大学生失业的影响 IELTS

argument:Tradition comprehensive universaties may change their education system.

evidence: They may engage many famous professors in working as their student's tutors,and

they may improve the educational equipments which utilized by students to enhance

the student's handwork skill.All of those available ways must do optimism effects not

only on individual student but also on the societal development.Meanwhile.The student

who gratuated from those schools will have more opprtunities in enterprise than the

others who gratuated from ordinary colleges which doesn't do any innovation.



argument: Nowdays,Undergraduates are get less attention and focus than who graduated

in the past.

evidence: If you have finished your high college courses before 1995 year.Even if

you got your bachelor certification above 2000 year,you may have find an

satisfication job and you may be the administrator of corporation.you can

enjoy the happiness and comfortable life with your family members and realitives.

Not to get up before six o'clock ,wait for the bus with crowd,and send your

resume to many companies.Finaly,pays back just only much depression

and frustration.

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