Continuous Subarray Sum

Given a list of non-negative numbers and a target integer k, write a function to check if the array has a continuous subarray of size at least 2 that...

2017-09-14 02:14:03

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Predict the Winner

Given an array of scores that are non-negative integers. Player 1 picks one of the numbers from either end of the array followed by the player 2 and ...

2017-09-11 03:52:08

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Maximum Width of Binary Tree

Given a binary tree, write a function to get the maximum width of the given tree. The width of a tree is the maximum width among all levels. The bina...

2017-09-10 04:10:50

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Print Binary Tree

Print a binary tree in an m*n 2D string array following these rules: The row number m should be equal to the height of the given binary tree.The c...

2017-09-09 00:45:47

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Split Array into Consecutive Subsequences

You are given an integer array sorted in ascending order (may contain duplicates), you need to split them into several subsequences, where each subse...

2017-09-06 04:40:47

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Brick Wall

There is a brick wall in front of you. The wall is rectangular and has several rows of bricks. The bricks have the same height but different width. Y...

2017-09-02 04:07:56

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Number Complement

Given a positive integer, output its complement number. The complement strategy is to flip the bits of its binary representation. Note: The g...

2017-09-02 03:14:07

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Reshape the Matrix

In MATLAB, there is a very useful function called 'reshape', which can reshape a matrix into a new one with different size but keep its original data...

2017-09-01 23:36:36

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Solve the Equation

Solve a given equation and return the value of x in the form of string "x=#value". The equation contains only '+', '-' operation, the var...

2017-09-01 06:43:24

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Contiguous Array

Given a binary array, find the maximum length of a contiguous subarray with equal number of 0 and 1. Example 1: Input: [0,1] Output: 2 Explanatio...

2017-09-01 05:52:49

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Distribute Candies

Given an integer array with even length, where different numbers in this array represent different kinds of candies. Each number means one candy of t...

2017-09-01 01:25:18

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Merge Two Binary Trees

Given two binary trees and imagine that when you put one of them to cover the other, some nodes of the two trees are overlapped while the others are ...

2017-09-01 01:13:41

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Two Sum IV - Input is a BST

Given a Binary Search Tree and a target number, return true if there exist two elements in the BST such that their sum is equal to the given target. ...

2017-08-31 13:32:04

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Array Nesting

A zero-indexed array A consisting of N different integers is given. The array contains all integers in the range [0, N - 1]. Sets S[K] for 0 S...

2017-08-31 04:57:15

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Replace Words

In English, we have a concept called root, which can be followed by some other words to form another longer word - let's call this word successor. ...

2017-08-31 04:22:35

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Palindromic Substrings

Given a string, your task is to count how many palindromic substrings in this string. The substrings with different start indexes or end indexes a...

2017-08-31 02:59:16

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Add One Row to Tree

Given the root of a binary tree, then value v and depth d, you need to add a row of nodes with value v at the given depth d. The root node is at ...

2017-08-31 02:22:31

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Most Frequent Subtree Sum

Given the root of a tree, you are asked to find the most frequent subtree sum. The subtree sum of a node is defined as the sum of all the node values...

2017-08-30 08:00:53

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Single Element in a Sorted Array

Given a sorted array consisting of only integers where every element appears twice except for one element which appears once. Find this single elemen...

2017-08-30 06:24:55

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K-diff Pairs in an Array

Given an array of integers and an integer k, you need to find the number of unique k-diff pairs in the array. Here a k-diff pair is defined as an i...

2017-08-30 05:42:26

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