose, depth, ground, scene, alignment, tagree, cad, point, inferred, normal, indoor, approach, error, reasoning, align, guo, trainval, occluded] [data, algorithm, number, problem, note, method, proposed, support, consider, missing, upper] [estimate, synthetic, figure, pixel, real, small] [image, region, metric, large]
Classifier Adaptation at Prediction Time
Royer, Amelie, Lampert, Christoph H.

[adaptation, prediction, test, label, feedback, work, domain, vision, natural, rnd, system, adapting, bandit, learning, txt, correct, set, rabbit, adapt, create, semantically, semantic, example, common, visual, occur, differs, probability, unsupervised, watch] [class, training, setting, imagenet, accuracy, recognition, cnn, convolutional, feature, achieve, context, table] [online, object, based, dynamic, situation, walk, sequence, adaptive, three, framework] [error, fact, realistic, probabilistic, current] [data, distribution, time, random, machine, base, underlying, method, update, problem, vector, optimal] [computer, conference, estimate, figure, real, assume, international, ieee, length] [image, change, difference, large, compute, well]
Three Viewpoints Toward Exemplar SVM
Kobayashi, Takumi

[positive, category, novel, vision, dataset, set, learning, irrelevant] [exemplar, svm, feature, negative, performance, margin, recognition, table, training, discriminative, smaller, hog, exsvm, apply, ensemble, larger, input, unit, svms] [object, target, detection, based, three, score, measure, multiple] [detected, scene, viewpoint, described] [sample, vector, method, proposed, original, number, formulation, parameter, support, regularization, linear, min, problem, case, note, kernel, computation, required, pass, matrix, manner, corresponds, simply, reduced, form] [computer, conference, pattern, ieee, second, lagrangian, small, international, figure] [similarity, transformation, applied, image, large, transform, distance, well, transformed]
Curriculum Learning of Multiple Tasks
Pentina, Anastasia, Sharmanska, Viktoriia, Lampert, Christoph H.

[learning, task, seqmt, transfer, vision, human, learner, mergedsvm, study, knowledge, baseline, choosing, test, easiest, attribute, awa, seal, adaptation, automatically, question, multiseqmt, hardest, chimpanzee, work, hyperplane, side, domain, hard, giant, european, expected, learing, diversity, semantic, advantageous] [performance, training, learn, class, better, table, generalization, effective, previous, svm, sharing, feature, achieve] [multiple, weight, average, based, sequence, adaptive, propose, object, performs] [error, model, approach, term, hand, single] [order, algorithm, machine, data, proposed, solving, random, bound, linear, method, solved, solve, case, idea, form] [conference, computer, international, figure, high, assume] [best, corresponding, rate, compare, image]
Learning With Dataset Bias in Latent Subcategory Models
Stamos, Dimitris, Martelli, Samuele, Nabi, Moin, McDonald, Andrew, Murino, Vittorio, Pontil, Massimiliano

[datasets, dataset, visual, latent, learning, set, positive, test, car, task, work, common, perform, provided] [training, lsm, subcategory, lsms, undoing, standard, improvement, trained, lcsm, concatenation, negative, performance, learn, class, loss, setting, multitask, compound, better, dpms, svms, smaller, table, max, testing, previous] [object, weight, average, multiple, framework, detection, based, three] [model, initialization, single, point, term, approach, error, independent, step] [method, function, objective, case, vector, convex, number, problem, linear, clustering, parameter, data, note, solution, machine, simply, cluster, suboptimal, special, optimization, journal] [bias, biased, figure, computer, presented, relative, paper, extend] [good, well, corresponding, large, local]
VisKE: Visual Knowledge Extraction and Question Answering by Visual Verification of Relation Phrases
Sadeghi, Fereshteh, Kumar Divvala, Santosh K., Farhadi, Ali

[relation, visual, knowledge, eating, horse, dog, man, bear, language, phrase, lion, laying, egg, sofa, river, set, icecream, pushing, cat, viske, conceptnet, subject, devouring, bird, relationship, work, text, learning, answering, verifying, salmon, web, question, openie, svo, rabbit, woman, elephant, sheep, involved, snake, system, common, consistency, dataset, semantic, sun, focused, frog, validity] [feature, performance, trained, extracting, grass, context, table, better] [object, appearance, extraction, box, detection, based, precision, action, indicates, bounding] [approach, model, reasoning] [problem, number, method, form, graph, base, case] [figure, pattern, relative, reveals] [spatial, true, large, person, well, difference]
Discovering States and Transformations in Image Collections
Isola, Phillip, Lim, Joseph J., Adelson, Edward H.

[collection, set, noun, relevant, discovering, adjective, vision, test, sliced, visual, system, cooked, fresh, apple, dataset, semantic, generalize, work, melted, unripe, goal, antonym, knowledge, discovery, novel, ripe, understanding, example, transfer, physical, variety, include, selected, door, undergo, wilted, discovered, ranking, moldy, task, chance, discover, scraped, antonymic, chocolate, attribute] [training, performance, raw, recognition, parsing, feature, neural, map, accuracy, class, crf, input, percent] [state, object] [room, scene, fall, depicted] [method, order, problem, data, consider, space, journal] [computer, figure, ieee, conference, pattern, international, material, equation, paper] [image, transformation, similarity, well, query, dissimilar, transformed, large]
Parsing Occluded People by Flexible Compositions
Chen, Xianjie, Yuille, Alan L.

[vision, people, set, human, dataset, type, work, labeled, diagnostic, learning] [recognition, connected, standard, training, parsing, performance, convolutional, learn, max, neural] [score, evidence, object, appearance, wij, detection, node, state, multiple] [model, occlusion, tij, decoupling, visible, full, graphical, pose, body, composition, subtree, dependent, occluded, inference, approach, waf, idod, aop, pcp, absence, tji, prior, location, term, neighboring, modeling, estimation, wji, idpr, mixture, mgn, single] [graph, pairwise, base, number, method, suitable, space, lemma, form] [computer, pattern, figure, bias, relative, conference, presence, international, equation, measurement] [image, spatial, local, best, connectivity, computed]
Modeling Video Evolution for Action Recognition
Fernando, Basura, Gavves, Efstratios, Oramas, Jose M., Ghodrati, Amir, Tuytelaars, Tinne

[ranking, learning, dataset, human, work] [representation, recognition, learn, fisher, training, table, feature, better, map, discriminative, pooling, generalization, improved, observe, applying, capturing, size, class, apply] [video, videodarwin, action, temporal, evolution, appearance, average, frame, based, moving, cooking, forward, reverse, gesture, fdvd, mpii, rfdvd, mbh, propose, score, trajectory, combined, precision] [capture, independent, ordering, modeling, model, approach] [time, function, vector, method, linear, valued, rank, data, order, proposed, kernel, machine, denoted] [figure, varying, motion, stability, relative] [local, compute, well, large, dense, similarity, applied]
Small Instance Detection by Integer Programming on Object Density Maps
Ma, Zheng, Yu, Lei, Chan, Antoni B.

[set, vision, test, people, dataset, instance, baseline, datasets] [map, training, sliding, window, global, feature, input, size, ucsd, performance, table, better, detector, train, output, learned] [density, detection, object, counting, bounding, count, box, integer, crowded, framework, individual, truth, average, crowd, video, segmentation, recall, propose, divided] [ground, location, approach, challenging, model, viewpoint] [number, method, programming, proposed, vector, constraint, problem, function, maximum, mapping, codebook] [small, estimated, computer, estimate, figure, ieee, pattern, total, roi, perspective, pixel, accurate, international, synthetic] [image, local, cell, large, distance, corresponding, matching]
Weakly Supervised Localization of Novel Objects Using Appearance Transfer
Rochan, Mrigank, Wang, Yang

[novel, familiar, learning, word, weakly, labeled, vision, work, set, transfer, knowledge, supervised, semantic, collection, annotated, dataset, goal, car, visual, cat, bird, horse, dog, cow, embedding, transferring, collect, boat, european, processing, datasets, access, subset] [pascal, class, table, voc, learned, feature, train, imagenet, training, learn, apply] [object, appearance, bounding, box, localize, video, propose, combined, based, corloc, edge, combination, proposal] [model, approach, term, localization, reconstruction] [method, vector, data, linear, denote, algorithm, parameter, number, proposed, consider, machine] [computer, conference, ieee, pattern, figure, international, society, assume] [image, large, compare]
Data-Driven 3D Voxel Patterns for Object Category Recognition
Xiang, Yu, Choi, Wongun, Lin, Yuanqing, Savarese, Silvio

[dataset, test, hard, set, car, associated, evaluation, category, evaluate, visual] [recognition, training, dpm, table, train, validation, trained, detector, accuracy, class, testing, compared, jointly, feature, build, acf] [object, detection, segmentation, mask, bounding, average, truth, appearance, moderate, overlap, based, box, detect, occluder, three] [voxel, occlusion, kitti, occluded, model, cad, localization, pose, visibility, orientation, visible, reasoning, ground, approach, depth, ordering, voxels, detected, shape, estimation, outdoorscene, truncation, cuboid] [method, truncated, clustering, easy, data, explicit, number, note, proposed] [figure, estimating, handle] [image, benchmark, similarity, well, large]
A Novel Locally Linear KNN Model for Visual Recognition
Liu, Qingfeng, Liu, Chengjun

[test, dataset, visual, learning, popular, vision, rule, selected, relation, novel, evaluate] [representation, training, recognition, power, class, knn, performance, table, achieve, discriminative, effectiveness, decision, fisher, improve, caltech, global, highly, max, size, accuracy, comparable] [based, density, action, object, grouping, bayes, propose] [model, face, scene, indoor, estimation, error] [proposed, sample, method, linear, vector, llknnc, shifted, llnmc, kernel, parameter, sparse, dimension, experimental, sensitiveness, data, llknn, note, arg, minimum, analysis, number, approximate, largest, sparsity, journal] [pattern, ieee, computer, conference, equation, international] [nearest, locally, dictionary, transformation, image, applied, ideal, tar, derived, demonstrate, spatial]
Classifier Learning With Hidden Information
Wang, Ziheng, Ji, Qiang

[learning, secondary, versus, primary, exploit, lir, existing, relationship, privileged, humpback, cat, side, seal, rat, giant, rpr, baseline, persian, chimpanzee, hippopotamus, panda, set, label, leopard, raccoon, whale, task, predicted, test, statistically, type, predict, student, human] [hidden, training, loss, feature, performance, better, improve, classify, learn, improvement, standard, margin, combine, svm, testing, input, recognition, train] [action, object, target, strong, based, truth] [facial, term, approach, face, ground, expression] [proposed, regularization, method, data, inequality, problem, parameter, function, binary, original, empirical, number, case, represented] [preserving, paper, pig, assumption, generally, figure, total] [image, compare, incomplete]
Best of Both Worlds: Human-Machine Collaboration for Object Annotation
Russakovsky, Olga, Li, Li-Jia, Fei-Fei, Li

[human, vision, annotation, system, user, set, labeling, probability, requester, utility, correct, budget, visual, mdp, question, draw, instance, tight, answer, task, expected, feedback, learning, active, crowdsourcing, labeled, label, correspond, dataset, european, annotated, predicting, engineering, returned] [recognition, class, accuracy, input, table, response, training, effective, decision] [object, box, detection, bounding, precision, action, multiple, transition, average, iou, cost, framework, principled, state, crowd] [model, current, scene, error] [time, data, number, method, machine, analysis] [computer, pattern, figure, conference, international, quality, yellow, accurately, desired, ieee, accurate] [image, compute, computing, computed]
Learning Graph Structure for Multi-Label Image Classification via Clique Generation
Tan, Mingkui, Shi, Qinfeng, van den Hengel, Anton, Shen, Chunhua, Gao, Junbin, Hu, Fuyuan, Zhang, Zhen

[label, set, learning, relevant, active, prediction, knowledge, identify, conditional] [performance, loss, max, feature, table, neural, output, learned, learn, structured, cnn, stochastic, pascal, better, map, input] [propose, based] [scene, structure, tree, model, capture, joint, approach, graphical, inference, probabilistic] [data, graph, problem, cgm, method, solving, hamming, clique, arg, number, dual, random, proposed, objective, chowliu, algorithm, plem, ssvm, vector, multilabel, min, convex, plst, solve, sparse, mmoc, lead, update, solution, binary, mapping, denotes, programming, note, proximal, exploiting, coding, basic, optimization, sparsity, constraint] [figure, synthetic, ieee, adopt] [image, comparison]
Watch and Learn: Semi-Supervised Learning for Object Detectors From Video
Misra, Ishan, Shrivastava, Abhinav, Hebert, Martial

[labeled, set, labeling, learning, label, purity, dataset, test, automatically, ssl, work, diverse, datasets, esvms, annotated, esvm, semantic, subset, decorrelated, unlabeled, positive, visual, weakly, relevance, boot, existing] [training, input, feature, trained, performance, negative, train, detector, eigen] [object, detection, tracking, video, bounding, multiple, box, long, recall, average, reliable, virat, start, truth, track, frame] [approach, kitti, ground, pose, initial, drift] [data, algorithm, iteration, method, selection, sparse, iteratively, lsvm, random, outlier, number] [figure, high, assume, motion] [image, large, good, sparsely, false, scale, compute]
Virtual View Networks for Object Reconstruction
Carreira, Joao, Kar, Abhishek, Tulsiani, Shubham, Malik, Jitendra

[test, vision, collection, set, visual, work, prediction, semantic] [network, training, recognition, class, deep, feature, pascal, better, additional, convolutional, neural, voc] [object, target, multiple, segmentation, based, propose, truth, detection] [reconstruction, shape, viewpoint, alignment, pose, single, structure, rigid, sfm, ground, point, align, extrapolated, mirrored, reconstruct] [factorization, euclidean, data, analysis, missing, proposed, machine, matrix, algorithm, method] [computer, ieee, pattern, conference, synthetic, figure, motion, robust, accurate, international, assume, inliers, assuming, reconstructed, observation] [image, matching, nearest, virtual, distance, neighbor, keypoints, grid, view, docking, dense, vvn, compute, computed, sift, large]
Efficient Label Collection for Unlabeled Image Datasets
Wigness, Maggie, Draper, Bruce A., Ross Beveridge, J.

[labeling, label, effort, visual, hcgl, concept, active, labeled, learning, subset, set, human, supervised, evaluation, mkml, unlabeled, collected, process, collecting, latency, dataset, existing, system, vision, annotator, selected, collection, majority, msrc, discovery] [training, performance, accuracy, class, fully, train, feature, higher] [group, hierarchical, structural, multiple, object, grouping, path, three] [represent, single, ordering, scene, approach, provide, structure, introduced, autonomous] [data, clustering, largest, iteratively, number, selection, cluster, order, binary] [figure, computer, noise, pattern, conference, technique, international, length, high, result] [image, change, large, dominating, benchmark, local, comparison, guided, match, performing]
Learning to Segment Under Various Forms of Weak Supervision
Xu, Jia, Schwing, Alexander G., Urtasun, Raquel

[semantic, weak, set, learning, supervised, labeled, weakly, label, tag, test, work, refer, dataset, unlabeled, evaluate, interactive, report, evaluation, incorporating, ilt, task] [supervision, accuracy, class, training, setting, feature, performance, fully, level, parsing, standard, loss, size, smaller] [bounding, segmentation, box, object, assigned, appearance, foreground, inferring, truth] [inference, full, scene, approach, model, challenging, ground, single, program, fact] [matrix, note, form, data, linear, number, vector, sample, assignment, constraint, algorithm, geodesic, case, optimization, binary, random, method, optimal, respect] [ratio, second, pixel, figure] [image, partial, large, well]
Towards Open World Recognition
Bendale, Abhijit, Boult, Terrance

[open, set, learning, incremental, system, ncm, nno, vision, risk, visual, work, evaluation, incrementally, probability, labeled, closed, novel, process, manage, add, dataset, measurable, protocol, label, existing, novelty] [recognition, training, class, testing, performance, feature, svm, imagenet, accuracy, additional, learned, standard, learn, neural] [object, based, detection, multiple] [model, provide, approach, cap] [space, function, number, algorithm, machine, vector, data, scalable, proposed, problem, support, update, time, consider, solution, thresholding, analysis, theorem] [unknown, computer, pattern, ieee, conference, paper, robust, handle] [nearest, metric, scale, large, image, distance, transformed]
Fast 2D Border Ownership Assignment
Teo, Ching, Fermuller, Cornelia, Aloimonos, Yiannis

[prediction, dataset, vision, set, visual, example, predict, natural, predicted] [structured, contour, training, top, feature, input, accuracy, compared, decision, table, previous, learn] [ownership, border, boundary, extremal, bsds, edge, token, foreground, object, srf, grouping, detection, segmentation, target, gestalt, background, oriented, key, cue, detect] [depth, approach, indoor, orientation, ground, torque, step, closure, shape, structure, split, tree, capture, occlusion] [spectral, basis, random, assignment, principal, note, data, number, tangent, order, proposed] [computer, spiral, figure, simple] [image, local, patch, derived, gradient, corresponding, pca]
Joint Inference of Groups, Events and Human Roles in Aerial Videos
Shu, Tianmin, Xie, Dan, Rothrock, Brandon, Todorovic, Sinisa, Chun Zhu, Song

[human, people, latent, work, dataset, learning, baseline, noisy, existing, set, label, source] [recognition, log, parsing, training, extracted, level, representation, accuracy, jointly] [event, group, tracking, role, video, spatiotemporal, foreground, object, temporal, box, exchange, based, recognizing, trajectory, bounding, activity, dynamic, subtraction, assigned, three, background, grouping, info, assign, viewed, detection, tracklets] [inference, template, social, scene, prior, model, approach, joint, infer, represent] [assignment, time, graph, method, optimal, pairwise] [small, result, ieee, figure, camera] [aerial, large, spatial, illustrated, best, corresponding]
Salient Object Detection via Bootstrap Learning
Tong, Na, Lu, Huchuan, Ruan, Xiang, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[weak, learning, dataset, set, visual, svo, test, labeled, perform] [map, channel, training, performance, input, feature, boosting, learned] [saliency, salient, detection, strong, based, bootstrap, object, dark, recall, precision, wco, asd, multiple, background, dsr, generate, gmr, cbsal, foreground, lrmr, superpixels, generated, truth, detect, sod, propose, measure, average, threshold, weight] [model, ground, prior, approach] [proposed, method, algorithm, graph, number, binary, note, kernel, cut, constructed] [figure, pixel, color] [image, region, computed, construct, compute, local, well]
Joint Action Recognition and Pose Estimation From Video
Xiaohan Nie, Bruce, Xiong, Caiming, Zhu, Song-Chun

[human, learning, dataset, label, example, relation, set] [recognition, feature, training, accuracy, train, trained, performance, learn, root, representation, discriminative, table] [action, score, video, appearance, detection, three, temporal, penn, frame, truth, terminal, node, framework, based, transition, decomposed, aog, interest, hierarchical] [pose, estimation, model, represent, single, inference, ground, deformation, mixture, adjacent, smoothness, graphical, capture, joint, occlusion] [method, number, represented, graph, data] [motion, component, small, figure, directly] [image, large, best, geometric, distance, dense]
HC-Search for Structured Prediction in Computer Vision
Lam, Michael, Rao Doppa, Janardhan, Todorovic, Sinisa, Dietterich, Thomas G.

[search, learning, label, vision, work, labeling, prediction, semantic, dataset, set, ranking, natural] [performance, training, learned, stanford, loss, structured, previous, connected, learn, accuracy, table, ybest, output, larger, apply, feature, context, input] [heuristic, segmentation, state, cost, dagger, object, background, candidate, nematocyst, berkeley, successor, detection, imitation, superpixel, edge, ucm, truth, generate, superpixels, score, generated, flipbit, threshold, branching, hierarchical] [depth, scene, error, initial, approach, inference, step, single, current, ground, estimation] [function, space, time, bound, number, greedy, exact, upper, algorithm, method, machine, energy, journal, oracle] [computer, figure, robust, relative] [best, image, randomized, good, true]
First-Person Pose Recognition Using Egocentric Workspaces
Rogez, Gregory, Supancic, III, James S., Ramanan, Deva

[set, work, add, human, noisy] [feature, training, map, recognition, svm, global, size, performance, previous, additional, implement, classifying] [egocentric, generate, object, detection, tracking, correctly, weight, score, background, plot] [depth, hand, pose, voxels, volumetric, quantized, workspace, volume, model, joint, estimation, binarized, front, cloud, voxel, approach, coordinate, single, manipulating, visible, interacting, capture, manipulated, fall, body, allows] [data, binary, sparse, linear, tensor, note, vector] [camera, figure, synthetic, perspective, simple, spherical, computer, pixel, varying, orthographic, conference, international, produce, ieee] [image, arm, local, corresponding, grid, outperforms, cvpr, virtual, large, compare, vary]
MUlti-Store Tracker (MUSTer): A Cognitive Psychology Inspired Approach to Object Tracking
Hong, Zhibin, Chen, Zhe, Wang, Chaohui, Mei, Xue, Prokhorov, Danil, Tao, Dacheng

[set, visual, processing, store, learning, evaluation, active, process] [output, feature, performance, input, neural, trained, top, response] [memory, tracking, target, based, object, tracker, muster, appearance, correlation, long, icf, threshold, background, precision, updated, kcf, forgetting, success, retention, integrated, online, employ, survival, plot, meem, strength, employed, struck, tracked, shortterm, bounding, adaptive, ootb, frame] [model, estimation, occlusion, control, detected] [proposed, ransac, number, curve, consider, original, conducted, kernel] [robust, component, figure, relative, result, inside, maintain, second] [keypoints, keypoint, matching, image, database, matched, scale, consists, large, nearest, local, best, corresponding, stable, benchmark, filter]
Symmetry-Based Text Line Detection in Natural Scenes
Zhang, Zheng, Shen, Wei, Yao, Cong, Bai, Xiang

[text, icdar, natural, character, dataset, swt, positive, symmetrical, evaluation, reading, probability, work, novel, neumann, datasets] [feature, training, recognition, level, representation, performance, testing, standard, connected, higher, deep, advantage, achieves] [detection, bounding, based, recall, appearance, stroke, multiple, extraction, truth, detecting, precision, middle, group] [scene, challenging, ground, template, height, localization] [proposed, algorithm, low, method, number] [symmetry, rectangle, property, axis, ieee, figure, robust, conventional, directly, handle, color, removal, component, pixel, computer] [image, false, mser, region, local, compute, texture, scale, difference]
Understanding Image Structure via Hierarchical Shape Parsing
Liu, Xian-Ming, Ji, Rongrong, Wang, Changhu, Liu, Wei, Zhong, Bineng, Huang, Thomas S.

[visual, vision, human, search, learning, collection, perform, exploring, unsupervised, understanding, example, probability, parse] [parsing, feature, pooling, representation, level, structured, selective, table, performance, recognition, larger, compared, top, improve, pyramid, exemplar, convolutional, better, build, inspired, neural] [hierarchical, edge, object, structural, detection, objectness, appearance, based, node, recall, parsed, complex, superpixels, cognitive, indicates, performs, saliency] [tree, structure, shape, scene, building, approach, inference] [proposed, method, number, algorithm, space, analysis, markov, machine, journal] [computer, figure, ieee, pattern, conference, international, paper, component] [image, scale, matching, region, spatial, local, well, corresponding]
Object Proposal by Multi-Branch Hierarchical Segmentation
Wang, Chaoyang, Zhao, Long, Liang, Shuang, Zhang, Liqing, Jia, Jinyuan, Wei, Yichen

[learning, search, process, set, strategy, work, evaluate, automatic, positive, test] [stage, performance, training, train, loss, pascal, top, achieves, effective, generic, validation, negative, map, increase, previous, compared, setting] [object, merging, proposal, segmentation, recall, iou, hierarchical, branch, detection, complementary, branching, gop, threshold, bing, gls, multiple, merged, score, propose, segment, auc, box, truth, start, bounding, weight, svalid, based, strain] [initial, approach, starting, ground, neighboring, composition, structure] [greedy, number, method, algorithm, linear, order, curve, machine, university, journal] [degree, figure, small, computer] [image, rate, area, large, pair, best, comparison]
Discriminative Shape From Shading in Uncalibrated Illumination
Richter, Stephan R., Roth, Stefan

[learning, dataset, test, set, prediction, natural, work, address, evaluate, datasets, aim] [training, map, input, discriminative, mit, performance, contour, output, feature, context, trained] [object, strong, correlation] [surface, shape, silhouette, normal, approach, regression, single, estimation, model, point, realistic, allows, modeling, evaluated, environment, drel, forest, medial, occluding] [data, method, gaussian, time, directional, convex, consider, distribution] [illumination, shading, synthetic, lighting, integrability, estimate, intrinsic, component, color, direction, real, unknown, estimated, estimating, white, relative, second, pixel, texton, uniform, figure, barron, photometric, sphere, light] [image, spatial, distance, local, well, scale]
High-Fidelity Pose and Expression Normalization for Face Recognition in the Wild
Zhu, Xiangyu, Lei, Zhen, Yan, Junjie, Yi, Dong, Li, Stan Z.

[vision, learning, trend, type, evaluate] [recognition, performance, table, identity, accuracy, feature, frontal, deep, contour, level, discriminative] [propose, boundary, based, appearance, adaptive, surrounding] [face, pose, expression, facial, landmark, hpen, model, invisible, shape, morphable, marching, fitting, neutral, depth, robustness, adjusted, yaw, step, editing, visibility] [method, normalized, original, data, analysis, proposed, machine, linear] [ieee, computer, pattern, conference, detail, international, figure, assumption, estimated, poisson, illumination, robust, caused, preserving, estimate] [image, normalization, region, database, unconstrained, large, lfw, corresponding, anchor, ddml, demonstrate, pca, correspondence]
Effective Learning-Based Illuminant Estimation Using Simple Features
Cheng, Dongliang, Price, Brian, Cohen, Scott, Brown, Michael S.

[set, work, evaluation, natural, subset] [training, performance, table, feature, input, ensemble, better, output, trained, van, reported] [based, truth, average, including, three, group, framework] [regression, tree, estimation, rgb, error, scene, ground, approach, surface, evaluated, model] [data, method, proposed, number, time, spectral, space] [color, chromaticity, illuminant, illumination, constancy, camera, gamut, figure, simple, median, josa, estimated, mode, angular, result, laboratory, palette, sfu, corrected, paper, learningbased] [image, best, local, statistical, comparison, bayesian, compare, fast, good]
Image Specificity
Jas, Mainak, Parikh, Devi

[sentence, baseline, vision, description, visual, people, sim, predicted, predict, dataset, human, textual, automated, search, study, word, content, set, describing, describe, association, category, evaluation, specificity, automatically, beat, automatic, tend, learning, predicting, associated, memorability, generating, correlated, semantic] [recognition, training, train, better, neural] [target, correlation, multiple, average, object, score, measure, based] [approach, model, scene, described] [rank, number, note, computational, low] [conference, computer, ieee, figure, pattern, international, high] [image, similarity, query, reference, auto, computed, database, retrieval, variance, consistent]
Space-Time Tree Ensemble for Action Recognition
Ma, Shugao, Sigal, Leonid, Sclaroff, Stan

[set, human, word, discover, discovered, discovering, mining, mined, latent, appear, search, positive] [discriminative, performance, training, learned, recognition, class, smaller, larger, root, ensemble, frequent, pooling, representation, table, testing, svm] [action, video, highfive, temporal, stss, hierarchical, node, average, edge, sts, eij, movement, segmentation, hug, box, bounding, combination, propose, kiss, recall, wang] [tree, body, model, inference, approach, structure, procedure, single, vertex] [graph, compact, number, method, clustering, exact, note, space, pairwise, cluster, fusion] [small, figure, simple] [spatial, matching, best, partial, large, pair, vocabulary, matched, computed, match]
Fast and Accurate Image Upscaling With Super-Resolution Forests
Schulter, Samuel, Leistner, Christian, Bischof, Horst

[learning, set, work, task, evaluate, domain, vision, include, evaluation, prediction] [training, learn, input, output, standard, feature, factor, table, size, better, investigate] [node, framework, detection, average, based] [single, regression, model, leaf, forest, inference, approach, tree, typically, sisr, depth, operates, yang] [random, linear, data, function, problem, time, objective, sparse, parameter, mapping, space, number, regularization, coding, basis, sample, encoding, proposed, method] [figure, quality, superresolution, direct, constant, computer, simple, upsampling, directly] [image, dictionary, upscaling, splitting, psnr, fast, well, rfl, neighborhood, anr, coupled, compare, locally, srcnn, comparison, bicubic, anchored]
Label Consistent Quadratic Surrogate Model for Visual Saliency Prediction
Luo, Yan, Wong, Yongkang, Zhao, Qi

[learning, visual, dataset, human, knowledge, set, prediction, label, vision, datasets, existing, predict, evaluation, process, natural, processing, leverage, sauc, osie] [training, width, feature, mit, learn, learned, trained, discriminative, map, better, neural, performance] [saliency, online, based, eye, object, itti, attention, tracking, gbvs] [model, prior, scene, ground] [sparse, proposed, algorithm, machine, quadratic, surrogate, lcqs, update, min, convergence, gaussian, arg, analysis, method, problem, sample, journal, function, number, regularization, data, matrix, basis, solution] [ieee, blur, computer, pattern, conference, bias, center, international, conventional, figure] [dictionary, image, consistent, cross, compute, large, computed, leveraging, corresponding, scale]
Early Burst Detection for Memory-Efficient Image Retrieval
Shi, Miaojing, Avrithis, Yannis, Jegou, Herve

[visual, search, set, evaluate, dataset, strategy, representative, concept, focus, evaluation] [feature, size, performance, connected, factor, map, table, representation, larger, gain, conduct] [group, detection, three, object, cost, memory, detect, hierarchical] [initial, model, orientation, approach, position] [kernel, number, spectral, clustering, asymmetric, method, symmetric, function, normalized, product, inverted, matrix, quantization, proposed, hamming, vector] [figure, shift, component] [image, burst, scale, descriptor, large, local, retrieval, query, vlad, vocabulary, similarity, isolated, matching, bursty, burstiness, imbalance, early, oxford, patch, remaining, aggregation, aggregated, quick, match, geometrical, database, compute]
Multi-View Feature Engineering and Learning
Dong, Jingming, Karianakis, Nikolaos, Davis, Damek, Hernandez, Joshua, Balzer, Jonathan, Soatto, Stefano

[vision, test, learning, probability, evaluation, instance, predicted] [training, performance, feature, representation, better, hog, detector, accuracy] [multiple, object, density, group] [scene, reconstruction, point, orientation, surface, single, ground, viewpoint, model, step, joint, shape] [approximation, function, sample, number, distribution, machine, random, complexity, respect, analysis, dependency, approximate, time] [computer, ieee, pattern, conference, excitation, planar, real, requires, synthetic, parallel, translation, intrinsic, plane, minimal] [image, descriptor, spatial, ideal, local, nuisance, computed, daisy, dense, surf, variability, gradient, correspondence, compute, marginalized, compare, marginalization, distance, invariant, sampling, aggregation, scale, area, histogram]
BOLD - Binary Online Learned Descriptor For Efficient Image Matching
Balntas, Vassileios, Tang, Lilian, Mikolajczyk, Krystian

[set, positive, learning, correct, subset, dataset, test] [global, performance, feature, discriminative, table, class, learned, negative, better, training, intra, compared] [online, based, extraction, tracking, object, generated, generate] [error, approach] [binary, optimized, proposed, optimization, hamming, number, selection, random, method, minimize, computational, low, dimensionality, matrix, distribution] [figure, high, simple, robust, intensity, ieee] [descriptor, patch, globally, matching, rate, sift, variance, bold, distance, binboost, image, adapted, surf, large, local, locally, best, orb, false, discriminant, yosemite, demonstrate, dbrief, stable, implementation, masked, true]
Robust Multi-Image Based Blind Face Hallucination
Jin, Yonggang, Bouganis, Christos-Savvas

[work, latent, predicted, set, example, association, learning] [performance, log, previous, generic, max, table, map, training, better, feature, size, improve, global] [multiple, combination, based, viewed, combined, framework, tracking, background] [face, prior, estimation, posterior, model, facial, mixture, single, holistic, approach] [kernel, proposed, covariance, gaussian, method, updating, bound, lower, distribution, note, arg, subspace, number, constraint, optimizing, normalized, special] [estimated, ieee, robust, blind, simulated, real, estimate, paper, figure, observation, observed, deblurring, assumed] [blurring, pca, image, mppca, transformation, hallucination, registration, initialized, database, const, comparison, local, patch, hmrf, est, represents, psnr, applied]
Face Alignment by Coarse-to-Fine Shape Searching
Zhu, Shizhan, Li, Cheng, Change Loy, Chen, Tang, Xiaoou

[set, dataset, test, search, subset, learning] [feature, training, stage, accuracy, learn, zhu, performance, deep, hybrid, coarse, setting] [framework, based, candidate, weight, appearance, detection, including] [shape, searching, cascaded, regression, face, error, alignment, facial, initialisation, probabilistic, approach, initial, pose, challenging, averaged, xij, model, sdm, regressed, landmark, dominant, helen, lbf, cfan, regressors, rcpr, drmf, lfpw, ced] [method, proposed, distribution, space, random, practical, algorithm, time, number, problem, vector, sample] [estimate, robust, center, conventional, speed, accurate, estimated, estimating] [local, sift, comparison, large, early, worth, outperforms, best, subsequent, region]
Interaction Part Mining: A Mid-Level Approach for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
Zhou, Yang, Ni, Bingbing, Hong, Richang, Wang, Meng, Tian, Qi

[human, mining, set, dataset, semantic, novel] [performance, discriminative, recognition, representation, pooling, feature, detector, apply, max, better, achieves, training, top, fisher, extracted, accuracy, achieve, table, improved] [interaction, action, object, video, activity, daily, mpii, detection, candidate, cooking, msr, propose, based, appearance, tak, weight, proposal, segmentation, utilize, generate, frame, score, trajectory, edge, background, skeleton, localized, foreground, seeding, fro] [approach, model, depth, free, represent, formation, holistic] [method, graph, proposed, explicit, number, form, algorithm, vector, sample, parameter] [motion, figure] [dense, large, computed, region, image, compare, matching, consistent]
Traditional Saliency Reloaded: A Good Old Model in New Shape
Frintrop, Simone, Werner, Thomas, Martin Garcia, German

[system, visual, human, evaluation, vision] [feature, map, pyramid, performance, layer, smoothing, global, designed] [saliency, object, salient, contrast, invt, based, detection, surround, attention, twin, measure, segmentation, eye, proposal, itti, three, turned, precise, average, integration, arithmetic, suited, recall] [approach, location, model, structure, prior, current] [method, computation, space, corresponds, fusion, original, data, basic, computational] [color, center, intensity, theory, mobile, figure, simple, elegant, separation, ratio, high] [image, compute, well, large, good, region, outperforms, local, scale, benchmark, weighting, weighted]
Semantics-Preserving Hashing for Cross-View Retrieval
Lin, Zijia, Ding, Guiguang, Hu, Mingqing, Wang, Jianmin

[set, semantic, learnt, supervised, learning, text, probability, predicted, unseen, instance, provided, vision, novel, work, wiki, dataset] [training, performance, size, learn, feature, output, learns, recognition, better, previous, effective] [propose, utilize] [regression, model, probabilistic] [hash, seph, hashing, code, kernel, data, hamming, proposed, logistic, matrix, formula, vector, optimal, binary, distribution, function, objective, minimizing, space, note, bit, mirflickr, largest, cmfh, transforming, derive, approximates] [conference, observed, international, quality, computer, acm, length, ieee, pattern] [query, corresponding, retrieval, sampling, image, view, well, database, preserve, similarity, benchmark, derived, calculated]
SUN RGB-D: A RGB-D Scene Understanding Benchmark Suite
Song, Shuran, Lichtenberg, Samuel P., Xiao, Jianxiong

[evaluate, dataset, understanding, semantic, evaluation, prediction, annotation, task, popular, set, learning, sun, human, study, label, example, tool] [table, recognition, map, training, sliding, raw, performance, svm, effective, size, deep, pascal, context, power, testing] [object, detection, truth, box, iou, segmentation, bounding, based, average, frame, three] [depth, scene, room, kinect, ground, layout, estimation, indoor, point, rgbd, free, xtion, nyu, realsense, orientation, intel, rgb, asus, capture] [space, algorithm, data, convex, number] [figure, color, sensor, total, estimate, camera, angle, computer, captured, inside, quality, accurate, manhattan, result] [image, benchmark, geometric, difference, database, scale]
A Maximum Entropy Feature Descriptor for Age Invariant Face Recognition
Gong, Dihong, Li, Zhifeng, Tao, Dacheng, Liu, Jianzhuang, Li, Xuelong

[set, entropy, probability, dataset, existing, vision] [feature, recognition, age, training, morph, discriminative, identity, table, decision, performance, factor, album, extracted, log, hog, representation, improve, cosine, compared] [framework, based, node] [face, approach, tree, facial, leaf, model, expressive, ifa, estimation, orientation] [vector, maximum, binary, proposed, code, random, analysis, sample, encoding, method, space, number, largest] [pattern, ieee, figure, component, pixel, uniform, frequency, computer] [descriptor, matching, aging, image, local, lbp, sift, gallery, invariant, probe, mefd, scheme, fgnet, aifr, called, lfw, database, tot, sampling, illustrated, splitting, generalizability, representing, distance, histogram, corresponding]
Separating Objects and Clutter in Indoor Scenes
Khan, Salman H., He, Xuming, Bennamoun, Mohammed, Sohel, Ferdous, Togneri, Roberto

[set, learning, task, semantic, obj, labeling, annotated, baseline, evaluate, dataset, understanding, involved] [feature, top, crf, performance, better, training, level, generic] [object, detection, superpixel, cost, based, bounding, three, segmentation, superpixels, incorporate, threshold, appearance, intersection, salient, hypothesis, jaccard] [cuboid, scene, cluttered, indoor, clutter, potential, model, approach, rgbd, unary, milp, layout, estimation, inference, jiang, joint, depth, obstruction, reasoning, room, detected, term, volumetric, huebner] [method, pairwise, number, linear, problem, parameter, function, algorithm, denote, variable, time, random] [color, estimate, figure, geometry] [image, local, geometric, spatial, rate, major, view, geometrical, large]
Learning to Detect Motion Boundaries
Weinzaepfel, Philippe, Revaud, Jerome, Harchaoui, Zaid, Schmid, Cordelia

[dataset, learning, clean, datasets, evaluation, work, annotated, set, predict, prediction, introduce, predicted] [training, structured, train, performance, table, input, trained, decision, feature, map] [boundary, detection, ymb, edge, youtube, temporal, propose, video, based, segmentation, ldof, object, recall, precision, frame, threshold] [approach, estimation, error, occlusion, forest, model, depth, tree, challenging, rgb] [random, method, norm, binary, energy, proposed] [motion, optical, figure, estimated, warping, high, color, middlebury, ieee, flow, estimate, accurately, result, robust] [image, gradient, large, patch, local, compute, compare, computed, fast, deepflow, outperforms, impact, well]
Learning to Rank in Person Re-Identification With Metric Ensembles
Paisitkriangkrai, Sakrapee, Shen, Chunhua, van den Hengel, Anton

[learning, set, visual, existing, introduce, surveillance, test, returned, correct, written, task] [recognition, top, performance, training, ensemble, triplet, learn, cnn, feature, neural, pedestrian, discriminative, deep] [propose, individual, multiple, based, appearance] [approach, represent] [data, number, base, rank, covariance, linear, algorithm, matrix, problem, optimization, proposed, curve, idea, method, regularization, constraint, parameter, analysis, solve] [camera, ieee, color, relative, pattern] [person, distance, metric, cmc, rate, view, image, large, local, best, viper, ilids, gallery, outperforms, benchmark, descriptor, probe, texture, represents, applied, matching, pij, consists, commonly]
Discriminative and Consistent Similarities in Instance-Level Multiple Instance Learning
Rastegari, Mohammad, Hajishirzi, Hannaneh, Farhadi, Ali

[positive, instance, mil, learning, bag, consistency, ranking, set, dataset, migraph, categorization, test, discovered, system, text, discovering, csg, datasets, introduce, rxi, coincidental, discovery, evaluate, include, work, task] [negative, discriminative, training, previous, global, feature, table, svm, standard, learn, accuracy, learned] [multiple, node, based, score, edge, walk, eij, weight, object] [approach, reasoning, step, model] [method, pairwise, algorithm, random, optimization, problem, rank, graph, function, clique, consistently, experimental, time] [high, figure] [similarity, image, consistent, maximal, large, notion, local, outperforms, benchmark, compute, includes]
Prediction of Search Targets From Fixations in Open-World Settings
Sattar, Hosnieh, Muller, Sabine, Fritz, Mario, Bulling, Andreas

[search, visual, book, prediction, set, predict, task, amazon, work, predicting, chance, behaviour, human, learning, evaluation, colour, collage, natural, synthesised, investigated, user, relevance, qtest, vision, qtrain, dataset, test, categorical, focused] [accuracy, setting, level, size, previous, training, performance, train, window, recognition, optimum, higher, learn, svm] [target, eye, three, average, cognitive, movement, based, tracker, appearance, longer] [gaze, potential, model, approach, challenging, control, searching] [data, number, problem, proposed, formulation, minimum, binary, journal, random, method, experiment, implicit] [figure, assume, pattern] [image, query, sampling, well, similarity, retrieval, patch]
Rent3D: Floor-Plan Priors for Monocular Layout Estimation
Liu, Chenxi, Schwing, Alexander G., Kundu, Kaustav, Urtasun, Raquel, Fidler, Sanja

[set, test, dataset, prediction, evaluate, work, predicted, photo, goal, correct, exploit, semantic, refer] [window, train, top, performance, table, accuracy, training, additional, feature] [branch, three, employ] [room, layout, wall, scene, apartment, aspect, plan, inference, approach, indoor, rental, localization, estimation, monocular, provide, model, point, typically, full, challenging, front, face, alignment, pose, single, queue, location] [number, energy, problem, note, random, bound, order, time, data, space, denotes, case, markov] [ratio, camera, figure, total, vanishing, geometry, ray, left, estimating] [well, compute, image, large, contained]
Delving Into Egocentric Actions
Li, Yin, Ye, Zhefan, Rehg, James M.

[set, datasets, understanding, visual, work, dataset, include, encode, surveillance, human, focus, novel, evaluation, rich, vision] [recognition, performance, feature, previous, table, representation, training, discriminative, accuracy, improve] [egocentric, action, gtea, object, video, three, trajectory, idt, propose, key, including, foreground, activity, interest, movement, segmentation, compensation, boost, fathi, lab, combination, recognizing, confusion, attention, combined] [gaze, head, hand, point, manipulation, provide, split, model, modeling] [encoding, method, number, data] [motion, camera, optical, result, figure, captured, directly, color] [local, benchmark, image, best, dense, comparison, large, histogram, demonstrate, descriptor, implementation, radius, systematic]
Sense Discovery via Co-Clustering on Images and Text
Chen, Xinlei, Ritter, Alan, Gupta, Abhinav, Mitchell, Tom

[visual, semantic, text, sense, domain, word, knowledge, google, discovers, create, unsupervised, scoring, disambiguation, automatically, dataset, learning, human, web, discovering, set, perform, associated, discover, noun, discovery, phrase, search, evaluation, apple, work, baseline, correspond] [feature, performance, representation, table, training] [based, multiple, node, likelihood, merge, object, score, intersection, subway, propose, extract, generate] [approach, term, joint, structure, model, represent, split, step, cmu, smoothness] [clustering, data, cluster, algorithm, mapping, problem, space, number, spectral, note, function, experiment, membership, iterative] [figure, estimate, assumption] [image, bow, similarity, histogram, compare]
Supervised Descriptor Learning for Multi-Output Regression
Zhen, Xiantong, Wang, Zhijie, Yu, Mengyang, Li, Shuo

[learning, supervised, existing, dataset, work] [discriminative, feature, performance, representation, learn, achieve, hog, learned, supervision, discrimination, effectiveness, output, training, max, table, achieves, validation, highly] [based, propose, framework] [regression, estimation, pose, head, orientation, sij, term, structure, yaw, volume] [sdl, multivariate, manifold, proposed, compact, reduction, approximation, matrix, dimensionality, function, regularization, objective, algorithm, space, data, smr, kernel, arg, problem, optimization, solved, experimental, solve, vector, simultaneously, great, formulated] [ieee, generalized, accurate, conventional, developed, pitch, computer, camera] [descriptor, image, spatial, gradient, lbp, local, handcrafted, phog, outperforms, cross, large]
Fine-Grained Visual Categorization via Multi-Stage Metric Learning
Qian, Qi, Jin, Rong, Zhu, Shenghuo, Lin, Yuanqing

[learning, address, visual, active, dataset, test, baseline, set] [class, training, learned, triplet, table, performance, size, feature, challenge, auxiliary, learn, better, stage, imagenet, issue, accuracy, euclid, improve, observe, deep] [segmentation, framework, cost, based, bounding] [approach, single] [msml, dimensional, number, dml, proposed, random, method, fgvc, low, matrix, lsvm, problem, data, rank, algorithm, optimization, dual, space, computational, time, dimensionality, linear, projection, original, solving, min, storage, note, approximation, optimal, psd, sparse, function] [high, small, handle, conventional, figure, directly, avoid] [metric, distance, large, image, lmnn, comparison, outperforms, compute]
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Tell Me, Is the Error Small?
Yang, Heng, Patras, Ioannis

[human, test, set, consistency, evaluate, feedback, selected, example, interesting, dataset, correct, parse, focus, introduce, representative] [performance, training, table, trained, size, recognition] [correlation, object, detection, art, state, truth, bounding, measure, calculate, based, wang, recall, including] [mirror, error, alignment, face, rcpr, mirrorability, localization, ground, pose, ifa, facial, sdm, model, fmp, body, yang, sem, estimation, coefficient, lsp, ltm, sea, landmark, cascaded, mirrored, shape, ramanan, fact] [method, original, order, restart, proposed, symmetric, low, number, analysis, sample, selection] [result, high, symmetry, figure, second] [image, calculated, difference, large, corresponding, good, invariant, applied, called]
Understanding Classifier Errors by Examining Influential Neighbors
Kabra, Mayank, Robie, Alice, Branson, Kristin

[example, set, learning, labeled, test, weak, label, fastboot, mispredicted, understand, user, active, labeling, unlabeled, prediction, jaaba, selected, positive, novel, understanding, system, interactive, wing, lda, inconsistently, add, mislabeled, work, indicated, insight, predicted, relevant, backup] [training, boosting, version, feature, learn, improve, recognition, imagenet, context, improvement] [behavior, measure, object, weight, propose, bootstrap, performs, score] [current, single, leaf, performed] [data, method, space, machine, algorithm, distribution, number, case, complexity, normalized, consider] [figure, median, opposite, small, estimate, examine] [distance, dissimilarity, closest, large, nearest, best, metric, image, sorted, sampled, well, fast, true]
From Dictionary of Visual Words to Subspaces: Locality-Constrained Affine Subspace Coding
Li, Peihua, Lu, Xiaoxiao, Wang, Qilong

[visual, representative, set, learning, work, probability] [feature, performance, fisher, training, ensemble, voc, size, accuracy, higher, table, map, pascal, better, pyramid, increasing, class, achieves, improved] [measure, based, object, propose, segmentation, indicates, surrounding] [structure, indoor, scene, described, coordinate] [lasc, method, subspace, coding, proximity, llc, vector, linear, manifold, data, number, encoding, space, proposed, sparse, approximation, function, dimension, matrix, note, form, dimensionality, kobayashi, attached, cluster, distribution, solution, principal, problem, reduction] [figure, piecewise, component, geometry, high, simple] [dictionary, local, image, comparison, nearest, large, geometric, statistical, metric, matching, outperforms, compare, weighted]
Automatically Discovering Local Visual Material Attributes
Schwartz, Gabriel, Nishino, Ko

[attribute, visual, discovered, set, human, discover, category, recognize, predicted, plastic, perception, encode, trait, discovery, discovering, foliage, schwartz, sharan, leather, nishino, learning, existing, appear, understanding, predict, labeled, process, embedding] [recognition, accuracy, raw, training, feature, previous, train, input] [perceptual, object, based, propose, framework, recognizing] [fact, represent, model, rely, shape] [matrix, space, method, pairwise, random, binary, distribution, mapping, proposed] [material, figure, water, typical, fabric, smooth, desired, paper, metal, computer, glass] [image, local, similarity, exhibit, distance, expect, compute, patch, texture, consistent, indicate]
Jointly Learning Heterogeneous Features for RGB-D Activity Recognition
Hu, Jian-Fang, Zheng, Wei-Shi, Lai, Jianhuang, Zhang, Jianguo

[learning, human, set, dataset, work, share, test, report] [feature, shared, recognition, tpf, hoi, table, training, performance, compared, hog, extracted, accuracy, reported, jointly, learn, channel, sysu, pyramid] [activity, ing, action, temporal, skeleton, dynamic, video, msr, object, based, appearance, daily, confusion, sequence, wallet, joulesvm, framework, interaction, employed, three] [model, depth, joint, rgb, step, inference, capture] [heterogeneous, method, proposed, matrix, dimensionality, original, number, min, random, algorithm, sample, optimization, china, projection, science, solution, subspace, fusion, function] [figure, signal, fourier, phone, developed, motion, observed] [gradient, best, outperforms, comparison]
Improving Object Proposals With Multi-Thresholding Straddling Expansion
Chen, Xiaozhi, Ma, Huimin, Wang, Xiang, Zhao, Zhichen

[obj, set, existing, diverse, generating, search] [accuracy, achieve, improving, pascal, improve, sliding, effective, achieves, higher, setting, feature, generic] [object, bounding, box, recall, straddling, superpixel, iou, bing, superpixels, threshold, tightness, mtse, mcg, average, proposal, overlap, multiple, cpmc, detection, intersection, generate, union, segmentation, objectness, based, edge, propose, integrated, measure, viewed, numerous, three, background, utilize, truth, generated, strong] [localization, approach, initial, alignment, model, ground] [expansion, method, low, number, distribution, curve, proposed] [figure, ieee, high, bias, quality, accurate, simple, sin] [image, best, area, compute, distinct]
VIP: Finding Important People in Images
Solomon Mathialagan, Clint, Gallagher, Andrew C., Batra, Dhruv

[people, dataset, visual, work, predict, baseline, human, study, annotation, task, annotated, photo, focus, prediction, selected, understanding, pick, category, collected, datasets, test, description, british, set, tend, interface, asked, sentence, identify, predicting, agreement, automatically, question, describe, woman, api] [table, feature, compared, improvement, previous] [saliency, group, salient, bounding, frame, score, three, measure, detection, individual, multiple, average, box] [face, social, pose, model, approach, capture, qualitative] [method, number, order, journal, consider] [center, relative, sharpness, ratio, figure, paper, ieee, international, total] [person, image, pair, distance, difference, weighted, compute, best]
Bilinear Heterogeneous Information Machine for RGB-D Action Recognition
Kong, Yu, Fu, Yun

[learning, visual, dataset, knowledge, work, existing, risk, human] [feature, svm, recognition, learned, shared, training, performance, table, discriminative, accuracy, achieves, learn, representation, compared, better, reduce, generalization, extracted, learns, testing] [action, spatiotemporal, msr, structural, activity, measure, daily, oriented, three] [depth, rgb, model, capture, projected, naturally, term, body, allows] [bhim, bilinear, parameter, data, matrix, linear, modality, method, space, problem, proposed, form, projection, nxyt, rank, missing, effectively, heterogeneous, optimization, algorithm, original, dimensionality, vector, function, min, compress, order, regularizer, regularized, minimization, case, solved, optimized] [noise, motion, figure, solver, total] [outperforms, comparison]
Dynamically Encoded Actions Based on Spacetime Saliency
Feichtenhofer, Christoph, Pinz, Axel, Wildes, Richard P.

[human, novel, dataset, evaluation, work, subset] [recognition, feature, pooling, performance, fisher, training, accuracy, table, svm, alternative, improve, hog, representation, standard] [action, saliency, idt, late, spacetime, spatiotemporal, measure, foreground, video, three, based, contrast, yield, oriented, superpixels, puppet, temporal, truth, employed, sequence, hof, catching, static, frame, mbh] [approach, capture, typically, step, ground, orientation] [energy, encoding, proposed, vector, normalized, fusion, sum, directional, gaussian, coding, number] [motion, figure, second, ball, frequency, presented, plane] [local, spatial, image, weighted, aggregation, dense, variance, applied, weighting, well, comparison, descriptor, large, distance, region, locally]
In Defense of Color-Based Model-Free Tracking
Possegger, Horst, Mauthner, Thomas, Bischof, Horst

[visual, ranking, datasets, exploit, distractors, mil, learning, search, adapt, identify, vote, evaluation, advance] [discriminative, representation, performance, accuracy, table, challenge, achieves, compared, van, top, previous, achieve] [object, tracking, based, online, vot, distracting, kcf, dat, adaptive, appearance, lgt, tracker, likelihood, combined, struck, surrounding, threshold, background, dsst, bounding, segmentation, spot, drifting, frame, nodat, fot, ogt, target, average, distinguish, suppress, correlation, including, adaption, propose] [model, approach, robustness, allows, location, current, detailed, estimation] [proposed, rank, update] [color, figure, robust, high] [benchmark, scale, region, well, best, large, overcome]
Watch-n-Patch: Unsupervised Understanding of Actions and Relations
Wu, Chenxia, Zhang, Jiemi, Savarese, Silvio, Saxena, Ashutosh

[topic, human, unsupervised, set, word, learning, dataset, probability, correlated, interactive, document, evaluate, semantic, indicating] [learned, recognition, training, table, output, performance, learn] [action, temporal, video, activity, forgotten, segment, segmentation, assigned, skeleton, patching, complex, wnd, detection, online, znd, frame, correctly, xkc, sequence, extract, multiple, object, tmnd, hmm, hierarchical, tnd] [model, modeling, rgb, approach, kinect, challenging, structure, prior, normal, capture, recorded, body] [time, distribution, consider, number, order, pairwise, missing, drawn, assignment] [relative, figure, absolute, completely, motion] [well, sampling, local]
Building a Bird Recognition App and Large Scale Dataset With Citizen Scientists: The Fine Print in Fine-Grained Dataset Collection
Van Horn, Grant, Branson, Steve, Farrell, Ryan, Haber, Scott, Barry, Jessie, Ipeirotis, Panos, Perona, Pietro, Belongie, Serge

[citizen, dataset, annotation, vision, bird, corruption, datasets, mturkers, set, label, test, tool, category, mechanical, mturk, throughput, expert, visual, domain, flickr, interface, cub, search, crowdsourcing, help, community, quiz, task, collect, scientist, vote, collecting, knowledge, nabirds, work, labeling, user, turkers, expertise] [training, imagenet, recognition, level, performance, accuracy, larger, size, class, raw] [object, lab, average, cost, based, multiple] [error, provide] [number, time, analysis, data, corrupted] [computer, figure, quality, high, conference, ieee, pattern, total, real, accurate] [image, large, june, false, rate]
How Many Bits Does it Take for a Stimulus to Be Salient?
Hossein Khatoonabadi, Sayed, Vasconcelos, Nuno, Bajic, Ivan V., Shan, Yufeng

[visual, prediction, test, label, processing, vision, set, probability, consistency, entropy, natural, human, amount] [feature, accuracy, map, table, neural, standard, class, higher, global] [saliency, video, measure, obdl, average, stimulus, based, temporal, auc, aws, eye, salient, detection, attention, mam, pmes, mcsdm, surp, compressibility, maxnorm, stsd, pxl, gbvs, sorm, principle, score] [model, control, scene, cmp, volume] [block, compressed, sample, number, energy, coding, mrf, proposed, random, analysis, markov, function, avg, journal, low, data] [ieee, motion, high, computer, accurate, figure, measured, signal] [image, compression, spatial, modern, local, implementation, psnr, statistical]
Class Consistent Multi-Modal Fusion With Binary Features
Shrivastava, Ashish, Rastegari, Mohammad, Shekhar, Sumit, Chellappa, Rama, Davis, Larry S.

[test, vision, dataset, learning, predicted, set, subject, predict, evaluate, multimodal, randomly] [class, feature, recognition, level, training, table, max, performance, decision, svm, input, fusing, better, accuracy] [multiple, based, target, object, score, weight, combined, combination] [depth, continuous] [binary, fusion, algorithm, data, modality, ccmm, solution, greedy, problem, method, kernel, optimization, arg, bit, sparse, iris, linear, machine, denoted, proposed, smbr, vector, gurobi, row, matrix, feasible, min, wvu, sample, ith, perturbation, mip, biometrics, atm, order, mkl, number, solving] [conference, ieee, computer, pattern, international, intensity, figure, color] [consistent, compute, image, computed, large, biometric, mth, change, compare]
Ranking and Retrieval of Image Sequences From Multiple Paragraph Queries
Kim, Gunhee, Moon, Seungwhan, Sigal, Leonid

[text, blog, latent, photo, set, semantic, embedding, work, sentence, associated, ranking, retrieve, language, test, visual, paragraph, natural, disneyland, retrieving, topic, corpus, post, association, disney, ripa, user, relation, evaluation, relevant, learning, perform, dvisor, common, scand, review, representative, lda, evaluate, automatically] [training, svm, feature, input, learn, size, top, performance] [segmentation, sequence, multiple, structural, three, segment, based, groundtruth, key] [approach, model, single] [method, algorithm, problem, data, mapping, vector, number, lsa, space, analysis] [unique, parallel] [image, query, retrieval, large, best, similarity, comparison, consists, visualization, pair, comprehensive]
Motion Part Regularization: Improving Action Recognition via Trajectory Selection
Ni, Bingbing, Moulin, Pierre, Yang, Xiaokang, Yan, Shuicheng

[visual, set, human, latent, select, word, associated, introduce, learning, dataset, selected, ranked] [discriminative, fisher, recognition, training, feature, representation, testing, learned, top, svm, global, improved, better, follow, extracted, class, ifv] [action, video, trajectory, based, group, discriminativeness, temporal, weight, entire, structural, framework, movement, copy, golf, olympic, wang, propose, utilized] [model, body] [vector, method, regularization, proposed, selection, number, form, note, denote, entry, sparse, algorithm, sample, optimization, lasso, problem, respect, parameter, gaussian, solve, objective] [motion, figure, ieee, simple, assume, high] [local, dense, weighted, database, corresponding, scheme, overlapping, best, good, gradient]
Beyond Principal Components: Deep Boltzmann Machines for Face Modeling
Nhan Duong, Chi, Luu, Khoa, Gia Quach, Kha, Bui, Tien D.

[vision, active, domain, set, predict, evaluation, ability] [deep, testing, hidden, age, training, table, layer, better, trained, representation, higher, input, factor, recognition, compared, discriminative, capability] [appearance, based, generate, numerous, three] [facial, shape, model, face, aams, reconstruction, modeling, boltzmann, approach, helen, estimation, lfpw, occlusion, dbm, represent, current, maes, challenging, provide, landmark, term] [method, proposed, order, formulated, arg, original, represented, data, gaussian, problem, algorithm] [computer, figure, reconstructed, ieee, conference, presented, pattern, international, noise, rmse, second, estimated, quality] [texture, image, bicubic, database, aging, pca]
Semi-Supervised Low-Rank Mapping Learning for Multi-Label Classification
Jing, Liping, Yang, Liu, Yu, Jian, Ng, Michael K.

[label, learning, labeled, instance, unlabeled, sun, latent, prediction, msrc, set, datasets, category, dataset, lin, active] [feature, loss, training, performance, accuracy, size, table, learn, testing, class] [based, three, handling, multimedia, auc, indicates, average] [model, structure, capture, term] [data, slrm, space, method, mapping, number, singular, matrix, proposed, function, regularization, linear, missing, algorithm, alternating, vector, machine, complexity, min, faie, nuclear, main, optimization, mediamill, convex, problem, norm, miml, order, denoted, cplst, analysis, mlloc, manifold, close, experimental, computational, ith, remark] [figure, intrinsic, direction, real, square, ieee] [large, image, geometric, corresponding, local]
Can Humans Fly? Action Understanding With Multiple Classes of Actors
Xu, Chenliang, Hsieh, Shao-Hang, Xiong, Caiming, Corso, Jason J.

[semantic, vision, dog, understanding, label, conditional, dataset, bird, set, work, human, eating, european, car, jump, cat, tuple, considers, labeled, labeling, relationship] [recognition, performance, jointly, train, accuracy, training, observe, better, class] [action, actor, segmentation, video, trilayer, adult, bayes, object, bilayer, supervoxel, baby, crawling, walking, three, average, individual, climbing, actoraction, jointps, multiple] [model, joint, modeling, inference, full, graphical, independent, potential] [space, product, consider, problem, roll, journal] [computer, conference, ieee, international, pattern, rolling, figure, ball, motion, directly, paper] [dense, well, eat, large]
Learning Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detectors Without Real Data
Hattori, Hironori, Naresh Boddeti, Vishnu, Kitani, Kris M., Kanade, Takeo

[learning, work, surveillance, domain, dataset, adaptation, evaluation, evaluate, human, labeled, purely, baseline, scenario] [pedestrian, detector, dpm, trained, learn, ssv, training, performance, learned, table, generic, train] [detection, appearance, object, precision, overlap, recall, based, generated, generate, cmusrd, correlation, town, bounding, video, framework, truth, static, three] [scene, approach, location, model, single, smoothness, localization, ground, mellon, pose, cij, carnegie] [data, proposed, method, min, problem, denotes, number, arg, range] [real, synthetic, camera, figure, ratio, geometry, computer, fourier, center, small, perspective, varying, account, simulated, second] [virtual, large, distance, resolution, image, outperforms, geometric, corresponding, spatial, applied]
Visual Recognition by Counting Instances: A Multi-Instance Cardinality Potential Kernel
Hajimirsadeghi, Hossein, Yan, Wang, Vahdat, Arash, Mori, Greg

[cardinality, instance, bag, learning, vision, people, label, latent, positive, work, set, visual, european, dataset, summarization, interesting, yqj, relevant, encode, evaluation, probability, human, labeled, example, hard] [recognition, svm, structured, training, feature, performance, trecvid, standard, global] [video, event, activity, temporal, multiple, segment, collective, based, action, group, framework, counting, propose, likelihood, detection] [model, potential, probabilistic, inference, joint, approach, scene, modeling, single] [kernel, proposed, method, algorithm, number, exp, exact, marginal, machine, parameter, encoding, intelligence] [computer, conference, pattern, international, figure, paper, length] [internet, dense, comparison]
Modeling Deformable Gradient Compositions for Single-Image Super-Resolution
Zhu, Yu, Zhang, Yanning, Bonev, Boyan, Yuille, Alan L.

[set, work, learning, example, woman, bird, exploit, test, select, evaluate, selected] [input, deep, better, network, performance, previous, top, global] [based, edge, mask, baby, path, combination, contrast, propose, integrated, candidate] [deformable, model, deformation, compositional, single, smoothness, prior, structure, position, head, represent, reconstruction, regression, estimation, composition, adjustment] [singular, method, sparse, coding, proposed, function, parameter, linear, base, note, form, literature, constraint, appropriate] [figure, intensity, pixel, sharp, ieee, red, reconstructed] [gradient, patch, image, dictionary, psnr, ridge, ssim, magnitude, corresponding, masked, local, dominating, matching, choose, best, increment, well, neighbor, june]
Learning Multiple Visual Tasks While Discovering Their Structure
Ciliberto, Carlo, Rosasco, Lorenzo, Villa, Silvia

[learning, set, mtl, task, attribute, relevant, dataset, associated, positive, visual, natural, knowledge, report, closed, okl, share] [setting, training, standard, table, class, loss, output, designed, feature] [multiple, detection, framework, object, sequence, generated, propose] [structure, approach, term, model, limb] [kernel, problem, matrix, sparse, skmtl, convex, method, sparsity, form, algorithm, solution, linear, reproducing, optimization, empirical, minimization, function, alternating, respect, proposed, theorem, regularization, hilbert, graph, order, machine, solving, space, stl, solve, operator, convergence, number, mtrl, consider, rkhsvv, objective, selection] [recover, conference, scalar, computer, recovered, figure, color, synthetic, theory] [separable, considered]
Mapping Visual Features to Semantic Profiles for Retrieval in Medical Imaging
Hofmanninger, Johannes, Langs, Georg

[semantic, visual, learning, set, healthy, label, radiology, weak, relevant, reticular, emphysema, mil, honeycombing, bvw, labeling, content, highest, haralick, weakly, vision, bag, occurring, link] [feature, training, class, map, ensemble, table, compared, learn, decision] [based, supervoxels, supervoxel, anomaly, appearance, precision, generated, generate, multiple, partitioning] [volume, performed, leaf, capture] [data, random, space, vector, mapping, distribution, number, binary, analysis, method, machine] [imaging, figure, ieee, pattern, computer, conference, high, relative] [image, retrieval, medical, corresponding, clinical, texture, tissue, lung, local, descriptor, distance, true, randomized, variability, metric, similarity]
On Learning Optimized Reaction Diffusion Processes for Effective Image Restoration
Chen, Yunjin, Yu, Wei, Pock, Thomas

[process, learning, test, work, natural, set, feedback] [training, trained, stage, learned, jpeg, size, table, performance, previous, convolution, train, loss, output, effective, standard, involves, additional, smoothing] [based, propose] [model, term, joint, anisotropic, step, discrete, prior, approach, descent, typically] [diffusion, function, nonlinear, proposed, reaction, penalty, linear, gaussian, time, computation, ugt, greedy, order, algorithm, csf, deblocking, problem, consider, energy, number, method, data, optimized, trdt, kernel, note, lead, critical, minimization, wnnm, optimal] [high, ieee, noise, conventional, parallel, result, supplemental, figure, derivative, material] [image, restoration, denoising, gradient, local, corresponding, variational]
Correlation Filters With Limited Boundaries
Kiani Galoogahi, Hamed, Sim, Terence, Lucey, Simon

[domain, learning, set, versus, vision, selected, visual, predicted] [training, performance, size, output, advantage, log, learn, compared, train, negative, applying] [correlation, tracking, object, cost, boundary, eye, struck, memory, precision, average, frame, threshold, detection, complex, based] [approach, localization, error, full, position, face, fps] [method, number, mosse, objective, proposed, computational, matrix, shifted, fragtrack, vector, vectorized, iterative, denotes, miltrack, operator, algorithm, augmented, solving, admm, expressed, energy, operation, iteration, extremely] [figure, equation, frequency, circular, fourier, shift, signal, desired, length, lagrangian, estimated, paper, robust, synthetic] [spatial, dense, image, rate, well, sampling, dramatically, patch]
Active Learning and Discovery of Object Categories in the Presence of Unnameable Instances
Kading, Christoph, Freytag, Alexander, Rodner, Erik, Bodesheim, Paul, Denzler, Joachim

[active, learning, vision, dataset, unlabeled, expected, emoc, unnameable, label, discovery, example, set, labeled, coco, labeling, erm, work, process, risk, european, annotator, selecting, evaluating, select, pknn, probability, rejected, entropy, unrelated, discover, visual] [class, output, recognition, accuracy, training, loss, previous] [object, density, principle, including] [model, regression, approach, face, valid, current, uncertainty, step, realistic] [data, binary, gaussian, problem, random, machine, number, usps, method, sample, empirical, function, respect, code, case] [conference, computer, international, unknown, technique, high, estimate, pattern, estimated, figure] [change, query, large, image]
A MRF Shape Prior for Facade Parsing With Occlusions
Kozinski, Mateusz, Gadde, Raghudeep, Zagoruyko, Sergey, Obozinski, Guillaume, Marlet, Renaud

[set, dataset, semantic, door, baseline] [class, parsing, performance, grammar, table, window, accuracy, neural, training, vegetation, raw] [segmentation, assigned, hierarchical, structural, allowed, complex] [facade, adjacency, shape, prior, adjacent, ecp, alignment, formalism, anc, neighboring, production, etrims, unary, irregular, split, model, textonboost, structure, artdeco, vertically, architectural] [algorithm, number, column, row, dual, encoding, method, energy, formulation, proposed, denote, linear, lower, optimal, respect, problem, element, random, pairwise, optimization, decomposition, primal] [pixel, pattern, vertical, horizontal, figure, component, simultaneous, result, sky] [image, grid, corresponding, recursive, hierarchy]
Predicting the Future Behavior of a Time-Varying Probability Distribution
Lampert, Christoph H.

[set, probability, learning, prediction, domain, future, predicted, embedding, adaptation, work, extrapolating, predict, visual, vision, source, conditional, predicting, test, extrapolate, embeddings, study, positive] [training, learn, setting, table, feature, input, apply, identity, actual] [target, video, situation, sequence] [step, regression, mixture, model, split] [distribution, data, time, edd, kernel, sample, herding, rkhs, method, machine, hilbert, space, linear, operator, problem, empirical, order, number, predsvm, convex, form, working, reproducing, experiment, practical, inner, vector, regularization] [observed, conference, synthetic, figure, estimate, computer, real, international, second, equation] [true, weighted, distance, consists]
An Approximate Shading Model for Object Relighting
Liao, Zicheng, Karsch, Kevin, Forsyth, David

[user, study, visual, system, dataset, existing, subject, task, set, expert] [coarse, age, layer, representation, standard, passed, table, alternative, better] [object, viewed, target, complex] [shape, model, scene, composition, reconstruction, error, normal, surface, rendered, single, realistic, approach, estimation, allows, realism] [method, approximate, composite, column, lower, number] [shading, detail, barron, illumination, insertion, real, malik, parametric, result, figure, karsch, material, relighting, half, inserted, chose, rendering, synthetic, residual, preferred, acm, light, albedo, simple, color, accurate, smooth, technique, second, subpopulation, high, produce, failed, artist, intrinsic, male, lighting] [image, geometric, view, large, best, well, comparison]
Web Scale Photo Hash Clustering on A Single Machine
Gong, Yunchao, Pawlowski, Marcin, Yang, Fei, Brandy, Louis, Bourdev, Lubomir, Fergus, Rob

[photo, perform, store, purity, work, dataset, set, learning, stream, introduce, amount, web] [table, deep, build, convolutional, neural, standard, size, better] [online, based, truth, propose, object] [step, point, single, ground, represent] [clustering, binary, cluster, number, hash, method, data, algorithm, problem, proposed, hashing, time, trending, compact, speedup, kmeans, lookup, running, spam, huge, complexity, batch, machine, hamming, quantization, endfor, update, faster, kmedoids, optimization, duplicate, easily, extremely, bkmeans] [figure, directly, center, speed, enables, handle] [large, image, nearest, fast, distance, internet, applied]
Hardware Compliant Approximate Image Codes
Kuang, Da, Gittens, Alex, Hamid, Raffay

[vision, set, visual, work, encode] [accuracy, size, table, training, pascal, increase, feature, mit, standard, compared, discriminative, better, class] [average, memory, plot, cost] [error, reconstruction, approach, fact, volume] [encoding, exact, approximate, llc, proposed, approximation, codewords, analysis, linear, coding, note, cluster, matrix, perturbation, codebook, bmt, number, normalized, solving, main, intuition, empirical, assignment, theorem, sparse, computational, function, consider, complexity, multiplication, min, codeword, cholesky] [computer, figure, equation, ieee, hardware, pattern, high] [scheme, nearest, image, dictionary, cvpr, local, counterpart, large, modern, distance]
Multispectral Pedestrian Detection: Benchmark Dataset and Baseline
Hwang, Soonmin, Park, Jaesik, Kim, Namil, Choi, Yukyung, So Kweon, In

[dataset, vision, datasets, human, positive, annotated, introduce, evaluation, baseline, system, existing] [acf, pedestrian, channel, feature, negative, capturing, recognition, additional, compared, trained, better, larger, standard, performance, caltech] [detection, based, object, three, bounding, temporal, average, frame, heavy, video] [occlusion, aligned, height, occluded, visible, shape, kitti] [number, analysis, proposed, machine, extension, algorithm] [thermal, color, multispectral, camera, figure, pattern, computer, ieee, conference, captured, infrared, hardware, day, beam, night, pixel, reasonable, nighttime, international, calibration, braking, splitter, handle, daytime, medium] [image, rate, false, distance, scale, partial, gradient, voting, person]
Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation With Subspace Learning for Visual Recognition
Yao, Ting, Pan, Yingwei, Ngo, Chong-Wah, Li, Houqiang, Mei, Tao

[domain, source, adaptation, learning, labeled, unlabeled, sdasl, visual, transfer, webcam, concept, test, latent, positive, learnt, risk, work, unsupervised, amazon, dslr, mismatch, set, randomization, dataset, instance, scmv] [training, performance, feature, better, trecvid, learn, imagenet, recognition, svm, jointly, trained, decision] [target, three, video, indicates, structural, object] [structure, predictive, model, represent] [data, subspace, objective, function, proposed, regularization, manifold, distribution, optimization, method, conducted, algorithm, problem, original, mapping, number, space, minimizing, minimize, dimensionality, vector, simultaneously, china] [figure, preservation, shift] [image, distance, similarity, metric, difference, good, outperforms, compute]
Real-Time Part-Based Visual Tracking via Adaptive Correlation Filters
Liu, Ting, Wang, Gang, Yang, Qingxiong

[vision, visual, learning, set] [map, response, recognition, size, learned, table, discriminative, training, structured, performance] [tracking, target, based, correlation, object, kcf, appearance, tracker, adaptive, online, tracked, multiple, structural, state, bounding, frame, weight, struck, updated, framework, likelihood, individual, track, adaptively, average, psr, particle, calculate, entire, video, box, detection] [model, fps, occlusion, joint, inference, location, occluded, layout, challenging] [method, proposed, constraint, updating, problem, maximum, number, complicated, sparse, update, machine, adopted] [computer, ieee, conference, pattern, robust, international, speed, red, observation, smooth, center, small, high, figure] [bayesian, corresponding, scale, image, spatial, partial, rate]
Efficient Sparse-to-Dense Optical Flow Estimation Using a Learned Basis and Layers
Wulff, Jonas, Black, Michael J.

[vision, work, learning, set] [feature, learned, layer, training, accuracy, recognition, learn, performance, combine] [frame, truth, average, propose, assigned] [estimation, kitti, approach, model, ground, volume, current, full, point] [sparse, basis, method, algorithm, linear, principal, note, analysis, machine, runtime, data, number, subspace, journal, computationally, approximate] [optical, motion, computer, ieee, pattern, layered, accurate, figure, estimate, conference, international, robust, interpolation, small, horizontal, traditional, vertical, requires, springer, lecture, simple] [image, dense, compute, pca, matching, spatial, computed, sintel, june, large, resolution, fast, variational, well, good, local, displacement]
Cascaded Hand Pose Regression
Sun, Xiao, Wei, Yichen, Liang, Shuang, Tang, Xiaoou, Sun, Jian

[human, dataset, learning, work] [better, stage, previous, training, global, root, feature, learn, achieve] [hierarchical, object, based, frame, tracking, average, framework, truth, updated, complex] [pose, hand, regression, palm, estimation, holistic, depth, coordinate, articulated, cascaded, viewpoint, approach, body, fps, initial, canonical, error, parameterization, lrf, joint, model, ground, finger, initialization, forest, regressing, offset, regressors, rough, challenging, articulation] [random, algorithm, update, note, data] [pixel, estimate, camera, axis, real, estimated, figure, rotation, angle, second, plane, residual, high, pitch, motion, directly] [image, large, transformation, invariance, normalization, difference, applied, corresponding, good, local]
Joint Photo Stream and Blog Post Summarization and Exploration
Kim, Gunhee, Moon, Seungwhan, Sigal, Leonid

[photo, blog, summarization, text, set, stream, semantic, associated, summary, disney, help, latent, ranking, attraction, subset, include, disneyland, knowledge, titling, visual, work, automatic, representative, task, test, selected, entity, randomly, perform] [svm, size, table, stochastic, jointly, training, feature, better, top, build, achieve] [consecutive, key, based, sequence, generate, online, three, indicates, score] [alignment, joint, approach, localization, initial, adjacency, location] [algorithm, method, number, data, constraint, matrix, vector, optimization] [interpolation, estimated, figure] [image, large, similarity, query, pair, comparison, named, choose, list, best]
Latent Trees for Estimating Intensity of Facial Action Units
Kaltwang, Sebastian, Todorovic, Sinisa, Pantic, Maja

[learning, latent, work, categorical, set, conditional, evaluation, clean, human, existing, emotion] [training, hidden, feature, performance, learn, input, discriminative, better, increase] [average, node, action, likelihood, video, correlation, structural, target, appearance] [model, fau, facial, structure, tree, svr, disfa, blt, corr, svc, faus, shoulderpain, spontaneous, inference, face, landmark, posterior, joint, generative, estimation, continuous, leaf, discrete, marginals, pronounced] [data, number, algorithm, distribution, vector, binary, marginal, iteratively, parameter, random, problem, derive] [intensity, noise, ieee, pattern, figure, estimate] [local, parent, lbp, bayesian]
Material Classification With Thermal Imagery
Saponaro, Philip, Sorensen, Scott, Kolagunda, Abhishek, Kambhamettu, Chandra

[work, system, indicator, correct, plastic, wood, vision, study] [feature, coarse, accuracy, class, extracted, top, fine, refers, map, table, compared, standard] [video, combination, based, combined, long, threshold] [model, described, recorded, aligned, coordinate] [rank, method, function, time, linear, sample, spectral, chosen] [material, water, permeation, color, thermal, fft, spherical, equation, figure, infrared, temperature, ieee, computer, heating, pattern, paper, binned, conference, camera, cooling, wave, international, lamp, lighting, nir, slice, champ, lwir, minute, txk, simple, center, total, varying, setup, bidirectional] [heat, texture, best, image, imagery, patch, rate, invariance, comparison, comparing]
Fixation Bank: Learning to Reweight Fixation Candidates
Zhao, Jiaping, Siagian, Christian, Itti, Laurent

[visual, test, positive, human, selected, set, correlated, green, learning] [feature, map, channel, negative, training, fixation, learn, raw, extracted, representation, build, contextual] [blob, saliency, bank, decomposed, group, auc, weight, diem, dynamic, video, blocked, eye, crcns, making, frame, attention, static, density, judd, decompose, ciom, including, based, reweight] [model, gaze, scene, reconstruction, regression, location, approach] [data, gaussian, block, algorithm, column, lasso, linear, reweighting, method, sum, problem, journal, row, sample, decomposition, number, case] [figure, motion] [dictionary, peak, local, image, spatial, outperforms, weighting, weighted, reference, gap]
Leveraging Stereo Matching With Learning-Based Confidence Measures
Park, Min-Gyu, Yoon, Kuk-Jin

[predicted, prediction, selected, set, learning, datasets, correct, consistency, select] [performance, feature, input, training, improvement, accuracy, map, negative, improves, learned, trained] [cost, measure, detection, based, frame, auc, detecting] [kitti, regression, sgm, challenging, forest, initial, term, occluded, approach, tree, ground, error, step, volume, robustness, depth] [proposed, method, number, data, selection, random, variable, algorithm, vector, order, time, original, permutation, problem, consistently] [stereo, disparity, modulation, figure, pixel, outdoor, quality, robust, left, captured, middlebury] [matching, image, difference, computed, unreliable, modulated, correctness, construct, similarity, local, mismatched, fast, false, peak]
Beyond the Shortest Path : Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Sampling Subspaces Along the Spline Flow
Caseiro, Rui, Henriques, Joao F., Martins, Pedro, Batista, Jorge

[domain, source, adaptation, amazon, dslr, webcam, ssf, symd, visual, unsupervised, set, learning, paradigm, datasets, work, concept, wrapping, description, task, refer] [intermediate, recognition, caltech, map, training, advantage, fully, trained, representation] [target, object, multiple, complex, integrate, sod] [point, allows, kinematic, model, location] [curve, data, manifold, spline, geodesic, space, grassmann, sgf, tangent, proposed, riemannian, projection, order, matrix, number, rank, symmetric, subspace, problem, algorithm, represented, idea, euclidean, sen, orthogonal, special, son] [rolling, mode, smooth, shift, simple, real, presented, motion] [compute, computed, image, geometric, sampling, deal, large, respective, best, metric]
Discriminant Analysis on Riemannian Manifold of Gaussian Distributions for Face Recognition With Image Sets
Wang, Wen, Wang, Ruiping, Huang, Zhiwu, Shan, Shiguang, Chen, Xilin

[set, vision, learning, positive, embedding] [recognition, discriminative, training, performance, feature, testing, compared, belonging] [based, measure, propose, average, three, video, group, multiple] [face, model, modeling, prior, probabilistic, represent, single, approach, mixture] [gaussian, kernel, manifold, gaussians, analysis, riemannian, method, space, covariance, linear, data, lie, gmm, number, distribution, subspace, euclidean, proposed, ytc, nonlinear, order, derive, cdl, mda, mmd, sparse, cox, gda, dcc, pasc, sample, geda, spd, denoted, conducted, ytf] [computer, conference, ieee, pattern, component, society, international, geometry] [image, distance, discriminant, statistical, local, similarity, compute, weighted, nearest, divergence, gallery, derived]
Reflectance Hashing for Material Recognition
Zhang, Hang, Dana, Kristin, Nishino, Ko

[vision, set, embedding, learner, learning, selected, novel, processing, automotive, paint, wood, visual] [recognition, feature, boosting, training, class, discriminative, performance, neural, size, response] [appearance, recognizing, spot, framework] [surface, approach, mirror, point, single, scene, error, joint, layout, provide] [binary, hashing, method, number, function, machine, hash, space, spectral, compact, analysis] [material, figure, computer, texton, disk, conference, ieee, glossy, pattern, angular, illumination, camera, metal, viewing, paper, parabolic, measurement, light, rubber, international, pixel, angle, high, optical, feather, ceramic, brdf] [image, rate, textons, texture, spatial, nearest, gradient, illustrated, distance, region, characteristic, textured, variation, change, database]
Real-Time 3D Head Pose and Facial Landmark Estimation From Depth Images Using Triangular Surface Patch Features
Papazov, Chavdar, Marks, Tim K., Jones, Michael

[test, set, library, system, side] [training, testing, input, accuracy, trained, map, detector, previous, table, feature] [based, detection, average, online, generated] [head, depth, pose, facial, landmark, triangle, face, point, centroid, tsp, surface, model, estimation, biwi, orientation, triangular, performed, height, kinect, fanelli, single, equilateral, winning, error, nose, cloud, bfm, mesh, detected, localization] [base, data, method, number, sample, parameter, lie, proposed, clustering, time] [rotation, figure, robust, synthetic, estimate, estimated, sensor, accurate, high, ieee] [distance, voting, descriptor, sampled, missed, patch, sampling, compute, local, corresponding, image, consists, rate, nearest]
Making Better Use of Edges via Perceptual Grouping
Qi, Yonggang, Song, Yi-Zhe, Xiang, Tao, Zhang, Honggang, Hospedales, Timothy, Li, Yi, Guo, Jun

[set, human, work, generation, ranking, learning, natural, semantic, visual, dataset, novel, vision, strategy, generating] [contour, map, better, performance, feature, top, table, hog] [edge, grouping, object, gestalt, perceptual, segmentation, objectness, based, box, bounding, candidate, group, sbir, score, generated, multiple, detection, proposal, grouper, framework, generate, key, three, measure, edgeboxes, recall, bing, salient, partition, boundary, mcg] [approach, closure, model, qualitative] [graph, proposed, method, problem, proximity, algorithm, function, energy, grouped, number, rank] [figure, real, continuity, simple, ratio, high] [sketch, image, retrieval, pair, query, scale, distance, formed, compute, local]
Data-Driven Depth Map Refinement via Multi-Scale Sparse Representation
Kwon, HyeokHyen, Tai, Yu-Wing, Lin, Stephen

[learning, dataset, natural, set, human, address, noisy] [map, raw, training, learned, level, performance, higher, learn, size, table, previous, compared] [based, three, truth, park, edge] [depth, rgb, kinect, face, approach, joint, scene, reconstruction, nagdp, single, model, hole, ground, reconstruct] [data, method, sparse, practical, algorithm, missing, fusion, problem, order, min, arg] [figure, upsampling, equation, tof, captured, presented, high, ieee, quality, intensity, middlebury, supplemental, recovered] [dictionary, image, resolution, gradient, large, scale, texture, local, degradation, statistical, uncorrelated, geometric, exhibit, patch, bicubic, variation, illustrated]
Super-Resolution Person Re-Identification With Semi-Coupled Low-Rank Discriminant Dictionary Learning
Jing, Xiao-Yuan, Zhu, Xiaoke, Wu, Fei, You, Xinge, Liu, Qinglong, Yue, Dong, Hu, Ruimin, Xu, Baowen

[learning, set, dataset, test, select, evaluation, randomly] [learned, feature, representation, discriminative, training, compared, table, designed, pedestrian, learn, recognition, learns] [based, updated, appearance] [approach, term, represent, ensure, provide] [mapping, min, function, coding, sparse, ith, formula, objective, matrix, rank, regularization, number, experimental, china, method, updating, cluster, proposed, denote, close, lagrange] [camera, ieee, conference, figure, captured, technique, intrinsic] [person, image, dictionary, gallery, pair, matching, probe, rate, sscdl, coupled, sampling, discriminant, viper, rdc, rplm, well, kissme, prid, distance, patch, converted, metric, characterize, corresponding]
Unsupervised Visual Alignment With Similarity Graphs
Shokrollahi Yancheshmeh, Fatemeh, Chen, Ke, Kamarainen, Joni-Kristian

[visual, unsupervised, work, learning, set, manually, semantic, maximization, select, labeled, annotation] [feature, class, effective, imagenet, accuracy, achieved, table, representation, better] [object, seed, cost, based, measure, detection, bounding] [alignment, face, approach, manual, aligned, term] [graph, assignment, problem, method, algorithm, aij, matrix, approximation, number, function, space, solution, selection, optimization, computation, proposed, computational, form, solved, ransac, minimum, data] [figure, direct, generalized, avoid, distortion] [similarity, image, matching, good, geometric, transformation, congealing, dijkstra, spatial, ideal, centrality, fast, benchmark, large, stepwise, mst, best, lankinen, distance, local, huang, sift, moderately]
Person Re-Identification by Local Maximal Occurrence Representation and Metric Learning
Liao, Shengcai, Hu, Yang, Zhu, Xiangyu, Li, Stan Z.

[learning, occurrence, vision, dataset, set] [feature, performance, table, learn, representation, learned, training, accuracy, effective, applying, recognition, compared] [propose, score] [viewpoint, face, detected] [proposed, method, subspace, algorithm, analysis, rank, time, dimensional, dimension, function, problem, low, eigenvalue] [conference, computer, camera, pattern, ieee, color, robust, illumination, international, figure, horizontal, observed, generalized, second] [person, metric, local, xqda, lomo, discriminant, image, retinex, distance, viper, matching, database, called, maximal, kissme, comparison, applied, best, invariant, cumulative, cvpr, bayesian, well, cmc, derived, texture, grid, itml, histogram, lmnn, large, cuhk, computed]
A Dynamic Programming Approach for Fast and Robust Object Pose Recognition From Range Images
Zach, Christopher, Penate-Sanchez, Adrian, Pham, Minh-Tri

[set, work, predicted, dataset, evaluation, learning, task, consistency] [feature, training, recognition, input, def, level, discriminative, performance, global, highly] [object, detection, based, frame, three, interest] [depth, pose, model, surface, approach, point, coordinate, estimation, shape, message, occupancy, normal, spin, cluttered, current, full, cad, commodity] [data, sample, time, method, range, computation, algorithm, number, respect, pairwise, binary, random, choice] [pixel, minimal, robust, sensor, observed, color, estimating, real] [local, matching, image, descriptor, distance, sampling, putative, respective, compatibility, invariant, inlier, determine, compute, true, hough, query]
Fast and Flexible Convolutional Sparse Coding
Heide, Felix, Heidrich, Wolfgang, Wetzstein, Gordon

[learning, dataset, vision, set, evaluate, datasets, existing, strategy, work, example] [convolutional, learned, feature, better, convolution, table, previous, inversion, standard, training, size] [boundary, cost, propose, framework, supported] [reconstruction, allows, approach, described, term] [sparse, method, proposed, objective, coding, algorithm, data, csc, optimization, solve, formulation, converges, argmin, general, linear, fruit, convergence, sum, number, problem, faster, solution, bristow, original, shrinkage, alternating, solved, solving, gaussian, note, convex, operator, time, proximal, derive] [figure, quality, frequency, computer, signal, compressive, inverse, imaging] [image, incomplete, local, psnr, demonstrate, city, well, sampled, spatial, splitting, compare, good]
Similarity Learning on an Explicit Polynomial Kernel Feature Map for Person Re-Identification
Chen, Dapeng, Yuan, Zejian, Hua, Gang, Zheng, Nanning, Wang, Jingdong

[set, latent, learning, vision, positive, dataset, introduce, discover, correct, task] [feature, triplet, loss, table, negative, map, learn, performance, training, size, recognition, accuracy] [multiple, based, three, weight, utilize, object] [approach, face, mixture, single, term] [function, regularization, explicit, method, vector, kernel, sparsity, binary, linear, rank, problem, number, form, formulation, update, algorithm, data, proposed, objective, machine, respect, min, convex, constraint, parameter, national] [computer, figure, pattern, polynomial, equation, conference, camera, adopt, second, international] [similarity, person, matching, image, gallery, distance, patch, hij, viper, comparison, probe, grid, mahalanobis, metric, matched, descriptor, rate, best, cmc, compare, hik]
24/7 Place Recognition by View Synthesis
Torii, Akihiko, Arandjelovic, Relja, Sivic, Josef, Okutomi, Masatoshi, Pajdla, Tomas

[visual, work, baseline, google, example, dog, associated] [recognition, map, top, compared, performance, representation, feature, fisher, standard, extracted] [appearance, based, generate, recall, structural, individual] [scene, viewpoint, depth, location, structure, position, model, challenging, approach] [method, sparse, original, number, compact, data, vector, note, proposed] [illumination, camera, figure, synthetic, perspective, ratio, captured] [place, image, query, virtual, vlad, matching, dense, synthesized, view, database, sampled, local, descriptor, synth, major, large, invariant, densely, synthesis, inlier, sift, tokyo, change, match, illustrated, imagery, geometrically, well, matched, grid, spatial, rootsift, synthesize, sparsely, sampling, closest]
Tree Quantization for Large-Scale Similarity Search and Classification
Babenko, Artem, Lempitsky, Victor

[set, search, learning, dataset, datasets, evaluate, process, evaluation] [training, accuracy, global, advantage, learned, table, neural, representation, better, fisher] [assigned, recall, average, edge, performs] [tree, error, reconstruction, inference, structure, vertex] [otq, encoding, quantization, codebook, coding, product, codebooks, vector, opq, dimension, compressed, uncompressed, code, codewords, optimal, apq, codeword, number, optimized, euclidean, minimization, quantizer, main, sum, method, additive, complexity, approximate, faster, data, linear, binary, assignment, time, graph, composite, orthogonality, pairwise] [scalar, figure, rotation] [compression, nearest, neighbor, large, scheme, distance, retrieval, well, fast, query, compare, image]
Becoming the Expert - Interactive Multi-Class Machine Teaching
Johns, Edward, Mac Aodha, Oisin, Brostow, Gabriel J.

[teaching, learning, human, student, strategy, active, set, teacher, interactive, visual, datasets, task, work, ability, dataset, labeled, seer, mechanical, incorrect, label, swp, showing, provided, scc, example, sbatch, adapt, correct, future, web, test, amount, curriculum, goal, perform, domain, turk, access, feedback] [class, feature, performance, table, learn, testing, better, compared] [based, teach, average, truth, object, individual] [model, current, ground, challenging, approach, prior, uncertainty] [machine, random, number, matrix, time, method, optimal, problem, data, batch, space, selection, distribution] [figure, real, directly, estimate, presented, computer] [image, similarity, computed]
Encoding Based Saliency Detection for Videos and Images
Mauthner, Thomas, Possegger, Horst, Waltner, Georg, Bischof, Horst

[human, visual, dataset, perform, set, evaluate, supervised, content, weakly] [global, map, training, feature, compared, representation, input, top, detector, applying] [saliency, salient, video, object, ebsg, foreground, based, detection, activity, likelihood, dynamic, contrast, recall, individual, background, ucf, static, appearance, precision, segmentation, action, box, analyzing, ebsl, average, gestalt, border, bounding, combination, propose, asd, lab] [occupied, joint, allows, estimation, described, challenging, approach, cluttered, solely] [encoding, number, distribution, data, proposed, method, maximum, general] [motion, color, figure, camera, pixel, directly, optical, enforce, estimating] [image, local, region, histogram, weighted, magnitude]
Unsupervised Object Discovery and Localization in the Wild: Part-Based Matching With Bottom-Up Region Proposals
Cho, Minsu, Kwak, Suha, Schmid, Cordelia, Ponce, Jean

[unsupervised, discovery, learning, collection, common, supervised, work, dataset, weakly, colocalization, set, source, evaluation, visual, evaluate, example, horse] [class, table, performance, better, discriminative, negative, fully, top, bus, pascal] [object, corloc, corret, foreground, multiple, average, standout, cosegmentation, score, target, localized, box, measure, detection, candidate, based, state, localize, bounding, contrast, viewed, objectness, appearance] [localization, potential, challenging, approach, dominant, offset, probabilistic, single, current] [method, algorithm, proposed, form, number, note, problem] [figure, robust] [region, image, matching, neighbor, retrieval, hough, match, best, metric, correspondence, well]
Semantic Part Segmentation Using Compositional Model Combining Shape and Appearance
Wang, Jianyu, Yuille, Alan L.

[semantic, animal, learning, horse, set, labeling, relation, work, human, dataset, side] [parsing, learn, pascal, voc, performance, fully, combining, top] [segmentation, object, appearance, detection, node, bounding, box, segment, average, hierarchical, boundary, score, iou, edge, dynamic] [compositional, model, mixture, inference, head, leaf, shape, structure, location, neck, pose, represent, leg, torso, pixelwise, body, deformable, challenging, localization, tree, capture, landmark, constrained] [algorithm, method, number, problem, min, symmetric, denote, experiment, energy, lower, function, consider, graph, vector, complexity, linear, approximate] [figure, result, develop] [region, best, image, distance, represents, transform]
Multiclass Semantic Video Segmentation With Object-Level Active Inference
Liu, Buyu, He, Xuming

[semantic, learning, set, active, labeling, consistency, select, relation, introduce, evaluate, entropy, selected, subset, focus, include] [crf, class, performance, accuracy, table, learn, build, multiclass, achieve, improve, parsing, learned, jointly, train, better] [object, video, supervoxel, segmentation, based, policy, subgraph, three, hypothesis, subgraphs, hmn, detection, average, state, generate, singleton, foreground, score, imitation, formulate, multiple, sequence] [inference, model, scene, potential, joint, occlusion, ordering, unary, full, approach, structure, current, forest] [number, method, selection, pairwise, optimal, algorithm, approximate, random, proposed] [figure, informative, pixel, develop, liu, computer] [dense, pair, compute, choose, large]
Global Supervised Descent Method
Xiong, Xuehan, De la Torre, Fernando

[vision, set, strategy, dataset, supervised, labeled, subset, active, work, domain, evaluation, learning, positive] [training, feature, previous, global, generic, performance, learns, recognition, standard, context] [tracking, partition, three, object, based, appearance, track, average, state, policy] [sdm, face, gsdm, descent, facial, shape, model, extrinsic, alignment, pose, error, landmark, recorded, posit, dhd, single, nls, ceh, estimation, xiong] [parameter, optimization, function, data, method, nonlinear, matrix, space, exists, proposed, algorithm, number, minimizing, case, extended, condition, order, iteration, hessian, kernel] [computer, camera, pattern, calibration, figure, rotation, simple] [local, image, gradient, large]
3D All The Way: Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes From Start to End in 3D
Martinovic, Andelo, Knopp, Jan, Riemenschneider, Hayko, Van Gool, Luc

[semantic, labeling, weak, work, test, set, learning, evaluation, labeled, knowledge, label, create, novel] [accuracy, crf, parsing, van, performance, class, grammar, connected, table, recognition, pascal, top] [segmentation, propose, individual, object, based, box, generated, group, multiple, detection, iou, three] [facade, point, approach, cloud, architectural, pcl, initial, structure, scene, procedural, shape, reconstruction, urban, split, depth, timing, alignment, modeling, height, projected, sfm, building] [method, optimization, random, time, original, graph, number, data, main] [figure, separation, speed, estimated] [image, best, descriptor, compare, view, city, distance]
Robust Video Segment Proposals With Painless Occlusion Handling
Wu, Zhengyang, Li, Fuxin, Sukthankar, Rahul, Rehg, James M.

[vision, evaluation, annotator, system, set, dataset, report, human, semantic, work, european] [training, size, testing, previous, pool, feature, table, better] [video, segment, object, frame, segmentation, track, tracking, lso, appearance, overlap, truth, score, framework, proposal, target, detection, handling, average, long, propose, lsos, start, tracked, hierarchical, merge, backtracking, moving, updated, preliminary, tracker, generated, entire, temporal] [occlusion, ground, occluded, model, complete, free, approach, step, regression, single, starting] [algorithm, number, matrix, method, time, original, clique, note, order, problem, graph, move] [computer, conference, ieee, pattern, motion, international, handle, figure, assume, tested] [image, metric]
Learning To Look Up: Realtime Monocular Gaze Correction Using Machine Learning
Kononenko, Daniil, Lempitsky, Victor

[system, set, learning, vision, test, dataset, people] [training, input, output, feature, recognition, replacement, decision, learn, version, trained, learned] [eye, based, video, score, box, appearance, bounding, node, threshold] [gaze, tree, redirection, face, single, forest, location, columbia, leaf, head, monocular, approach, point, error, pose, realistic, estimation, split, alignment] [method, number, vector, machine, random, sample, problem, data] [pixel, correction, computer, pattern, figure, conference, camera, coherence, contact, small, result, direction, international, second, motion, vertical, hardware, color] [image, view, randomized, difference, ten, compatibility, corresponding, compare, synthesize, person]
Kernel Fusion for Better Image Deblurring
Mai, Long, Liu, Feng

[vision, set, european, conditional, dataset, existing, evaluate, provided, relation, predict] [better, training, performance, improve, combining, input, trained, train, combine, compared, learn, feature, outperform, testing] [individual, multiple, generate, framework, success, combination, average, generated, measure] [estimation, model, error, neighboring, approach, regression] [kernel, fusion, method, element, gaussian, random, function, denotes, effectively, problem, underlying, fpq, energy] [deblurring, deconvolution, computer, conference, figure, blur, ieee, pattern, quality, result, ratio, blind, blurry, estimated, blurred, motion, sharp, gcrf, averaging, sbdb, produce, recover, classical, cho, camera, develop, international, goldstein] [image, true, best, local, rate, good, large, well, blurring]
DASC: Dense Adaptive Self-Correlation Descriptor for Multi-Modal and Multi-Spectral Correspondence
Kim, Seungryong, Min, Dongbo, Ham, Bumsub, Ryu, Seungchul, Do, Minh N., Sohn, Kwanghoon

[visual, evaluation, set, learning] [pooling, receptive, discriminative, window, performance, training, feature, size, table, max] [adaptive, based, cost, weight, correlation, combination, propose, measure, reliable, average] [error, ground, evaluated, challenging, approach] [support, computational, modality, computation, method, sensitive, complexity, objective] [illumination, pattern, robust, ieee, stereo, conventional, optical, exposure, figure, intensity, multispectral, estimate, pixel, middlebury, mpi, varying, motion, color, acm, disparity] [descriptor, dense, matching, dasc, image, sampling, local, correspondence, fast, sift, similarity, benchmark, randomized, computed, patch, compute, computing, daisy, ancc, inherent, unoccluded, wta, rsncc, registration, dramatically, gradient, densely]
GMMCP Tracker: Globally Optimal Generalized Maximum Multi Clique Problem for Multiple Object Tracking
Dehghan, Afshin, Modiri Assari, Shayan, Shah, Mubarak

[set, association, hard, selected, scenario] [network, layer, input, size, global, table, performance, reported, better] [tracking, dummy, gmmcp, gmcp, appearance, node, tracker, tracklets, edge, track, multiple, cost, object, based, detection, integer, weight, adn, tracklet, propose, formulate, target, lot, parking, mot, town, online, segment] [model, program, occlusion, allows, quantitative] [graph, problem, solution, number, clique, maximum, cluster, method, data, proposed, optimization, batch, constraint, time, complexity, order, function, vector, multi, binary, form, formulation, variable, computational, original] [motion, generalized, real, second, equation, figure, length, small, paper] [implementation, similarity]
A Stable Multi-Scale Kernel for Topological Machine Learning
Reininghaus, Jan, Huber, Stefan, Bauer, Ulrich, Kwitt, Roland

[learning, set, domain, vision, popular, address, study, positive, work] [performance, feature, table, bottleneck, map, class, input, recognition, standard, connected] [segmentation, propose, individual] [shape, point, structure, surface, approach] [persistence, kernel, topological, function, data, space, shrec, diagram, dkl, machine, wasserstein, note, persistent, solution, homology, analysis, hilbert, consider, order, exp, theorem, time, outex, form, denote, vector, parameter, dirac, respect, proposed, sublevel, lead, operator, problem, condition, additive, prove, bijections] [stability, result, figure, high, directly, constant, real, synthetic] [distance, scale, texture, stable, hks, called, metric, image, lipschitz, retrieval, corresponding, partial, large]
Indoor Scene Structure Analysis for Single Image Depth Estimation
Zhuo, Wei, Salzmann, Mathieu, He, Xuming, Liu, Miaomiao

[predicted, vision, encode, predict, dataset, semantic, probability, exploit, test, prediction, retrieve, set, label] [global, training, layer, trained, table, additional, input, ablation, larger] [superpixel, superpixels, three, based, employed, state, boundary, candidate, box, propose, appearance] [depth, scene, estimation, single, model, structure, approach, normal, layout, term, indoor, potential, detailed, inference, rmrc, reasoning, provide, unary, orientation, discrete, represent, semanticdepth, typically, error, relies, rgb] [method, energy, note, analysis, pairwise, data] [pixel, computer, ieee, conference, estimated, pattern, plane, figure, estimate, geometry] [image, local, region, corresponding, query, large]
A Graphical Model Approach for Matching Partial Signatures
Du, Xianzhi, Doermann, David, Abd-Almageed, Wael

[dataset, topic, set, datasets, supervised, work, draw, latent, visual, document, address, probability, predicted, test, refer, existing] [context, accuracy, table, training, build, contour, feature, compared, performance, previous, global] [salient, based, three, hierarchical] [full, shape, model, term, built, point] [number, method, dirichlet, rank, pairwise, lsh, distribution, problem, sample, data, algorithm, journal, space, corresponds, cluster, column, row] [figure, equation, total, observation, estimate, international, estimated] [partial, signature, matching, region, hdp, tobacco, query, vocabulary, author, variational, impact, tth, local, slda, umd, image, nth, reference, histogram, large]
Classifier Based Graph Construction for Video Segmentation
Khoreva, Anna, Galasso, Fabio, Hein, Matthias, Schiele, Bernt

[set, learning, type, learnt, work, subset, common, test, baseline, visual] [performance, validation, training, feature, improves, better, connected, improve, table, improvement, level, learn] [video, segmentation, edge, superpixels, based, topology, partitioning, bpr, superpixel, wij, vpr, boundary, appearance, precision, galasso, measure, frame, temporal, object, propose, ncl, average, hierarchical, partition, mjf] [model, shape, approach, provide, allows, challenging, procedure, split] [graph, proposed, number, consider, spectral, clustering, construction, selection, method, algorithm, exp, optimal, literature, matrix] [figure, calibration, motion, length, optical] [similarity, image, best, distance, large, neighbor, compute]
Pushing the Frontiers of Unconstrained Face Detection and Recognition: IARPA Janus Benchmark A
Klare, Brendan F., Klein, Ben, Taborsky, Emma, Blanton, Austin, Cheney, Jordan, Allen, Kristen, Grother, Patrick, Mah, Alan, Burge, Mark, Jain, Anil K.

[subject, dataset, search, protocol, set, provided, baseline, open, human, manually, datasets, annotation, randomly, operational, collected, automated] [recognition, accuracy, detector, training, performance, testing, reported, table] [detection, bounding, box, multiple, detect, video, key, plot, interest, threshold] [face, template, pose, performed, full, approach, commodity, geographic, ground, facial, allows, single] [number, algorithm, proposed, exists, data, order, scalable] [figure, ieee, captured, paper, computer] [unconstrained, image, probe, imagery, false, gallery, benchmark, rate, person, janus, compare, gots, iarpa, varied, well, overview, match, roc, accept, openbr, database, sampled, corresponding, limited, large, lfw]
Video Summarization by Learning Submodular Mixtures of Objectives
Gygli, Michael, Grabner, Helmut, Van Gool, Luc

[summary, summarization, learning, dataset, set, user, interestingness, select, predict, web, text, representative, representativeness, evaluation, document, existing, maximization, visual, subset, create, automatically, interesting, domain, hard, task, evaluate, prediction, type, created, annotated] [learn, max, training, previous, input, deep, compared, global, follow, jointly, trained, structured, performance, optimizes, version] [video, multiple, score, segment, egocentric, short, temporal, based, frame, cost, event, generated, longer, recall, uniformity, propose] [approach, inference] [submodular, method, objective, order, function, optimize, solution, greedy, data, selection, optimizing, algorithm, problem, approximation, marginal, optimal, optimized, arg, optimization] [uniform, acm, length] [reference, well, good, image, best]
Mining Semantic Affordances of Visual Object Categories
Chao, Yu-Wei, Wang, Zhan, Mihalcea, Rada, Deng, Jia

[verb, semantic, affordances, visual, affordance, knowledge, work, human, plausibility, language, google, mining, collaborative, vision, synset, car, predict, sense, horse, bird, selectional, cat, operate, dog, common, cow, boat, bottle, bicycle, search, airplane, plant, side, sheep, noun, couch, dining, returned, textual, motorcycle, potted, text, learning, dataset, question, predicting, hurt, answer, natural, visualness] [train, table, recognition, chair, feed, bus, pascal, representation, top] [object, action, precision, average, recall, score, based, truth] [ground, prior, performed] [number, matrix, problem, computational, data, lsa] [computer, ieee, international, pattern, figure] [person, image, false]
Fast Action Proposals for Human Action Detection and Search
Yu, Gang, Yuan, Junsong

[human, search, set, dataset, evaluation, positive, green, evaluate, work] [table, compared, max, performance, recognition, feature, reduce, training, larger, highly] [action, detection, path, bounding, based, score, video, proposal, box, msrii, object, actionness, recall, candidate, average, ucf, overlap, trajectory, locate, coverage, segmentation, handclapping, three, precision, generated, boxing, temporal, online, frame, cost, propose] [performed, localization, challenging, detected, approach, potential, cad] [algorithm, random, maximum, number, problem, computational, proposed, method, satisfy, greedy, consider, data, space, linear] [motion, red, figure, high, ratio, presented, blue] [best, applied, well, dense, local, unconstrained, fast, large, good]
A Dataset for Movie Description
Rohrbach, Anna, Rohrbach, Marcus, Tandon, Niket, Schiele, Bernt

[movie, description, semantic, visual, vision, audio, corpus, dataset, sentence, linguistics, smt, association, human, natural, language, script, verbnet, learning, datasets, work, open, automatic, sense, annotated, manually, word, european, evaluation, text, meeting, novel, annual, describing, generating, wsd, verb, select, discussion, understand, source, automatically] [recognition, table, parsing, neural, performance, representation] [video, extract, role, object, multiple] [approach, aligned, alignment, provide, rely, align, scene, manual, model] [computational, data, method, number, proposed, time] [conference, computer, ieee, international, pattern, parallel, translation, total, length] [image, large, nearest, compare, comparing]
Reconstructing the World* in Six Days *(As Captured by the Yahoo 100 Million Image Dataset)
Heinly, Jared, Schonberger, Johannes L., Dunn, Enrique, Frahm, Jan-Michael

[photo, visual, set, processing, dataset, datasets, strategy, add, system, perform, discover, process, leverage, work] [connected, representation, size, feature, table, achieve, recognition, smaller] [overlap, based, propose, detection, memory, merging, candidate, framework] [scene, approach, modeling, model, single, reconstruction, sfm, current] [cluster, data, number, method, proposed, order, scalability, computation, time, minimum] [component, computer, figure, disk, enable] [image, iconic, geometric, streaming, retrieval, frahm, register, sift, query, internet, registration, compute, rate, connectivity, large, match, scale, connecting, vocabulary, nearest, unordered, pair, overlapping, major, matching, registered, limited, leveraging, yahoo]
Pairwise Geometric Matching for Large-Scale Object Retrieval
Li, Xinchao, Larson, Martha, Hanjalic, Alan

[set, system, visual, consistency, evaluate, strategy, work, datasets, ranking, ranked] [performance, feature, map, table, global, bof, improvement, compared, improving, achieved, improve, generic] [object, salient, individual, based, three, multiple, bin, start] [point, initial, model, typically, step, approach] [pairwise, method, proposed, time, scaling, number, case, computational, hamming, experimental, exploited, binary, order, exploiting, original, code] [rotation, figure, high] [image, geometric, spatial, matching, retrieval, correspondence, local, pgm, scale, transformation, query, large, hough, cvpr, hpm, oxford, barcelona, matched, scheme, comparison, applied, weighting, reranking, voting, vocabulary, derived, pair, computed, database, performing, best, similarity, illustrated]
Video Magnification in Presence of Large Motions
Elgharib, Mohamed, Hefeeda, Mohamed, Durand, Fredo, Freeman, William T.

[processing, noisy, reveal, user] [gate, global, larger, input, stage, feature] [sequence, video, frame, generate, youtube, temporal, foreground, temporally, background, generated, mask, parking, interest, entire, eye, handling, nearby, moving] [approach, addition, current, model] [original, time, number, composite] [motion, eulerian, dvmag, lagrangian, generates, examined, stabilization, technique, small, optical, magnify, dashed, white, yellow, figure, estimate, subtle, liu, matting, roi, stabilized, red, slice, integrity, remove, bulb, blue, klt, phase, rectangle, vibration, acm, magnifying, compositing, examine, magnified, gun, estimated] [large, reference, image, ssim, region, remaining, blurring, texture, synthesis, compare]
Face Video Retrieval With Image Query via Hashing Across Euclidean Space and Riemannian Manifold
Li, Yan, Wang, Ruiping, Huang, Zhiwu, Shan, Shiguang, Chen, Xilin

[learning, set, common, character, task, supervised, multimodal, work, natural, shot] [training, svms, map, representation, recognition, train, feature, achieve] [video, multiple, based, frame, precision, big, average, recall] [face, single, supplementary] [hash, space, kernel, riemannian, euclidean, covariance, hashing, hamming, heterogeneous, method, manifold, hilbert, matrix, data, represented, modality, optimization, original, bang, iterative, case, function, update, algorithm, code, linear, optimize, proposed, mlbe, discriminability, application, compact, smh, vampire, ith, reproducing, objective, plmh] [theory, length, traditional, paper] [image, retrieval, query, discriminant, database, large, comparison, similarity, distance, person, local, limited]
Effective Face Frontalization in Unconstrained Images
Hassner, Tal, Harel, Shai, Paz, Eran, Enbar, Roee

[photo, vision, learning, soft, labeled, appear, work, system] [recognition, performance, feature, reported, previous, input, frontal, standard, hybrid, accuracy, effective, better, highly] [based, appearance] [face, facial, visibility, shape, surface, model, alignment, estimation, single, gender, pose, aligned, approach, coordinate, detected, facing, visible, rough] [method, matrix, projection, symmetric, problem, code, approximation, guarantee, order, university] [symmetry, pixel, figure, estimate, pattern, produced, geometry, produce, estimating, result, estimated, computer, varying, rotation] [frontalized, reference, query, frontalization, view, image, lfw, unconstrained, adience, despite, corresponding, similarity, lbp, local, benchmark, well, fplbp, funneled, extreme]
Sparse Representation Classification With Manifold Constraints Transfer
Zhang, Baochang, Perina, Alessandro, Murino, Vittorio, Del Bue, Alessio

[embedding, set, learning, vision, transfer, test, dataset, process, subject] [recognition, representation, training, performance, table, input, testing, previous, compared, feature, size] [based, action, framework, sport, ucf, including] [face, structure, fact, allows, alignment, approach] [manifold, data, method, sparse, optimization, src, problem, linear, proposed, geodesic, solve, variable, objective, solution, sample, original, admm, coding, constraint, function, algorithm, matrix, mct, vector, optimized, lagrange, augmented, solved, linearly, machine, space, initialize, fddl, minimize, cloned, general, alternating, minimization, projection, digit, lie, experimental] [ieee, pattern, computer, paper, robust, direction, illumination, traditional, embedded] [dictionary, scheme, distance, database, best, image, nearest, lfw]
SALICON: Saliency in Context
Jiang, Ming, Huang, Shengsheng, Duan, Juanyong, Zhao, Qi

[mouse, visual, dataset, human, paradigm, coco, natural, osie, datasets, salicon, amt, vision, sauc, collection, category, attentional, collect, crowdsourcing, system, set, understand, work, evaluation, peripheral, collected, task, web, psychophysical, cursor] [map, context, contextual, percent, training, performance, width] [saliency, eye, object, tracking, attention, average, attract, propose, viewed, based, record] [scene, gaze, current, procedure] [data, number, function, sample, low, computational, method, gaussian, general] [figure, center, viewing, computer, relative, blur, high, blending, bias, sensitivity] [image, resolution, large, spatial, practice, distance, rate]
Displets: Resolving Stereo Ambiguities Using Object Knowledge
Guney, Fatma, Geiger, Andreas

[vision, set, semantic, european, evaluation, category, processing] [recognition, map, performance, input, class, training, table, cnn] [object, superpixels, segmentation, superpixel, based, combination] [model, displets, error, kitti, displet, cad, unary, reconstruction, smoothness, scene, hull, mesh, shape, challenging, term, single, surface, depth, current, inference, sgm, joint, plausible] [number, machine, analysis, proposed, method, energy, intelligence, denotes, space, data, problem, order, encourage, random, respect, algorithm] [stereo, computer, ieee, disparity, pattern, international, plane, pixel, figure, simple, robust, inverse] [image, matching, pair, well, large, local, corresponding, dense, illustrated]
Fusion Moves for Correlation Clustering
Beier, Thorsten, Hamprecht, Fred A., Kappes, Jorg H.

[labeling, work, evaluation, set, search, positive, natural] [better, size, improve, network, performance, negative, connected, smaller, larger] [correlation, edge, segmentation, proposal, node, based, multicut, hierarchical, partitioning, weight, wij] [current, social, approach, single] [clustering, fusion, graph, energy, problem, move, cgc, polytope, solution, proposed, runtime, optimal, number, yij, algorithm, original, contracted, anytime, ehc, cut, iteratively, inner, contraction, solving, random, polyhedral, faster] [computer, noise, figure, quality, international, conference, high] [large, best, scale, image, weighted, implementation, fast]
Beyond Mahalanobis Metric: Cayley-Klein Metric Learning
Bi, Yanhong, Fan, Bin, Wu, Fuchao

[learning, set, positive, labeled, datasets] [training, learn, input, table, log, class, performance, effectiveness, learned, better] [based, average, three, group] [point] [data, matrix, euclidean, method, linear, space, objective, pairwise, hyperbolic, symmetric, optimization, function, form, problem, repeat, iteration, riemannian, proposed, proposition, call, machine, constraint] [generalized, geometry, relative, figure, pattern, intersect, balance, small, projective] [metric, mahalanobis, lmnn, distance, mmc, elliptic, osr, dck, pubfig, gradient, transformation, image, nearest, cayleyklein, neighbor, dissimilar, called, similarity, fractional, wine, invariant, query, large, remaining, return, kind, outperforms]
Generalized Deformable Spatial Pyramid: Geometry-Preserving Dense Correspondence Estimation
Hur, Junhwa, Lim, Hwasup, Park, Changsoo, Chul Ahn, Sang

[source, search, dataset, ssf] [pyramid, level, belief, table, previous, layer] [node, target, state, object, cost, considering, complex] [model, deformable, term, deformation, smoothness, viewpoint, child, approach, structure, quantitative, qualitative, offset] [algorithm, regularization, objective, number, pairwise, dimensional, analysis, space, function, method, optimization, original, effectively, optimal, case] [rotation, flow, pixel, generalized, figure, warping, translation, geometry, high, handle, varying, preserving, directly, center] [matching, scale, spatial, dsp, dense, sift, correspondence, image, vij, geometric, dff, parent, grid, gdsp, loopy, calculates, propagation, descriptor, daisy, local, distance, calculating, large, cell, filter, transform]
Discriminative Learning of Iteration-Wise Priors for Blind Deconvolution
Zuo, Wangmeng, Ren, Dongwei, Gu, Shuhang, Lin, Liang, Zhang, Lei

[sun, dataset, learning, set, latent, natural, visually, work] [learned, training, learn, discriminative, map, table, better, compared, designed] [based, three, edge, strong, success, updated, threshold, making] [error, prior, estimation, model, quantitative] [method, kernel, algorithm, min, proposed, updating, alternating, parameter, adopted, minimization, time, regularization, function, shrinkage, sparse, constraint, operator, solution, iteration, running, solve, sparsity, regularizers] [blind, blur, deconvolution, figure, ratio, deblurring, gst, levin, jia, blurry, real, synthetic, cho, ieee, krishnan, competing, lee, adopt, estimated, axiter, total, estimate, directly, small, desired, deblurred] [image, gradient, applied, patch, initialized, comparison, fast]
Active Learning for Structured Probabilistic Models With Histogram Approximation
Sun, Qing, Laddha, Ankit, Batra, Dhruv

[entropy, active, learning, annotation, set, unlabeled, highest, work, goal, probability, prediction, labeling, scoring, label, perform, diverse, probable, dataset, test, focus] [structured, map, output, training, performance, log] [segmentation, bin, object, node, monte, entire, deterministic, video] [model, approach, probabilistic, graphical, typically, mass] [distribution, gibbs, number, approximation, approximate, support, algorithm, space, binary, data, surrogate, random, proposed, inaccurate, graph, problem, machine, optimal, lemma, corresponds, computation, exact, markov, pairwise, literature, function, chain] [accurate, lagrangian, small, estimate, computer, estimated, high, unstructured] [image, histogram, compute, large, sampling, variational, outperforms, geometric, computing, partial, compare, true]
SOLD: Sub-Optimal Low-rank Decomposition for Efficient Video Segmentation
Li, Chenglong, Lin, Liang, Zuo, Wangmeng, Yan, Shuicheng, Tang, Jin

[set, unsupervised, dataset, semantic, natural, label, work, evaluation, consistency] [discriminative, representation, feature, previous, global, performance, table, better, window] [video, segmentation, temporal, supervoxel, supervoxels, framework, hierarchical, replication, sold, based, bpr, indicates, three, shgb, recall, hgb, precision, appearance, average] [approach, prior, model, neighboring, current] [matrix, rank, algorithm, method, number, decomposition, low, proposed, denotes, graph, constraint, computational, formulated, optimal, superior, optimization, norm, solution, solved, spectral, science, linear, tuning, denote, min, analysis] [ieee, pattern, figure, motion, robust] [consistent, streaming, image, large, comparison, local, region]
Probability Occupancy Maps for Occluded Depth Images
Bagautdinov, Timur, Fleuret, Francois, Fua, Pascal

[people, report, set, introduce, probability, vision, learning, datasets, human, dataset, type, work] [acf, performance, detector, hidden, log, hog, rectangular, trained, map] [detection, object, threshold, background, overlap, precision, recall, tracking, target, truth, detecting, multiple, evidence, bounding, based, segmentation] [depth, ground, dpom, model, moda, generative, approach, rgb, location, kinect, single, occupancy, silhouette, point, occluding, occluded, unihall, scene, posterior, inference] [distribution, algorithm, euclidean, data] [pixel, presence, camera, plane, conference, estimate, observed, computer, figure, pattern, assume, small, observing, ieee] [image, corresponding, computing, large, compare]
Articulated Motion Discovery Using Pairs of Trajectories
Del Pero, Luca, Ricco, Susanna, Sukthankar, Rahul, Ferrari, Vittorio

[set, human, dataset, dog, selected, unsupervised, label, discovery, perform, discovering, work, purity] [recognition, better, hog, channel, class, discriminative, feature, top] [object, pot, tiger, action, foreground, video, trajectory, appearance, frame, interval, idtfs, segmentation, swing, temporal, based, individual, turning, uniformity, idtf, average, partition, walking, behavior, moving, hierarchical] [articulated, model, single, head, ordered] [method, clustering, number, cluster, pairwise, analysis, consider, move, close] [motion, relative, velocity, median, pattern, optical, periodic, ieee, second, total, figure] [anchor, descriptor, displacement, histogram, large, compare, pair, local, dense]
Just Noticeable Defocus Blur Detection and Estimation
Shi, Jianping, Xu, Li, Jia, Jiaya

[natural, vision, set, work, processing, existing] [feature, map, input, representation, recognition, size, standard, learn] [based, detection, edge, mask, including, strength, strong, recall, propose, generate, precision] [estimation, depth, represent, single, slight] [method, sparsity, sparse, gaussian, number, analysis, data, machine, intelligence, kernel, proposed] [blur, clear, jnb, blurred, small, ieee, conference, figure, defocus, estimate, pattern, blurriness, computer, result, deblurring, sharp, motion, noticeable, frequency, camera, signal, blurry, refocus, handle, directly, generally, spatially, varying, produce, blind, traditional, shi] [image, dictionary, local, patch, region, corresponding, gradient, chakrabarti, well, comparison, difference, commonly, dxi]
Propagated Image Filtering
Rick Chang, Jen-Hao, Frank Wang, Yu-Chiang

[process, highest, example, probability, relationship, processing, existing, expected, goal] [smoothing, context, input, output, apply, better, window, belief, standard, highly, intermediate, performance] [path, weight, based, viewed, calculate, utilize, propose] [adjacent, neighboring] [geodesic, note, algorithm, consider, computation, parameter, explicit, proposed, base, fusion, problem, solving, speedup] [pixel, figure, photometric, acm, result, produced, noise, preserving, pattern, small, color, verify] [image, propagation, bilateral, guided, mixing, psnr, ssim, spatial, denoising, dpf, filtering, textural, recursive, filter, distance, connecting, applied, performing, large, compare, choose, preserve, dgf, determine, calculates, calculated, desirable, difference, gradient, undesirable]
Exploiting Uncertainty in Regression Forests for Accurate Camera Relocalization
Valentin, Julien, Niessner, Matthias, Shotton, Jamie, Fitzgibbon, Andrew, Izadi, Shahram, Torr, Philip H. S.

[set, predicted, entropy, predict, work, probability, randomly, vision, test] [training, table, train, top, accuracy, feature, better] [hypothesis, state, candidate, art, node, propose] [pose, regression, scene, relocalization, isotropic, tree, anisotropic, error, forest, mixture, model, continuous, approach, kabsch, uncertainty, leaf, point, described, coordinate, percentage, predicts, current, body, rigid] [proposed, energy, optimization, method, gaussian, note, distribution, space, update, random, empirical, function, ransac, main, convergence, algorithm, mapping, machine, gaussians] [camera, pixel, computer, pattern, robust, observed, estimate, slam] [sampling, sampled, good, corresponding, image, difference, comparison, major, distance, metric]
Visual Recognition by Learning From Web Data: A Weakly Supervised Domain Generalization Approach
Niu, Li, Li, Wen, Xu, Dong

[domain, latent, learning, web, wsdg, bag, test, visual, mil, set, source, dataset, label, weakly, supervised, learnt, privileged, adaptation, unseen, textual, discovering, indicator, vision, work, proceedsing, existing, select, instance, introduce, kodak, european, ccv] [training, generalization, learn, class, recognition, svm, better, feature, max, effectiveness, testing, inspired, setting] [target, multiple, video, event, based, three, propose, integrated] [approach] [problem, method, data, machine, optimization, constraint, vector, dual, solve, kernel, form, sample, order, exploiting, proposed, function, denote, number, objective, cluster, formulation, optimal, min] [conference, computer, ieee, international, robust, pattern, noise] [image, corresponding, best, well]
PatchCut: Data-Driven Object Segmentation via Local Shape Transfer
Yang, Jimei, Price, Brian, Cohen, Scott, Lin, Zhe, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[label, test, transfer, example, soft, horse, dataset, selected, work, set, semantic, labeling, interactive, learning, transferring, novel] [structured, window, table, transferred, performance, better, pascal, training, cascade, size, achieve] [segmentation, object, patchcut, mask, gbvs, jaccard, based, cpmc, saliency, grabcut, salient, thres, candidate, zkm, foreground, cost, performs, appearance, truth, score, boundary, three, weizmann] [shape, prior, term, ground, qualitative] [algorithm, energy, mrf, space, note, binary, function, upper, bound, method, problem, graph, solution, solved, thresholding, number, random] [figure, color, estimated, high, estimate, quality] [image, local, patch, matching, scale, constitute, large, compare, best, database]
Flying Objects Detection From a Single Moving Camera
Rozantsev, Artem, Lepetit, Vincent, Fua, Pascal

[dataset, vision, correct, weak, learning, datasets, variety, set] [size, training, performance, achieve, train, hog, effective, detector, hybrid, smaller, adaboost] [aircraft, object, detection, uav, compensation, background, appearance, moving, average, drone, precision, subtraction, target, based, detect, video, complex, apparent, frame, uavs, compensate, course, illustrates, detecting, consecutive, three] [approach, collision, single, allows, rely, challenging, regressors, detected, position] [method, algorithm, machine, number, random, case, problem, close] [motion, optical, center, computer, conference, small, camera, figure, pattern, shift, stabilization, international, ieee, inside, second, horizontal, vertical] [image, large, fast, patch, aerial, comparison, compare]
Video Anomaly Detection and Localization Using Hierarchical Feature Representation and Gaussian Process Regression
Cheng, Kai-Wen, Chen, Yie-Tarng, Fang, Wen-Hsien

[test, process, learning, visual, dataset, set, semantic, unusual, datasets] [ensemble, global, training, log, feature, representation, learned, knn] [gpr, detection, anomaly, stc, based, interaction, stip, event, abnormal, interest, stips, ibc, nearby, video, likelihood, detect, junction, hierarchical, subway, structural, multiple, three, behavior, indicates, frame] [model, normal, regression, inference, template, detected, point] [sparse, method, gaussian, proposed, time, data, codebook, algorithm, matrix, function, computation, space, note, respect, computational, vector] [pattern, figure, ieee, quality, noise, handle, observed, motion] [local, dense, qmul, geometric, similarity, june, spatial, rate, integral, roc]
FAemb: A Function Approximation-Based Embedding Method for Image Retrieval
Do, Thanh-Toan, Tran, Quang D., Cheung, Ngai-Man

[embedding, learning, set, dataset, visual, relationship, work] [map, table, higher, compared, fisher, version, designed, improving, representation, generalization, improvement, gain, applying, learned] [framework] [coordinate, single, ensure, step] [function, coding, method, vector, approximation, dimension, problem, nonlinear, approximated, linear, objective, sum, dimensional, number, order, whitening, hessian, matrix, linearly, main, motivation, lemma, optimization, sparse, sample, nonnegative] [embedded, high, paper, rotation, assumption, second, figure] [image, faemb, vlat, tlcc, vlad, retrieval, local, anchor, temb, aggregated, applied, democratic, comparison, aggregating, vlatimproved, corresponding, aggregation, good, sift, descriptor, lipschitz, large, comparing, rsift, fair, normalization, similarity, appendix, compare, gradient]
Optimal Graph Learning With Partial Tags and Multiple Features for Image and Video Annotation
Gao, Lianli, Song, Jingkuan, Nie, Feiping, Yan, Yan, Sebe, Nicu, Tao Shen, Heng

[learning, label, annotation, set, datasets, ssl, address, noisy, visual, existing, labeled, unlabeled, dataset, work] [performance, training, feature, map, representation, better, learn, adding, achieve, improved] [multiple, based, precision, video, recall, propose] [model, sij, approach, term, reconstruction, point] [graph, data, ogl, optimal, function, min, objective, tagged, construction, method, lgc, sparse, subspace, linear, number, update, manifold, proposed, problem, optimizing, regularization, university, iterative, rank, pairwise, fasttag, harmonic, yan, solve, rest] [ieee, robust, figure, high, color] [image, partial, similarity, lle, ixmas, compare, large, construct, local, variance]
FaLRR: A Fast Low Rank Representation Solver
Xiao, Shijie, Li, Wen, Xu, Dong, Tao, Dacheng

[dataset, datasets, set, existing, learning, positive, study] [representation, table, achieves, global, feature, performance, recognition] [based, framework, three, calculate, generate] [face, term] [lrr, problem, time, algorithm, falrr, running, clustering, solving, data, rank, optimal, solve, svd, parameter, solution, matrix, objective, number, proposed, singular, complexity, theoretical, subspace, method, updating, skinny, theorem, iteration, min, resultant, denote, optimization, original, norm, denotes, harus, truncated, spectral, exactly, formulation, subproblems, note, lemma, nuclear, subproblem, column, low, alternating, solved, vector, speedup, convergence] [figure, solver, distributed, synthetic, total, direction] [lfw, large, corresponding, fast, called, compare]
Unifying Holistic and Parts-Based Deformable Model Fitting
Alabort-i-Medina, Joan, Zafeiriou, Stefanos

[vision, active, novel, search, set, work, probability, learning, popular, provided, associated] [previous, recognition, global, max, reported, learn, cascade, training, trained, discriminative, response, accuracy, combining] [appearance, object, interpretation, combination] [shape, model, deformable, landmark, face, probabilistic, approach, holistic, clms, aams, regression, alignment, constrained, term, prior, misalignment, generative, point, error, hdms, aic, pbdms, cootes, fitting, position, rlms, current, procedure, descent, independent, compositional] [arg, proposed, optimal, min, problem, formulation, algorithm, linear, method, experiment, note, regularized, function, solution, data, optimization, eigenvectors, normalized, distribution, original] [computer, conference, pattern, international, figure, inverse, accurate] [texture, local, image, similarity]
Joint SFM and Detection Cues for Monocular 3D Localization in Road Scenes
Song, Shiyu, Chandraker, Manmohan

[system, set, understanding, work, green] [feature, accuracy, output, raw, detector, achieve, input, size, table, better] [object, bounding, detection, tracking, box, framework, tracked, based, truth, frame, cost, incorporate, moving, background, adaptive, incorporates, mechanism, complementary] [ground, sfm, localization, pose, joint, monocular, scene, driving, estimation, kitti, point, autonomous, model, prior, alignment, error, coordinate, adjustment, multibody, approach, initial, challenging, height, position] [optimization, sparse, note, method, energy, denoted] [plane, optical, estimated, camera, figure, estimate, high, accurate, epipolar, motion, intensity, quality, robust] [dense, consistent, image, demonstrate, well, fast, distance, computed, corresponding]
Subgraph Decomposition for Multi-Target Tracking
Tang, Siyu, Andres, Bjoern, Andriluka, Miykhaylo, Schiele, Bernt

[set, probability, people, association, selected, subset, par] [performance, jointly, feature, connected, achieves, compared, learned] [subgraph, multicut, tracking, disjoint, detection, tracklet, cost, mota, frame, target, multiple, ilp, yvw, object, hypothesis, undirected, track, based, state, tracklets, edge, suppression, video, path] [model, unary, approach, initial, procedure, full] [problem, minimum, graph, number, respect, pairwise, solution, feasible, time, method, space, objective, optimization, proposed, greedy, optimal, data, linear, decomposition, function, formulation, solving, variable] [solver, figure, component] [characteristic, comparison, cycle, good, person, overlapping, spatial]
Supervised Discrete Hashing
Shen, Fumin, Shen, Chunhua, Liu, Wei, Tao Shen, Heng

[supervised, learning, set, label, test, dataset, embedding] [training, loss, table, learned, map, compared, achieve, learn, performance, achieves, better, feature] [precision, propose, cyclic, based, generate] [discrete, approach, joint, coordinate] [hashing, binary, hash, sdh, code, problem, method, optimization, linear, data, proposed, fasthash, ksh, hamming, solve, min, ssh, bit, solution, optimal, bre, hinge, algorithm, nonlinear, kernel, mlh, function, original, regularization, matrix, time, number, mnist, comparative, form, maximum, formulation, graph, vector, iteratively, imh] [length, high, figure, ieee] [large, retrieval, image, distance, anchor, similarity, best, query]
Face Alignment Using Cascade Gaussian Process Regression Trees
Lee, Donghoon, Park, Hyunsin, Yoo, Chang D.

[dog, learning, prediction, set, dataset, process, vision, test, randomly] [training, cascade, recognition, learned, log, smoothing, feature, input, extracted, compared, better, distant] [based, framework, nearby, extraction] [shape, regression, cgprt, face, split, gprt, predictive, facial, helen, tree, lfpw, landmark, crt, alignment, leaf, depicted, performed, described, gprts, fall, estimation, lbf, point, error] [gaussian, number, method, function, data, proposed, kernel, regularization, greedy, computation, note, variable, random, binary] [computer, figure, ieee, conference, estimate, pattern, pixel, equation, second, international] [sampling, local, comparison, retinal, computed, difference, similarity, gradient, consists, distance]
Hierarchical Sparse Coding With Geometric Prior For Visual Geo-Location
Gopalan, Raghuraman

[learning, test, dataset, set, vision, visual, perform, latent, knowledge, utility, novel, collection, european, transferring, datasets, existing] [training, feature, recognition, svm, discriminative, representation, accuracy, learn, level] [appearance, hierarchical, average, recall, based, cost, truth, three, video] [location, approach, prior, ground, structure, inference, landmark, single] [data, sparse, space, heterogeneous, coding, function, vector, problem, number, code, method, matrix, manifold, machine, geodesic, random, form, algorithm, case, cluster, analysis, tangent] [conference, computer, ieee, parallel, pattern, figure, transport, mobile, uniform] [geometric, image, san, francisco, similarity, corresponding, contained, pertaining, matching, best, obtaining, compute, large]
Social Saliency Prediction
Soo Park, Hyun, Shi, Jianbo

[predictor, predict, relationship, set, prediction, positive, people, predicted] [feature, representation, learn, top, context, apply, accuracy] [attention, saliency, group, interaction, detection, basketball, based, truth, multiple, team, detect, video] [social, joint, formation, gaze, dipole, ground, scene, detected, member, busker, orientation, model, mass, location, point, circumcircle, represent] [method, space, number, data, third, distribution, respect, analysis, note, computational, form] [center, figure, moment, captured, motion, direction, camera, circular, equation] [person, geometric, scale, spatial, rate, magnitude, view, image, compare, distance, false, true, large]
Reliable Patch Trackers: Robust Visual Tracking by Exploiting Reliable Patches
Li, Yang, Zhu, Jianke, Hoi, Steven C.H.

[visual, positive, set, process, probability, ranking, label] [performance, negative, response, top, feature, map] [tracking, reliable, object, kcf, rpt, tracker, tracked, scm, tgpr, target, precision, struck, success, particle, threshold, tld, cxt, ope, asla, score, resample, state, background, bounding, box, trackable, track, employed, overlap, cel, employ, monte, carlo, correlation, framework, likelihood, vor, video, based, measure, foreground, plot, group, online, kwon] [location, error, approach, structure, represent, challenging, sequential, position, model, template] [proposed, method, base, function, denotes, experimental, algorithm] [motion, figure, estimate, robust, rotation, observation, illumination] [patch, scale, large, rate, image, fast, benchmark, scheme, implementation, hough, comparing]
Complexity-Adaptive Distance Metric for Object Proposals Generation
Xiao, Yao, Lu, Cewu, Tsougenis, Efstratios, Lu, Yongyi, Tang, Chi-Keung

[set, search, evaluation, vision, work, process, novel, example] [performance, level, achieve, selective, output, larger, better, table, recognition, pascal] [object, superpixel, superpixels, edge, recall, iou, grouping, bounding, based, proposal, box, combination, cost, segmentation, mcg, threshold, dmin, candidate, mabo, overlap, auc, spa, detection, transition, merging, average, score, hierarchical, merged, multiple] [searching] [number, complexity, low, method, algorithm, time, graph, space] [color, high, figure, computer, ieee, conference, pattern, small, tested, international, total, produced] [distance, metric, image, dmax, area, spatial, large, best, texture, local]
Multihypothesis Trajectory Analysis for Robust Visual Tracking
Lee, Dae-Youn, Sim, Jae-Young, Kim, Chang-Su

[visual, select, set, selected, test, search] [feature, table, better, previous, achieve] [tracker, forward, tracking, trajectory, backward, frame, object, target, appearance, mta, bounding, multiple, cyclic, three, based, struck, box, interval, multihypothesis, meem, consecutive, yield, updated, average, success, failure, weight, online, precision, employ, kcf, backwardly, employing, score, analyzing, measure, detect, tld] [position, robustness, single, current] [proposed, algorithm, vector, analysis, time, optimal, support, selection, denote, note, experimental] [component, figure, robust, conventional, estimated, illumination, result, motion, color, red, length, korea] [geometric, similarity, best, pair, benchmark, corresponding, image, discriminant, invariant]
Completing 3D Object Shape From One Depth Image
Rock, Jason, Gupta, Tanmay, Thorsen, Justin, Gwak, JunYoung, Shin, Daeyun, Hoiem, Derek

[novel, set, entropy, dataset, predict, retrieve, category, include, work] [exemplar, training, better, class, table, input, recognition] [object, based, detection, propose, target] [depth, mesh, model, shape, reconstruction, voxels, deformation, voxel, deformed, surface, point, complete, tps, approach, occupied, reconstruct, alignment, volume, full, single, aligned, forest, tree, silhouette, constrained, cluttered, control] [random, method, approximation, function, machine, linear, number, analysis, consider] [symmetry, observed, median, computer, figure, acm, ieee, plane, conference, international, technique, camera] [query, retrieved, image, similarity, matching, distance, view, retrieval, match, correspondence, matched, partial, corresponding, compute]
PAIGE: PAirwise Image Geometry Encoding for Improved Efficiency in Structure-From-Motion
Schonberger, Johannes L., Berg, Alexander C., Frahm, Jan-Michael

[visual, evaluation, predict, incremental, positive, strategy, describe] [feature, stage, reduce, training, performance] [overlap, based, eye, propose, multiple] [location, orientation, approach, scene, sfm, volume, structure, reconstruction, model] [number, pairwise, method, approximate, time, computational, proposed, encoding, random, quadratic, data, matrix, scalable, low, ransac] [geometry, camera, figure, square, produce, small, rotation, translation, motion, relative, robust] [image, matching, paige, change, geometric, retrieval, rome, vocabulary, large, pair, match, exhaustive, trafalgar, london, tate, san, histogram, overhead, modern, marco, true, preemptive, false, scale, sift, overlapping, compute, similarity, descriptor, putative, fast, corresponding]
Single Target Tracking Using Adaptive Clustered Decision Trees and Dynamic Multi-Level Appearance Models
Xiao, Jingjing, Stolkin, Rustam, Leonardis, Ales

[visual, set, work, test, select] [feature, level, decision, top, accuracy, performance, highly, discriminative, previous] [target, tracking, adaptive, middle, tracker, superpixels, bounding, appearance, background, candidate, box, object, overlap, online, adaptively, vot, superpixel, relearning, foreground, threshold, propose, success, frame, favour, three, combination, successive, based, scm, video, ivt, csk] [model, tree, robustness, current, continuously, approach, occlusion, represent] [method, algorithm, proposed, update, updating, number, minimum, data, ith] [clustered, robust, ratio, figure, high, simple, enable, illumination, pixel] [matching, image, best, local, region, benchmark, histogram, discriminating, computed, similarity, mth, unmatched, change]
CIDEr: Consensus-Based Image Description Evaluation
Vedantam, Ramakrishna, Lawrence Zitnick, C., Parikh, Devi

[sentence, human, evaluation, description, cider, dataset, automatic, meteor, evaluate, bleu, automated, datasets, rouge, set, popular, existing, visual, language, evaluating, describing, uiuc, work, association, annotation, generation, natural, generating, protocol, coco, collect, describe, include, vision, learning, perform, judgment, abstract] [performance, accuracy, triplet, pascal, higher, better, recognition, version] [candidate, based, generated, correlation, propose, measure, score, truth, precision] [provide, ground] [machine, number, computational, proposed, method, form] [translation, computer, quality, high, relative, conference] [image, metric, reference, consensus, well, best, similarity, computed, commonly]
Category-Specific Object Reconstruction From a Single Image
Kar, Abhishek, Tulsiani, Shubham, Carreira, Joao, Malik, Jitendra

[instance, automatic, learnt, vision, predicted, noisy, set, car, visual, work, dataset, test, predict] [pascal, training, voc, learn, fully, table, map, learned, recognition, subcategory, pipeline] [object, truth, bounding, segmentation, mask, based, detection] [shape, model, reconstruction, ground, silhouette, nrsfm, deformation, depth, single, rigid, viewpoint, point, approach, pose, deformable, mesh, morphable, capture, chamfer, projected] [method, data, projection, note, algorithm, energy, basis, optimization, proposed, analysis, machine] [computer, figure, conference, camera, high, ieee, estimate, quality, pattern, illumination, frequency] [image, distance, well, keypoints, scale, keypoint, local, large]
Book2Movie: Aligning Video Scenes With Book Chapters
Tapaswi, Makarand, Bauml, Martin, Stiefelhagen, Rainer

[book, novel, text, chapter, set, dialog, perform, character, story, adaptation, source, textual, rich, game, harry, work, language, shot, evaluation, automatic, dlgs, semantic, potter, finding, learning, create] [performance, accuracy, table, global, max, neural] [video, series, node, shortest, path, truth, based, detection, edge, plot, multiple, three, score, assigned, indicates, complex, track] [alignment, scene, prior, face, ground, approach, allows, term, aligning, align, model] [data, graph, method, number, problem, analysis, corresponds, proposed, column] [figure] [matching, similarity, distance, large, best, list, corresponding, person]
Active Pictorial Structures
Antonakos, Epameinondas, Alabort-i-Medina, Joan, Zafeiriou, Stefanos

[vision, active, set, existing, correspond] [recognition, training, trained, connected, table, applying, global] [appearance, object, cost, precision, employ] [shape, model, aps, landmark, deformation, prior, gmrf, normal, compositional, deformable, structure, face, pictorial, alignment, aams, jacobian, single, error, aam, generative, tree, location, facial] [graph, proposed, matrix, vector, distribution, optimization, random, method, covariance, algorithm, case, order, function, note, close, respect, analysis, multivariate, denotes, equivalent, form, denote, markov] [computer, ieee, inverse, conference, pattern, international, robust, accurate, high, figure] [pca, image, comparison, local, patch, statistical, best]
Project-Out Cascaded Regression With an Application to Face Alignment
Tzimiropoulos, Georgios

[learning, set, work, system, active, process, vision, strategy] [training, performance, learn, learned, learns, level] [appearance, sequence, propose, employed, based, detection, publicly, bounding] [regression, shape, cascaded, facial, face, model, averaged, alignment, descent, deformable, ibug, jacobians, structure, jacobian, approach, sdm, afw, pose, prior, analytic, chehra, challenging, generative, current, lfpw, constrained, landmark, step] [problem, data, proposed, optimization, iteration, method, solution, hessian, vector, number, subspace, orthogonal, idea, note, algorithm, computational, update] [parametric, inverse, estimate, computer, accurate, noise] [image, large, variation, gradient, compute, local, computed, difference]
Target Identity-Aware Network Flow for Online Multiple Target Tracking
Dehghan, Afshin, Tian, Yicong, Torr, Philip H. S., Shah, Mubarak

[association, learning, set, human, introduce, annotation] [network, global, structured, performance, detector, discriminative, highly, better, identity] [tracking, object, target, candidate, multiple, cost, based, detection, online, track, node, frame, fij, bounding, appearance, edge, video, overlap, tracker, lot, temporal, transition, segment, score, consecutive, assigned, struck, sequence, propose, gog, spot, three] [model, inference, location, manual, allows, penalizes] [method, data, constraint, solution, proposed, number, lagrange, problem, graph, relaxation, optimization, algorithm, function, vector, minimum, linear, greedy, solving, main, relaxing] [observation, lagrangian, figure, color, traditional] [spatial, best, pair]
Single Image Super-Resolution From Transformed Self-Exemplars
Huang, Jia-Bin, Singh, Abhishek, Ahuja, Narendra

[natural, source, search, learning, visual, exploit, dataset] [training, better, input, performance, version, achieve, structured] [target, based, cost, propose, indicates, appearance] [urban, deformation, quantitative, single, scene, regression, model, shape, estimation, searching, detected, initialization, driven] [algorithm, matrix, method, space, proposed, parameter, mapping, number, function, simultaneously] [perspective, figure, planar, plane, estimate, ieee, geometry, second, acm] [image, patch, transformation, neighbor, internal, external, nearest, matching, geometric, scale, best, srcnn, dictionary, glasner, kim, scsr, database, patchmatch, transformed, downsampled, large, regular, bsd, comparison, psnr, indicate, local, fast, similarity]
A Statistical Model of Riemannian Metric Variation for Deformable Shape Analysis
Gasparetto, Andrea, Torsello, Andrea

[set, dataset, learning, human, process, supervised, test, datasets, associated, example] [representation, training, performance, class, log, table, build, pyramid, global, belonging, follow] [based, object, density] [shape, mesh, centroid, model, approach, represent, deformable, lack, eigendecomposition, introduced] [matrix, eigenvector, spectral, geodesic, laplacian, eigenvectors, proposed, order, method, decomposition, number, eigenvalue, problem, orthogonal, respect, distribution, algorithm, computation, parameter, main, riemannian, analysis, manifold, permutation] [rotation, computer, ieee, conference, second, international, pattern, acm, assume, component, geometry, intrinsic, synthetic] [retrieval, invariant, distance, compute, computed, transformation, applied, descriptor, statistical, metric, spatial, june, eurographics, matching]
Representing 3D Texture on Mesh Manifolds for Retrieval and Recognition Applications
Werghi, Naoufel, Tortorici, Claudio, Berretti, Stefano, Del Bimbo, Alberto

[set, work, vision] [recognition, representation, performance, compared, global, unit, reported, feature, extracted, table] [three, based, framework, appearance, action, score, pot, combination, object, sequence, middle] [face, shape, mesh, surface, facial, approach, facet, depth, ordered, expression, owl, full, triangular, single, point, procedure, variant, potential, normal, azimuthal] [fusion, analysis, binary, proposed, machine, method, random, function, construction, case, lower] [photometric, pattern, ieee, central, figure, geometry, computer, rotation] [texture, geometric, local, image, lbp, retrieval, eat, best, distance, histogram, grid, corresponding, comparison, descriptor, database, probe, ring, computed, representing, gap, meshlbp]
FlowWeb: Joint Image Set Alignment by Weaving Consistent, Pixel-Wise Correspondences
Zhou, Tinghui, Jae Lee, Yong, Yu, Stella X., Efros, Alyosha A.

[set, consistency, collection, visual, unsupervised, work, source, vision, human, discovery, example, provided, dataset, car] [representation, global, size, accuracy, table, pascal, jointly, feature, max, better] [object, score, appearance, target, boundary, measure, three, propose] [alignment, tij, joint, model, shape, initial, sij, term] [pairwise, graph, update, method, number, optimization, lower, algorithm, iteration, subspace, denote, sample, regularization] [pixel, figure, optical, pattern, flow, accurate, phase, ieee] [image, correspondence, matching, cycle, consistent, keypoint, priority, dsp, flowweb, tkj, transitive, sift, pair, tik, compute, congealing, good, rasl, local, region, mobahi, dense, spatial, similarity]
Heteroscedastic Max-Min Distance Analysis
Su, Bing, Ding, Xiaoqing, Liu, Changsong, Wu, Ying

[lda, dataset, set, datasets, separability, learning, latent, perform] [class, training, max, better, margin, log, fisher, standard] [three, average] [face, error, projected] [hmmda, whmmda, dimensionality, pairwise, ohmmda, scatter, proposed, original, mmda, hlda, apac, problem, analysis, reduced, orthogonal, heteroscedastic, data, linear, dimension, chernoff, reduction, gaussian, solution, yale, optimal, feasible, lower, qdf, min, marohmmda, whitening, subspace, general, bound, distribution, yaleface, matrix, objective, trace, quotient, criterion, space, supohmmda, number, relaxation, uci, whitened, homoscedastic] [separation] [distance, discriminant, difference, best, database, nearest, rate, transformation, weighted, transformed, corresponding]
Structural Sparse Tracking
Zhang, Tianzhu, Liu, Si, Xu, Changsheng, Yan, Shuicheng, Ghanem, Bernard, Ahuja, Narendra, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[visual, learning, set, relationship, existing, human] [representation, learn, global, learned, discriminative, performance, achieves] [tracking, target, appearance, object, based, structural, sst, particle, frame, candidate, track, tracker, online, propose, three, performs, lgt, mixed, rtct, mtt, abrupt, combination, dft, multiple] [model, represent, joint, structure, layout, drift, pose, template, error, occlusion, reconstruction, challenging, holistic, location] [sparse, proposed, algorithm, represented, method, note, matrix, number, sparsity, formulation, time] [figure, inside, robust, intrinsic, illumination, center, observation, second] [local, image, dictionary, corresponding, spatial, patch, sampled, partial, best, well, sampling, region]
Person Count Localization in Videos From Noisy Foreground and Detections
Chen, Sheng, Fern, Alan, Todorovic, Sinisa

[people, noisy, work, add, correct, set, introduce, dataset, address, human] [pedestrian, accuracy, input, detector, previous, output, training, performance, smaller, train, hyper, adding] [count, foreground, detection, ilp, football, egr, counting, based, frame, truth, tracking, assigned, cla, american, video, edge, integer, localized, segmentation, crowded, object, score, tracker, dei, framework, detecting, assign, crowd, measure, activity] [localization, approach, ground, initial, forest, provide, prior, occlusion, single, program, error] [graph, problem, solution, number, missing, random, note, iterative, optimization, constraint, linear, order, iteration] [integrity, figure, small] [person, metric, large, false, isolated, corresponding, local, severe]
Transport-Based Single Frame Super Resolution of Very Low Resolution Face Images
Kolouri, Soheil, Rohde, Gustavo K.

[dataset, set, test, learning, subject, amount, work, process, written, vision, instance] [training, learned, size, standard, testing, learn, performance] [based, combination, appearance, framework, likelihood, average] [face, model, modeling, introduced, described, reconstruct, approach, facial, prior, reconstruction] [method, optimal, linear, space, problem, proposed, low, function, principal, subspace, yaleb, note, original, nonlinear, data, eigenvectors, sparse, basis, spline, mapping, matrix, corresponds, optimization, journal] [figure, ieee, transport, reconstructed, computer, high, technique, lagrangian, pattern, international, intensity, interpolation] [image, sfsr, displacement, resolution, corresponding, degraded, cubic, ssim, gradient, grid, morphing, reference, nearest, compare, best]
Modeling Object Appearance Using Context-Conditioned Component Analysis
Turmukhambetov, Daniyar, Campbell, Neill D.F., Prince, Simon J.D., Kautz, Jan

[visual, set, dataset, vision, learning, example, test, datasets, active, semantic, address] [context, training, recognition, hidden, learn, table, additional, log] [appearance, object, segmentation] [model, xij, face, reconstruction, cij, approach, error, hif, argmax, shape, term, generative, modeling, regression, inpainted, structure, allows] [vector, subspace, function, form, inpainting, number, analysis, solution, matrix, parameter, linear, general, space, case, gaussian, yij, principal, problem, proposed] [computer, equation, pixel, figure, conference, international, pattern, rotation, estimate, color, component, varying, parametric, translation, noise] [image, consists, corresponding, dense, sift, spatial]
Feature-Independent Context Estimation for Automatic Image Annotation
Tariq, Amara, Foroosh, Hassan

[annotation, visual, textual, test, process, automatic, tucker, set, strategy, description, probability, system, relevance, association, esp, word, evaluation, semantic, text, vision, iapr, learning, work, visually, task, popular, conditional, processing, dataset, keywords, pick, tag] [context, training, representation, performance, size, auxiliary] [group, based, recall, employed, video, three, evidence] [estimation, model, formation, represent, joint, distinctive, height, prior] [tensor, decomposition, vector, proposed, form, number, analysis, core, computational, problem, distribution, data, gaussian, denoted, computationally, represented, suitable] [estimate, computer, estimated, ieee, conference, international, figure, assume, high, inserted, assumed] [image, vocabulary, similarity, signature, grid]
Understanding Tools: Task-Oriented Object Modeling, Learning and Recognition
Zhu, Yixin, Zhao, Yibiao, Chun Zhu, Song

[human, tool, physical, affordance, learning, ranking, vision, imagined, parse, concept, demonstration, task, essential, understanding, work, set, stone, rational, cracking, hammer, causal, shovel, household, animal, imagining, automation, paint, nut, ability, pgs, selected, visual, natural, annotated] [recognition, representation, learned, top] [object, action, three, target, based, tracking, cognitive, detection, sequence, video, including, temporal, framework] [hand, pose, robotics, scene, represent, inference, inferred, reasoning, force] [algorithm, functional, basis, graph, choice, consider, number, space, science, sample, optimal] [computer, conference, ieee, international, figure, typical, red, assume, blue, produced] [best, image, area, spatial, represents]
Temporally Coherent Interpretations for Long Videos Using Pattern Theory
Souza, Fillipe, Sarkar, Sudeep, Srivastava, Anuj, Su, Jingyong

[vision, concept, semantic, correct, set, describing, generating, pick, knowledge, search, human, closed, learning, identifying] [performance, recognition, feature, window, representation, level] [temporal, video, bond, interpretation, complex, generator, based, multiple, ontological, action, segment, consecutive, structural, theoretic, framework, generated, individual, coherent, sequence, allowed, combinatorial, interaction, correctly, activity, average, depicts] [approach, represent, structure, inference, single, provide] [modality, number, space, form, data, time, graph, proposed, function, machine, main] [pattern, figure, conference, computer, ieee, quality, international] [indicate, best, illustrated, consists, local]
Robust Saliency Detection via Regularized Random Walks Ranking
Li, Changyang, Yuan, Yuchen, Cai, Weidong, Xia, Yong, Dagan Feng, David

[ranking, vision, visual, dataset, set, evaluation, process] [input, map, recognition, dir, performance] [saliency, boundary, background, detection, foreground, salient, erroneous, superpixel, recall, final, based, precision, object, seed, contrast, three, controlling, weight, calculate, pbo, wij, propose, sstep, superpixels, attention, seg] [estimation, model, step, approach, prior, fitting, ground, adjacent] [random, proposed, regularized, algorithm, method, matrix, graph, manifold, vector, element, analysis, defined] [figure, pattern, ieee, computer, conference, removal, color, second, blue, left, pixel] [image, comparison, pca, outperforms, major, remaining, region]
Semantic Object Segmentation via Detection in Weakly Labeled Video
Zhang, Yu, Chen, Xiaowu, Li, Jia, Wang, Chen, Xia, Changqun

[semantic, weakly, set, labeled, dataset, supervised, consistency, learning, noisy, selected, unsupervised, bird, label, perform, car, address] [performance, training, train, accuracy, table] [object, segmentation, video, detection, track, segment, appearance, framework, foreground, temporal, generate, background, segtrack, based, bounding, cost, tracking, spatiotemporal, threshold, frame, overlap, likelihood] [shape, approach, initial, step, term, joint, procedure, single, represent, provide] [proposed, method, problem, solving, objective, algorithm, note] [figure, estimated, preserving, high, pixel, paper, motion, relative] [region, area, consists, initialized, compare, consistent, statistical, outperforms]
Saturation-Preserving Specular Reflection Separation
Liu, Yuanliu, Yuan, Zejian, Zheng, Nanning, Wu, Yang

[set, natural, vision, preference] [input, stage, class, global, transferred] [based] [surface, model, smoothness, term, fall] [method, problem, note, bound, upper, maximum, lower, space, linear, solve, sparsity, original, main, number, analysis, proposed, sparse, function, row] [specular, diffuse, chromaticity, color, saturation, hue, achromatic, highlighted, separation, computer, ratio, recovered, pure, chromatic, smooth, constancy, highlight, figure, pixel, piecewise, component, produced, ieee, recover, result, conference, removal, blue, suv, separating, red, intensity, removed, pattern, specularfree, tan, recovering, paper, separate, yellow, small] [image, anchor, local, propagation, spatial, isolated, well, partial, difference]
Unconstrained Realtime Facial Performance Capture
Hsieh, Pei-Lun, Ma, Chongyang, Yu, Jihun, Li, Hao

[system, user] [input, map, identity, previous, performance, feature, designed, effective, training] [tracking, segmentation, video, frame, appearance, tracked, based, reliable, superpixel, dynamic, framework, superpixels, detection] [facial, face, model, depth, blendshape, capture, occlusion, realtime, shape, personalization, expression, current, occluded, deformation, rigid, animation, landmark, rgb, mesh, term, approach, uncontrolled, visibility, personalized, completion, modeling, vertex, penetration, ensure, prior, introduced, uninterrupted] [method, linear, data, laplacian, exponential, solve, sparse, binary, algorithm, spectral, exponentially, number] [figure, motion, acm, color, illumination, robust, accurate, lighting, handle, captured, caused, siggraph] [texture, large]
Automatic Construction Of Robust Spherical Harmonic Subspaces
Snape, Patrick, Panagakis, Yannis, Zafeiriou, Stefanos

[set, provided, existing, automatically, perform, active, example] [training, class, input, representation, build, involves] [appearance, object, propose] [shape, facial, alignment, model, single, surface, provide, face, performed, helen, expression, morphable, aam, normal, allows] [order, subspace, basis, problem, matrix, decomposition, rank, method, low, algorithm, linear, number, harmonic, proposed, time, sparse, data, tensor, svd, solution, denotes, case, argmin, update, solved, solving, seek] [recover, photometric, recovered, lighting, robust, recovery, stereo, uncalibrated, ieee, spherical, accurate, illumination, figure, recovering, tom, component, frequency, directly, lambertian, light, unknown, optical, lee, technique, pixel, warped] [image, dense, correspondence, reference, large]
KL Divergence Based Agglomerative Clustering for Automated Vitiligo Grading
Das Gupta, Mithun, Srinivasa, Srinidhi, J., Madhukara, Antony, Meryl

[label, expert, evaluation, set, task, work, generation] [feature, reported, size] [based, segmentation, hierarchical, score, generate, cost, merge, generated, segmenting, propose, hypothesis, segment, superpixels, swa, boundary, partially, truth, merging] [model, ground, represent, mixture] [clustering, proposed, method, algorithm, symmetric, number, note, analysis, data, mrf, cluster, graph, gaussian, denotes, random, markov, matrix, function, respect, exponential, convex, decomposition, machine] [pixel, skin, albedo, color, completely, shading, technique, figure, ieee, simple] [image, divergence, vitiligo, mncut, depigmented, disease, agglomerative, distance, region, well, bregman, missed, compare, depigmentation, patch, partial, area, similarity, neighborhood, local, comparison, weighted, clinical]
Real-Time Joint Estimation of Camera Orientation and Vanishing Points
Lee, Jeong-Kyun, Yoon, Kuk-Jin

[noisy, set, system, datasets, existing, vision, mutually, evaluation] [performance, feature, detector, accuracy, jointly, table, unit] [frame, segment, based, state, three, tracking, propose, detection] [orientation, estimation, point, scene, joint, normal, model, approach, robustness, current, solid, detected] [method, proposed, orthogonal, vector, great, constraint, consider, singular, nonlinear, gaussian, matrix, space, covariance, projection, number] [camera, vps, rotation, manhattan, parallel, vanishing, spurious, accurate, robust, estimate, figure, measurement, estimated, synthetic, real, noise, circle, management, direction, center, rotational, sphere, plane, lbd, blue, estimating, observed, pynew] [image, matching, nearest, bayesian, descriptor, gradient]
A Low-Dimensional Step Pattern Analysis Algorithm With Application to Multimodal Retinal Image Registration
Addison Lee, Jimmy, Cheng, Jun, Hai Lee, Beng, Ping Ong, Ee, Xu, Guozhen, Wing Kee Wong, Damon, Liu, Jiang, Laude, Augustinus, Han Lim, Tock

[multimodal, dataset, test, datasets, describe] [feature, higher, window, factor, achieve] [average, success, based, edge, detection, extraction, bin, contrast, eye] [step, mae, point, volume, error, robustness] [algorithm, method, number, proposed, low, form] [intensity, rotation, robust, color, figure, pattern, distributed, high, uniformly, angle] [image, retinal, registration, scale, corner, sift, severe, unhealthy, rate, fundus, vascular, geometric, lospa, descriptor, invariant, corresponding, transformation, local, register, matched, gradient, bifurcation, applied, harris, closest, mutual, change, repeatability, match, matching, connecting, difference, mee]
Video Co-Summarization: Video Summarization by Visual Co-Occurrence
Chu, Wen-Sheng, Song, Yale, Jaimes, Alejandro

[mbf, visual, shot, set, summarization, summary, biclique, aca, unsupervised, jump, collection, subject, coc, learning, dataset, appear, selected, labeled, knowledge, relevant, human, discovering, novel, eiffel, content, discovered, visually, identify, work, example] [feature, top, compared, effectiveness, better, standard] [video, temporal, multiple, recall, truth, precision, score, three, generate, online, segmentation, walk, generated] [approach, model, ground, performed, capture, cij, single, represent, averaged] [number, algorithm, matrix, graph, method, cluster, clustering, suppose, sparsity, problem, solution, vector, analysis] [quality, figure, high, total] [maximal, query, bipartite, compute, pair, large, retrieved, computed, image]
Toward User-Specific Tracking by Detection of Human Shapes in Multi-Cameras
Huang, Chun-Hao, Boyer, Edmond, do Canto Angonese, Bibiana, Navab, Nassir, Ilic, Slobodan

[human, visual, strategy, set, association, subject] [input, better, apply, feature, previous, discriminative, training, testing, standard] [tracking, overlap, framework, frame] [surface, error, pose, shape, icp, forest, joint, regression, vertex, voxel, approach, mesh, normal, model, generative, vsuf, deformation, meshhog, voxels, patchedol, ground, averaged, silhouette, capture, volumetric, skeletal, bpsvm, current, straka, cagniart, split, coordinate, offset, depth] [method, data, vector, time, outlier, random, proposed, denoted, close] [figure, estimated, motion, black] [local, reference, correspondence, fail, image, large, distance, matching, compare, medical, metric]
Unsupervised Learning of Complex Articulated Kinematic Structures Combining Motion and Skeleton Information
Jin Chang, Hyung, Demiris, Yiannis

[learning, generation, human, description, set, novel, dataset, entropy] [feature, highly, smoothing, margin, performance, input, recognition] [skeleton, object, boundary, segmentation, complex, based, segment, cost, generated, target, merging, framework, generate, centre, factorisation, robot, adaptive, detection] [articulated, structure, kinematic, estimation, body, icub, point, error, skeletal, silhouette, approach, hand, shape, prior, rigid, ground, single] [method, number, function, proposed, kernel, data, iterative, parameter, sparse, sample, algorithm, minimum, vector, order, support, geodesic, analysis, journal, baxter, topological, iteration, yan, ransac] [motion, figure, estimated, estimate, computer, pattern, international, ieee, small] [distance, arm, good, randomized, voting, image]
Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Targets
Milan, Anton, Leal-Taixe, Laura, Schindler, Konrad, Reid, Ian

[set, label, evaluation, work, positive, task, association, learning, colour] [representation, crf, detector, global, table, standard, negative] [tracking, detection, object, segmentation, target, trajectory, multiple, superpixel, video, superpixels, temporal, based, cost, bounding, background, tracker, likelihood, track, hypothesis, evidence, crowded, state, foreground, three, edge, weight, entire, propose, online, frame] [model, prior, approach, ground, occluded, location, volume, shape, challenging, scene, continuous, joint, quantitative] [number, method, energy, problem, space, optimization, time, data, pairwise, note, minimum, linear, random] [ieee, motion, velocity, pattern] [image, cvpr, eccv, partial, consistent]
Constrained Planar Cuts - Object Partitioning for Point Clouds
Schoeler, Markus, Papon, Jeremie, Worgotter, Florentin

[human, set, vision, work, supervised, unsupervised, consistency, scoring, introduce, evaluation, annotated, label, evaluate] [recognition, performance, level, training, class, achieve, reported, shoulder] [object, segmentation, partitioning, edge, supervoxels, rand, segment, score, strong, supervoxel, leading, boundary] [point, adjacency, constrained, model, concavity, princeton, cloud, shape, mesh, single, step, full, ground, approach, error, pose, smin] [concave, cut, algorithm, method, convex, graph, euclidean, ransac, directional, proposed, support, number, data, clustering] [figure, computer, ieee, pattern, conference, planar, noise, acm, separate] [local, cutting, locally, benchmark, well, weighted, gap, randomized, distance]
Light Field Layer Matting
Fiss, Juliet, Curless, Brian, Szeliski, Rick

[novel, work, system, content, focus, natural, common, create, vision] [layer, input, map, representation, window] [foreground, background, multiple, threshold, video, propose, weight] [depth, scene, occluded, estimation, single, reconstruction, typically, model, ground] [method, composite, range, operation, problem, algorithm, original, linear, iteration] [light, matting, rendering, layered, color, estimate, ray, alpha, lytro, figure, plane, siggraph, conference, acm, computer, shift, ieee, refocused, matte, perspective, occluders, synthetic, technique, thin, estimating, pattern, spatially, defocus, varying, camera, multicolor, trimap, focal, separate, small, plenoptic, removing, reconstructing, refocusing] [image, compute, view, compare, well, limited, bayesian, computing]
Understanding Pedestrian Behaviors From Stationary Crowd Groups
Yi, Shuai, Li, Hongsheng, Wang, Xiaogang

[dataset, prediction, example, learning, probability, annotated, source, existing, topic] [pedestrian, map, factor, table, smaller, larger, learned] [crowd, stationary, walking, group, moving, path, destination, personality, based, behavior, abnormal, video, route, sgi, average, walk, frame, including, weight, key, three, modeled, detection, obstacle, density, dynamic, crowded, regarded, event, activity] [scene, model, modeling, personalized, layout, location, social, current, estimation, force] [energy, proposed, analysis, general, optimal, parameter, machine, number, close, time, optimized, method] [figure, observed, observation, ieee, motion, pattern, estimated, observing] [calculated, distance, region, large, change, represents]
Holistic 3D Scene Understanding From a Single Geo-Tagged Image
Wang, Shenlong, Fidler, Sanja, Urtasun, Raquel

[semantic, labeling, car, visual, help, dataset, set, freely] [map, performance, context, jointly, input, road, trained] [object, detection, segmentation, based, generate, bounding, employ, box, multiple] [depth, geographic, scene, holistic, pose, single, model, reconstruction, inference, approach, estimation, localization, cad, error, kitti, rad, shape, rendered, structure, osm, reasoning, edo, layout, challenging, fidler, render, initial, reason, prior, edep, point, provide, eseg, reader, potential, ground, current] [method, proposed, min, energy, encoding, solve, note, random, gaussian, algorithm, solving, minimizing] [median, figure, camera, paper, estimated, pixel, computer, rendering, relative] [image, well, geometric, local, dense, distance]
Image Segmentation in Twenty Questions
Rupprecht, Christian, Peter, Loic, Navab, Nassir

[question, probability, set, human, dataset, user, answer, interactive, visual, ibsr, vision, label, active, datasets, learning, strategy, work, natural, twenty] [stanford, hidden, training, size, design, performance] [segmentation, object, seed, background, guess, state, foreground, score, proposal, berkeley, based, three, dice, allowed, framework, truth, segment, gop, series] [mcmc, location, performed, ground, posterior, picked, current, provide, approach, uncertainty, described, volume, rely, fact] [method, number, geodesic, distribution, oracle, markov, algorithm, machine, binary, space, chain, selection, proposed, random, case, solution] [computer, pixel, figure, small, ieee, inside, international, pattern, informative, conference] [image, sampling, distance, brain, sampled, consists, large]
Towards Force Sensing From Vision: Observing Hand-Object Interactions to Infer Manipulation Forces
Pham, Tu-Hoa, Kheddar, Abderrahmane, Qammaz, Ammar, Argyros, Antonis A.

[human, vision, visual, learning, work, process, physical] [net, training, apply, learn, performance] [tracking, object, based, interaction, framework, individual] [force, hand, estimation, kinematics, manipulation, tactile, pose, grasp, mass, nominal, socp, single, approach, normal, manipulating, capture, differentiation, grasping, fsv, full, friction, anns, step, performed, fact, model, environment, body, control, challenging] [method, distribution, time, experimental, problem, consider, optimization, sum, data, gaussian] [contact, motion, ieee, estimate, observed, numerical, algebraic, computer, sensing, estimated, relative, acceleration, minimal, figure, cone, acm, camera, rotational, velocity] [internal, applied, compute, brain]
Dual Domain Filters Based Texture and Structure Preserving Image Non-Blind Deconvolution
Yang, Hang, Zhu, Ming, Niu, Yan, Guan, Yujing, Zhang, Zhongbo

[domain, scenario, noisy, visual, process] [window, stp, top, table, observe, smaller, representation, performance] [based, propose, forward, adaptive] [structure, approach, joint, volume] [method, proposed, sparse, algorithm, gaussian, dual, shrinkage, parameter, kernel, original, iteration, energy, iterative, regularized, low, house, matrix] [deconvolution, rolling, fourier, ieee, deblurring, noise, figure, preserving, stk, blurred, result, small, blur, residual, simple, quality, left, remove, ringing, signal, detail, produce, frequency] [image, guidance, denoising, transform, bilateral, isnr, variance, texture, outperforms, barbara, uorig, denoised, restoration, large, good, nitr, gray, scale, pieias, spatial, stft, local]
Robust Image Filtering Using Joint Static and Dynamic Guidance
Ham, Bumsub, Cho, Minsu, Ponce, Jean

[set] [input, map, output, table, global, coarse] [static, dynamic, structural, average, framework, contrast, truth] [depth, model, joint, structure, ground, term, localization, approach, initialization, typically] [regularization, function, parameter, data, objective, solution, nonconvex, regularizer, surrogate, regularized, gaussian, implicit, converges, time, method, iteratively, explicit, random, proposed, convergence, minimum, note, bilinear] [color, figure, constant, intensity, acm, solver, varying, robust, high, ieee, upsampling, noise, middlebury, handle] [guidance, image, rgf, wls, scale, gradient, texture, upsampled, local, applied, oall, wmf, weighted, bmes, ois, comparison, difference, correspondence, outperforms]
Efficient Illuminant Estimation for Color Constancy Using Grey Pixels
Yang, Kai-Fu, Gao, Shao-Bing, Li, Yong-Jie

[dataset, datasets, natural, set, work, source, vision] [performance, table, better, standard, input, van] [based, three, edge, multiple, hypothesis, contrast, measure, utilized] [error, estimation, indoor, scene, model, bright, detected, percentage, evaluated, volume] [method, proposed, journal, analysis, note, science, machine, low, order, number, parameter, lower] [grey, color, illuminant, angular, constancy, sfu, figure, ieee, median, pixel, iim, computer, society, imaging, pattern, light, ball, detectable, simple, checker, logarithmic, equation, conference, estimated, white, optical, small, second, estimate, america] [image, local, computed, benchmark, patch, best, equal]
Computationally Bounded Retrieval
Rastegari, Mohammad, Keskin, Cem, Kohli, Pushmeet, Izadi, Shahram

[set, vision, learning, search, sun, dataset, noisy, prediction, embedding, task] [accuracy, feature, imagenet, training] [recall, based, auc, cost] [joint, error] [binary, method, optimization, itq, number, projection, data, function, matrix, sparsity, bit, computational, quantization, hashing, code, orthogonal, sparse, update, time, optimal, mapping, complexity, dimensional, case, linear, iterative, proposed, solution, hash, solve, problem, machine, nop, space, curve, solving, coding, cbe, circulant, objective, constraint, column, faster, original, consider, computation] [figure, equation, high, computer, ieee, conference, pattern, naive] [retrieval, nearest, image, rate, neighbor, fast, query, comparison, large]
Geodesic Exponential Kernels: When Curvature and Linearity Conflict
Feragen, Aasa, Lauze, Francois, Hauberg, Soren

[positive, vision, learning, popular, example, sense, cat, embedding, processing] [negative, fisher, recognition, neural, table] [path, shortest, based, framework] [curvature, triangle, point, shape, continuous, model, structure] [geodesic, kernel, riemannian, space, gaussian, data, theorem, euclidean, laplacian, manifold, cnd, machine, exponential, sectional, hilbert, general, main, linear, respect, analysis, consider, isometric, journal, proof, prove, hyperbolic, mathematical, isometrically, inner, grassmann, laplace, vector, tangent, mapping, diffusion, form, implies, graph, spectral] [computer, conference, ieee, chordal, intrinsic, pattern, geometry, embedded, international, classical, radial, result, straight, generally, assume, figure] [metric, distance, corresponding, image, comparison, statistical, geometric]
Efficient SDP Inference for Fully-Connected CRFs Based on Low-Rank Decomposition
Wang, Peng, Shen, Chunhua, van den Hengel, Anton

[positive, set, label, work] [map, feature, table, crf, input, standard, neural, achieves, convolution] [segmentation, based, memory, cost] [approach, inference, estimation, evaluated, unary, performed] [method, approximation, matrix, energy, product, sdp, problem, kernel, sdcut, proposed, function, pairwise, computational, crfs, algorithm, gaussian, linear, number, random, sdlr, expressed, rank, dual, optimal, complexity, note, solution, vector, relaxation, objective, iteration, original, binary, denotes, rounding, exp, requirement, symmetric, lower, minimization, approximate, faster, lanczos, solve, column, quadratic, general, computation, solves] [ieee, speed, pixel, pattern, accurate] [image, corresponding, compatibility, applied, fast, local, best]
Diversity-Induced Multi-View Subspace Clustering
Cao, Xiaochun, Zhang, Changqing, Fu, Huazhu, Liu, Si, Zhang, Hua

[diversity, learning, work, dataset, diverse, novel, existing] [representation, table, standard, performance, learned, feature, explore, jointly] [complementary, based, multiple, video, employ, recall, performs, precision] [face, approach, multiview, term, ensure, joint] [clustering, subspace, method, data, matrix, spectral, dimsc, namsc, objective, function, proposed, kernel, dependence, hsic, complementarity, extended, algorithm, product, independence, independently, low, row, nmi, number, singlebest, problem, inner, constructed, consider, graph, china, denotes, minimizing, underlying, denote, space, alternating, featconcate, solution, nonlinear] [figure, spc, result, smooth, enforce, equation, second] [similarity, view, corresponding, outperforms, best, well, image]
Simulating Makeup Through Physics-Based Manipulation of Intrinsic Image Layers
Li, Chen, Zhou, Kun, Lin, Stephen

[transfer, personal, work, example, style] [layer, transferred, additional] [target, appearance, eye, based, three, including] [face, model, surface, facial, shadow, approach, term] [method, row, decomposition, approximation, energy, proposed, sparse, approximate, linear, expressed, distribution, data] [makeup, skin, specular, cosmetic, diffuse, shading, intrinsic, foundation, albedo, color, highlight, lighting, lipstick, scattering, figure, light, simulated, subsurface, refractive, thickness, computer, real, rendering, captured, second, roughness, optical, acm, ratio, geometry, blush, bst, simulating, microfacet, beckmann, yellow, opaque, barefaced] [image, reference, change, gradient, illustrated, applied, synthesized]
Riemannian Coding and Dictionary Learning: Kernels to the Rescue
Harandi, Mehrtash, Salzmann, Mathieu

[learning, vision, supervised, set, positive, perform, example, unsupervised, introduce, visual, dataset, embedding] [recognition, training, achieved, table, discriminative, representation, learn, previous, version, learned, better, accuracy] [] [approach, term, reconstruction, shape, performed, point, introduced, prior, fact] [coding, riemannian, sparse, kernel, general, space, manifold, formulation, linear, euclidean, min, note, case, machine, tangent, vector, analysis, spd, special, form, solution, derive, problem, solving, hilbert, function, method, ksc, logarithm, data, gaussian, matrix, approximate, nonlinear, logx, geodesic, kslcc, objective, logp, covariance] [conference, computer, ieee, intrinsic, pattern] [dictionary, image, local, query, gradient, well]
Shape-Based Automatic Detection of a Large Number of 3D Facial Landmarks
Zulqarnain Gilani, Syed, Shafait, Faisal, Mian, Ajmal

[set, automatic, manually, source, annotated, automatically, dataset, select, transfer, existing] [level, table, reported, feature, recognition, coarse] [detect, detection, truth, target, adaptive, seed, based] [face, facial, model, point, surface, shape, landmark, localization, neutral, error, expression, curvature, ground, anthropometric, approach, detected, bending, morphable, landmarking, autism, nose, pose, craniofacial] [number, algorithm, proposed, row, method, analysis, journal, energy, function, note, distribution, order] [figure, speed, ieee, computer, paper, subtle, intensity, international, presented] [dense, correspondence, corresponding, large, matching, statistical, query, database, sampled, difference, medical, extreme, well, comparison, image, mild]
Adopting an Unconstrained Ray Model in Light-Field Cameras for 3D Shape Reconstruction
Bergamasco, Filippo, Albarelli, Andrea, Cosmo, Luca, Torsello, Andrea, Rodola, Emanuele, Cremers, Daniel

[vision, set, process, work, common] [level, recognition, feature, standard, accuracy, global, capturing, fully] [target, behavior] [model, point, error, reconstruction, surface, estimation, rigid, performed, single, full, procedure] [code, coding, method, number, optimization, problem, proposed, distribution, order, main, adopted, ransac, space] [calibration, camera, ray, imaging, computer, figure, light, interpolation, ieee, plenoptic, zoom, conference, observed, sensor, pattern, microlens, parametric, paper, motion, plane, lytro, triangulation, maxzoom, pinhole, monitor, phase, calibrated, accurate, detail, horizontal, pixel, rotation, rms, adopt, result, captured, acm, international, high, axis, recovery, squared, white, translation] [image, dense, large, well, view, applied]
Human Action Segmentation With Hierarchical Supervoxel Consistency
Lu, Jiasen, Xu, ran, Corso, Jason J.

[human, set, evaluate, vision, understanding, automatically, consistency, european, label] [better, recognition, map, feature, higher, level, representation, table] [action, segmentation, supervoxel, saliency, supervoxels, video, detection, hierarchical, actionness, foreground, bounding, truth, mask, jhmdb, background, trajectory, iou, box, based, frame, penn, strong, puppet, golf, score, precision, average] [model, unary, potential, ground, localization, full, body, prior, detailed, term, estimation, shape, pose, joint, approach] [pairwise, data, order, graph, method, mrf, analysis, energy, parameter, denotes, number, machine] [motion, computer, ieee, conference, pattern, international, camera, optical, figure, high, color, robust] [hierarchy, large, person]
Non-Rigid Registration of Images With Geometric and Photometric Deformation by Using Local Affine Fourier-Moment Matching
Su, Hong-Ren, Lai, Shang-Hong

[dataset, relationship, associated, lin, example] [global, accuracy, feature, table, max, sliding, layer, map, increase] [target, edge, based, lab, cost, framework, hierarchical, propose, average, three, partitioning] [estimation, model, point, initial, smoothness, term, approach, step, depicted, challenging] [block, proposed, algorithm, method, minimizing, vector, matrix, function, problem, solved, order, energy, derive, parameter, denoted] [photometric, color, fourier, moment, estimate, translation, figure, estimated, lighting, spectrum, robust, real, second, illumination, camera, estimating] [image, registration, local, geometric, transform, fmm, matching, corresponding, reference, transforms, weighting, hierarchal, overlapping, voting, shen, similarity, large, zaragoza, deal, transformation, registering, transformed, histogram, sift, registered]
Hierarchically-Constrained Optical Flow
Kennedy, Ryan, Taylor, Camillo J.

[set, dataset, label, annotated, store, associated] [size, global, table, training, feature] [cost, segmentation, hierarchical, node, object, background, frame, based, groundtruth, edge, superpixels, final, multiple, ldof, weight, entire] [error, term, offset, model, vertex, smoothness, tree, location, estimation, discrete, continuous, approach, procedure, full] [optimization, function, method, matrix, random, data, denoted, algorithm, graph, diagram, note, base, time, problem] [optical, motion, figure, small, pixel, computer, color, ieee, conference, synthetic, international] [image, large, voronoi, hcof, computed, matching, deepflow, epe, endpoint, distance, local, compute, computing, similarity, magnitude, patch, region, area, displacement]
Bayesian Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super Resolution
Akhtar, Naveed, Shafait, Faisal, Mian, Ajmal

[process, indicator, set, learning, existing, probability, knowledge] [representation, table, performance, public, learned, reported] [based, truth, propose, state, weight] [approach, ground, scene, prior, posterior] [sparse, proposed, spectral, matrix, support, coding, method, sample, sik, parameter, code, vector, denotes, low, range, distribution, data, factorization, gibbs, selection, literature] [high, ieee, imaging, bernoulli, component, estimate, rmse, reconstructed, sensing, multispectral, figure, material, directly] [image, hyperspectral, resolution, dictionary, bayesian, super, remote, spatial, sampling, inferencing, database, zik, gsomp, beta, computed, harvard, cave, acquired, transformed, june, transform, compute, initialized, distinct, exhaustive, construct]
Revisiting Kernelized Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Improved Large-Scale Image Retrieval
Jiang, Ke, Que, Qichao, Kulis, Brian

[search, vision, work, set, probability, flickr] [performance, standard, improvement, feature, applying, increasing, representation, better] [viewed, based, intersection] [projected, provide] [kernel, klsh, rank, random, lsh, analysis, gaussian, hashing, number, data, function, hash, matrix, choice, method, projection, space, note, covariance, empirical, original, vector, approximation, bound, approximate, theoretical, principal, limit, kernelized, theorem, sample, explicit, subspace, hilbert, consider, sum, product, main, kulis, distribution, decay] [international, computer, figure, simple, central, conference, ieee, pattern] [retrieval, nearest, scale, neighbor, image, database, similarity, query, difference, transformation, large, corresponding, tradeoff, best, pca]
Low-Level Vision by Consensus in a Spatial Hierarchy of Regions
Chakrabarti, Ayan, Xiong, Ying, Gortler, Steven J., Zickler, Todd

[set, consistency, visual, subset, vision, physical] [map, larger, global, table, representation] [framework, cost, hierarchical, multiple, organized, truth, measure, three] [scene, model, error, estimation, kitti, approach, term, ground, occluded, binocular, initial, slanted, noc] [data, optimization, iteration, minimization, computational, computation, objective, algorithm, alternating, number, note, lower, core, greater, lowest, explicitly, proposed, support] [stereo, ieee, degree, disparity, piecewise, second, figure, small, parallel, pixel, estimate, inliers, requires] [region, consensus, local, image, inlying, matching, scale, variational, overlapping, aggregation, spatial, benchmark, computed, well, includes, large, consistent]
Clustering of Static-Adaptive Correspondences for Deformable Object Tracking
Nebehay, Georg, Pflugfelder, Roman

[evaluation, dataset, set, identify] [output, performance, standard, global] [object, tracking, frame, employ, measure, success, based, static, bounding, tracker, adaptive, individual, interest, overlap, box, plot, recall, threshold, state, average, scm, multiple, art, candidate, cutoff, allowing, truth, tld] [model, approach, initial, current, ground] [clustering, method, order, algorithm, number, proposed, parameter, idea, pairwise, respect, computational, time, ransac, denotes] [figure, robust, estimating, estimate, motion, second, str, simple] [keypoints, matching, vojir, dissimilarity, keypoint, scale, geometric, match, transform, compute, correspondence, distance, rate, algorithmic, similarity, hough, computed, well, comparison, image, sgt, austrian, agglomerative, local]
Efficient ConvNet-Based Marker-Less Motion Capture in General Scenes With a Low Number of Cameras
Elhayek, Ahmed, de Aguiar, Edilson, Jain, Arjun, Tompson, Jonathan, Pishchulin, Leonid, Andriluka, Micha, Bregler, Chris, Schiele, Bernt, Theobalt, Christian

[human, people] [input, convnet, accuracy, network, convolutional, table, additional, discriminative, combining] [tracking, detection, sequence, frame, multiple, based, combined, moving, average, video, overlap, likelihood, tracked, truth, individual, track, three] [pose, joint, articulated, body, approach, capture, model, term, estimation, position, recorded, pictorial, full, posterior, challenging, location, generative, sog, single, ground, error, arker, projected, scene, depth, disc] [method, number, energy, optimization, algorithm, gaussian, time, note, gaussians, low] [motion, camera, outdoor, figure, color, high, estimate] [image, computed, similarity, view, resolution, weighted, local, sampling]
Semantic Alignment of LiDAR Data at City Scale
Yu, Fisher, Xiao, Jianxiong, Funkhouser, Thomas

[semantic, work, car, set, google, correct, vision, associated, provided, system, test, collected, add, mutually] [feature, global, better, recognition] [based, detect, object, detection, extract] [lidar, alignment, point, icp, urban, initial, provide, detected, scanner, control, building, pose, align, shape, represent, percentage, york, distinctive, approach, valuable, reconstruction, scan, ground] [data, algorithm, method, optimization, range, mapping, spline, solution] [computer, figure, international, conference, ieee, pattern, laser, small, simultaneous, paper, rotation, translation] [large, street, view, registration, city, closest, distance, image, matched, correspondence, transformation, scale, dense, remote]
A Weighted Sparse Coding Framework for Saliency Detection
Li, Nianyi, Sun, Bilin, Yu, Jingyi

[set, human, visual, vision, focus, existing] [feature, performance, input, map, combine, compared, highly] [saliency, superpixels, detection, focusness, salient, precision, recall, dsr, foreground, lrmr, based, superpixel, background, gbmr, framework, hdct, orbd, sod, contrast, measure, prc, object, handling, lfsd, generate, weight] [depth, approach, scene, template, rgb, reconstruction, represent, error] [algorithm, data, sparse, matrix, solution, vector, coding, notice, iterative, function, number] [color, light, high, computer, focal, figure, stereo, stack, technique, disparity, conference, ieee] [image, dictionary, texture, weighted, histogram, reference, region, database, scheme, compute, similarity, connectivity, comprehensive, computed]
Bayesian Adaptive Matrix Factorization With Automatic Model Selection
Chen, Peixian, Wang, Naiyan, Zhang, Nevin L., Yeung, Dit-Yan

[set, process, draw, automatic, text, work] [input, factor, performance, table, better, advantage, comparable, setting] [based, background, three, adaptive] [model, face, error, initial, mixture, shadow, prior, pcp, full, inference, approach, modeling, probabilistic] [matrix, amf, factorization, rank, gaussian, distribution, number, data, method, selection, dirichlet, missing, proposed, brpca, vblr, norm, prmf, gmm, original, gaussians, parameter, denotes, problem, analysis, mbrmf, row, mrpca, cwm, principal, ard, optimization, approximate, construction, journal, update] [noise, robust, removal, component, relative, recovered, figure, unknown, computer, proper] [bayesian, variational, image, variance, corresponding, large, compare, mixing, true]
Robust Regression on Image Manifolds for Ordered Label Denoising
Wu, Hui, Souvenir, Richard

[label, set, predicted, vision, mislabeled, associated, corruption, natural, work, learning, visual, processing] [input, global, learn, neural, performance, loss] [truth, average, measure] [regression, svr, ordered, ground, model, pose, face, percentage, approach, error] [manifold, data, method, function, hessian, ransac, problem, kspca, rbfn, sparse, algorithm, cloudy, space, original, digit, regularization, swiss, row, dimensionality, vector, cloudiness, represented, corrupted, outlier, matrix, linear, number, nonlinear, weather, roll, kernel, statue, underlying] [robust, figure, computer, conference, noise, ieee, rotation, rmse, pattern, international, clear, high, equation, paper, elevation, estimate, varying, red, intrinsic] [image, denoising, local, applied, neighborhood, indicate]
Visual Vibrometry: Estimating Material Properties From Small Motion in Video
Davis, Abe, Bouman, Katherine L., Chen, Justin G., Rubinstein, Michael, Durand, Fredo, Freeman, William T.

[work, physical, engineering, vision, tend] [testing, training, power, trained, learn, extracted, reported] [video, object, weight, truth] [regression, model, approach, predictive, point, stiffness, ground, single, force, surface, elastic] [analysis, method, data, journal, linear] [material, motion, mode, resonant, fabric, figure, vibration, estimate, small, recovered, frequency, sound, laser, ambient, clamped, geometry, high, estimating, computer, rod, camera, theory, modulus, sensitivity, excitation, estimated, equation, acoustic, spectrum, hanging, technique, measured, aluminum, simple, captured, paper, plsr, setup, pixel, tested] [local, area, modal, corresponding, image]
Reweighted Laplace Prior Based Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing for Unknown Sparsity
Zhang, Lei, Wei, Wei, Zhang, Yanning, Tian, Chunna, Li, Fei

[datasets, dataset, learning, latent] [log, learned, table, max, reduce] [three, based, bayes, hierarchical, adaptive, likelihood] [prior, reconstruction, urban, model, structure, estimation, capture] [rlphcs, sparse, data, lasso, rcs, stomp, omp, sparsity, proposed, laplace, reweighted, matrix, hsi, paviau, variable, method, indiana, sam, function, linear, snr, hcs, min, optimization, underlying, norm, orthogonal, bar, random, basis, covariance, diag, optimizing, denotes, distribution, ady, update, row, solution, regularization, gaussian, undemocratic, diagonal, adopted, penalization, exp, experimental, unmixing, proved] [signal, noise, figure, ieee, unknown, compressive, sensing, recover, traditional] [sampling, rate, hyperspectral, image, ssim, psnr, band, comparison, wavelet, bayesian, matching, transform]
Online Sketching Hashing
Leng, Cong, Wu, Jiaxiang, Cheng, Jian, Bai, Xiao, Lu, Hanqing

[learning, dataset, stream, search, work, vision, set, existing, datasets, annual] [training, size, learned, smaller, learn, performance, top, loss, version, map] [online, based, average, precision, extensive, propose] [step, approach, symposium] [data, matrix, hash, hashing, algorithm, round, method, osh, proposed, function, sketching, okh, time, complexity, space, lsh, itq, chunk, random, binary, accumulated, problem, covariance, machine, objective, ytt, batch, column, code, approximation, number, hamming, isoh, decomposition, denote, original, projection, approximate, optimized, scalability, eigenvectors] [computer, conference, ieee, rotation, pattern, second, international, small] [sketch, streaming, large, scale, pair, nearest]
Saliency Propagation From Simple to Difficult
Gong, Chen, Tao, Dacheng, Liu, Wei, Maybank, Stephen J., Fang, Meng, Fu, Keren, Yang, Jie

[teacher, set, labeled, vision, learning, curriculum, learner, unlabeled, existing, processing, knowledge, evaluate, example, process] [map, recognition, input, learned, land, stage, coarse, better, connected] [saliency, superpixels, superpixel, background, detection, salient, based, foreground, individuality, precisionw, tllt, sequence, ihm, object, target, msra, boundary, key, ecssd, recallw, informativity, generated, updated, generate] [hull, adjacent, approach, prior] [convex, matlab, proposed, matrix, method, iteration, graph, algorithm, vector, inhomogeneity, machine, geodesic, gaussian, adopted, diffusion, random] [conference, ieee, pattern, simple, computer, figure, small, reasonable, inhomogeneous, result, decide, traditional] [propagation, image, weighted, connectivity, region]
Long-Term Correlation Tracking
Ma, Chao, Yang, Xiaokang, Zhang, Chongyang, Yang, Ming-Hsuan

[visual, mil, learning, vision, set, european, evaluation] [context, detector, feature, hog, train, effective, window] [tracking, target, correlation, success, overlap, kcf, lct, frame, tracker, performs, stc, online, tld, threshold, struck, temporal, object, appearance, meem, scm, csk, tgpr, asla, based, precision, adaptive, favorably, heavy, background] [model, regression, occlusion, estimation, location, approach, challenging, error, deformation] [method, algorithm, proposed, number, random, case, update, problem, effectively, machine, gaussian, kernel] [figure, computer, conference, ieee, translation, pattern, estimated, robust, motion] [scale, rate, well, fern, distance, fast, change, benchmark, regressor]
Learning Similarity Metrics for Dynamic Scene Segmentation
Teney, Damien, Brown, Matthew, Kit, Dmitry, Hall, Peter

[learning, unsupervised, supervised, dataset, semantic, existing, work, set] [learned, training, learn, size, performance, larger, input, additional, smaller, better] [segmentation, dynamic, video, segment, appearance, hierarchical, truth, spatiotemporal, bank, merged, memory, object, edge, segmenting, framework, rand, updated, boundary, complex, static] [rigid, ground, capture, allows, adjacent, approach, occlusion, manual] [algorithm, dimensionality, proposed, reduction, number, data, method, function, optimize, linear, yij, objective, pairwise, note, general, graph] [motion, color, small, figure, optical, pattern, ieee] [metric, distance, image, texture, large, compare, mahalanobis, consistent, pca]
Causal Video Object Segmentation From Persistence of Occlusions
Taylor, Brian, Karasev, Vasiliy, Soatto, Stefano

[set, domain, causal, work, evaluation, perform, evaluate, knowledge, report] [layer, max, previous, training, extracted] [video, object, segmentation, occluder, foreground, precision, recall, temporal, partition, appearance, docc, based, cost, detection, moving, tracking, entire, violating, framework, truth, frame] [occlusion, occluded, depth, prior, model, full, ordering, estimation, term, ground, occluding, current, approach, described, visible, front] [optimization, row, convex, time, min, problem, method, constraint, algorithm, note, binary, function, regularization, sample, number] [motion, optical, figure, requires, result, small, pixel, determining] [image, region, scheme, computed, large, local, comparison]
3D Model-Based Continuous Emotion Recognition
Chen, Hui, Li, Jiangdong, Zhang, Fengjun, Li, Yang, Wang, Hongan

[emotion, set, natural, system, test, vision, work, human, recognize, dataset, multimodal, selected] [training, recognition, table, input, achieve] [tracking, correlation, video, based, appearance, dynamic, node] [facial, continuous, shape, affective, regression, current, presentation, expression, model, estimation, sij, forest, head, mij, picked, wid, avec, coordinate, arousal, face, step, valence, blendshapes, landmark, represent] [random, method, algorithm, time, matrix, dimensional, fusion, number, proposed, space, energy, binary, journal, vector, dimension, original, covariance] [result, international, figure, ieee, conference, computer, robust, recovery, estimated] [image, large, lbp, affect, difference]
New Insights Into Laplacian Similarity Search
Wu, Xiao-Ming, Li, Zhenguo, Chang, Shih-Fu

[ranking, set, positive, learning, dataset, test, interesting, select] [better, larger, map, top, design] [density, average, propose, performs, entire, surrounding, wij, complementary] [vertex, structure, personalized, robustness] [cluster, graph, sparse, regularizer, lim, parw, theorem, column, vector, behaves, lemma, laplacian, matrix, usps, analysis, pagerank, denote, random, hitting, corollary, respect, absorption, pii, consider, normalized, machine, gaussians, note, sparsest, suppose, proposed, densest, limit, digit, order] [degree, ratio, paper, robust, assume, balancing, figure, computer, prefers, ieee, constant, small] [local, dense, image, query, similarity, divergence, gap, weighted, compare, impact, essentially, large, retrieval, metric, desirable, well]
Active Sample Selection and Correction Propagation on a Gradually-Augmented Graph
Su, Hang, Yin, Zhaozheng, Kanade, Takeo, Huh, Seungil

[active, human, label, learning, unlabeled, annotation, selected, transductive, select, expected, labeled, prediction, annotated, soft, set, dataset, hard] [training, testing, performance, improved, feature, accuracy, achieve, implemented, kth] [segmentation, based, propose, frame] [initial, error, sequential, triangle] [sample, selection, data, rademacher, matrix, luu, minimizing, algorithm, complexity, wul, graph, number, actively, random, method, vector, theorem, column, bound, upper, zsu, proposed, augmented, machine, criterion, min, note, arg, order, ith, gaussian, drawn, harmonic, laplacian, time, solution] [correction, informative, conference, ieee, international, corrected, computer, pattern, gradually, inverse] [propagation, cell, corresponding, subsequent, large, marked, propagated, change]
Continuous Visibility Feature
Liu, Guilin, Gingold, Yotam, Lien, Jyh-Ming

[weak, example, human, semantic, existing, positive, set, evaluation, address, search, visual, airplane, meaningful] [feature, better, achieved, table, designed, reduce] [segmentation, path, based, strong, propose, shortest, intersection, generate] [cvf, shape, visibility, visible, continuous, continuously, vertex, cvfavg, approach, point, mesh, model, diameter, volume, surface, princeton, invisible, provide, entirely, wiley] [geodesic, running, function, time, decomposition, machine, idea, lower, analysis, cut, distribution, graph, vector] [figure, sdf, computer, inside, thickness, component, pattern, acm, second, ieee, length, ray] [region, retrieval, connecting, benchmark, matching, comparison, image, true, area, consistent, change]
Best-Buddies Similarity for Robust Template Matching
Dekel, Tali, Oron, Shaul, Rubinstein, Michael, Avidan, Shai, Freeman, William T.

[set, visual, evaluation, sad] [top, accuracy, window, performance] [target, measure, object, background, foreground, overlap, success, bounding, key, interest, likelihood, based, detection, box, threshold, appearance, complex, candidate] [template, point, nonrigid, challenging, model, deformation] [drawn, case, number, method, distribution, analysis, underlying, data, gaussian, note, space, range] [robust, pattern, figure, ieee, high, real, signal] [image, matching, similarity, distance, expectation, marked, pair, ebbp, distinct, patch, bbp, bbps, ssd, emd, best, nearest, ncc, computing, cpk, integral, considered, geometric, cql, match, commonly, sharply, well, deal, demonstrated, neighbor, fast]
Pose-Conditioned Joint Angle Limits for 3D Human Pose Reconstruction
Akhter, Ijaz, Black, Michael J.

[human, dataset, vision, report, evaluate] [previous, representation, learn, training, learned, network] [propose] [pose, joint, prior, estimation, valid, invalid, bone, body, cmu, reconstruction, error, coordinate, model, kinematic, manual, torso, single, fan, ramakrishna, elbow, represent, monocular, full, wrist, modeling] [method, basis, proposed, algorithm, vector, matrix, data, denotes, number, problem, procrustes, consider, space, min, optimization, sparse, range, distribution, gaussian, extended, linear, arbitrary, exploiting, function, general] [estimate, computer, estimated, camera, figure, angle, equation, international, rotation, relative, conference, estimating, motion, length, noise, plane] [local, image, dictionary, corresponding, compare, mocap, bayesian, parent]
EpicFlow: Edge-Preserving Interpolation of Correspondences for Optical Flow
Revaud, Jerome, Weinzaepfel, Philippe, Harchaoui, Zaid, Schmid, Cordelia

[set, work, perform, evaluate, dataset, incorrect, test] [table, contour, training, better, input, level, performance] [based, propose, edge, performs, cost, density, state] [kitti, estimation, approach, error, occluded, initialization, term, model] [geodesic, energy, minimization, euclidean, method, approximation, order, sparse, computation, note, algorithm, time] [interpolation, optical, motion, pixel, figure, estimate, middlebury, small, ieee, flow, robust, second, interpolated, quality, result] [distance, epicflow, matching, image, dense, large, variational, aee, correspondence, scheme, local, match, sed, compute, impact, kpm, comparison, fast, deepmatching, deepflow, well, kdg, displacement, compare, neighbor, outperforms, computed, region]
Projection Metric Learning on Grassmann Manifold With Application to Video Based Face Recognition
Huang, Zhiwu, Wang, Ruiping, Shan, Shiguang, Chen, Xilin

[learning, set, work, embedding, positive] [recognition, discriminative, learn, feature, size, learned, challenge] [video, based, target, youtube] [face, canonical, approach, represent, constrained] [grassmann, manifold, matrix, projection, method, linear, proposed, subspace, dimensionality, data, analysis, space, kernel, ytf, algorithm, original, riemannian, psd, euclidean, gda, function, pml, reduction, hilbert, number, orthonormal, dcc, mapping, grassmannian, optimization, ggda, pasc, academy, basis, cmsm, time, objective, dimensional, convergence, problem, aij, solution] [geometry, figure, high, developed, directly] [metric, discriminant, image, distance, gradient, chinese, transformed, transformation, well, rate]
Multiple Random Walkers and Their Application to Image Cosegmentation
Lee, Chulwoo, Jang, Won-Dong, Sim, Jae-Young, Kim, Chang-Su

[probability, rule, process, system, set, interactive] [input, recursion, achieve, accuracy, neural, fully, top, performance, connected] [foreground, cosegmentation, segmentation, node, stationary, background, multiple, based, agent, object, transition, wij, employing, walk, ncut, simulate, edge, eij, propose, interact, segment, icoseg] [initial, single, posterior, prior, dominant, point] [mrw, restart, random, proposed, clustering, distribution, algorithm, walker, graph, repulsive, data, concurrence, rwr, matrix, auv, spectral, computation, time, element, number, normalizing, note, experimental, taj, mahal] [figure, ieee, conventional, center, desired, red, result, developed, korea] [image, represents, distance, compute, computed]
More About VLAD: A Leap From Euclidean to Riemannian Manifolds
Faraki, Masoud, Harandi, Mehrtash T., Porikli, Fatih

[vision, set, dataset, learning, visual, example] [recognition, table, extracted, size, better, standard, previous, power, training, accuracy, deep, reported] [video, dynamic, action, framework, cost] [scene, point, face, provide] [riemannian, manifold, grassmannian, vector, spd, geodesic, machine, coding, matrix, projection, linear, euclidean, analysis, form, space, function, codebook, intelligence, chet, covariance, bowg, ldv, computational, algorithm, method, logarithm, data, symmetric, problem, jeffrey, proposed, general, studied, tangent, block, note, stein, journal, upenn, formulation, complexity] [computer, conference, pattern, ieee, conventional, second] [vlad, local, image, metric, gradient, distance, computing, descriptor, bowle, best, texture]
Bilinear Random Projections for Locality-Sensitive Binary Codes
Kim, Saehoon, Choi, Seungjin

[expected, vision, natural, search] [compared, performance, feature, size, reduce, recognition] [precision, recall, correlation, memory, generate] [single, represent] [bilinear, binary, projection, upper, kernel, gaussian, random, bound, lower, data, matrix, time, hamming, hashing, hash, covariance, computational, linear, code, space, analysis, theorem, case, function, lemma, number, respect, rdw, sgn, consumption, theoretical, lsh, induced, drawn, easily, algorithm, vector, mnist, method, empirical, approximate, plotted] [figure, high, international, fourier, computer, conference, ieee, pattern, property] [distance, large, similarity, randomized, nearest, computed, neighbor, image]
Coarse-To-Fine Region Selection and Matching
Yang, Yanchao, Lu, Zhaojin, Sundaramoorthi, Ganesh

[search, test, subset, set, baseline, dataset, vision, existing, correct, highest] [size, level, top, performance, achieve] [detection, interest, hierarchical, threshold, group, salient, recall, precision, entire, cost] [viewpoint, point, procedure, approach] [method, number, algorithm, denote, computational, journal, sample, chosen, element, decomposition, block, time] [figure, computer, pixel, ieee, pattern, second, conference, international, piecewise, robust] [region, matching, hierarchy, image, invariant, large, rate, match, descriptor, correspondence, matched, corresponding, wide, change, false, turntable, maximal, ncc, invariance, alarm, orbit, best, transforms, sift, asift, roc, comparing, local, bij, scale, compare, indicate, patch, neighborhood, haraff]
Elastic Functional Coding of Human Actions: From Vector-Fields to Latent Variables
Anirudh, Rushil, Turaga, Pavan, Su, Jingyong, Srivastava, Anuj

[human, dataset, latent, set, embedding, work, learning, diverse, perform, datasets, search] [recognition, representation, feature, learn, identity] [action, sequence, group, trajectory, skeleton] [shape, skeletal, point, joint, reconstruction, performed, provide] [space, dimensional, manifold, mfpca, riemannian, lower, analysis, product, tangent, data, lie, tsrvf, principal, grassmann, original, proposed, low, matrix, geodesic, functional, time, vector, variable, dimensionality, utkinect, exponential, euclidean, dimension, decay, linear, reduction, function, nonlinear, element, coding, eigenvalue, representational, orthogonal] [high, relative, warping, component, ieee, transport, figure, velocity, pattern] [invariant, distance, sampling, pca, metric, applied, demonstrate]
Reflection Removal Using Ghosting Cues
Shih, YiChang, Krishnan, Dilip, Durand, Fredo, Freeman, William T.

[vision, work, example, natural, side, user, automatic, set, include] [layer, input, recognition, factor, convolution, map] [truth, multiple, based, generated, cost] [model, ground, prior, volume, single, mixture, scene] [gmm, method, kernel, algorithm, shifted, optimization, analysis, solve, data, energy, gaussian, sparsity, decomposition, problem, product, machine] [ghosting, transmission, glass, figure, recovered, ieee, separation, computer, camera, conference, pattern, attenuation, light, separating, relative, ghosted, synthetic, shift, angle, incident, requires, removal, pane, transparent, estimate, attenuated, autocorrelation, assume, equation, international, ratio, supplemental, sin, pixel, imaging] [image, patch, local, spatial, gradient, distance, pair, corner]
Unsupervised Simultaneous Orthogonal Basis Clustering Feature Selection
Han, Dongyoon, Kim, Junmo

[selected, unsupervised, latent, select, learning, set, datasets, type, unlabeled, dataset] [feature, discriminative, better, performance] [target, propose, based] [projected, structure, single, face, regression, term] [socfs, selection, matrix, clustering, data, orthogonal, nmi, acc, ndfs, nonnegative, proposed, udfs, mcfs, number, cluster, constraint, optimization, basis, algorithm, min, regularized, formulation, objective, selects, problem, update, projection, method, bet, analysis, umist, experimental, subproblem, row, spectral, usps, practical, function, solution, orthogonality, minimized, factorization, yaleb, tune, variable, parameter, relates, diagonal, encoding] [figure, directly, simultaneous] [local, corresponding, computed, lung, best]
Saliency Detection via Cellular Automata
Qin, Yao, Lu, Huchuan, Xu, Yiqun, Wang, He

[vision, set, visual, existing, eqn] [map, recognition, global, factor, improve, input, level, apply, effective, better, achieve] [saliency, cellular, salient, object, precision, boundary, recall, bsca, detection, mca, based, background, threshold, propose, superpixels, integration, superpixel, gcd, foreground, wco, generated, contrast, dsr, integrated, integrate, ufo, asd, state, segmentation, evolution] [ground, prior] [matrix, algorithm, optimized, proposed, method, time, updating, row, order, number, denoted, original] [ieee, computer, conference, figure, pattern, color, international, pixel, coherence, intrinsic, measured] [image, distance, bayesian, construct, impact, cell, represents, local, region, spatial]
Random Tree Walk Toward Instantaneous 3D Human Pose Estimation
Yub Jung, Ho, Lee, Soochahn, Seok Heo, Yong, Dong Yun, Il

[set, human, vision, randomly, test, evaluation, probability, process, operate] [training, size, map, previous, trained, unit, discriminative, achieved, higher, decision, larger, compared, smaller, train] [walk, tracking, precision, average, node, multiple, based, frame] [pose, rtw, joint, step, tree, depth, estimation, body, position, single, regression, eval, starting, point, fps, leaf, model, approach, provide, offset, skeletal, kinematic, current, forest, yang, ground] [random, number, computation, proposed, method, algorithm, time, chosen, sample, distribution] [direction, computer, pattern, estimated, accurate, figure, presented, estimate, motion] [image, large, expectation, represents, randomized, distance, implementation]
Shape-Tailored Local Descriptors and Their Application to Segmentation and Tracking
Khan, Naeemullah, Algarni, Marei, Yezzi, Anthony, Sundaramoorthi, Ganesh

[active, dataset, set, vision, entropy] [global, size, level, previous, contour, accuracy] [segmentation, object, based, boundary, oriented, uij, detection, indicates, tracking, multiple] [shape, ground, capture] [data, journal, method, respect, function, energy, solution, sample, denotes, note, application, solve, problem, vector, remark, solving] [computer, ieee, small, piecewise, international, conference, constant, figure, pattern, smooth, intensity, pixel, color, accurate, synthetic] [texture, image, local, stld, descriptor, region, gradient, scale, pde, textured, ois, compute, gpb, computed, aggregate, neighborhood, compare, textons, disocclusion, area, variation, consists, large, disocclusions]
Layered RGBD Scene Flow Estimation
Sun, Deqing, Sudderth, Erik B., Pfister, Hanspeter

[vision, work, european, noisy, dataset] [layer, global, kth, table, bottleneck, jointly] [segmentation, moving, frame, foreground, average, obtains, object, background, propose, based, detection] [depth, scene, rgbd, estimation, rgb, occlusion, ordering, model, term, single, approach, error, rigid, prior, current, allows] [method, support, data, function, energy, solve, promising, note, penalty, code, random, depends] [motion, optical, layered, conference, computer, ieee, figure, pattern, srsf, middlebury, vtk, estimate, second, pixel, rtk, translation, stk, estimated, rotation, utk, international, observation, robust, camera, warped, wtk, decide, gtk, reasonable, aae, constancy, rms] [image, large, local, benchmark, corresponding, scheme]
A Linear Least-Squares Solution to Elastic Shape-From-Template
Malti, Abed, Bartoli, Adrien, Hartley, Richard

[mechanical, test, set, written, relation, weak] [global, table, compared, feature, accuracy] [boundary, node] [surface, shear, transverse, error, deformation, nlm, deformed, kfm, sft, shape, point, stress, nlg, deforming, stiffness, bending, template, cap, fem, plate, elastic, extensibility, reconstruction, solid, balloon, force, monocular, normal, conformal, redchecker, initialization, initial, robustness, represent] [method, matrix, linear, order, time, formulation, computation, isometric, solution, construction, variable, vector, energy, problem, consider] [equation, noise, thickness, accurate, real, reprojection, requires, figure, plane, material, std] [displacement, local, image, external, applied, called, medical, geometric]
Fast Bilateral-Space Stereo for Synthetic Defocus
Barron, Jonathan T., Adams, Andrew, Shih, YiChang, Hernandez, Carlos

[user, set, baseline, domain, perform, dataset, work] [output, loss, map, input, cropped, table, global, standard] [cost] [depth, approach, inference, model, term, render, volume, allows, smoothness, vertex] [optimization, algorithm, problem, number, function, data, lookup, sum, respect, faster, matrix, solve, space, convex] [stereo, disparity, produce, technique, figure, defocused, light, defocus, pixel, lattice, requires, permutohedral, supplemental, speed, rendering, camera, produced, quality, interpolation, bcn, small, synthetically, producing, high, presented, optical, generally, bilateralspace, libelas] [bilateral, image, fast, grid, benchmark, pair, construct, local, large]
Hashing With Binary Autoencoders
Carreira-Perpinan, Miguel A., Raziperchikolaei, Ramin

[set, search, learning, work, test, processing] [better, training, global, decoder, apply, auxiliary, factor, competitive] [precision, recall] [step, continuous, initialization, model, approach, ground, error, reconstruction] [binary, function, hash, optimization, objective, hashing, bfa, hamming, linear, itq, algorithm, alternating, solution, relaxed, problem, code, method, mac, optimizing, space, tpca, optimal, number, euclidean, thresholded, optimize, quadratic, exact, machine, min, agh, vector, spectral, data, matrix, minimizer, approximate, analysis, theorem, schedule, runtime, form] [computer, small, figure, parallel, pattern, ieee, nested] [distance, image, nearest, autoencoder, encoder, large, change, june, good, retrieval, retrieved]
Bayesian Inference for Neighborhood Filters With Application in Denoising
Huang, Chao-Tsung

[noisy, test, processing, set, bag, perform, latent, work] [log, apply, table, smaller, better] [likelihood, framework, based, average] [estimation, model, nlm, infer, provide, fitting, inferred, position, inference, scan] [parameter, proposed, empirical, iteration, range, algorithm, update, gaussian, method, function, time, matrix, kernel, maximum, note, basic, distribution, consider, condition] [noise, ieee, observed, small, estimated, estimate, result, color, directly, international, quality, intensity, computer, signal, conference, conventional, high] [image, csm, bilateral, psnr, neighborhood, kld, recursive, mnlm, variance, denoising, patch, best, yaroslavsky, derived, well, scale, corresponding, chi, bayesian, spatial, large, bdct, applied, similarity, choose, good, weighted]
Subgraph Matching Using Compactness Prior for Robust Feature Correspondence
Suh, Yumin, Adamczewski, Kamil, Mu Lee, Kyoung

[vision, learning, active, evaluate, positive, example, randomly, set, amount] [feature, performance, recognition, additional, input] [node, subgraph, precision, recall, state, three, proposal, propose, monte, edge, based, score, object] [deformation, prior, sea, ground, represent] [graph, number, method, solution, objective, iqp, algorithm, proposed, core, markov, problem, formulation, original, chain, random, solve, vector, nout, space, fgm, rrwm, represented, machine, ipfp, optimization, analysis, function, consistently, plotted, effectively, parameter, matrix, yia, curve] [varying, figure, computer, ieee, pattern, conference, noise, robust, real, international, cho, sin, synthetic, robustly, result, presence] [matching, correspondence, compactness, attributed, true, consists, match, large]
Blind Optical Aberration Correction by Exploring Geometric and Visual Priors
Yue, Tao, Suo, Jinli, Wang, Jue, Cao, Xun, Dai, Qionghai

[visual, strategy, latent, work, set] [channel, better, performance, global, apply] [propose, framework, series, adaptive, principle] [single, estimation, approach, point, model] [proposed, algorithm, method, constraint, kernel, symmetric, min, arg, respect, function, derive, objective, computational, main, solution] [aberration, optical, symmetry, lens, psf, schuler, blind, warping, radial, deconvolution, captured, chromatic, sharpest, correction, blurry, central, figure, sharp, light, result, csym, uniform, quality, imaging, spherical, color, synthetic, removal, subimage, camera, rotational, high, coma, plane, concentric, cadj, assumption, handle] [image, splitting, geometric, region, patch, local, well, large, applied, transform, ring, reference]
Fast and Robust Hand Tracking Using Detection-Guided Optimization
Sridhar, Srinath, Mueller, Franziska, Oulasvirta, Antti, Theobalt, Christian

[strategy, work, novel, set, evaluation, human] [representation, input, decision, discriminative, previous, accuracy, global, jitter] [tracking, measure, evidence, late, based, skeleton, complex, average, detection, rapid, particle] [depth, hand, pose, model, error, mixture, term, approach, estimation, iccv, joint, generative, single, fps, markerless, collision, capture, qualitative, esim, full, realtime, surface, articulated, leap, represent, projected, analytic, dpq, interacting] [gaussian, method, optimization, data, energy, gaussians, number, penalty, fusion, proposed, time, random] [figure, motion, camera, high, equation, robust, varying, second] [similarity, fast, image, best, local, large, cvpr, computed]
RGBD-Fusion: Real-Time High Precision Depth Recovery
Or - El, Roy, Rosman, Guy, Wetzler, Aaron, Kimmel, Ron, Bruckstein, Alfred M.

[vision, natural, set, process] [map, input, accuracy, improve, table] [multiple, object, framework, state, complex, entire, cost] [depth, shape, surface, model, scene, term, reconstruction, initial, estimation, single, rough, normal, error, robustness, introduced, environment, explains] [method, algorithm, proposed, order, function, problem, data, range, low, note, update, move, linear] [shading, lighting, computer, intensity, conference, ieee, high, pattern, recovery, albedo, figure, recover, international, illumination, color, enhance, light, quality, intrinsic, smooth, photometric, handle, real, geometry, spherical, lambertian, frequency, directly, accurate, captured, eliminate, stereo, uniform, recovering, recovered] [image, resolution, enhancement, gradient, local, variational]
Clique-Graph Matching by Preserving Global & Local Structure
Nie, Wei-Zhi, Liu, An-An, Gao, Zan, Su, Yu-Ting

[set, attribute, discover, work, latent] [accuracy, size, feature, global, hgm, performance, previous, implemented] [node, measure, individual, generated, edge, sequence, propose, object, score, density, based, originally] [deformation, unary, structure, point, step, represent] [graph, clique, method, proposed, pairwise, order, objective, number, function, ipfp, rrwm, outlier, problem, rrwhm, random, fgmu, fgmd, convey, nin, convex, formulated, programming, experiment, solution, vip, denotes, eab, sparse, constraint, algorithm, original, implicitly, vector, spectral, optimal] [noise, synthetic, figure, high, preserving, ieee, center, pattern, real] [matching, local, similarity, correspondence, image, inlier, consists, well, consequently, varied]
Nested Motion Descriptors
Byrne, Jeffrey

[human, set, dataset, example, relationship, evaluation] [pooling, representation, global, recognition, response, pyramid, observe, performance, pooled, computes, pool, map, kth, improved] [activity, interest, action, spatiotemporal, saliency, salient, complex, video, background, temporal, oriented, frame, based, foreground] [orientation, shape, point, provide, neighboring, single, dominant] [constraint, construction, number, support, function] [motion, phase, nested, component, camera, velocity, robust, steerable, relative, figure, nmd, bandpass, stability, optical, constant, rock, constancy, small, quadrature, estimate, pixel, observed, computer] [descriptor, local, scale, magnitude, gradient, image, normalization, large, compute, spatial, stable, invariant, difference, computed, dense, invariance, unconstrained, encodes, computing]
Dataset Fingerprints: Exploring Image Collections Through Data Mining
Rematas, Konstantinos, Fernando, Basura, Dellaert, Frank, Tuytelaars, Tinne

[set, visual, mining, tile, dataset, discovered, user, discover, browsing, appear, cover, closed, summarization, interesting, system, coco, meaningful, common, item, unsupervised, discovery, collection, lda, interestingness, summarize, covered, midlevel, interactive, lcm, amount, select, itemset, exploration, representative, photo, add, example, purity] [discriminative, pascal, voc, exemplar, top, activated, explore, larger, activation] [based, object, overlap, generate, three, background, auc] [allows, initial, allow] [data, number, support, method, matrix, denoted, algorithm, graph, minimum, criterion, selection, order, objective, cluster] [pattern, figure, transaction, result, high, presented, equation] [image, large, good, area, view]
Sparse Composite Quantization
Zhang, Ting, Qi, Guo-Jun, Tang, Jinhui, Wang, Jingdong

[search, dataset, set, report] [table, performance, map, better, accuracy, fisher] [cost, recall, average, object, candidate] [approach, term] [quantization, vector, ckm, product, code, composite, time, proposed, sparse, lookup, cmkd, sparsity, approximate, ynm, inverted, cmk, problem, update, computation, construction, optimized, binary, constraint, hashing, algorithm, approximation, data, space, compact, encoding, objective, mnist, inner, ciki, solution, cmkm, optimal, number, accelerated, rjkj, function, base] [length, figure, cartesian, ieee, pattern] [distance, query, database, nearest, large, dictionary, neighbor, scale, retrieved, retrieval, ukbench, computing, image, comparison, sift, ann, scheme]
Background Subtraction via Generalized Fused Lasso Foreground Modeling
Xin, Bo, Tian, Yuan, Wang, Yizhou, Gao, Wen

[learning, set, test, unsupervised, supervised, vision, popular, natural] [table, performance, achieved, reported, better, compared, applying] [background, foreground, group, subtraction, sequence, video, wij, structural, adaptive, propose, frame, truth, three] [model, modeling, fused, ground, structure, prior, estimation, mixture, detected, term] [data, proposed, matrix, algorithm, rpca, updating, solve, lasso, optimization, argmin, sparse, method, regularization, case, number, gfl, multiplier, lagrange, mog, problem, journal, augmented, alm, min, uml, norm, sabs, singular, explicit, gaussian] [figure, pure, computer, ieee, conference, pixel, assumption, generalized, assume, international, second] [applied, sml, image, fast, comparison, consists]
Superpixel-Based Video Object Segmentation Using Perceptual Organization and Location Prior
Giordano, Daniela, Murabito, Francesca, Palazzo, Simone, Spampinato, Concetto

[set, dataset, vision, common, processing, visual, process, probability, identify] [performance, previous, table, recognition, contour, connected, compared] [background, segmentation, superpixels, object, foreground, superpixel, video, based, frame, appearance, perceptual, complex, boundary, subtraction, segtrack, consecutive, moving, density, union, dynamic, updated, adaptive, organization, mask] [model, modeling, approach, initial, location, potential, articulated, point, cluttered, performed, single] [method, energy, number, function, analysis, minimization, order, algorithm, machine, time, min] [motion, ieee, computer, pattern, small, pixel, conference, underwater, color, accurate, account, light, optical, international] [image, similarity, compute, fast, region, well, neighbor, large]
MRF Optimization by Graph Approximation
Kim, Wonsik, Mu Lee, Kyoung

[labeling, type, generation, set, unlabeled, dataset, labeled, label] [table, performance, size, achieves] [proposal, generate, weight, strength, node, applicable, three, success] [unary, current, approach, term, tree, model] [energy, graph, function, algorithm, original, approximated, binary, solution, approximation, random, pairwise, fusion, qpbo, method, number, mrf, proposed, optimization, approximate, low, problem, choice, minimum, optimal, submodular, optimize, time, summarized, chosen, easy, santa, optimizing, move, lowest, xcurrent, reduced, minimization, appropriate] [figure, relative, deconvolution, simple, synthetic, quality] [image, good, applied, texture, rate, metric, limited]
Image Partitioning Into Convex Polygons
Duan, Liuyun, Lafarge, Florent

[domain, process, create, knowledge, work, set, strategy] [size, input] [partition, superpixel, boundary, three, partitioning, detection, superpixels, segmentation, memory, recall, slic, object, extraction, propose, seed, anchoring] [shape, point, adjacency, adjacent, procedure, detected, typically, capture, structure, allows] [algorithm, convex, graph, diagram, running, main, number, problem, method, note, low, time, parameter] [figure, quality, pixel, homogeneous] [geometric, voronoi, image, region, spatial, sampling, compactness, large, well, contrary, distance, local, radius, scale, fast, illustrated, consists, consolidation, positioning, bring, undersegmentation, satellite, positioned, atomic, matching]
From Single Image Query to Detailed 3D Reconstruction
Schonberger, Johannes L., Radenovic, Filip, Chum, Ondrej, Frahm, Jan-Michael

[photo, system, set, mining, incremental, collection, search, retrieve, ability] [additional, top, achieve] [based, multiple, propose, object, entire] [reconstruction, scene, sfm, detailed, initial, model, structure, approach, single, modeling, surface, point, landmark, provide] [number, proposed, method, order, low, ransac, pairwise, reduced, problem, approximate, symmetric] [detail, figure, camera, high, arc, focal, zoom, result, caused, small, geometry, computer, viewing, left, projective, terracotta] [image, retrieval, query, resolution, scale, geometric, matching, large, crawl, retrieved, unordered, sideways, registration, nearest, transformation, registered, spatial, internet, overview, neighbor, exhaustive, notre, overcome, fraction, extreme, faulty, view]
SWIFT: Sparse Withdrawal of Inliers in a First Trial
Jaberi, Maryam, Pensky, Marianna, Foroosh, Hassan

[probability, set, selecting, instance, randomly, unsupervised, existing, selected, process, subset, study] [size, accuracy, increasing, level, advantage, smaller] [multiple, detect, segmentation, candidate, detecting, based, detection, average] [model, point, structure, sequential, multibody, detected, independent, approach, estimation, scene, valid, volume] [number, swift, population, sample, method, gross, clustering, fundamental, minimum, data, problem, sparse, proposed, multivariate, required, order, changing, sparseness, hypergeometric, approximation, random, theoretical, distribution] [figure, equation, computer, estimated, inliers, robust, second, presence, international, synthetic, total, motion, homographies, ieee, conference, homography] [sampling, sampled, image, large, equal, computed, determine, inlier]
Discrete Optimization of Ray Potentials for Semantic 3D Reconstruction
Savinov, Nikolay, Ladicky, Lubor, Hane, Christian, Pollefeys, Marc

[semantic, label, vision, set] [auxiliary, input, higher, standard, top, class, additional, jointly, negative] [cost, object, segmentation, foreground] [depth, potential, voxel, reconstruction, volumetric, voxels, free, occupied, unary, term, surface, building, typically, discrete, south, model, visibility, fir, continuous] [graph, optimization, problem, method, space, data, pairwise, algorithm, min, energy, qpbo, number, proposed, formulation, submodular, assignment, construction, variable, order, solution, approximation, relaxation, formulated, optimal, product, feasible, random, minimization, function, form, projection, solved, move, enforcing, castle, analysis] [ray, computer, conference, pattern, high, figure, length, pixel, stereo, international, directly] [transformation, dense, image, matched, transform, corresponding]
Image Denoising via Adaptive Soft-Thresholding Based on Non-Local Samples
Liu, Hangfan, Xiong, Ruiqin, Zhang, Jian, Gao, Wen

[noisy, natural, set, airplane] [standard, table, global, better, window, size, higher] [adaptive, based, three, perceptual, group, average, correlation, adaptively, structural, density] [modeling, model, estimation, shape] [proposed, distribution, regularization, parameter, gaussian, data, sparsity, vector, method, optimal, matrix, min, arg, laplacian, algorithm, house, form, experimental, sparse] [ieee, noise, signal, estimated, paper, deviation, figure, estimate, conference, international, total, observed, uniform, component, computer, pattern, left] [image, denoising, transform, csr, nonlocal, scheme, band, patch, local, expectation, statistical, pca, variance, comparison, psnr, ranging, monarch, lena, similarity, barbara, straw, vary, dictionary, outperforms, baboon, couple]
Adaptive As-Natural-As-Possible Image Stitching
Lin, Chung-Ching, Pankanti, Sharathchandra U., Natesan Ramamurthy, Karthikeyan, Aravkin, Aleksandr Y.

[vision, set, natural, extrapolate, novel, visual] [global, recognition, compared, feature, reduce] [target, propose, moving, multiple, combination] [point, approach, alignment, scene, single, error, offset, warp, provide, ground] [method, proposed, parameter, gaussian, row, ransac, optimal, argmin, projection, matrix, function] [stitching, homography, perspective, figure, parallax, result, distortion, computer, sphp, panorama, estimate, camera, plane, linearization, apap, extrapolation, rotation, smoothly, ieee, smooth, pattern, conference, homographic, varying, projective, unnatural, linearized, angle, dlt, temple, estimated, motion] [image, similarity, transformation, local, overlapping, reference, corresponding, transform, anchor, area, weighting, computed, best, distinct, good, weighted]
Segment Based 3D Object Shape Priors
Karimi Mahabadi, Rabeeh, Hane, Christian, Pollefeys, Marc

[semantic, label, example, vision, baseline, descriptive, describe, work, indicated, preference, foliage, set] [table, input, top, training, recognition, class, observe] [object, transition, segment, segmentation, multiple, based, cost, individual, strong] [shape, prior, free, smoothness, wulff, anisotropic, reconstruction, surface, depth, approach, ground, volumetric, term, occupied, voxel, naturally, single, disconnected, allows, split, tabletop, depicted, mesh, xij, normal, reconstruct] [convex, formulation, space, data, method, regularization, main, problem, optimization, order, proposed, fusion, inner, energy, idea] [computer, ieee, conference, pattern, figure, geometry, result, direction, international, spatially, inside, horizontal] [dense, splitting, large]
High-Speed Hyperspectral Video Acquisition With a Dual-Camera Architecture
Wang, Lizhi, Xiong, Zhiwei, Gao, Dahua, Shi, Guangming, Zeng, Wenjun, Wu, Feng

[system, selected, work, set] [design, performance, detector, table, hybrid, train, better, concatenation, compared] [video, temporal, branch, frame, three, moving, dynamic, based, multiple] [reconstruction, scene, capture, quantitative, location, detailed, represent] [spectral, proposed, computational, data, underlying, sparse, time, number, objective, low, function, original, matrix, experimental, problem] [cassi, light, pancam, hshs, coded, aperture, imaging, high, panchromatic, optical, ieee, acceleration, snapshot, exposure, camera, beam, incident, twist, compressive, figure, acquisition, recover, pmvis, dbr, captured, splitter, transmission, direct, total, developed, rmse, observation] [hyperspectral, image, rate, spatial, resolution, dictionary, band, comparison, well, fast]
Texture Representations for Image and Video Synthesis
Georgiadis, Georgios, Chiuso, Alessandro, Soatto, Stefano

[domain, process, work, instance, set, collection, store, vision, novel, select, visual, selected] [representation, input, size, stochastic, increasing, larger] [video, multiple, frame, temporal, stationary, cost, segmentation, propose, structural, boundary] [structure, scene, point, capture, infer, allows, allow, term] [algorithm, markov, complexity, function, note, analysis, data, sample, criterion, number, random, space, simultaneously] [figure, property, second, quality, acm, pixel] [texture, image, synthesis, synthesized, region, neighborhood, scale, compression, nearest, statistical, synthesize, notion, tqc, stored, large, rcand, synthesizing, best, fails, sampling, compute, spatial, local, vantage, statistic, compatibility, exhibit]
Protecting Against Screenshots: An Image Processing Approach
Yong-Sang Chia, Alex, Bandara, Udana, Wang, Xiangyu, Hirano, Hiromi

[visual, meaningful, set, test, baseline, randomly, human, system, exploit, process, user, identify, evaluate, automatically, study, psychological, text, movie, evaluation, undistorted, stream, depict] [accuracy, input, better, representation] [generated, assigned, generate, memory, video, contrast, short, correctly] [approach, term, current] [method, data, number, limit, note, range, time, lower, proposed, random, additive, journal, upper, persistence, original, experimental] [distorted, distorting, rms, distortion, distort, recovery, viewer, intensity, screen, protect, recover, display, screenshots, captured, presented, figure, screenshot, tested, blending, mentally, blue, recovered, viewing, snapchat] [image, compute, distance, sampled, consistent, exhibit]
Line-Sweep: Cross-Ratio For Wide-Baseline Matching and 3D Reconstruction
Ramalingam, Srikumar, Antunes, Michel, Snow, Dan, Hee Lee, Gim, Pillai, Sudeep

[search, identify, existing, work, vision, generating, semantically] [additional, feature, accuracy, standard, compared] [average, edge, coverage, generate, based, three, threshold, detection, nearby] [point, reconstruction, approach, percentage, fan, challenging, initial, bundle, structure, multiview, indoor, kitti] [number, consider, method, case, algorithm, proposed, constraint, maximum, idea, code, problem, data, basic, optimization] [figure, uncalibrated, calibrated, disparity, stereo, camera, pencil, calibration, real, projective, motion, simple, perspective, relative, joining, robust, accurate] [virtual, image, matching, keypoint, pair, match, compute, keypoints, corresponding, dense, difference, large, allowable, collinear, obtaining]
Superpixel Segmentation Using Linear Spectral Clustering
Li, Zhengqin, Chen, Jiansheng

[search, set, visual, relationship, vision, human] [feature, global, higher, input, highly] [superpixel, segmentation, superpixels, lsc, boundary, based, slic, adherence, weight, art, state, generated, indicates, leading] [point, ground, shape, performed] [normalized, space, clustering, algorithm, dimensional, number, complexity, proposed, function, kernel, linear, matrix, objective, computational, cluster, ncuts, time, optimization, spectral, energy, data, experimental, perceptually, product, inner, low, problem, compact, graph, corollary, asa, iteratively, introducing, mapping] [high, figure, pixel, color, ieee, small, simple, shift, sin, relative, uniform] [weighted, image, similarity, local, large, ten, well, corresponding, compactness]
Eye Tracking Assisted Extraction of Attentionally Important Objects From Videos
Shanmuga Vadivel, Karthikeyan, Ngo, Thuyen, Eckstein, Miguel, Manjunath, B.S.

[visual, example, work, set, dataset, vision, active, search, novel] [extracted, performance, recognition] [object, eye, tracking, video, extraction, multiple, bounding, extract, attention, segmentation, truth, based, sequence, cost, ijf, box, utilize, framework, track, frame, tracklets, temporal, viewed, interest, score, objectness, attract, moving, tracklet, propose, salient, localize, precision, pursuit, recall, saliency, three] [ground, approach, single, dominant, represent, scene, prior, xij, provide] [proposed, data, algorithm, graph, number, constraint, row, linear, analysis, note, notice, machine] [computer, ieee, conference, optical, pattern, figure, motion, smooth, international] [spatial, best, image, guided, representing]
Gaze-Enabled Egocentric Video Summarization via Constrained Submodular Maximization
Xu, Jia, Mukherjee, Lopamudra, Li, Yin, Warner, Jamieson, Rehg, James M., Singh, Vikas

[summarization, summary, set, dataset, maximization, relevance, work, visual, user, human, interesting, subset, diversity, entropy, select, annotation, subject, learning] [feature] [video, egocentric, subshots, subshot, segmentation, temporal, sequence, matroid, action, partition, attention, key, truth, tracking, combinatorial, saccade, eye, extract, preparation, detection, frame, score, interest, object, daily] [gaze, model, ground, point, full, term, constrained, approach, provide, continuous] [submodular, function, objective, algorithm, method, optimization, problem, number, maximizing, approximation, data, machine, selection, form] [uniform, camera, figure, computer, simple, informative, knapsack] [good, well, computed, mutual, local, sampling, compute]
Casual Stereoscopic Panorama Stitching
Zhang, Fan, Liu, Feng

[create, baseline, set, label, labeling, user, study] [input, map, output, feature] [target, three, video, object] [monocular, control, step, warp, alignment, point, allows, mesh, term, stitched, depth] [method, problem, energy, algorithm, independently, sparse] [stereoscopic, left, panorama, disparity, stitching, stereo, stitch, warping, figure, pixel, panoramic, result, parallax, camera, ieee, vertical, viewing, acm, paper, handle, computer, warped, casually, care, deliver, anaglyph, developed, estimate, optical, inconsistency, pattern, color, blending, conference, proper, equation] [image, corresponding, view, difference, local, grid, good, well, guided, large, cell]
Saliency-Aware Geodesic Video Object Segmentation
Wang, Wenguan, Shen, Jianbing, Porikli, Fatih

[probability, dataset, visual, evaluate, labeling, set] [map, global, compared, performance, table] [saliency, object, video, frame, segmentation, foreground, spatiotemporal, background, superpixels, edge, appearance, segtrack, based, salient, average, temporally, superpixel, dynamic, detection, recall, weight, threshold, temporal, shortest, tracking, framework, youtube, static, surrounded] [location, model, adjacent, term, prior, estimation, mae, approach, error, ground, unary, neighboring] [method, geodesic, graph, proposed, number, energy, selection, algorithm] [motion, pixel, optical, color, spatially, estimated, figure, high, accurate, small, ieee, presented, result] [distance, image, computed, spatial, large, rate, compute, subsequent, indicate, magnitude, weighted]
Semi-Supervised Learning With Explicit Relationship Regularization
In Kim, Kwang, Tompkin, James, Pfister, Hanspeter, Theobalt, Christian

[relationship, learning, set, label, embedding, dataset, existing, user, focus, labeled, natural] [performance, classification, class, input, table, standard, size] [based, target] [error, point, constrained, smoothness, structure, potential, full, approach] [function, err, regularization, graph, clustering, spectral, data, defined, laplacian, energy, ccsr, binary, dimensionality, csp, irr, regularizer, functional, explicit, number, space, explicitly, algorithm, cosc, differential, mnist, sparsity, regularizers, parameter, fixed, riemannian, reduction, usps, manifold, original, regularize, complexity, gaussian, matrix, minimizing, close, corresponds, optimization, operator, iterated, order] [smooth, small, figure] [corresponding, rate, large, sampled, local, similarity, neighborhood, construct]
Ego-Surfing First-Person Videos
Yonetani, Ryo, Kitani, Kris M., Sato, Yoichi