Google's Logo Celebrates 30 Years of Pac-Man

Google's Logo Celebrates 30 Years of Pac-Man

We can now add Pac-Man to the ever-growing list of anniversaries we didn't know were coming.

Released exactly 30 years ago, the Nanco-developed arcade game is being honored by Google with a very special Google Doodle logo.


Today, in place of the recognizable Google logo is a fully-playable, albeit somewhat squished, version of Pac-Man. To play, you select "insert coin", which is in place of the "I'm feeling Lucky" button. Click twice and Ms.Pac-Man appears next to Pac-Man. However, only Mr.Pac-Man seems to move; Ms.Pac-Man inexplicably stays behind and eats ghosts that inadvertanly run into her. [Editor's Note: Ms.Pac-Man can be controlled if one player uses the arrow keys and the other uses "WASD" keys.] Controls are, naturally, your mouse or arrow keys.


All the game details are spot-on, right down to the impulse to ignore work, friends, family and play for hours. Curse you, Namco and Google.

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