1、1.I was teasing you.我只是在戏弄你。2.It's a long story.三言两语说不清楚。 3.Stop talking to me.请别再说了。4. Don't be so silly. 别太傻了。5. You are so mean.你真卑鄙。6. Keep your voice down.声音小点。7.Think for a minute. 仔细想想。

2、【表示省略】 1. Et cetera. 等等(拉丁语)。 2. And so on. 等等。 3. And so forth. 等等。 4. So on and so forth. 等等。 5. And stuff like that. 还有诸如此类的(事物)。 6. And sth. like that. 以及类似的一些(事物)。7. And everything like that. 以及其他所有诸如此类的(事物)

3、【照亮人生的金句】Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid. 每个人都是天才。但如果硬要以鱼儿爬树的本领,来评估它的能力,它这辈子都会觉得自己是条蠢鱼。- Albert Einstein爱因斯坦

4、【各种图的表达】icon 图标;map 地图;Infographic 信息图表;flow scheme 流程图;geometry 几何图;explanatory drawing 说明插图;pie chart 饼图;bar chart 柱图;illustration 插图;drawing制图纸;graph曲线图;outline轮廓图;flow chart 流程图/作业图

5、【形容身材】1. She's slim. 她很苗条。 2. She's really skinny. 她瘦得跟皮包骨一样。 3. He is chubby. 他胖嘟嘟的。 4.. He has a beer belly. 他有啤酒肚。 5. She's got love handles. 她有游泳圈。 6. He has big muscles. 他肌肉很发达。 7. She's got a curvy figure.她曲线玲珑。

6、工作安排。nine to five 朝九晚五;night shift 晚班;graveyard shift 大夜班;insane hours 没日没夜地干;odd hours 工作时间没规律;24/7 on-call 一周七天,一天24小时随叫随到;work overtime 加班;flexible hours 工作时间灵活;telecommute 远程工作;off-the-clock 无偿加班。

7、【#北京大暴雨#】今天整理了一些有关下雨的表达。 1)rain spell/rainy season 雨季 2)rainy day 雨天3)sprinkles /drizzle 毛毛雨 4)light rain=小雨 5)moderate rain 中雨 6)heavy rain 大雨 7)thunder shower 雷阵雨8)downpour 大暴雨 9)ice rain 冻雨 10)hail/hailstone 冰雹 11) rainstorm 暴风雨

8、1. It's a weight off my shoulders. 这让我如释重负啊。2. She changed her tune after hearing the news. 听到这个消息她立即转变了态度。3. She messed up everything.她把一切都搞砸了。4. He shows his true colors after the first date.第一次约会后他就现出原形了。

9、1. let your heart rule your head 跟着感觉走、感情用事、被感情冲昏了头脑;2. learn by heart 记住、背诵;3. lose heart 丧失信心/勇气;4. man after my own heart 与我志趣相投品位一致的男人;5. pour your heart out 推心置腹

10、1. a bleeding heart 悲天悯人者、太富同情心的人、心肠太软的人;2. a change of heart 改变看法或心意;3. a heart of gold 道德高尚的人、金子般的心;4. a heart of stone 铁石心肠;5. a heart-to-heart 促膝长谈、心与心的交谈;6. chicken-hearted 胆小的、软弱的

11、【开车相关表达】驾车离开drive off 或drive away; 抛锚 break down; 开车载某人一程 give some1 a ride 或take some1 for a ride; 肇事逃逸的驾驶 hit-and-run driver; 开车载某人到某处 drive some1 to somewhere; 开车去兜风 go for a drive 或 take a drive; 乘车旅行 go for a ride

12、1. Fasten your seat belt / Buckle up 系上安全带; 2. pop/open the trunk 打开后备箱; 3. Pull over (靠边)停车; 4. accelerate / speed up 加速,decelerate / slow down 减速;

13、.Hear me out, okay? 你听我把话说完好吧。2. I don't buy your crap. 我才不信你的鬼话呢. 3. I mean it. 我是认真的。4. Let's get out of here. 我们走吧。5. It's good to see you. 很开心又见面了。6. It's up to you.你来决定。7. That's gross. 真恶心。

14、1. Count me in.算上我一个呗。2. I'm gonna head out.我准备走了。3. Keep in touch.保持联系哦。4. Take it easy, man.兄弟你淡定!5. Could you do me a huge favor? 你能帮我个大忙吗?6. She dumped me!!她把我给甩了。7. Can I crash at your place? 我能睡你家吗?

15、1. It's quite an eye-opener for me. 这真的是个让我大开眼界的玩意儿。 2. They don't seem to see eye to eye on this. 他们似乎对此看法不一致。 3. You'd learn to keep your nose clean. 你得学会安分守己。 4. Let's not jump the gun here. 咱别妄下结论好不。

16、【关于Man的俚语】1. Clothes make the man 人靠衣装;2. be your own man 独立自主、做自己的主人;3. Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost 人不为己天诛地灭,其中Every man for himself 是指人人为己;4. Every man has his price 人人皆可被收买(而非有自己的价值)

17、1. man-about-town 游手好闲到处寻欢作乐的人;2. man-eater 男人杀手,指很容易迷倒男人、具有很多恋情的女人(非正式);3. iron man 身体强健可以长时间工作的人;4. be man enough to do sth 勇敢去做某事,在这里man=brave

18、 1. Keep your shirt on, young man.年轻人,别太紧张。2. He put his GF on a pedestal. 他把他女朋友奉为女神。3. It's all in the day's work. 这是再平常不过的事了。4. Could u spot me some cash?你能否借我点钱花花不? 5. He's talking through his hat.他在瞎扯淡。

19、 1.She is bitching at me.她一直在对我唠叨. 2.You almost had me fooled. 我差点就上当了. 3.That's insane!太荒谬了吧! 4.Cut me some slack!放我一马吧. 5.You scared the shit out of me.你吓屎我了。 6.I thought you were up to speed. 我还以为你很了解情况了呢。

20、【关于money的俚语】1. Money talks 金钱万能;2. pots of money 一笔巨款;3. put money on someone or something 下赌注于...,在...上打赌;4. seed money 种子基金;5. one's money's worth 物有所值的东西、与花的钱等值的东西;6. Money (is) no object. 钱不是问题(有足够的钱)

21、hush money 封口费、堵嘴钱;pin money 零用钱;be (right) on the money 完全正确;be in the money 大发横财、意外地获得很多钱;come into (some) money 意外地获得一笔钱,常指继承而来;for my money=in my opinion 在我看来;easy money 得之容易的钱、低息贷款;

22、1. I promise. 我保证。2. That's rough. 这太狠了。3. Straight up. 坦白说。4. Forgive me. 原谅我。5. Oh, fire away! 好吧,开始吧!6. Watch yourself. 小心点,当心点儿。7. Sounds nice. 听上去不错。8. Nailed it. 搞定。

23、1.I didn't mean to. 我不是存心的。2.Apology accepted! 嗯,接受你的道歉。3.Leave me alone. 让我一个人待一会儿。4.You'll make it. 你会成功的! 5.Yeah, I've been there before.对的,我也有过类似经历。6.You rock! 你太牛啦!7.How did the interview go? 面试进展如何?

24、1.Not a chance.绝不可能!2.Enjoy yourself! 玩得开心!3.I got your back. 我顶你!4.Everything is back on track now.现在一切都恢复正常了。5.Where are you up to? 你这是要去哪啊 6.I'm just messing with ya. 我这是逗你和你闹着玩呢

25、1. I think it's a fat chance. 我觉得希望渺茫。 2. Just stay where u are. 站在原地别动(保持原有状态)。 3. That settles. 一言为定/问题解决了。 4. I bumped into an old friend today. 我今天偶然碰见一个老朋友。 5. I have no problem with this. 我对此没意见。

26、【探望病人】1. We should pay her a visit in the hospital.我们应该去医院探望她。2. What are the visiting hours?探视时间是什么时候?3. Let's get her some flowers and fruit.我们给她买点鲜花和水果吧。4. How are u feeling today?今天感觉怎么样? 5. Do u need anything?你需要点什么吗?

27、【美语怎么说第一集:大众情人】1. Lady killer,大众情人,少女/女人杀手;2. high maintenance 难伺候,She's a high maintenance girl. 她是个难伺候的女孩;3. out of your league 配不上,She's completely out of your league. 你完全配不上她。

28、【征询意见句型】1. How about...? 你觉得...怎么样?2. What do you say? 你怎么看? 3. Do you think ... ? 你觉得...? 4. What if (they don't like me)? (他们不喜欢我)怎么办? 5. Don't you think ... is a good idea? 你不觉得...是个好主意吗? 6. What's your point of view?你的观点是?

29、 【照亮人生的金句】The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. 生命的意义在于尽情生活,拼命体验,勇往直前、无所畏惧地去追求更新更丰富的人生经历。——Eleanor Roosevelt(埃莉诺·罗斯福)

30、【时尚口语】or what在口语中使用频率很高,意思通常有:1. 征求同意,确认信息,如:Is this a good movie or what? 这时它跟or not很像,但更直接,甚至常常带有一些怒气或不耐烦,如:Are we going to do this or what?我们到底是做还是不做?2. 要求选择,如:Is this book a biography or what?

31、1.What's the big deal? 有什么大不了的? 2.Since when? 从什么时候开始的?3.Don't screw it up. 别搞砸了。4.What're you up to tonight?今晚准备干嘛? 5.There you go.这就对啦!6.You're gonna be sorry.你会后悔的。7.That was close.刚才挺险的. 8.Indeed. 确实如此!

32、【"热烈鼓掌"怎么说】地道表达是:a warm round of applause,或者a big round of applause. 也可以说a big hand,用在口语中构建句子时,动词可以用have,也可以用give,例如:Let's give her a warm round of applause. / Let's have a big round of applause for her. 让我们给予她热烈的掌声。

33、【各种本】记事本 memo pad; 笔记本 Note book; 电话本 Contacts/Phone Book; 账本 account book; 记录本 log book  ;练习本 exercise book ;抄写本 copybook ;日记本 diary ;便签本 Note pads; 课本 textbook; 剧本 script; 作业本 homework/exercise book;

34、【鼓励他人循序渐进】1. One step at a time. 路要一步步走。2. Rome wasn't built in a day. 罗马不是一天建成的(同中国俗语:冰冻三尺非一日之寒)。3. A watched pot never boils. 心急水不沸(同中国俗语:心急吃不上热豆腐)。4. Good things come to him who waits. 慢工出细活(强调耐心)。

35、【乘火车基本表达】1. Is there a through train from A to B? 有木有从A到B的直达列车? 2. Do I have to change at A for B? 我需要在A城转车到B城吗? 3. Will the train be delayed? 列车会晚点吗?4. Are there any seats available for A. 去A城的车还有座吗? 5. Give me a ticket to A, plz.

36、【系鞋带怎么说】几种地道表达方式:1. tie one's shoes;2. lace up one's shoes;3. buckle one's shoes (指系上那种鞋带是带扣的鞋子);鞋带的几种叫法:Shoelaces / shoe-strings / shoe laces / boot laces(常特指靴子鞋带)

37、1. You mean the world to me. 你是我的一切。 2. I fell in love with her at first sight. 我对她一见钟情。 3. They don't get along. 他俩合不来。 4. We drift apart. 我们疏远了。 5. I'm not ready for a serious relationship. 我还没准备好开始一段认真的感情。

38、This one will do. 这个就可以(do在口语中也表示不错,还可以)。2. Speak for yourself. 你才这么想。 3. Let's dig in. 开吃吧。 4. You got a minute? 有空吗(能耽误你一会儿时间吗)? 5. I think we had chemistry on our first date.我感觉第一次约会我们很来电。

39、【伤心难过的表达】1)sad/unhappy/upset为已失去或无法拥有的事物而感伤的。2)homesick 因想家而感伤的。3)sentimental 多愁善感的。4)depressed 沮丧情绪低落的。4)heartbroken 心碎的(尤指因失恋)。5)grieve 因某人过世而感到极为悲伤。6)melancholy不知其因,莫名其妙的伤心。7)sorry感到惋惜而难过

40、【情绪表达-悲伤、沮丧表达】句型:1、I feel sad/unhappy/miserable/blue 我感到悲伤...;2、I'm down/low 我情绪低落;3、I feel/am depressed/dejected/dispirited 我感到很沮丧;4、He had a broken heart/he was broken-hearted 他伤心欲绝。

41、1. I'd like to try this on. 我想试试这件。 2. Where's the fitting room? 试衣间在哪儿? 3. Do you have a shirt to match this? 有没有跟这件很搭的衬衫? 5. Do you have this in a larger/smaller size? 这件有没有尺寸大一些/小一点的? 6. I'll take this one. 就要这件了。

42、【老美口头禅】6. You know在老美口头禅里出现频率最高,实际上它跟是否know毫无关系,通常在老美一时讲不清楚话时用它来停顿一下,或者对于一些有共识的东西予以省略,如:The biggest country is...you know...;或者纯粹是不自觉地插入到表达中以停顿或转折语气,如:He is, u know, a great guy... 口语中适当出现you know是可以的,想不起接下来怎么说可以用它争取一点时间来思考,表示省略共识的意思时,可以翻译成你知道的,或你懂的;2. 凡事有个度,过多的you know让人烦,听者心里可能会想:我know你妹啊,跟你说话真费劲。


43、【说服他人相信】1. I swear. 我发誓。 2. I swear to God. 我对天发誓。 3. You have my word/ I give you my word. 我向你保证。 4. You can count on me. 你可以相信我。 5. Trust me. 相信我。 6. I'm sure about this. 我对此很确定。 7. There's no doubt about it. 毋容置疑。

44、 【关于boy的俚语】1. Oh, boy. 天呐!2. whipping boy 替罪羊、替罪之人;3. Boys will be boys 男孩终究是男孩啊(表示正如预期的那样男孩表现很不负责任很浮躁);4. fair-haired boy 红人、宠儿;5. toy boy 小白脸;6. mama's boy 奶嘴男,指经常把“妈妈说...”挂在嘴边或需要无微不至的关怀的人

【关于girl的俚语】1. That's my girl=That's my girl of whom I'm proud. 表示对女孩的赞赏,女孩长辈或BF均适用;2. glamor girl 注重仪表的靓女;3. golden girl 成功女郎;4. girl next door 邻家女孩,指既不富贵也不有名的普通女孩;5. a call girl 应召女郎;6. girl Friday 忠实能干的女助手

45、【递烟的地道表达】1. Have a smoke? 抽根儿烟? 2. Would you like a cigarette? 要来根儿烟吗? 3. Cigarettes? 你抽烟吗? 4. Let's go have a smoke. 我们去抽根烟吧。 5. Do you smoke? 你抽烟吗? 6. Cigar or cigarette? 想抽雪茄还是香烟? 7. Would you like to try one? 要不要抽一口?

46、1、Aw,nuts! 靠,废了! 2、I'll show you up. 我会让你自惭形秽。 3、That's rough. 这太狠了。 4、I got the message. 我懂你的意思了。 5、Stop!I'm going to wet myself! 别说了,我快笑尿了!6、This is preposterous!7、Should I give him a heads-up? 我应该提醒下他吗? 8、Oh,better than good. 好的不能再好了。 9、Way to kill the mood. 真让人扫兴。 10、I just don't know how I'm gonna break it to him. 我只是不知道该怎么跟他说。 11、That's a healthy attitude. 这种心态很好。

47、1. You are kidding me!你在开玩笑!2. Once and for all.一劳永逸 。3.You have my word.我保证。4. I'm gonna be direct.我就直说了(我就不拐弯抹角了)5. I'm on your side.我支持你6. Did you hear me?你听见我说的话了吗?7. I'm not done here.我还没讲完呢

48、1. Everyone stay focused. 大家都听好。 2. Change doesn't happen overnight. 改变不是一朝一夕的事。 3. What the heck? 搞什么飞机? 4. Don't take this the wrong way. 别误解我的意思。 5. You are imagining things. 这都是你胡思乱想的。

49、1. Ready to order?准备好点餐了吗?2.You tell me.你说呢?3. Ready to serve.准备就绪。/随时候命。4.Looks that way.貌似是那样。5.Are we cool?我们没事儿了吧。6. No offense taken.我不介意。7. Question for you.问你个问题。

50、1.Nikita hung up on me. 尼基塔挂了我电话。2.I'm gonna use the ladies' room. 我要去下女洗手间。 3.I'm out of options. 我别无选择。 4.We need to split up. 我们得分头行动。 5.I didn't screw you over. 我没有出卖你。

51、1.He is kind of intense. 他有点神经兮兮。 2.You are one of the naturals. 你的天赋异禀。 3.Nothing came of it. 没有任何结果。 4.Truth or happiness,never both. 真相和快乐不可兼得。 5.I don't go for married women. 我对已婚女士没兴趣。

52、1. Zip it!住嘴!2. Then what?然后呢?3. This way.走这边。4. Get back.回来。5. Hold on.等一下。6. You're up.轮到你了。7.Power failure.停电啦。8. It's brilliant.太赞了。9. Let's go.我们走吧。

53、【13个常用口头禅】形容词篇: 1.great 太棒了 2.amazing令人惊讶的3.awesome很棒的 4.incredible难以置信的5.cool好/帅/酷6.nice令人愉快的7.excellent优秀的8.wonderful绝妙的9.fabulous极妙的10.fantastic 极出色的11.superb棒极了12.terrific 好极了13.lovely美好的 ~ 。

54、【女性魅力的特征】白皙的皮肤fair skin;红润的嘴唇ruddy lips;浓眉大眼with big eyes and bushy eyebrows;修长的大腿long legs;丰满的胸部magnificent breasts。

55、【男性魅力的特征】浓眉strong brow;大鼻子strong nose;高额头high forehead;宽下巴broad jaw;宽肩膀broad shoulders; 胸部肌肉发达chest muscularity; 挺拔的身姿erect posture; 细腰slim/narrow waist; 壮实 physical strength; V形上身 v-shaped torso;good-looking形貌好看的。

56、:【吐槽高温天气接力】1. It's stifling.I can hardly breathe.天气太热了,我都没法呼吸了。 2.It's hot enough to melt hell.这天热的足以把地狱熔化了。 3. I'm sweating like a pig. 我全身冒汗。 4. It's not just hot.It's Africa hot.天不止是热,是像非洲一样热。

57、 【吐槽高温天气】1. It's so hot recently. The temperature has climbed to 38 ℃。最近天气真热,气温已经上升到了38摄氏度。 2. It's boiling today. 今天热得要命! 3. Damn it! It's sweltering today. 可恶,今天热得让人发昏。4. Damn, this weather is scorching hot. 丫的,鬼天气热得要死。

58、【各种坏人的表达】 scumbag 人渣;drug dealer毒贩子;gangster黑帮恶棍;hooligan小流氓/街头恶棍;traitor卖国贼; bastards.混蛋;rumor monger造谣者; asshole可恶的家伙 ;black sheep害群之马;skunk 卑鄙的人; snob势利小人;swindler骗子; lecher色鬼,淫棍 '

59、【机场指南】 航班信息 Flight info; 航班实况 Flight status; 航班时刻表 Flight schedules; 航班查询 Flight Finder; 抵达Arrival; ; 出发Departure; 转机Transit; 咨询服务 Advisories; 航空公司 Airlines;lounge 休息室;Terminal航站楼

60、【Home常见的词组表达】home-cooked meal 家常菜; home bird 宅人(喜欢在家里不爱外出的人);stay-at-home-husband家庭主男;homemaker 家庭主妇(建立家庭的人);home team主队;home phone住宅电话; home office 书房;home page 网站主页;home town 家乡;home leave探亲假 ;home-made 自制的

61、【秒杀5字短句】1)想都别想。Quit that thought. 2)废话少说!Cut the crap! 3)怎么搞的?How come? 4)你应得的。You deserve it. 5)气死我了!It pissed me off! 6)我想是吧! I guess so!7)真是如此? Is that so? 8)我说真的。I mean it. 9)不要理我。Leave me alone.

62、1.Stay out of this. 这事你别管! 2.Who the hell are you? 你到底是谁? 3.What are you saying? 你在说什么? 4.I've got a crick. 我有点抽筋。 5.You deserve some credit too. 你也有功劳。 6.Drive safely. 开车小心点。 7.I was stunned. 我不知所措。

63、【下午茶】afternoon tea下午茶,分为high tea(晚饭前的茶点)和 low tea(午饭后食用);milk tea奶茶;bubble tea泡泡茶/珍珠奶茶;cream puff奶油泡芙;bread and butter pudding面包黄油布丁; cheese cake芝士蛋糕;cookie曲奇;apple pie苹果派;egg tart蛋挞

64、【不靠谱的前任】1.You are such a scumbag.你这个人渣。2.I just want to have a little chat with you.我只想和你谈谈。3.What were we fighting about?我们当时为了什么争吵? 4.How could you just walk away?你怎能就这样一走了之。5.I'm sorry for what I put you through.我很抱歉让你经历这些.

65、1.Time out.暂停 2.work overtime 加班 3.shoot the bull.闲聊 4.buzz-kill 扫兴的人或事 5.Child's play.小孩子的把戏(容易干的事) 6.play innocent 扮无辜 7.the second base 二垒 8.play dirty 使用不道德非法手段,玩阴的 9.No funny stuff.不要耍花招!

66、1.Don't beat around the bush别拐弯抹角了。2.You're hopeless!你真是没救了。3.I have an upset stomach. 我肚子痛。4.I took you for someone else.我认错人了。 5.Why are you so sure?怎么这样肯定?6.It's not clear事情还未明朗。7.It's getting on my nerves.真让人心烦。

67、1.You push those sad thoughts out of your mind. 别想这些不愉快的事儿。2.It was just a slap in my face. 这是对我的侮辱。3.Really good reception here.手机信号真好!4.No comment on that. 这方面无可奉告。5.You are such a blabbermouth.你真是一个大嘴巴。

【看奥运,学英语】torch 火炬;mascot 吉祥物;medal 奖牌;gold medal 金牌;silver medal 银牌;bronze medal 铜牌;host city 主办城市;athlete运动员;referee裁判;volunteer志愿者;opening ceremony开幕式;closing ceremony 闭幕式;hold the record 保持纪录;break the record 打破纪录

69、【 英语我最潮】keep it down低调;rats杯具;you clown你二;you are killing me晕;what the heck?无语;you think you pretty cool,huh?得瑟;tiptoe around them伤不起;have you microbloged today?今天你“围脖”了吗?chill out淡定

70、.I'm afraid you’re mistaken.我想你记错了。8.What the hell's the matter with u? 你有什么不满吗? 9.Don't be so hard on yourself.所以别太自责了。 10.I would love to hear your thoughts.我很想听听你的想法。 11.You need to look at the big picture. 你要以大局为重。

71、【脱口而出系列(70)】意见不和时:1.We've made a really hard decision.我们做出了一个艰难的决定。2.Is everybody all right with that?所有人都同意吗?3.I'm okay with that.我无所谓。4.Why are you talking like that? 5.You're a despicable human being.你是个卑鄙的人

72、.Time flies.光阴似箭。2.Time is money.时间就是金钱。3.Time works wonders.时间创造奇迹。4.Time cures all things.时间能治愈一切。5.Time and tide wait for no man.时间不待人。6.There is no time like the present. 现在正是时候。

73、【与时间有关的短语】1.on time 准时;2.in time 及时;3.all the time 总是;4.from time to time 有时候;5.ahead of time 提前;6.at one time 曾经,一度;7.at any time 随时;8.at no time绝不;9. in no time 立刻,马上;10.make time腾出时间

74、【get用在口语中】1.Get your mind off it. 别想这个了。2. Get out of my face. 从我面前消失! 3.Don’t get too cocky.不要太自以为是。4.Don't get me wrong! 不要误解我! 5.Get your hands off me.别碰我。6.I don't get it.我不懂。7. Get off my back.不要再烦我了。

75、爆料 tip-off;把妹达人pickup artist; 出风头show off;见不得人的勾当under-the-table deal;商业炒作commercial speculation;矫情use lame arguments;班车shuttle bus; 板儿寸crew cut; 将军肚beer belly; 傍大款lean on a moneybag;对...不感冒have no interest;

76、【开车必备】实用的开车词汇:按喇叭 honk the horn;踩刹车 apply the brake; 踩油门 step on the gas ; 熄火 switch off the ignition;闯红灯 run a red light

77、1.Are you with me? 都明白了吧?2. Did I make myself clear enough? 我都说明白了吗?3.Am I understood? 我说明白了吗?4.Do they make sense for you? 你听懂了吗?5.OK, so far?到现在为止都没问题吧?

78、1.Don't nitpick!别死抠字眼儿!2.You have got to dig in your heels.你必须坚定你的原则 。3.Can't you be a little bit flexible?你就将就点不行吗?4.Let's call it a night.今天就到此为止吧。5.Cut her some slack.放她一马吧!6.Kick a man when he’s down. 落井下石。

79、【各种情感】名词篇:anger愤怒;annoyance恼火;indifference无所谓;stress压力;pain痛苦;sadness悲伤;helplessness无助;hopeless 无望;joy快乐;affection强烈的喜欢;wonder惊异;desire渴望; pity遗憾;satisfaction满足;hate憎恨;hesitation犹豫;doubt怀疑

80、1. beg for the moon癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 2.sleep around鬼混/乱搞男女关系3. exactly the same一模一样4.let sleeping dogs lie 别自找麻烦 5. I won't say a word about it.我的嘴是很严的。6.I will put it directly我就直说了吧 7. small change小额钱币. 7.I'll level with you. 我就直说了吧!

81、I won’t let it happen again. 我也不会再让这种事发生。 12.You seem kinda moody today. 你今天有点心事重重。 13.He’s such a scamp!他真是淘气。 14.Is something wrong? 嘿,出了什么事吗? 15.Are you saying that I am too emotional? 你是说我太感情用事了?

82、【英语口语集锦】1、Cheap skate! 小气鬼!2、You ask for it! 活该!3、It is a deal! 一言为定!4、I am all ears我洗耳恭听。5、That is unfair这不公平!6、I’m bored to death. 我无聊死了。7、Tell me when! 随时奉陪!8、Wait and see.等着瞧。9、You never know. 世事难料

83、【当你产生怀疑时,可以这样说】1)I don't buy it.我才不相信。2)You can't be serious! 开玩笑的吧? 3)I can't believe it.我简直无法相信。4)Believe it or not. 信不信由你。(不管你信不信)5)I doubt it.我深表怀疑。6) Are you sure about this? 你肯定吗?7)Are you kidding me?你在跟我开玩笑?

84、【薪水相关的用法】year-end(annual)bonus年终奖金;perfect attendance bonus全勤奖;performance bonus绩效奖金;allowance津贴;commission佣金;earnings 所有工作的薪水总和;Income tax个人所得税;overtime pay加班薪水;back pay欠发的薪资;pay raise 加薪;pay cut减薪;报酬remuneration;工资pay/wage/salary;保底工资minimum wage ;基本工资basic wage;计件工资piecework wage;计时工资hourly wages;日工资daily wages; 周工资weekly wages;月工资monthly wages; 发薪日payday;工资单 pay slip/payroll; I want a raise!我要加薪!

85、【生病时常用的表达】1)I've got a bad cold. 我感冒了。2)I've got a terrible headache. 我头很痛。3)I feel dizzy. 我头晕。4)I've got a temperature. 我发烧了。5)I've got a runny nose. 我流鼻涕。6)I've got a sore throat.我嗓子疼。7)I feel sore and ache all over. 我觉得全身酸。

86、【被惹毛时,可以这样说】1、Fuck off.滚开! 2、How dare you! 你敢! 3、Shut the fuck up! 你TM给我闭嘴! 4、Drop dead. 去死! 5、Who do you think you are talking to? 你以为你在跟谁讲话? 6、You are dead meat.你丫完蛋了。7、You bastard! 杂种! 8、You are such a jerk!你丫真是个混蛋!

87、【高级口语表达系列(10)】 1.I’m not sure what’s tripping you up. 我不确定是什么致使你犯错误。2.I’m hammered. 我醉了。3.Lucky bastard. 这混蛋真有狗屎运。4.Pun intended? 有双关的意思吗?5.Your skin is like alabaster. 你的皮肤很白皙。6.Get them before they get us. 先下手为强.

88、【高级口语表达系列(9)】 1.I heard it through the grapevine.我也是道听途说。 2.Say what comes to mind.想到什么就说什么吧!3.Are you up for it ? 准备好了吗?4.So what turned you into this? 是什么让你变成了这样?5.Sorry,bad reception here.对不起,我这儿手机信号太不给力了。

89、【脱口而出(62)】1.I pulled some strings.我搞了一点关系.(走后门)2.You always know what to say.你嘴巴总是这么甜!3.Why aren't you hearing me? 你为什么不听我说?4.Give me the details.告诉我详细情形。5.Are you stalking me now? 你跟踪我吗?6.How did you find me here? 你怎么找到我的?

90、【美剧口语小词系列(10)】1.She's full of crap ! 她在胡说八道。 2.It tastes like heaven ! 味道好极了! 3.back to square one 问题又回到原来的状态(没有解决)4.It's worth a shot .值得试一试。 5.tip sb off 向某人泄露信息。6.Take it or leave it .谢绝还价。7.A little cheesy.有点俗气的

91、【口语精华】补充:8. Talk is cheap. Put up or shut up! 光说有个毛用?要么去做,要么闭嘴。9. Who do you think you are talking to? 你以为你在跟谁讲话?10. Shut the fuck up! 你TM给我闭嘴! 11. Hold your tongue!别再说了!闭嘴! 12.be quiet.请安静点。

92、【不可望文生义的英语系列(2)】1.kiss someone's ass.拍马屁(不是亲屁股) 2.in the same boat.面临同样的处境或危险(不是在同一条船上)3.walk on eggs.谨慎行事(不是走在鸡蛋上)4.He's just pulling your leg.他只是在开你的玩笑(不是拉后腿) 5.give sb. the kick 免某人的职(不是踢某人一脚)

93、【上班族必备词汇】printer打印机;photocopier复印机;pencil sharpener铅笔刀;filing cabinet文件柜;stationery cupboard文具柜;paper shredder碎纸机;whiteboard白板;whiteboard marker白板笔;projector投影仪;noticeboard布告牌;calculator计算器;punch打孔器

94、【农作物相关的表达】谷物 cereal grains;农作物crop;小麦wheat;大麦barley; 玉米maize/corn;水稻rice;黑麦rye;高粱sorghum;荞麦Buckwheat ;谷子millet;麸bran;糠chaff ;燕麦oats;黑小麦triticale;主食staple food; 面粉flour;饲料fodder; 面条noodle。

95、 【关于婚姻的英语词汇】1.Courtship.求爱。2.Engagement.订婚。3.Mixed marriage.跨国婚姻。4.Wedding ceremony.结婚典礼。5.Wedding march.婚礼进行曲。6.Say one's vows.立下婚誓。7.Wedding reception.婚宴。8.Bride新娘。9.Bridegroom or groom.新郎。10.Groomsman.伴郎。11.Bridesmaid.伴娘

96、a man of decision果断的人;a man of his hands有手艺的人;a man of nerve有胆量的人;a man of sense通情达理的人;a man of talent有才能的人;the good man of the house一家之主;a man of weight 有影响或势力的人;a man of fashion时髦的人 【形形色色的“人”】a dirty old man老淫棍;a man of his word守信用的人;a man of few words沉默寡言的人;the man of the year年度人物;a man of character 有骨气的人;a man of honour讲信义的人;man-about-town到处寻乐的人;a ladies' man受女人欢迎的男人;man of the world阅历丰富的人

97、【书籍的结构表达】作者author;封面front cover;前页front matter; 硬封面hardbound;软封面softcover; 书脊spine;附注notes;参考文献bibliography; 献词dedication;扉页 flyleaf;百科全书 encyclopedia;页眉header;页脚footer

98、【形容个性高频词】picky挑剔的/吹毛求疵的;intelligent聪明的;self-sacrificing无私的;possessive占有欲强的;unpredictable难以捉摸的; moody喜怒无常的;over sensitive过于敏感的;clingy 黏人的;dependable可信赖的; considerate 考虑周到的;independent 独立的

99、【运气好的表达】1)It's your lucky day. 你真走运。2)That's fortunate. 真有好运气。3)You got lucky.谢天谢地。4)What luck! 太走运了!5)I was just lucky.只是运气好。6)I lucked out today.今天的运气真好7)Today's my lucky day./I feel lucky today./I'm in luck today.今天的运气真好。

100、【高级口语表达系列(8)】1)You two look chummy. 你们俩看起来很合得来。2)Don’t get too cocky.不要太自以为是/自信。3)It was a cheap shot. 这真是个阴招。4)It's not unheard of.这不是什么稀罕事。5)You're making assumptions.你开始胡说八道了。6)It takes two to tango.一个巴掌拍不响。



   It doesn't make any differences.没关系。

  Don't let me down.别让我失望。

  God works.上帝的安排。

  Don't take ill of me.别生我气。

  Hope so.希望如此。

  Go down to business.言归正传。

  None of my business. 不关我事。

  It doesn't work.不管用。

  I'm not going.我不去了。

  Does it serve your purpose?对你有用吗?

  I don't care.我不在乎。

  Not so bad.不错。

  No way!不可能!

  Don't flatter me.过奖了。

  Your are welcome.你太客气了。

  It is a long story.一言难尽。

  Between us.你知,我知。

  Big mouth!多嘴驴!

  Sure thin!当然!

  I'm going to go.我这就去。

  Never mind.不要紧。



  Drop it!停止!

  Bottle it!闭嘴!

  Don't play possum!别装蒜!

  Make it up!不记前嫌!

  Watch you mouth. 注意言辞。

  What if I go for you?我替你去怎么样?

  Any urgent thing?有急事吗?

  How about eating out?外面吃饭怎样?

  Don't over do it.别太过分了。

  Can you dig it?你搞明白了吗?

  I'm afraid I can't.我恐怕不能。

  You want a bet?你想打赌吗?

  Who wants?谁稀罕?

  December heartbeat.黄昏恋。

  Follow my nose.凭直觉做某事。

  Cheap skate!小气鬼!

  Go to hell!去死吧!

  Come seat here.来这边坐。

  Good luck!祝你好运!

  Gild the lily.画蛇添足。

  Make it.达到目的,获得成功。

  I'll be seeing you.再见。

  He has an ax to grind.他另有企图。

  I wonder if you can give me a lift?能让我搭一程吗?

  It is raining.要下雨了。

  Can I have this?可以给我这个吗?

  I might hear a pin drop.非常寂静。

  Why are you so sure?怎么这样肯定?

  Is that so?是这样吗?

  Don't get loaded.别喝醉了。

  Stay away from him.别靠近他。

  Don't get high hat.别摆架子。

  Right over there.就在那里。

  Doggy bag.打包袋。

  That rings a bell.听起来耳熟。

  Sleeping on both ears.睡的香。

  Play hooky.旷工、旷课。

  I am the one wearing pants in the house.我当家。

  It's up in the air.尚未确定。

  Side dish.配菜。

  I am all ears.我洗耳恭听。

  Get cold feet.害怕做某事。

  Good for you!好得很!

  Go ahead.继续。

  Help me out.帮帮我。

  Let's bag it.先把它搁一边。

  Lose head.丧失理智。

  Talk truly.有话直说。

  He is the pain on neck. 他真让人讨厌。

  Do you have straw?你有吸管吗?

  You bet! 一定,当然!

  That is a boy!太好了,好极了!

  It's up to you.由你决定。

  The line is engaged.占线。

  My hands are full right now.我现在很忙。

  Don't make up a story.不要捏造事实。

  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.小别胜新婚。

  She make a mess of things. 她把事情搞得一塌糊涂。

  Get an eyeful.看个够。

  He has a quick eye.他的眼睛很锐利。

  Shoot the breeze.闲谈。

  Tell me when!随时奉陪!

  It is a small world!世界真是小!

  Not at all.根本就不(用)。

  Let's play it by ear.让我们随兴所至。

  Wait and see.等着瞧。

  Why so blue?怎么垂头丧气?

  What brought you here?什么风把你吹来了?

  Hang on!抓紧(别挂电话)!

  Leave me alone.别理我。

  Chin up.不气,振作些。

  You never know. 世事难料。

  High jack!举起手来(抢劫)!

  Why die she marry a man old enough to be her father?她为什么要嫁给一个年龄与她父亲相当的男人?

  I stay at home a lot.我多半在家里。

  She'll be along in a few minutes.他马上会过来。

  I'm not it a good mood.没有心情(做某事)。

  He is a fast talker.他是个吹牛大王。

  I'm bored to death.我无聊死了。

  Bottoms up!干杯!


  Here we are!我们到了!

  I lost my way.我迷路了。

  She is still mad at me.她还在生我的气。

  I'll get even with him one day.我总有一天跟他扯平。

  Hit the ceiling.大发雷霆。

  She's got quite a wad.她身怀巨款。

  I don't have anywhere to be.没地方可去。

  I'm dying to see you.我很想见你。

  I swear by the god.我对天发誓。

  Nothing tricky.别耍花招。

  You might at least apologize. 你顶多道个歉就得了。

  Price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot boiling.物价直线上升,这样子下去,我们锅里可没什么东西煮饭。

  None of you keyhole.不准偷看。

  Come on, be reasonable.嗨,你怎么不讲道理。

  When are you leaving?你什么时候走?

  You don't say so.未必吧,不至于这样吧。

  Don't get me wrong.别误会我。

  You don't seem to be quite yourself today.你今天看起来不大对劲。

  Do you have any money on you?你身上带钱了吗?

  What is you major?你学什么专业?

  My girlfriend and I broke up.我和我的女朋友吹了。

  It was something that happens once in the blue moon.这是千载难逢的事。

  It is a deal!一言为定!

  I'll kick you ass.我将炒你鱿鱼。

  Dinner is on me.晚饭我请。

  Say hello to everybody for me. 替我向大家问好。

  Not precisely!不见得,不一定!

  That is unfair.这不公平!

  We have no way out.我们没办法。

  That is great!太棒了!

  You are welcome!别客气!

  I have to be late and keep my date waiting.我不喜欢迟到而让别人久等。

  Would you mind making less noise?能不能小声点。

  It doesn't take much of you time.这不花你好多时间。

  Not in the long run.从长远来说不是这样的。

  It is of high quality.它质量上乘。

  There is nobody by that name working here.这里没有这个人。

  He neither drinks nor smokes.他既不喝酒也不抽烟。

  He pushes his luck.他太贪心了。

  Break the rules.违反规则。

  How big of you!你真棒!

  Poor thing!真可怜!



  Boy! (表示惊奇,兴奋等)哇!好家伙!

  Get out of here!滚出去!

  I can't make both ends meet.我上个月接不到下个月,缺钱。

  It can be a killer.这是个伤脑筋的问题。

  Dead end.死胡同。

  Take a seat!请坐!

  Here ye!说得对!

  You ask for it!活该!

  You don't say!真想不到!   

103、【因果报应的地道表达】美语中有几种比较多的说法:1.Pay the price付出代价;得到报应 2.Karma (因果报应):You deserve it, it’s karma 你活该,因果报应。 3.What goes around comes around. 出来混迟早要还的。 4.Tit for tat.以牙还牙/恶有恶报 5.Eye for an eye.以眼还眼。

104、I don't wanna ruin it for you.我不想让你扫兴。8.Don't take this the wrong way.别误会我的意思。9.We made a pact.我们约定好了。10.Like you always do.像你一贯的作风。11.It's been driving me nuts.快把我逼疯了。12.Don't be so hard on yourself.所以别太自责了。

105、12.What a coincidence!真巧啊 13.Keep it down!别闹了! 14.Don't be silly!别傻了!15.Nothing much.老样子。16.It's up to you! 随便你!17.It's annoying. 真烦人。18.Don't play dumb!别装傻!

106、【秒杀三字句系列(1)】 1.Don't talk.别说话。2.Kind of.差不多!3.Right this way.走这边!4.What's going on?怎么了? 5.Don't be like this.别这样。6.That is not enough.那不够。7.Don't get me wrong.别误会。8.You know that.你懂的。9.My bad.我的错。10.Come on.别这样。11.You bastard!你混蛋。

107、【各种睡眠问题】1. insomnia失眠;2. sleep deprivation 缺觉、睡眠不足;3. sleep disorder 睡眠失常/障碍;4. jet lag 时差综合症,由时差造成的疲劳和睡眠障碍;5. night terrors 夜惊;6. teeth grinding (bruxism)磨牙症;7. nightmare 噩梦;8. sleepwalking 梦游

108、【表达去睡觉】1. Go to bed/sleep. 上床睡觉。 2. Off to bed. 上床去了。 3. Hit the sack/hay 上床睡觉去(俚语)。 4. Take a nap. 小憩一会儿。 5. Take a snooze 打个盹儿。 6. Catch some Zs 小睡一会儿。 7. It's bedtime. 睡觉时间到了。 8. It's time to say good night. 该道声晚安了。

109、①微博 Micro-blog,而Twitter严格来说只是一个网站的名称 ②博主 Author/sender ③粉丝 Follower ④关注 Following ⑤发送 Post ⑥转发 Forward ⑦话题 Topic ⑧评论 Comment ⑨草根 Grass Roots

110、床上用品篇:①Bedding/bedclothes 床上用品 ②被子 Quilt/Duvet ③被单 Bed Sheet ④床罩 Fitted Sheet; Bed Cover ⑤枕巾 Pillow Towel ⑥盖毯 Throw ⑦抱枕 bolster ⑧窗帘 Curtain ⑨毛巾毯 Towel Blanket

111、毕业篇--区别(certificate/diploma/degree/) ①certificate是正式的证书,没有学位,学校颁发;证明你毕业. Certificate of Qualification: 资格证明书②diploma是一种文凭,指大专毕业证书. Advanced Diploma:高级大专 ③degree是学位,比如学士学位,硕士学位.Doctor degree: 博士学位

112、实用口语①Don't you have a big presentation today?你今天不是有个很重要的报告么? presentation: 介绍;陈述 ②I will start fresh, be someone new.我要打起精神,重新开始。 ③What makes you think that I’m sad?你为什么觉得我很悲伤?

113、【分类词汇】常见婚礼英语词汇第一辑:新郎-Groom[ɡru:m];新娘-Bride;结婚戒指-Wedding Ring;婚纱-Wedding Dress;伴郎-Best Man;伴娘-Bridesmaid['braidzmeid];无尾礼服-Tuxedo[t?k'si:du];记单词关键要重复记忆和场景应用,这样才记得牢固,把这单词多念几遍吧,设想一下你的婚礼帮助记忆

114、【分类词汇】今天学习几个常见节日词汇:中国节日:元旦-New Year's Day;元宵节-Lantern['l?nt?n] Festival;春节-Spring Festival;国外节日:愚人节-April Fool's Day;万圣节-All Saints Day;万圣节前夕-Halloween;情人节-Valentine's Day;宗教节日:斋月-Ramadan[,r?m?'d?n; -'dɑ:n];

115、实用口语--①How I guess the thing to do now is just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, forget it and move on.我想现在你该站起来,振作一下,忘记此事,向前看 dust off:掸去尘土,这里指振作精神②Why the hell not?有啥不行的吧?

116、实用口语①I'll tell you what's up.我来告诉你怎么回事。②I'm in a crisis situation, and I need you to marshal your powers of concentration 我陷入危急情况,我需要你集中精力.crisis:危机 marshal ['mɑ:??l]集中 concentration:专注

117、用口语①You are forbidden from ever seeing her again. Do you hear me? Forbidden!我禁止你再去找她,听懂了吗?禁止! forbid [f?'bid] 不准,禁止:②We're divorced.You can't tell me who I can date.我们离婚了,你不能约束我和谁约会。divorce: 离婚

118、实用口语①You can’t tell me no. You work for me. You will make it happen!你必须办到,你为我工作,就得想办法办到②You can’t force me to do anything. I am not your maid. 你不能强迫我做任何事情,我不是你的女佣.maid: [meid]女仆,女佣..

119、实用口语①it means I'm changing and evolving into a man capable of greatness.说明我正在发展变化成一个具有崇高品质的人.evolve into:逐渐发展成.演化 greatness['greitnis]崇高.伟大 capable of:有..的②You better watch your back 你可得小心点哦

120、实用口语①Here's the thing. I talked to Sheldon and he felt terrible and he agreed that he was unreasonable and out of line. 事情是这样的,我和Sheldon谈过了,他也不好受,他也觉得自己无理取闹,有些过分了.out of line:[俚语]不礼貌的,放肆的

121、实用口语 ①I have a secret but I never said it out loud. 我有个秘密,但我从未大声说出来过.out loud:高声地;大声地 ②it's not going to change anything , it's not going to make me good.一切都不会有任何的改变 ,也不会让我变好.

122、①How后跟的是形容词或副词,格式为: How+形容词或副词+ (a/an/the) + n. + 主语 + 谓语 "例:How clever a boy he is!他是一个多么聪明的男孩啊! ②What后面跟的是名词,格式为what + (a/ an) + (adj.形容词)+名词+陈述语序 例:What a clever boy he is!

123、-①Penny is in kind of a financial jam.Penny有点经济困难 financial: 财政的 jam: 困难 ②and the money that you owe her would, go a long way to solve her problems.你欠她的那些钱可以解决她的难题 solve:解决. go a long way:对..大有帮助

124、实用口语--①How Of course you feel terrible. You completely screwed up your karma. 你当然会感觉很糟糕啦,因果轮回要糟报应了 karma:【宗】羯磨(梵文译音), 决定来世命运的所作所为; 因果报应

125、①饮料 Beverages ②豆浆 soya-bean milk ③红茶 Black tea ④绿茶 Green tea ⑤芬达Fanta ⑥牛奶咖啡 Milk coffee ⑦美禄 Milo ⑧拉茶 Tea tarik

126、【实用口语三字句(2)】 ① 随便你!It’s up to you! ② 去你的!Fuck you! ③ 好可惜!What a shame! ④ 分摊吧!Let’s go Dutch! ⑤ 你做梦!You are dreaming! ⑥ 安分点!Behave! ⑦ 不骗你。Not joking! ⑧ 我请客!My treat!

127、【妙语金句】If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.如果你的行为能激励他人梦想更多、学习更多、行动更多和成就更多,那么你就是一个领导。——John Quincy Adams(约翰?昆西?亚当斯)

128、【实用口语三字句(1)】①不见得。Not necessarily.②你说呢?You tell me!③别傻了!Don’t be silly!④别闹了!Keep it down!⑤别装了!Stop pretending!⑥认输吧!Give in!⑦抢劫啊!What a rip-off!⑧真划算!What a great deal!⑨死定了!I’m dead!⑩无所谓!Whatever!

129、【实用词汇】“挣钱;赚钱”是make/earn money,“赔钱”是lose money,“花钱”是spend money,“借钱”是borrow/lend money,“欠钱”是owe money,“费钱”是cost money,“攒钱”是save money,“浪费钱”是waste money,“付款”是pay money,“筹款”是raise money,“理财”是manage money。

130、【每日励志】When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters - one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity. 在汉语里“危机”一词写出来是两个字:一个字代表危险,另一个字代表机遇。 ——John F. Kennedy(约翰?肯尼迪)

131、【妙语金句】A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. 悲观主义者在每一次机遇中看到困难,乐观主义者在每一次困难中看到机遇。(温斯顿?丘吉尔)

132、-①why would i want to do that?为什么我要那么做? ②Because once you can hurt, you can love ,that's the point. 你若懂得如何伤害人,你就懂得如何爱人.这才是总重要的.

133、【实用口语二字句(2)】①真巧!What a coincidence!②好险!That was close!③好烂!It sucks! ④ 免谈!No need to discuss!⑤休想!Over my dead body! ⑥ 没门!No way! ⑦ 算了!Forget it! ⑧ 你敢?You dare? ⑨ 糟了!Shit! / Fuck! ⑩ 成交!It’s a deal!

134、实用口语二字句(1)】 ①活该!Serves you right! ②胡闹!That’s monkey business! ③请便!Do as you please! ④加油!Go for it! ⑤废话!Bullshit! ⑥够了!Enough! ⑦讨厌!So annoying! ⑧闭嘴!Shut up! ⑨滚开!Get out! ⑩真棒!Good job!

135、①what good is talking if you and Damon are just gonna lie to me ?若你和Damon早就预备着欺骗我,那还有什么好谈的呢?what good is:什么..好的事情 gonna:(美)将要(等于going to) ②There is nothing I can do about .我也不能把你们怎么样.

136、【早安晨读】----成功创业家的特征:1、be creative 具有创见性 ;2、be persistent 坚持不屈的精神;3、be tolerant 耐得住寂寞 ;4、be persuasive;超凡的说服能力 5、 be insightful洞察市场潜在需要;6、be comprehensive深刻理解人性;7、be passionate 饱满的激情 你具有哪 几条?

137、【实用口语词汇】——on the high side:(数量,品质,价格等)偏高. 例句: Frankly, your price is indeed on the high side compared with other suppliers.说实话,与其他供货商的价格相比,你们的价格确实偏高。

138、实用口语 ①you seem like a perfectly pleasant person. I can't understand why women have such a hard time loving you. 你看上去是个很亲切的人,真不明白要女人爱你咋就那么困难。 pleasant:和蔼可亲的,举止文雅的.hard time:麻烦,困难

139、--①I want to talk about what we were supposed to talk about.我想谈谈我们昨晚没有说成的话.  ②I want us to clear up the weirdness.我想我们之间要把事情说明白. weirdness ['wi?dnis] 不可思议;离奇的.这里指奇奇怪怪的事情

140、【早安晨读】----如何建立人脉?How to build up social network?1、学会适应环境 adjust yourself;2、学会大方 be generous;3、学会低调 be humble;4、有礼貌 be polite;5、学会感恩 be grateful;6、遵守时间 be punctual;7、信守诺言 keep promises;8、学会忍耐 be tolerant 你做到了几条?

141、【趣味幽默篇】--你不一定知道的英文表达 ①eleventh hour 最后时刻(不是“十一点”)②confidence man 骗子(不是“信得过的人”)③familiar talk 庸俗的交谈(不是“熟悉的谈话”)

142、实用口语 ① Well, I'm keeping so many things to myself these days, something was bound to slip out! 我最近知道的秘密太多了,总有说溜嘴的时候be bound to: 必然 slip out: 说溜嘴 ②Are you still mad at me?你还在生我的气吗?be mad at: 生...气

143、【趣味幽默篇】--你不一定知道的英文表达 ①blind date (由第三者安排的)男女初次会面(并非“盲目约会”或“瞎约会”) ②mad doctor 精神病科医生(不是“发疯的医生”) ③You don't say! 是吗!(不是“你别说”)

144、-实用口语① I know I don't have a romantic bone in my body.我知道我没有什么浪漫细胞。 ② But If you’re ready to forgive me,then nothing can tear us apart,I promise. 但是如果你决定原谅我,我发誓,没有任何东西能让我们分离。

145、微约会-① Are you available tonight? 今晚你有空吗? ② If you're free, why don't we go out tonight? 要是你晚上有空,我们出去走走行吗? ③ Would you like to go to the movies with me? 你愿意和我一起去看电影吗?

146、实用口语-①Just that we hit it off , and I really like you . 只能说我们很合得来,而且我也很喜欢你. hit it off: 投缘;相处得好;合得来 ②You are sweet ,funny ,you are honest 你很温柔,风趣,还很坦诚. honest ['?nist] 诚实的,实在的;可靠的

147、-①What the hell is your problem? 你是不是有毛病啊! hell: 究竟,该死,见鬼 ②You need the back off, man. 你滚远点,老兄. .back off: 让开

148、生活大爆炸- ①May I say, Penny, not a lot of women could look as hot as you do with such greasy hair? 这么说吧,潘妮,不是所有女人都和你一样,头发油油的还这么性感。greasy ['ɡri:zi] 油腻的

149、【实用口语四字句(4)】 ① 真是经典! It’s a classic! ② 饶了我吧。 Give me a break. ③ 骗你的啦! I’m joking / kidding! ④ 勿失良机。 Don’t pass up a golden opportunity. ⑤ 两全其美。 Good for both sides. ⑥ 好事成双。 Good things come in pairs.

150、【实用口语三字句(3)】 ① 你真没用! You are useless! ② 想得美啊! In your dreams! ③ 想都别想! Don’t even think about it! ④ 怎么搞的? What happened? ⑤ 这也难怪。 No wonder. ⑥ 原来如此。 So that’s how it is!

151、绝望的主妇-① I can't imagine what you're going through. 我无法想象你正在经受怎样的痛苦。 go through: 经历 ②That's all right. It was really sweet of you to stop by.没关系。真是太体贴了,你过来看看我。 stop by: 顺便走访

152、Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.不要因为已经结束而伤感哭泣,要为曾经拥有而开心欢笑。 ——Dr. Seuss(苏斯博士)

153、【实用口语四字句(2)】 ① 没完没了。 Will it never end? ② 太过分了! That’s too much!/You’ve gone too far! ③ 太夸张了! That’s an exaggeration! ④ 我的妈呀! Oh my God! ⑤ 常有的事。 Happens all the time.

154、【实用口语四字句(1)】 ①不用担心!Don’t worry!②长话短说。Make a long story short.③少说废话!Cut the crap!④你懂什么?What do you know?⑤半斤八两。Same difference.⑥不识抬举。You just don’t appreciate it. ⑦岂有此理!How did it come to this? ⑧你急什么?What’s the rush?

155、【巨星语录】Knowing is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough, we must do.仅仅知道是不够的,我们必须应用;仅仅愿意是不够的,我们必须行动。——Bruce Lee(李小龙)

156、生活大爆炸- ①What are you implying?你在暗示什么? imply [im'plai] 意味,暗示 ②Just remember: with great power comes great responsibility. 请记住,能力越大,责任越大。 responsibility [ri.sp?ns?'biliti] 责任,职责;义务

157、绯闻女孩-①Nate, thanks for hearing me out earlier. You're a great friend. Nate,谢谢你之前听我倾诉,你是个很不错的朋友。 thank for: 因…而感谢 ② Yeah, well... Any time. 嗯…没什么。 Any time:不客气 (口语中使用频率很高),当别人说谢谢的时候,就可以这样答复.

158、【实用口语三字句(3)】 ① 冷静点!Calm down! ② 我保证!I guarantee! ③ 我发誓!I swear! ④ 来单挑!Let’s fight one-on-one! ⑤ 谁说的?Who said that? ⑥ 改天吧!I’ll take a rain check. ⑦ 要你管!Not your business!/None of your business! ⑧ 何必呢?What for?

159、We all have moments of desperation. But if we face them head on, that's when we find out just how strong we really are. 我们都有绝望的时候,但是当我们正视他们的时候,我们就会发现自己实际上有多坚强。——《绝望的主妇》

160、【实用口语四字句(8)】 ① 买一送一。 Buy one get one free. ② 打个折吧! Give me a discount! ③ 真是有缘! It must have been destiny / fate. ④ 一言为定。 It’s a deal. ⑤ 马马虎虎。 So-so. ⑥ 再接再厉。 Work harder.

161、When it’s a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.当涉及到金钱问题,每个人的信仰都是一致的。——Voltaire(伏尔泰)

162、【实用口语四字句(7)】 ① 少管闲事! None of your business! ② 想开点吧。 Take it easy. ③ 快去快回。 Hurry back! ④ 气死我了! Piss me off! ⑤ 我就知道。 I knew it. ⑥ 顺其自然。 Just go with the flow. ⑦ 说来话长。 It’s a long story.

163、Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.有太多的人,花尚未到手的钱,买他们不需要的东西,去迎合他们不喜欢的人。——Will Smith(威尔?史密斯)

164、【实用口语四字句(6)】 ① 实话实说。 Tell it like it is. ② 口是心非。 You say it, but you don’t mean it. ③ 乱七八糟。 What a mess! ④ 好久不见。 Long time no see. ⑤ 别来无恙? How have you been? ⑥ 有什么好? What’s good about it?

165、I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore I am perfect.注:第一个“nobody”意为“小人物”,(somebody可表示“大人物”之意),第二个“Nobody”意为“没有人”。

166、【实用口语四字句(5)】 ① 别惹麻烦。 Don’t make trouble! ② 算你厉害! You win! ③ 不见不散。 I’m not leaving until I see you. ④ 行行好嘛! Have a heart! ⑤ 没这回事。 No such thing. ⑥ 那又怎样? So what?

167、 ① 真拿你没辙!You’re hopeless! ② 门儿都没有!Not a chance! ③ 我才不信咧!I don’t believe it! ④ 太离谱了吧!Off base! ⑤ 谁管那么多?Who cares?

168、【实用口语五字句(6)】 ① 你会后悔的。You’ll be sorry. ② 吓我一大跳!You scared me! ③ 你想太多了。You think too much. ④ 太夸张了吧!That’s an exaggeration! ⑤ 下次好运啰!Better luck next time!

169、【实用口语五字句(5)】 ① 别放在心上。Never mind. ② 我无能为力。Out of my control. ③ 明天再说吧!Talk about it tomorrow! ④ 真是受不了。I can’t take it. ⑤ 让我死了吧!Just shoot me!

170、Life needs gratefulness. It is not only confined to love, but also to friendship, family bonds,mutual cherishing as well as constant missing each other.生活需要感动,这样的感动不限于爱情,更来自于友情和亲情、人与人彼此的心心相惜以及内心时时刻刻的牵挂。

171、实用口语】问候的几种表达:①how are you你好吗?(常用)②How have you been = How are you doing你过得如何?③How are you getting on近来过得怎么样④what’s the news/Anything new近况如何?⑤What are you up to these days近来在忙些什么?

172、 sometimes, the only way to ward off the darkness is to shine the light of compassion.有时抵挡黑暗的唯一办法就是发出仁慈的光芒。 ——《绝望的主妇》

173、【实用口语五字句(4)】 ① 我们扯平了。We’re even. ② 这才像话嘛!That’s more like it! ③ 说点别的吧。Change the subject. ④ 听天由命吧!Let it be!/Take life as it comes. ⑤ 三思而后行。Look before you leap./Think twice.

174、【实用口语五字句(3)】 ① 怎么会这样?How did this happen? ② 你在烦什么?What’s bothering/eating you? ③ 有什么关系?What does it matter? ④ 一切听你的。You are the boss. ⑤ 你方便就好。Whatever’s convenient for you.

175、【形形色色的man】a man of his word守信用的人;a man of few words沉默寡言的人;the man of the year年度人物;the man in the street老百姓;a man of the people为民众代言的人;a man's man受男人欢迎的男人;a ladies' man受女人欢迎的男人;yes-man唯唯诺诺的人;Be your own man!独立自主!

176、【实用口语五字句(2)】 ① 有钱好办事。Money makes the world go around. ② 别那么夸张。You’re overdoing it. ③ 行不通的啦!It’s not gonna work. ④ 我快饿扁了。I’m starving to death. ⑤ 你喜欢就好。As long as you like it.

177、Everyone in the world needs someone they can depend on. But occasionally in life, the people we thought would always be there for us leave. 这个世界上的每个人都需要有人依靠。有时生活里,那个我们认为一直会在那里,让我们依靠的人也会离开. ——《绝望的主妇》

178、Are you okay? she seems to be in a good mood. 你还好吗?她看上去心情不错。 be in a mood[口语]在生气,心情不好

179、【实用口语五字句(1)】 ① 我怎么知道?How would I know? ② 不关我的事。None of my business. ③ 面对现实吧!Wake up and smell the coffee! ④ 这不是重点。That’s not the point. ⑤ 包在我身上。You can count on me.

180、A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.目标并不总是用来达成的,它往往是用来追求的。 ——Bruce Lee(李小龙)

181、【最美的单词】英国文化协会曾举办了一项名为“The Most Beautiful Words in English”的评选活动。这项活动在102个英语非母语的国家进行,评选结果如下:①Mother母亲② Passion热情③Smile微笑④Love爱⑤Eternity永恒⑥Fantastic奇妙的⑦Destiny命运⑧ Freedom自由⑨Liberty 自由⑩Tranquility宁静

182、【实用口语六字句(1)】 ① 你一点都没变!You haven’t changed a bit! ② 我改变主意了。I changed my mind. ③ 还是有希望的。There’s still hope. ④ 真是失望透顶。What a disappointment. ⑤ 我看他不顺眼。He rubs me the wrong way.

183、All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. 如果我们有勇气去追求,我们所有的梦想都可以成为现实。 ——Walt Disney(华特?迪士尼)

184、I can accept failure. but I can't accept not trying. 我可以接受失败,但我无法接受从不去尝试。——迈克·乔丹

185、如何用英语形容女人漂亮 ? 一句简单的 You are pretty! 或是 You are so beautiful 就可以让人家高兴上好半天. Gorgeous 在程度上可能要比 pretty 和 beautiful 还要再来的高雅一些. 所以下次再看到美女, 别忘了说一声, You are gorgeous (你真漂亮)

186、【实用口语五字句(10)】 ① 你认错人了。You got the wrong person. ② 天不从人愿。You can’t always get what you want. ③ 都是你害的!It’s all your fault! ④ 我才不信邪。I don’t buy it. ⑤ 我跟他不熟。I don’t know him well. ⑥ 我情不自禁。I can’t help myself.

187、绝望的主妇317① would you like to join us for dinner? No, Three’s a crowd. 你愿意参加我们的晚餐吗?三个人不太好。 ②It’s not like that. The more the merrier. 不是那样的,人越多越开心。 The more the merrier. 人越多越开心(口语中经常使用)

188、There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. 你只有两种方式度过你的人生:一种是把什么都不当奇迹,另一种是把什么都当作奇迹。 ——Albert Einstein(爱因斯坦)

189、【口语短句】 ①I mean what I said. 我可不是说着玩儿的。②I was not born yesterday.我又不是三岁小孩儿。③You helped me a lot.你帮了我大忙了。④I feel the same way.我深有同感。 ⑤It's easier said than done.说起来容易做起来难啊.

190、It’s impossible to grasp just how powerful love is..It can sustain us through trying times.or motivate us to make extraordinary sacrifices。我们不可能完全理解爱是如何的强大...它能支持我们度过困难时光.或者激励我们做出非同寻常的牺牲。——<绝望的主妇>

191、If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it ,change your attitude . Don't complain . 如果你不喜欢某件事,就(用行动)改变它;如果你不能改变它,就改变你的态度.不要抱怨.——玛雅·安热卢

192、【口语表达】别人说Thank you 时,你如何回应?① you're welcome/not at all/all right不客气②it's my pleasure/my pleasure/pleasure is mine是我的荣幸③Don't mention it 不值得一提④Be my guest不用客气⑤Any time随时效劳 ?

193、】I’m a pretty girl. And pretty girls are never lonely.我是个漂亮的女人,而漂亮的女人从来不会孤单。—<绝望的主妇〉

194、【实用口语五字句(9)】 ① 我快崩溃了。I’m going out of my mind. ② 你不想活啦?You wanna die? ③ 我别无选择。I have no choice. ④ 谁管那么多?Who cares? ⑤ 便宜没好货。You get what you pay for.

195、Be thankful for what you have.You'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ,ever have enough. 要学会对拥有的一切怀有感恩之心。最终你会得到更多。如果你总是对那些没有得到的东西耿耿于怀,那么你永远也不会满足——奥普拉·温弗瑞

196、(4 common lies: 1) I'm fine; 2) I never got your text; 3) She/he is just a friend; 4) I swear, Please trust me . 四个常见的谎言:1) 我没事;2) 我没收到你的信息;3) Ta只是朋友而已;4) 我发誓,请相信我. 还有其它的吗?

197、No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't.我小的时候从来没有人说我长得漂亮,我们应该告诉所有的小女孩她们长得漂亮,即使她们并不漂亮。——Marilyn Monroe(玛丽莲?梦露)

198、实用口语五字句(8)】 ① 我也这么想。I feel the same way. ② 实际一点吧!Be practical! ③ 你来评评理。You be the judge. ④ 还差得远咧!Far from it! ⑤ 信不信由你。Believe it or not.

199、Life is short, I would love to continue making this mistake with you .人生短暂,我愿和你将错就错——《非2》

200、I can't deny that our path has been complicated, but in the end, love makes everything simple. 不可否认我们的路一直很艰辛,但最终,爱让一切变得简单. ——绯闻女孩

201、绯闻女孩312- ① I will stand by you through anything no matter what happens .不管发生什么我都会陪在你身边。stand by: 站在…的一边,支持(某人) ② Why would you do that? Because I love you. 你为什么要这么做?因为我爱你。

202、【流行口语】情绪表达-讨厌:1、I can't stand/put up with/stick sth.我无法忍受某事;2、I'm done with sth./sb.我受够某事/某人了,美剧中常见;3、I dislike/hate Kung Pao Chicken我不喜欢/讨厌宫保鸡丁,最直接表达;4、I find it really difficult to enjoy/deal with sth.含蓄地表达不喜欢

203、【微博词汇】转发forward/retweet评论comment/to leave a comment 一条微博a Weibo update/post;a tweet 私信private message (PM)/direct message (DM) 粉丝fans/followers 话题topic 认证verified account 热门话题榜most popular topics/trending topics

204、The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. 这世界会打击每一个人,但经历过后,许多人会在受伤的地方变得更坚强。—— Ernest Hemingway 海明威(美国作家)

205、【脱口而出】 1) I don't really feel like talking. 我现在不是很想说话。 2) I don't really have a choice. 我没得选。 3)What are you up to right now. 你们在干嘛呢?4)Are you kidding me? 你在开玩笑吗?

206、【美剧口语】①There is a guy,he told me to tell him how I feel about him 有一个男生,他要我亲口告诉他,我对他的感觉.②You know,Like now, I’m feeling loopy,and I don’t really know how to express myself. 你知道吗?现在我觉得自己好笨,真的不知道如何表达我的感情

207、】“Looking at what has been taken from us is a bad way to go through life, Looking for what we can give to others is far better。”关注你所失去的只会让人生痛苦不堪,关注你能给予的才会让人生充满意义。——《绝望的主妇》

208、【实用口语六字句(8)】 ① 这就是我要的。That’s just what I’m looking for. ② 你走着瞧好了。Just wait and see. ③ 你说这什么话?What kind of talk is that? ④ 别唠唠叨叨了。Stop blabbering! ⑤ 我可不这么想。I don’t think so.

209、A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror。一个懂得爱的人,他生活在一个充满爱的世界中。一个仇视他人的人,他生活在一个充满敌意的世界中。每个你所遇见的人就是你的镜子——Ken Keyes,Jr(肯.凯耶斯)

210、【口语表达】吵架的时候如何缓解气氛? 1)Sorry, I overreacted.对不起,我反应过激了. 2)I realize it's not your fault.我意识到这不是你的错. 3) I hope you can understand my situation. 我希望你能理解我的处境. 4) I could be wrong in this 这个问题,我可能是错的.

211、【实用口语六字句(7)】 ① 事情就是这样。That’s the way it is. ② 别瞧不起人了!Don’t look down on others! ③ 我不是故意的。I didn’t do it on purpose. ④ 那我就放心了。That eases my mind. ⑤ 有总比没有好。Better than nothing.

212、We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. 我们通过所得到的 来谋生,我们通过所付出的获得人生的价值。 ——Winston Churchill(温斯顿?丘吉尔)

213、Outwardly, I was everything a well brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming.外表看,我是个教养良好的小姐,骨子里,我很叛逆. ——《泰坦尼克号》

214、 [称赞男性的英语用词] smart-时髦 virile-有男子气概 handsome-英俊 charismatic-(领导风范)有魅力的 athletic-活跃健壮 dashing-生气勃勃 spruce-外表干净英挺 aristocratic-有皇室风范 clean-faced-五官清秀 clean-shaven-剃净胡须 majestic-宏伟 adorable-可爱 suave-(对女性)体贴温柔

215、【实用口语六字句(6)】 ① 问你也是白问。No use asking you. ② 是这样子的吗?Is that so? ③ 你到底想怎样?What do you want? ④ 我才懒得理你。You’re not worth my time. ⑤ 为什么不早说?Why didn’t you say so?

216、【实用口语六字句(5)】 ① 你好大的胆子。You’ve got some nerve. ② 别说是我做的。Don’t tell anyone that I did it. ③ 没必要对你说。No need to tell you. ④ 不要学我说话!Don’t repeat everything I say. ⑤ 你真是没救了!You’re hopeless!

217、【口语表达】'道歉'篇①Pls accept my deep apology请接受我真诚的道歉②I’d like to apologize for what I’ve done对我的所作所为表示道歉③Pls excuse my careless words请原谅我那些无心的话④I can’t tell you how sorry I am真不知道怎么对你表示歉意 ⑤I’m really sorry for that真的很抱歉

218、【实用口语六字句(4)】 ① 你算什么东西?Who do you think you are? ② 这该怎么说呢?How should I say this? ③ 别小题大做了。Don’t blow it out of proportion. ④ 那要看情形了。That depends. ⑤ 别这么见外嘛!Don’t be a stranger!

219、【实用口语六字句(3)】 ① 我们刚说到哪?Where were we? ② 我已经麻木了。I’m num. ③ 不要以大欺小。Pick on someone your own size. ④ 嘴巴放干净点!Watch your mouth! ⑤ 井水不犯河水。You mind your business, and I’ll mind mine.

220、【脱口而出】1)I'm not going. 我不去了。 2)Are you there? 你在吗?(网络聊天用语常用) 3) Let's just get down to business! 让我们切入正题吧! 4) How come ?怎么回事?怎么搞的? 5) I'm flattered. 过奖了

221、【美剧口语】 1) People kiss because they have feelings for each other.人们亲吻是因为对彼此有感觉。 2) Blair, you and I are magnetic. Blair,我和你都有磁力。 magnetic [m?ɡ'netik]有吸引力的 ——<绯闻女孩>

222、【实用口语七字句(3)】 ① 这是命运的安排。This is destiny. ② 一个巴掌拍不响。It takes two to tango. ③ 怎么那么死脑筋?How can you be so stubborn? ④ 这事就交给我吧。Leave it up to me. ⑤ 好好考虑一下吧。Think it over.

223、【脱口而出】1) How do you feel? 感觉如何? 2) Don't do this to yourself.别这么对你自己。 3)What now?又怎么了? 4)what is your problem? 你发什么神经? 5) you're full of crap. 你废话连篇!

224、Easy money有两种不同的意思。Easy就是容易,money就是钱。Easy money可以指用花招或欺骗手段得来的不义之财。但是,easy money一般是指没有花什么功夫而得来的钱财( 得来不费力的钱) .例句: Nowadays, more and more people trend to make easy money on the Internet by selling products.

225、【美剧口语】 ——1)Real Friends don't manipulate each other.but They help. 真正的朋友之间不会互相操纵。只会互相帮助。 2) It would suck if that was gone forever. 如果我们之间的友谊永远失去了,就太可惜了。 suck: 糟糕透了 ——<@吸血鬼日记 >

226、【实用口语七字句(2)】 ① 够了不要再说了!Enough! I don’t want to hear it! ② 不然这样好不好?How about this instead? ③ 不要紧没什么事。Don’t worry! It’s nothing. ④ 我只是闹着玩的。I’m just kidding. ⑤ 现实总是残酷的。The truth hurts.

227、Cross my heart 在中文里的意思就是“保证”或者“发誓”等 。这个俗语用的面是很广的,不仅小孩常用,大人也经常用。有的谈恋爱的人就用 cross my heart 来向对方表白自己的真情。例如, I really love you honey, cross my heart. 我发誓我是真心爱你的宝贝。

228、【脱口而出】1) You like that? 你喜欢吗? 2) what did I miss? 我错过什么了吗? 3) I’m aware of that. 我意识到了 4)Whatever.随便你了 5) Have fun.玩得开心点。

229、【实用口语七字句(1)】 1. 什么事那么好笑?What’s so funny? 2. 不要告诉别人喔!Don’t tell anyone! 3. 你凭什么指使我?What right do you have to tell me what to do? 4. 不要再找借口了!Stop looking for excuses. 5. 果然不出我所料。Just what I thought.

230、【美剧口语】 In spite of my lowly, accept that I have true feelings for Marcus and that he has them for me too. 尽管我的出身不够高贵,但你要接受我跟马库斯之间的感情是真的,并且他对我也是真的。 解析: lowly: 地位卑微 have feeling for 对…有感情 ——<绯闻女孩>

231、【精选语录】You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once. 你可以拥有一切,只是你不可能马上拥有一切。——奥普拉*温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)

232、【脱口而出】 1)Make up your mind. 作个决定吧! 2)I got a shock!我震惊了 ! 3) make a move first 先离开了 4)No doubt about it! 勿庸置疑!5) That's going too far! 这太离谱了!

233、【美剧口语】 Listen carefully.I'm about to give you a set of instructions, which you must follow to the letter. 仔细听好了, 接下来我要告诉你一系列指示,你必须严格按照指示做。 解析: a set of:一系列 instructions:操作指南 to the letter:严格地,丝毫不差地.

234、【实用口语六字句(12)】 ① 我招谁惹谁了?Who did I piss off? ② 那不是很好吗?Isn’t that great? ③ 先帮我垫一下。Can you spot me? ④ 真拿你没办法。I don’t know what to do with you. ⑤ 人生只有一次!We only live once!

235、【脱口而出】 1)Don't worry,Take your time .别着急,慢慢来。2) It’s for the best。 这是最好的选择。 3)Don't be so childish。别这么孩子气 4)You asked for it! 你自讨苦吃! 5) What the hell !搞什么呀!(表示不在乎、无可奈何、气恼、不耐烦等)

236、【实用口语六字句(11)】 ① 我手机没电了。My cell phone’s out of batteries. ② 你还是老样子。You’re the same as always. ③ 这次不算重来!This time didn’t count. Do it over! ④ 听我的准没错。Just listen to me, and you’ll be fine. ⑤ 怎么不说话了?Cat got your tongue?

237、【习语精选】('' in hot water '' 它的意思并不是"在热水中"。而确切意思是指某人或某些人处在困境之中,遇到非常麻烦的问题了-- to be in trouble or embarrassing situation ) 例句::He was found cheating on the exam, and now he's in hot water.他考试作弊被发现了,现在他可麻烦了。

238、【脱口而出】 1)Make it quick! 长话短说! 2)You helped me a lot.你帮了我大忙了. 3)Don't be so fussy! 别挑剔了! 4)Don't get me wrong! 你搞错了(别误会我)

239、【实用口语六字句(10)】 ① 我不是本地人。I’m not from around here. ② 怎么不说话了?Cat got your tongue? ③ 你有完没完啊?Are you through? ④ 怎么可以这样?How could you do this? ⑤ 我不会怪你的。I won’t blame you.

240、【美剧口语】 ①How can I trust you When I feel like I don't even know you? 当我觉得我已不了解你的时候,叫我怎么相信你 ②I'm sorry that I’ve lied, I am just not ready to be married. 抱歉我撒谎了, 只是我还没准备好结婚。

241、【实用口语六字句(9)】 ① 话别说得太满。Don’t be so sure. ② 这没什么稀奇。It’s nothing special. ③ 这个字怎么念?How do you pronounce it? ④ 我的心在滴血。My heart hurts. ⑤ 你这是何苦呢?Why torture yourself?

242、【实用口语八字句(1)】①有本事你做给我看。 Let’s see you do it.②你先走,我随后就到。You go first. I’ll catch up later.③你想到哪里去了? What are you thinking?④我的意思不是那样。 That’s not what I’m saying.⑤区区小事,何足挂齿。 It’s nothing.

243、Accept everything about yourself-I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets.接纳你自己的一切——我是指一切的一切。你就是你,接纳自己是人生的全部意义所在——无需抱歉,也不必悔恨。——Henry Kissinger(亨利?基辛格)

244、【脱口而出】1)What is happening? 出什么事了? 2)What’s so funny? 有什么事那么可笑? 3)This car is too expensive! 这车太贵了!4)He’s quite a catch 他很吸引人 5)You look so pale. 你脸色看起来很苍白.

245、【美剧口语】① I'm guessing you haven't had much time to figure things out.我猜你应该没什么时间去解决这些问题。 ②There's nothing to figure at this point. 事情到这一步也就没有什么可解决的了。figure out: 解决 at this point: 在此刻/这时候 ——<绯闻女孩>

246、What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come. 我所知道的是:如果你热爱你的工作,它也能让你充分施展才华,那么一切都会有的。——奥普拉*温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)

247、【脱口而出】1)I feel badly about that. 我感到非常抱歉 2) Please hurry.请快点。 3) Works for me. 我没问题。 work for sb.【在口语里经常用到。意思是对某人来说合适,没问题】 4)I'm in. 算我一个。 sb. be in:【(口语)算我一个,我加入】 5) You're very tense. 你太紧张了。

248、【美剧口语】 That was absolutely humiliating. Oh, come on. Some battles you win, some battles you lose. 简直丢脸丢到家。哦,拜托,胜败乃兵家常事啊。——<生活大爆炸>

249、【实用口语七字句(8)】 ① 这真是人间美味。This food is out of this world. ② 干嘛神秘兮兮的?Why so mysterious? ③ 别再婆婆妈妈了!Stop being so indecisive! ④ 你以为现在几点?What time do you think it is? ⑤ 至少大家都没事。At least everyone’s all right.

250、【脱口而出】 1) Hey! You're up. 嘿,你起床啦. 2) Stop talking.别再讲了. 3) The guy's a loser. 这个家伙很失败. 4) Don't insult me. 别侮辱我. 5)That is disgusting. 太恶心了. 6)I would love to hear your thoughts. 我很想听听你的想法.

251、【美剧口语】①Someday maybe you girls find true love。 某一天也许你们这些女孩也会找到真爱… ② I don't need a guy to make me feel fulfilled.... 我不需要男孩子来填补我的空虚。 true love:真爱;挚爱 guy: 男人 fulfilled: 满足的 ——<绯闻女孩>

252、关联词汇: welcome to W$S wedding 1)marriage certificate 结婚证 2)wedding dress 婚纱、结婚礼服 3) wedding ceremony 结婚典礼 4) bride新娘 5) bridegroom/groom 新郎 6)主婚人 officiator 7)证婚人marriage witness 8) vows 婚誓 9) honeymoon 蜜月

253、【实用口语七字句(7)】 ① 到时候就知道了。I’ll know when the time comes. ② 好戏还在后头呢!You ain’t seen nothing yet! ③ 我也无话可说了。I’m speechless. ④ 问一下又不会死。You won’t die for asking. ⑤ 你太得寸进尺了!I give you an inch, and you take a yard.

254、【脱口而出】1)shame on you 真丢脸! 2)keep your mouth shut 你给我闭嘴!3)Damn you 该死的! 4)Nonsense/Bullshit 简直胡说八道! 5)What the hell is that? 这究竟是什么玩意?

255、【实用口语七字句(6)】 ① 我想请你帮个忙。Could you do me a favor? ② 你有没有在听啊?Have you been listening? ③ 也可以这么说啦。You could say that too. ④ 走,我请你喝一杯!Let’s go. I’ll buy you a drink. ⑤ 我说真的,不骗你!I’m telling the truth. I’m not lying.

256、脱口而出】1) I shouldn't have done that。 我不该那样做(但还是做了)2) I shouldn't have been there 我不该去那儿(但还是去了)3) I shouldn't have told you 真不该告诉你(但还是告诉你了) 4)Maybe I should go home. 也许我该回家了。

257、【实用口语七字句(5)】 ① 别管我不要理我。Leave me alone. ② 抱歉让你久等了。Sorry to keep you waiting. ③ 别误会我的意思。Don’t take it the wrong way. ④ 你今天不太对劲。You’re not yourself today. ⑤ 你再说我就揍你。Say it again, and I’ll give you a beating.

258、【实用口语七字句(4)】 ① 你死了这条心吧。Give it up! ② 跟你有什么关系?What’s it to you? ③ 你在玩什么把戏?What are you trying to pull? ④ 你有没有良心啊?Don’t you have a heart? ⑤ 给我滚到一边去!Get out of here! Out of my way!

259、'' Knockout '' 最常用的意思是把一个人打倒在地。玩过电子游戏的童鞋在拳皇中一定记的当击倒对方时的动作,常作“K.O.”..有印象没? 但是knockout在俚语中却只用来形容非凡的美,可以用来形容女孩子或物品. 例:My new girlfriend is certainly a knockout.我新结识的女友确实是个万人迷.

260、【实用口语九字句(1)】①天底下哪有这种好事。That’s too good to be true.②这样算什么英雄好汉?What kind of hero is that?③你以为我喜欢这样啊?You think I like it like this?④这可不是天天都有的。It doesn’t happen every day.⑤除了吃,你还会做什么?What do you do besides eating?

261、【实用口语九字句(1)】 ① 我不晓得在哪见过她。I don’t know where I’ve seen her before. ② 我根本不是他的对手。I’m no match for him. ③ 我一个人哪做得完啊?I can’t do it by myself. ④ 我这样还不是为你好。I’m doing it for you. ⑤ 你一定可以撑下去的。You can do it.

262、脱口而出】1)Don't do this to yourself.别这么对你自己。 2)Wish me luck.祝我好运。 3)I'm married.我结婚了。 4)What now?又怎么了? 5)To be honest ,you are not my type.说实话!你不是我喜欢的类型(拒绝别人的时候可以派上用场)

263、【实用口语八字句(7)】①朋友是做什么用的?What are friends for? ②有些人就是学不乖。Some people never learn.③我忘了要说什么了。I forgot what I was gonna say.④最糟的还不止这样。The worst is yet to come.⑤看什么看?没见过啊?What are you looking at? Never seen this before?

264、I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. ——Steve Jobs 我确信我热爱我所做的事情,这就是这些年来支持我继续走下去的唯一理由.(斯蒂芬·乔布斯)

265、【脱口而出】1)That makes no difference. 不都一样吗? 2) You noticed that?你注意到了吗? 3)That’s nice of you.你太好了。 4)Stay/Keep away from me! 离我远一点 5)You need to get used to being alone. 你应该学会习惯一个人生活。

266、【谚语精华】1)Between friends all is common. 朋友之间不分彼此。 2)Beauty lies in the love's eyes. 情人眼里出西施。 3)A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。 4)Don't claim to know what you don't know. 不要不懂装懂。

267、【实用口语八字句(6)】①怎么可能有这种事?How could that be?②什么风把你吹来啦?What brings you here?③一手交钱,一手交货。 You give me the money. I’ll get you the goods.④如果我没搞错的话…… If I’m not mistaken…⑤坐而言,不如起来行。 Actions speak louder than words.

268、【美剧口语】1)I think I may be about to get involved with a married man.我想我和一个已婚男人暧昧不清了. 2)I can literally feel my heart thump when I see him.毫不夸张的说,当我见到他的时候,我真的听到我的心跳。-literally:不夸张地/实际地 thump:砰然声【心跳的声音】——< 绯闻女孩>

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. 自古至今人类最大的发现就是——一个人可以通过仅仅改变态度来改变他的未来。 ——Oprah Winfrey(奥普拉?温弗瑞)

270、"too much"在口语中的意思多是"过多;太过分了"。常用来表达恼怒、厌烦、不满等。 例句:You really are too much , I can't stand that anymore 你真的太过分了, 我无法再忍受了。

271、【实用口语八字句(5)】 ① 只准早到,不许迟到。 You are to be on time. Don’t be late. ② 那有什么好奇怪的? What’s so weird about that? ③ 我可不是说着玩的。 I’m not joking. ④ 这有什么大不了的? What’s the big deal? ⑤ 有种你给我试试看。 I dare you to try.

272、【脱口而出】 1)There you go again! 你又来了!2)We'll discuss it later! 回头再说吧! 3)What happened to you? 你咋了? 4)What's on your mind?/what are you thinking ? 你在想什么?5)That's going too far! 这太离谱了!

273、【口语句型】 To tell the truth..老实说。该句用来表达自己的真实想法。同类的表达形式很多 truth to tell/ frankly speaking/to be honest. 例:1) To tell the truth, I have never been to Japan .说实话,我从未去过日本. 2)Frankly speaking, I dislike this film.坦白说,我不喜欢这部电影.

274、【实用口语八字句(4)】①家家有本难念的经。 Every family has its own worries.② 天下无不散的筵席。 All things must come to an end. ③ 我会自己想办法的。 I can handle it myself. ④ 不用你说我也知道。 That goes without saying. ⑤ 此一时也,彼一时也。 Times have changed.

275、【脱口而出】1) you know that .你懂的 2) Easy come easy go! 来得容易去得也快![口语](钱财等)易得易失 3) First come first served! 先到先得! 4) I couldn't reach him! 我联络不上他!5) There is nothing on your business! 这没你的事!

276、【实用口语八字句(3)】①你给我看清楚一点!Take a closer look. ② 我不是告诉过你吗? Didn’t I tell you before? ③ 我什么时候说过了? When did I say that? ④ 你从哪冒出来的啊? Where do you come from? ⑤ 干嘛发火,谁惹你了? Why so pissed off? Someone got in your way?

277、【脱口而出】1)Don't give me that! 少来这套! 2) I cross my heart! 我发誓是真的! 3) Don't lose your head 别乐昏了头! 4) Don't over do it! 别做过头了!5) don't act stupid 别装傻了

278、【美剧口语】 1) It's time to awake from our slumber and learn the hard truth..是时候该从睡梦中醒来面对这残酷的事实了 2) But some nightmares don't end once we open our eyes.但是有些噩梦不会随着我们睁开眼睛而消失。 slumber ['sl?mb?] 睡眠 nightmare: 恶梦——< 绯闻女孩>

279、【实用口语八字句(2)】①你这话是什么意思?What do you mean by that?②这种事谁也说不准。You can never tell about this sort of thing. ③让我一个人静一静。Leave me alone. ④睁一只眼,闭一只眼。I’ll pretend I didn’t see that. ⑤放一百二十个心吧。Relax. You can count on me.

280、说说你们公司的主要部门:1)仓储部 Warehouse Department 2)产品开发部 Product Development~ 3)人力资源部 Human Resources~ 4)品管部Quality Control~ 5)财务部 financial~ 6)采购部 Purchasing~ 7)Manufacturing~生产部 8)企划部 Planning ~9)Program~项目部10)Marketing~市场部 11)Shipping~运输部

281、【美剧口语】1)You've been trying to help her all along, haven't you?你一直都在试图帮助她,是吧? 2)I don't follow. 不明白你在说什么。3)It's written all over your face.一切都写在你脸上..——<lie to me>

282、【脱口而出】1)Holy smokes 我的天啊。2)It’s hard to say! 真是难以启齿. 3) I think I've made my point.我想我已经说明白了。4) you'll only make it worse. 你只会让事情更糟。5) What a gossip!真会八卦! 6)See what?看什么啊?

283、【美剧口语】1) Listen, all of us have been under a lot of stress.听着,所有人都承受着很大的压力。2)who the hell knows what could happen this time? 谁TMD的知道这次会发生什么? 3)we are trying to focus on what we can control. 我们正全力做我们能控制的事情。——<Lost>

284、【美剧口语】1)Will you excuse me for a second?我能失陪会吗? 2)Don't you wanna go say hey?你不去跟她打声招呼? 3) let's not discuss that right now, okay?现在别说这个,好吗?——<绯闻女孩>

285、【脱口而出】1)What do you want me to do?你们想让我怎么做?2)I’ll see what I can do.我尽力而为。3) give me a hug!来抱一抱 4)I’m not speaking to you. 我不想和你说话。5) you are unfaithful.你不诚实

286、【脱口而出】1)It's just not right.有点不对劲。 2)Then what?那又怎么样呢? 3)What just happened?发生什么事情了? 4)Would you knock it off ?你能别说那事吗?[口语](住口,别再讲下去了) 5) Why are you smiling?为什么你要笑? 6) what's so funny ?有什么好笑的吗?

287、【美剧口语】1)Do you want to go out on a date with her? 你想跟她约会吗? 2)Absolutely! Is Friday okay? 好啊。星期五可以吗? 3)Friday’s perfect...She can’t wait. 星期五好,她快等不及了。——<老友记>

288、【脱口而出】1)Should I be worried?我该担心吗? 2)Whatever you want.全听你的。3)You can't avoid what happened forever.你不能一辈子逃避已经发生的事。 4)I know I shouldn't have lied. 我知道我不应该撒谎. 5) I got a little carried away.我有点偏离正轨。

289、【美剧口语】1)Why do you have a knockoff designer wallet? 你怎么用一个山寨名牌钱包? 2) I thought you hated intellectual property theft. 你不是讨厌知识产权盗窃吗。———<绯闻女孩>

290、【脱口而出】1)We need to talk. 我们要谈谈。 2)That sounds great.听起来不错。3)Where have you been? 你去哪了?4)I've been calling you for an hour.我一直在给你打电话。5)I was with my friends. Why? 我和朋友们在一起,怎么了?

291、【实用口语九字句(3)】 ① 我不想给人家添麻烦。 I don’t want to cause any trouble. ② 这个忙我恐怕帮不上。 I probably can’t help you with this. ③ 早就知道了,还用你说。I know. Save your breath! ④ 天下没有免费的午餐。 There is no such thing as a free lunch.

292、美剧口语】1)Are you saying that I am too emotional?你是说我太感情用事了? 2)Absolutely. Well, I can't imagine what you're going through. 千真万确,我无法想象你正在经受怎样的痛苦。 emotional: 情感的,感性的 absolutely: 完全地 imagine: 想象 go through: 经历——<绝望的主妇>

283、脱口而出】1)I feel sorry for her. 我真为她感到难过。2)I appreciate that.我很感激。3)It's all right. Let it out.没事的。放轻松。4) Do I make myself clear?我说的够清楚了吗?5)we have nothing in common.我们没有共同点。6)You deserve it.你活该.

284、【脱口而出】 1)I want to do you a favor.我想帮你一个忙。2) It doesn't make any sense to me.我觉得那样很没道理。 3)I guess so.我也这么想。4)It's not like that. 不是那样的。5)I'm a little bit embarrassed. 我有点尴尬。6)Don't get me wrong. 请别误会。

285、【美剧口语】1)This feels weird,she's up to something 。这感觉真奇怪,她肯定在耍花招。 [口语] 搞阴谋,耍花招;干坏事 2)It is what it is.i have nowhere to go。事情就是这样了,我无处可去了。——<Desperate housewives)

286、【电影台词】出自《乱世佳人》(Gone With the Wind)的“Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!”(坦白说,亲爱的,我不在乎!),被美国电影学会评为“最经典的100句电影台词"之第1名。not give a damn (about sb/sth)表示“(对某人/某事)毫不在乎”之意,相当于I couldn’t care less.

287、Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. 仰望星空,脚踏实地。 ——Theodore Roosevelt(西奥多?罗斯福)

288、【爱情物语】It takes only a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. 迷恋一个人只需要一分钟,喜欢一个人需要一个小时,爱上一个人需要一天,而要忘记一个人则需要一辈子的时间。

289、''son of a bitch''(SOB) 经常看美剧的朋友一定对这句话不陌生。可以翻译为“狗娘养的”, 这是美国人极为严重的骂人话(curse word),千万不要乱乱用,以免惹事生非。因为这不但意味这位 son 没有确定的父亲,同时母亲也是缺乏道德和贞操(less virtuous)。口语中经常说成You son of a bitch!!

290、【脱口而出】 1)Stay away from me! 离我远一点! 2) don't be silly. 别傻了 3) I’ll make it up to you. 我会补偿你的。 4) You've got to be kidding me. 开什么玩笑 5) I thought about it.我也这么打算过 6) I haven't told you the truth. 我没说实话。

291、【美剧口语】 1) We gotta make a decision now. 我们现在就得做决定。 2) This is a decision that will affect the rest of our lives. 这个决定会影响我们的余生。 3) I'm not taking it lightly. 我不会草率地决定。 take...lightly: 草率对待——<Lost>

292、【脱口而出】 1)Why are you yelling at me?你干嘛朝我大喊大叫? 2)This is your fault.这一切都是你的错误。 3)You're setting me up.你陷害我。 4)I can handle it. 我能搞定。 5)Let's get married.我们结婚吧。 6)Don't make me do this. 别逼我。

293、【美剧口语】1) What is that supposed to mean?你什么意思啊?2) you’re ending our friendship.你想结束我们的友谊3)It didn’t mean anything.没有什么意思. 4)I do love you as a friend. I wish you could love me the same way back.我对你是朋友之爱.我希望你也能这样爱我。——<绝望的主妇〉

294、【脱口而出】 1)I had a wonderful time today.我今天很开心. 2)here’s the thing/deal .事情是这样的. 3)That’s unreasonable. 那太不合理了.4)Why did you do that.你为什么那么做. 5)Could we do a rain check?我们改天好吗? 6)Are you high?有没有搞错啊? High[口语] 醉了,被麻醉品麻醉了的.

295、【美剧口语】1)whatever you say, I'll believe you.不管你说什么,我都相信你。2) I can't believe this is happening.没想到事情变成这样。3)We're in a relationship?我们是在恋爱? 4)you and me, it had to end sometime.你和我,总有分手的一天。——<老友记>

296、【美剧口语】''做错一个决定'' 1)it was so humiliating. 羞死人了! 2)I felt like such an idiot! 我就像个白痴! 3)because I made a very bad decisions. 因为我作了错误的决定。4)Oh ,that's not true. Yes it is! It is true! 哦,不能这么说。就是这样,我没胡说。——<老友记>

297、【脱口而出】 1)Are you done?almost! 说完了没?差不多了! 2)How can I calm down? 我要怎么冷静? 3)Want to see it again? 想再看一遍不? 4)It doesn't feel right. 感觉不太对劲. 5)When did that happen? 啥时候的事? 6)How so? 怎么会这样? 7)It was a cheap shot 这招很贱

298、【各种肢体语言的英语表达(上)】 1)Nod one’s head 点头 2)Shake one’s head 摇头 3)Bow and scrape 点头哈腰 4)Bow 鞠躬 5)Shrug one’s shoulders 耸肩 6)Kowtow 叩头 7)Pat one’s belly 拍肚子 8)Shake hands 握手 9)Wave 挥手 10)Clapping 拍手 11)High five 击掌

299、【迟到如何找借口(中)】④Oh, I overslept.唉,我睡过头了。⑤Nobody woke me up!没人叫我起床!⑥I lost my car keys!我找不到车钥匙了!⑦There were so many people waiting for the bus, I couldn’t even get on it!等车的人太多了,我根本挤不上车!

300、【脱口而出】 1)You're freaking me out!你可吓死我了! 2)Always nice talking to you.和你聊天总是很"愉快" 3)peace out.拜拜了!(美国口语)= see you soon 4)I stand corrected.我认错。 5)Since when?Since always. 啥时候的事儿?一直都是嘛。 6)why are you so jealous? 你吃个什么醋啊?

301、【各种鬼的英文表达】有趣的是这些鬼中并没有出现单词“ghost”1)魔鬼-demon 2)懒鬼-lazybones 3)酒鬼-alcoholic 4)醉鬼-drunkard 5)烟鬼-chain smoker 6)调皮鬼-naughty child 7)捣蛋鬼-troublemaker 8)吸血鬼-vampire 9)胆小鬼-coward 10)赌鬼-gambling addict 11)色鬼-lecher 12)鬼子-foreign devil

302、【美剧口语中''''我不明白”的几种地道表达】 1)I don't know. 2)I don't get it. 3)I don't really understand. 4)That's not clear.我不清楚 5)It's beyond me . 6)I'm sort of confused.我有点困惑 7) I don't follow.8 )I'm not sure what you mean.我不明白你的意思。

303、【脱口而出】 1)That's ridiculous. 这太荒唐了。 2)what is this big emergency? 什么事情那么急? 3) I'm completely freaked out. 我吓坏了。 4)keep it casual! 顺其自然吧! 5)It's worth a shot. 值得一试。 6)It was nice chatting with you. 跟你聊天真开心。

304、【这样打招呼更给力】①Hello, how are you doing today?②Hey, what’s going on?③Hey, what’s up buddy?④Hey, how is it going?⑤How is everything going?⑥It’s a pleasure to meet you.⑦I’m honored to make your acquaintance.(认识你很荣幸!)⑧I’ve heard so much about you.(久仰大名!)

305、【美剧口语】 1) what are you doing here?你在这干什么? 2) I haven’t seen him around lately.最近我好像没有看见他。 3) He’s been a bit depressed. 他一直萎靡不振 。 4)It’s driving me crazy.我快要疯了 。——< 绝望的主妇 >

306、【脱口而出】 1)Something's wrong, 事情不太对劲。 2)I’ll be good. 我会乖乖的。 3)I can't take this. 我没办法接受。 4)I don’t understand why. 我不明白为什么。 5)Don't you remember 你不记的了吗? 6) That is just "perfect". 一切都“好”极了!

307、【美剧口语】 1)We need to take some precautions.我们要提前做好准备。 2) Because we got played,all of us 因为我们被耍了,所有人都是。 3) This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.事情不该是这样的。——<@吸血鬼日记 >

308、【美剧口语】 1)I don't wanna talk about it. I just want to escape. 我不想说这个,我只想忘了这事. 2)I'm sorry that things got out of hand tonight.我很抱歉今晚的事态有点失控.get out of hand:无法控制. 3)we should probably just call it a night.我们可能今晚就到此为止了.——<绯闻女孩〉

309、【这样表达更给力】感谢:①Thanks a million.②I really appreciate it.③I can’ t thank you enough.④I’m so grateful for your help.⑤Thanks for everything.回答:①Forget it(不足挂齿).②No problem.③Anytime(不用谢,愿随时效劳).④It was nothing.⑤Don’t mention it.

310、【生活口语】1) Is everything OK here?一切都好吗?2) It is my pleasure to help you out.帮助你是我的荣幸。3) I will take care of it right away。我马上处理。4) Make up your mind!作个决定吧! 5) do something (about it)! /don't just sit there。想想办法吧!/别老是坐在那里。

311、【脱口而出】1)You and I are finished.你我之间没有关系了。2)I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. 我不太明白你所说的。3) Not everything is about you.并不都是你的原因。 4)Would you stop that!你可以不要这样做吗! 5) I would never treat you that way.我不会那样对你。

312、【谚语精选】①爱人如己。Love others as you would yourself. ②玩火自焚。 Play with fire and you get burnt. ③英雄所见略同。great minds think alike ④忠言逆耳。good advice is hard to hear. ⑤人比人,气死人。comparisons are odious.

313、【美剧口语中“生气”“的几种地道表达】1) I got so mad about it! 我对这件事情非常火大!2) Don't be mad at me/don't get angry at(with) me.别生我的气。3)don't piss me off.别来惹我 4)I’m angry= I’m worked up= I’m in a temper = I’m mad= I’m annoyed = I’m irritated. 我生气了。

314、【美剧口语】<绯闻女孩>中表达''崩溃''的心情.1)What are you guys in another fight?你们又吵架了。2)Why? Why is that? 为什么?这是为什么?3)It's completely understandable why you're freaking out.我完全理解你要崩溃。4)I'm not freaking out.我没崩溃。5)I'm processing this.我只是在适应。

315、【如何表达“忙碌的一天”(上)】①Today has just been crazy.今天都忙疯了。②I’ve been busy all day.我今天忙了一整天。③I have a million things to do today.我今天有成千上万的事要做。④It’s been an extremely hectic day.今天忙得乱七八糟。

316、脱口而出】 1)I am afraid you’re mistaken. 我想你记错了2)You’re such an idiot and liar.你真是白痴加骗子3)Get the hell off my sight.滚开我的视线.4)Aah! You get off me!嘿,放开我.5)Wow!that sounds so disgusting.哎!听起来太恶心了.6)Don't be so hard on yourself.所以别太自责了.

317、【有趣的汉语互转(下)】9)皮包leather bag←包皮foreskin10)蜜蜂bee←蜂蜜honey11)喜欢like←欢喜joy12)自私selfish←私自secretly13)外国foreign country←国外overseas14)人工artificial←工人worker15)牙刷toothbrush←刷牙brush one’s teeth16)面对face←对面opposite17)和平peace←平和calm

318、【美剧口语中''”累“字的几种地道表达】 1)I'm exhausted./I feel exhausted.我很疲惫。2) I'm dead tired. 我累死了。3)I'm pretty tired. 我真的累了。 4) I'm worn out./I'm totally beat. 我已经筋疲力尽了。5) I really need a break. 我真得歇歇了。6) It's killing me.可把我累死了!

319、【脱口而出】1)I’m trying to change. 我试图去改变。 2) I liked you better before. 我更喜欢以前的你。 3)I just feel really stupid. 我真的觉得自己蠢极了。 4)I wouldn't believe you anyway. 我不会再相信你了 5)how can I fix this? 我怎么才能弥补这一切

320、【有趣的汉语互转(上)】1)会议Meeting←→议会Parliament 2)现实Reality←→实现Realise/achieve3)语法Grammar←→法语The French language 4)性感Sexy←→ 感性Perception5)宗教Religion←→Pope教宗 6)女儿Daughter←→儿女children 7)明天Tomorrow←→ 天明Daybreak 8)国王King←→王国Kingdom

321、【谚语精选】① How time flies! 光阴似箭 ② Birds of a feather, flock together.物以类聚 ③ Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧 ④ If you want something done well, do it yourself. 求人不如求己 ⑤ Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. 今日事,今日毕

322、【脱口而出】1) I hate this. Everything's changing.真讨厌啊,世事无常!2)It's real life. 这是真实的生活。3)You don't even know me! 你根本不了解我! 4)stop tormenting me! 别再折磨我啦 !5)You get away from me! You sick, sick!滚远点!变态——狂!

323、【各种肢体语言的英语表达(下)】 12)Thumbs up 竖起大拇指 13)thumbs down 拇指向下 14)Cross one’s fingers 两指交叉为十字 15)Cross one’s arms 交叉双臂 16)Rub one’s hands together 搓手 17)Wink 挤眉弄眼 18)Blink 眨眼 19)Roll one’s eyes 滚动眼珠 20)knit one’s brows 皱眉头

324、【脱口而出】1)What the hell is that? 这究竟是什么玩意? 2) Hey,Where have you been hiding? 嘿! 你躲哪儿去了? 3) I can be really sneaky. 偷偷摸摸我在行 4 )I just lost my appetite. 我没胃口了。 5 )That's exactly the point. 这正是重点。6)Let's get out of here. 我们离开这里吧 !

325、目标制定(Goal-setting)的SMART原则:S——Specific(明确具体); M——Measurable(可量化); A——Attainable(能力可及); R——Relevant(不偏离主方向); T——Time-bound(有时间限制).

326、【实用成语】1)乱七八糟To be in a huge mess.2)一见钟情To fall in love at first sight.3)爱不释手To love something too much to part with it.4)对牛弹琴To address the wrong listener.5)半途而废To give up halfway.6)一鸣惊人To become famous overnight.7)自相矛盾To contradict oneself.

327、【美剧口语精选】1)I've been so curious to meet you. 我一直很好奇想见见你。2)Um, so I hope you're not mad, 呃,我希望你别生气 3)I haven't heard back, and I was getting a little concerned.我一直都没收到回音,我有点担心你了。4) you don't have to say anything. 你什么都不用说。

328、【坏女人专用词汇】仅供了解,请慎用-- 1) bitch:贱女人. 几乎所有“坏女人”的统称。 2)shrew/virago/vixen 泼妇. 3)hooker/whore/ prostitute:妓女. 但口语上多半是用 hooker 和 whore 4)slut:放荡的女人,野女人(主指美国口语) 5)sleep around:与许多人乱搞. 6)loose women:淫荡的女人

329、【美剧口语】1)You need to know that somebody cares about you .你要知道还有其他人关心你。 2)Thank you for entertaining me.谢谢你给我带来的快乐。 3)You seemed lonely inside ,so I took pity on you .你看起来内心挺孤独的,所以我是同情你。——(@吸血鬼日记 )

330、【脱口而出】1)Stop! you’re hurting me.住手!你弄疼我了!2)How can you be so sure?你怎么可以那么肯定?3)What’s the worst that could happen?最糟的情况会是什么?4)I feel like I have nothing. 我觉得自己一无所有了。5)what other option do you have? 你还有选择的余地吗?

331、【吵架英语(3)】15. You are a disgrace.你真丢人。16.You make me sick.你真让我恶心。17.You shouldn’t have done that.你不该那样做。18.You’ll be sorry.你会后悔的。19. Just look at what you’ve done. 瞧瞧你都做了些什么。20.It’s none of your business. 这不关你的事。

332、【照亮人生的句子】Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. And will you take pride in your gifts or pride in your choices?聪明是一种天赋,而善良是一种选择。你们会为自己的天赋而骄傲,还是会为自己的选择而骄傲? ——亚马逊创始人杰夫?贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)

333、''Holy Shit''是要表达一种惊讶,或者是遇到令人不愉快的事情而发出的感叹。在《Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms》中是这样解释的:holy shit:what a surprise or how very unpleasant.也可以说成holy fuck,意思一样,但程度更高一些。例:Holy shit!I can't believe you're bringing that up.

334、【美剧短句精华】1) obviously,you have no idea how to bluff.很显然你不会弄虚作假。 2)I just can't figure out how it happened .我只是不明白怎么会这样的。3)If this is really true, it'll take a load off my mind.如果这是真的, 那我就放心了。4) I could be wrong, 我也许弄错了。

335、【吵架英语(2)】8. Don’t bother me! 别烦我!9. Don’t touch me! 别碰我!10. Don’t push me! 别逼我!11. Don’t nag me!别跟我唠叨!12.Don’t talk to me like that.别跟我那样讲话!13.You asked for it. 你自找的。14. You’ve gone too far! 你太过分了!

336、【吵架英语(1)】 1. Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁?2. Who do you think you are talking to? 你以为你在跟谁讲话?3. How can you say that? 你怎么能那么说? 4. Shut up! 闭嘴!5. Get away from me! 离我远点!6. Don’t be that way. 别那样!7.Enough! 够了!

337、【脱口而出】 1)Don’t make fun of me.别拿我开玩笑。2)Be quiet, and don’t shout.保持安静,不要在喊叫。3)I just wanted to do a good deed.我只想做件好事。4)You don't seem to understand.你搞错了/你好像不太明白。5)What's your point? 你想说什么?6) I'm starving/hungry.我饿坏了。

338、【改革开放30年“十大流行语”(上)】1. Go in for business下海2. Be laid off and get re-employed下岗再就业3. Migrant worker农民工 4. It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. 不管黑猫白猫,捉到老鼠就是好猫。5. Surfing the Internet上网

339、【脱口而出】1)You suck, you know that? 你是个混球, 知道么?2)look what I found. 看我找到了什么。3)It's not mine.Well, then, whose is it? 这不是我的。 好吧,那么,这是谁的?4)We don't know that for sure. 我们还不能确定。5)Oh, don't look at me like that. 哦, 别这样看着我。

340、【美剧口语精华】1)I just came to check in on you. 我只是过来看看你。2)I don't want to hear anymore. 我不想再听下去了。3)I need you to understand why I am doing this. 我想让你明白我为什么这样做。4)That is not risk I am willing to take. 我不想让你冒这个险。——<@TVD吸血鬼日记 >

341、【经典广告标语】 1)诺基亚- Connecting people 2)摩托罗拉- communication unlimited 3)苹果- Think different 4)三星- Feel the new space 5)HTC Quietly brilliant 6)通用- We bring good things to life 7)奔驰- Engineerd to move the human spirit 8)本田- For the road ahead

342、【美剧中''来龙去脉''的表达】1)Why did you bring him? he's harshing my buzz.你为什么要把他带来,太扫兴了。2)I need some context.求解释(来龙去脉)。3)Priya's giving him a hard time.普丽娅一直在折磨他。4)Oh,we are so taking you dancing.哦,我们一定一定要带你跳舞去。—<@i生活大爆炸 >

343、【美剧中常用的''语气词''】 1)Uh-huh 当同意对方的意见时,可以代替Yes.2)Wow!哇噢!表示惊讶羡慕. 3)Exactly!强调肯定的语气.4)Huh? 比what?更随便的说法 5)Well/oh.嗯、这个、唉 6)Umm/Hmm.让我想想.7)Let me see. 考虑、盘算、想,口语中常用来表示无法立刻答复,一时想不出回答的话,或想说点什么.

344、【脱口而出】 1)What? Nothing more to say? 怎么?说不出话来了?2)Cat got your tongue? <美俚>没话说了?/ 猫咬到你舌头了?3)I could be mistaken.也许是我搞错了。4)You are not better than me. 你并不比我好多少。5)It’s a disgrace! 丢脸啊!6)You don’t have to be rude. 你不必表现得粗鲁。

345、【美剧口语精华】1)He doesn't really know what love is. 他并不知道什么是真正的爱。2)If it were my choice. I'd want to be with you forever. 如果这是我的选择,我想要和你永远在一起。 3)I can't lose you, you won't. 我不能失去你,你不会失去的。——<@吸血鬼日记 >

346、【美剧中“我想跟你谈谈”的地道表达】1)Can I talk to you now? 2)You got a minute? 3)Can I have a word with you? 4)I need to talk to you.5)May I have a little talk with you?6)Can we sit down and talk it over?7)Can we talk? 8)Free to talk?9)May I have a conversation with you

347、【脱口而出】1)Have fun this weekend. 周末愉快。 2)Wow! Wow! this is certainly impressive. 喔喔喔,这真是令人印象深刻。3)I'm not denying anything. 我没有否认任何事。5)Come on, you bastard! / You're an ass. 别这样,你这个混蛋。(图中的熊猫太坏了) 6) Why the hell not? 为什么不行?

348、【口语精华】1)I thought you two were getting along.What happened?我以为你们两个和好了。发生了什么事?2)I retract my earlier statement. I don't love you anymore.我收回原来的话,我不再爱你。3)In fact,I just think of you as a really good friend.事实上,我只是把你看做是一个很好的朋友。

349、美剧口语中经常出现''screw up'',它的意思和''mess up''相近,都含有(弄糟,弄乱,搞砸)的意思。例句:1)I hope I don't screw up this time. 我希望这次不会搞砸了。2)Try again and don't screw it up this time. 再试一次,这次别搞砸了。如果是screw up somebody的结构,意思是伤害到某人。

350、7)Go to hell! Go to the devil! 死去吧! 8)Damn you! 该死的东西!9)Disgusting! 真恶心!10)Don’t touch me! 别碰我!11)Don’t bother me.别烦我。 12)Get out of my face/way. 从我面前消失!

【分类会话句典】当你被惹恼的时候:1、Get/go away!走开!2、Can you leave me alone? 你能让我一个人呆会吗?3、I can’t stand it when you do that.我真受不了你那么做。4、Are you crazy/insane?你疯了?5、Are you thick of head?你脑子进水了?6、You are such a jerk!你丫真是个混蛋!

351、【回复来电的表达】1. I'm sorry to call you so late. 对不起这么晚打电话来。2. I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. 抱歉这时候找你。(希望没有打扰到你)3. I'm sorry to call you so early. 对不起这么早打电话来。4.I hope I didn't wake you up so early. 我希望这么早没有吵到你。

352、【打电话必备】1)Is Michelle there? 米歇尔在吗?This is she. 我就是。2)May I speak to Mr.Wang?请问王先生在吗?He's not here right now./he's not around.他现在不在这里。He's out.他出去了。3)Do you know when he will be back?你知道他什么时候会回来吗?Sorry, I have no idea.我不知道。

353、【美剧中“如何解释误会” 】1) Please give me a chance to explain.请给我机会让我解释一下。 2)I just want to make this point clear.我只想把这一点解释清楚。 3)Please allow me to explain this better, I don't want any misunderstandings.请允许我再做一下解释,我不希望有任何的误会。

354、【美剧中“支持”的表达 】1)You know how blue I’ve been. Why can’t you be supportive? 你知道我曾经有多忧郁,你为什么不能支持我一点? 2)I’ve been plenty supportive.我已经够支持的了。3)No, you really haven’t. 不,你压根就没有。4)We don’t have to be friends. 我们不必成为朋友。

355、When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. 当一扇幸福之门关闭时,另一扇就会打开。但我们经常过多地盯着那扇关闭的门,而对新开启的门却熟视无睹。——海伦·凯勒

356、【脱口而出】1)Don't blow it.别搞砸了。 2)We've made a clean break. 我们已经彻底地分手了。 3) My life is falling apart. 我的生活七零八落。 4)I’ll see what I can do.我尽力而为。 5) It’s such a shame.真是遗憾/可惜。

357、【美剧口语精华】1)Don’t you dare look at me like that,I will wipe that smirk right off your face.你们胆敢那样看着我,小心我让你笑不出来.2)Don’t tell me to chill,I have no intentions of chilling.你别让我冷静,我可不想冷静。3)You are not allowed to see him anymore.你不许再见他了。

358、【警察用语】①Freeze!别动! ②Don’t move! Get down on the floor.别动!趴到地上! ③Stay right where you are.站在原地别动! ④You are under arrest.你被捕了。 ⑤Put your hands up.举起手来! ⑥Drop the gun, or I’ll shoot.扔掉枪,不然我就开火了。 ⑦Spread 'em.分开四肢!

359、【视频语法】英语中习惯用 so,neither引导的倒装句,其主语与前一句主语不是同一人。So表示肯定,neither 表示否定。其时态与前句的时态保持一致。例:1)I am hungry. So am I.我饿了,我也饿了。 2)I am not hungry, Neither am I.我不饿,我也不饿。 2)I like fish. So do I.我喜欢鱼,我也喜欢。

360、【''做决定''的地道表达】1)I've decided. 2)I've made up my mind. 3)I've come to a decision./I've made a decision. 我已经决定了。4) It's hard to decide.这很难决定.5)I'm sure I can do it. =I certainly can do it.=I believe I can do it.我确信我能做好。

361、【脱口而出】1)I will fix it.我来想办法。. 2) I never said that.我可没这么说过。 3) You probably overreacted.你反应过度了。 4)Guys need to blow off steam. 男人们需要发泄。 5)Screw karma.见鬼去吧。[粗俗语-慎用] 6)How dare you! 你敢再说一遍!

362、【美剧口语精华】1)I would love to hear your thoughts.我会非常愿意听听你的看法。 2)I am trying to come to terms with my guilt.我正在尝试忍受这种负罪感。3)Why are you yelling at me?你为什么冲我喊? 4)I don't know. I'm sorry. I just got a lot on my mind.我不知道,对不起,我脑子太乱了

363、【口语中如何''转移话题''(下)】4)Let's change the subject.=Let's talk about something else.=I'd rather talk about something else. 我们换个话题吧! 5)Let's get back to the subject.=Let's get down to business .=Let's get back to the point.=Let's get back on track. 言归正传。

364、【如何问“你怎么了?”】①What’s wrong? ②What’s the matter? ③What’s the problem? ④What’s eating you? ⑤What’s troubling you? ⑥What’s bugging you? ⑦What’s bothering you? ⑧What are you so upset about?

365、【脱口而出】1)What did you find out?你发现什么了?2)He may be in love with me.他可能爱上我了.3)Just admit it!你就承认吧!4) I am under so much pressure.我压力很大.5)It's the most natural thing in the world.这是世界上最正常不过的事儿了.6)HoHo..Just keep me out of it.哈,别把我扯进来.

366、【视频语法】英语中习惯用 so,neither引导的倒装句,其主语与前一句主语不是同一人。So表示肯定,neither 表示否定。其时态与前句的时态保持一致。例:1)I am hungry. So am I.我饿了,我也饿了。 2)I am not hungry, Neither am I.我不饿,我也不饿。 2)I like fish. So do I.我喜欢鱼,我也喜欢。

367、【视频英语】句型:If he did..he would..(前面一般过去时,后面过去将来时)虚拟语气,和现在事实相反的.1)If he had the money, he would buy a new car. 他如果有钱,就会买辆新车啦。2)If I knew the answer, I'd tell you. 如果我知道答案,一定会告诉你的。

368、【口语精华】1)I'm not quite sure what just happened in there, but it.. it, uh, seems all bad. 我不太清楚刚刚到底发生了什么,但好像…没什么好事。2)I should be going, There's something I need to do first. 我先走了,我还有些事要先处理。3)Okay,Anyway,thanks for coming. 谢谢你的到来。

369、【脱口而出】1)Was I that boring? 我就那么无趣吗? 2)I don't want to be alone tonight. 我不想今晚又独自一人。3)Neither do I. 我也不想 4) You got nothing to worry about. 你没什么好担心的。5)You get the picture? 你能想象吗? 6)Thanks for letting me know. 谢谢你通知我。

370、在美剧口语中经常会出现 You bastard.(你这个混帐东西)。Bastard 这个词原意指的是私生子,或是指某个人的出身不好。但沿用到后来,bastard 就单纯是骂人“混帐东西”的了,而且通常只能用在男人身上。不过 bastard 不是很礼貌的话,除非别人真的是侵犯到你了,不然不要随便骂人家 bastard。

371、美剧口语集锦】1)We had an agreement to keep things casual.我们说好要随意点的。2)If I was with another woman, that wouldn't bother you?假如我和其他女人在一起,那不是会影响你吗? 3)I'm not mad, I'm just furious. 我不是生气,我是快气死了

372、6)Doesn’t it make you nervous? 你不觉得紧张吗? 7)Let’s take a break. 我们休息一下吧。8)I’ve been busy.我一直都很忙。9)Can I get you something? 您需要什么吗?(在餐馆服务员一般这样问)10)you haven’t ordered yet.您还没有点单呢。

373、【美剧口语】1)I'm not going to let Elena lose anybody else. 我不会让Elena再失去任何人。 2)I wouldn't make any promises, brother. Tyler bit me. 我可保证不了你,兄弟。泰勒咬了我。 3)There is no cure .没有治愈的办法。﹣﹣(@TVD吸血鬼日记 )

374、【谈论视力差】①My eyesight sucks.我的视力非常差。②I have poor eyesight.③I’m near sighted.我近视。④Without my glasses, I’m as blind as a bat.没有眼镜,我就像个蝙蝠一样瞎。⑤Staring at a computer screen day in and day out damages my eyesight.每天盯着电脑毁坏了我的视力。

375、7)Be more specific.再说清楚点。 8)Isn't it fantastic?这不令人难以置信吗? 9)This doesn't seem right.这听起来不对啊。10)It was just a thought.这只是一时想法而已。 11)I couldn't sleep.我睡不着。

376、pain 各种疼。头疼 headache; 牙疼 tooth ache; 肚子疼 abdominal pain 或 stomach ache; 胸疼 chest pain, 后背疼 back pain, 肌肉疼 muscle pain; 关节疼 joint pain; 喉咙疼 sore throat; 心痛 heartache; 成长的烦恼 growing pain (身体或心理上的), a pain in the butt/ass/neck 讨厌的人或事。

377、谈论吸烟(下)】⑥Smoking pollutes the air.吸烟污染空气。⑦Smoking means buying death with money.吸烟意味着花钱买死亡。⑧Kissing someone who smokes is like kissing an ashtray. 吻一个烟民就像吻一个烟灰缸。⑨If you quit smoking(戒烟) now, you’ll feel better in no time(很快).

378、【谈论吸烟(上)】①Smoking sucks!吸烟很糟!②Smoking is bad for your health./Smoking is harmful to your health.吸烟有害健康。③Smoking will give you cancer.吸烟致癌。④Smoking will kill you.吸烟致命。⑤Smoking makes your teeth yellow and ugly.吸烟让你的牙齿变得又黄又难看。

379、Only a person with a sense of crisis can survive, develop and grow strong.只有有危机意识的人才能生存、发展和壮大。 ——@胡敏老师

380、6)This guy/girl is perfect for you. 这男的/女孩太配你了。 7) Have a good break-up. 祝分手愉快。 8)Travel safe. 一路顺风。 9)I didn't mean to interrupt. 我不是有意打扰你。10)we just drifted apart. 我们渐渐的疏远了。

381、7)That's so thoughtful of you. 你考虑得太周到了。8) It was really nasty. 这真的太龌龊了。 9)Stop acting like a child! 别像小孩子那样冲动。(举止或行为不要表现的太幼稚)10)Get your hands off of me! 把手拿开!11)I'm not comfortable with this.我不喜欢这样子。

382、【脱口而出】1)Was I that boring? 我就那么无趣吗? 2)I don't want to be alone tonight. 我不想今晚又独自一人。3)Neither do I. 我也不想 4) You got nothing to worry about. 你没什么好担心的。5)You get the picture? 你能想象吗? 6)Thanks for letting me know. 谢谢你通知我。

383、【谈论体重(上)】①That guy is as fat as a pig.②Your boyfriend is a bag of bones.你男朋友瘦得皮包骨头。③You keep getting fatter and fatter.你一天比一天胖。④If you keep eating, you’ll be as big as a house.⑤You really need to eat more; you are too skinny.你太瘦了,真得多吃点。

384、It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. 我们需要征服的不是高山,而是我们自己。 ——Edmund Hillary(埃德蒙?希拉里)

385、学习两个好句子:①The Imperial Palace had egg on its face by making a serious mistake.故宫犯了一个很严重的错误,丢尽了脸。②I’ve applied for several jobs. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.我申请了好几份工作,我可不想在一棵树上吊死。

386、【各种''笑''的英语表达】 6)laugh my ass off 笑掉了屁股 7)can't stop laughing 笑得停不下来 8)bursting with laughter 开怀大笑 9)trying not to laugh强忍住笑 10)laugh out loud 开口大笑

387、【如何问职业】①What do you do for a living?你是做什么的?②What’s your occupation?你的职业是什么?③What line of work are you in? 你做哪一行?④What’s your position?你的职位是什么?⑤What’s your title?你的头衔是什么?⑥What’s your job like?你的工作怎么样?

388、Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain. 生命的意义不在于等待暴风雨过去,而在于学会在暴风雨中尽情跳舞。 ——Vivian Greene(薇薇安?格林)

389、描述人物常用的形容词:1)gracious:和蔼可亲 2)hospitable:热情友好的 3)funny:富于幽默的 4)witty:睿智的 5)intelligent:聪明的 6)athletic:体魄健壮 7)satisfactory:容易满足的 8)lovable:讨人喜欢的 9)attractive:有魅力的

390、At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. 陷入爱河,人人都会变成诗人。 ——Plato(柏拉图)

391、7) I'm fed up with him. 我受够他了。 8)I'm not myself today.我今天心神不宁。 9)It doesn't make any difference.没什么差别。(还不都一样) 10)You must be so relieved. 你可松了口气了。(你一定放心了吧)11)You sense right. 你的感觉没错。12)Let's call it a day. 今天就到这里。

392、D: If I'd have chosen differently, I wouldn't have met you.如果我要是做出了不同的选择,我就无法遇见你。 I'm so sorry, Done so many things to hurt you. 真的对不起,做了那么多伤害你的事情。 E: It's ok, I forgive you. 没有关系了, 我原谅你了。 ——@TVD吸血鬼日记

393、work 系列二。go to work 去上班。get off work 下班。What time do you get off work? 你几点下班?at work 在上班。She is at work now. 她在上班。I always work overtime. 我老加班。I'm a workaholic. 我是工作狂。out of work 失业。I've been out of work for 3 months. 我失业已经三个月了。

394、【''另一半''的昵称(下)】6)fiance/fiancee 未婚夫/妇 7)my hubby / my Mr./Miss. Right / my lover / my beloved / my sweetheart /my prince/ princess dear ,honey /babe /darling /sweetheart etc

395、【''另一半''的昵称】1)spouse 配偶,指夫或妻,比较正式。 2)other half 另一半,也可以指代男女朋友。 3)boyfriend/girlfriend  男/女朋友,指尚未步入婚姻殿堂的情侣们。 4)the love of your life 一生之爱,通常用于已经结婚的伴侣或是两人关系密切而稳定。5)partner 也可以用来指自己的另一半。

396、8)You'll find a way to fix it. 船到桥头自然直。9)who the hell are you? 你到底是谁? 10)Stay out of this. 不关你事。 11)Why is it such a big deal to you? 你为什么这么重视? 12)It's bad time. 现在不是时候。

397、Commercial credit is not based primarily upon money or property. The first thing is Character. Character is before money or anything else. Money cannot buy it. 商业信誉并非首先建立在金钱和财产之上,而是个人的品性之上,品性无法用金钱购买。John Morgan(约翰·摩根)

398、If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first,success will be yours. 如果你只是为金钱工作,你永远不会赚到钱,但如果你热爱自己所做的事,并且总是把顾客放在首位,成功将属于你.(麦当劳创始人Ray Kroc)

399、补充: 1)optimistic-乐观; 2)independent-独立的; 3)out-going-外向的; 4)active-活泼的; 5)adaptable-适应性强的; 6)aggressive-有进取心的; 7)ambitious-有雄心壮志的; 8)amiable-和蔼可亲的; 9)amicable-友好的; 10)purposeful-意志坚强的。

400、【分类词汇】形容人性格的词汇系列4:motivated-目的明确的;intelligent-理解力强的、聪明的;logical-条理分明的; methodical-有方法的;modest-谦虚的; objective-客观的;precise-一丝不苟的; punctual-严守时刻的;realistic-实事求是的;responsible-负责的、有责任心的

401、【playgirl】①She is a bimbo.她行为放荡。②She is a real slut.她是个荡妇。③She likes to play around.她用情不专。④She likes to go from man to man.她的男友换了一个又一个。⑤She’s not interested in settling down.她不想稳定下来。

402、【playboy】①He is a lady killer.他是个女性杀手。②He is a womanizer.他是个玩弄女性者。③He’s always been a playboy.④He really likes to play the field.他喜欢乱搞男女关系。⑤He’s a real two-timer.他用情不专。⑥He’s just fooling around behind his wife’s back.他背着妻子乱搞。

403、Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. 立足本职,尽己所能,做到最好! ——Theodore Roosevelt(西奥多?罗斯福)

404、“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate your mind on the present moment.”—— Buddha. 不要沉溺于过去,不要幻想未来,集中精力,过好眼下的每一分每一秒!

405、【如何求婚(下)】⑥Let’s get engaged.我们订婚吧!⑦Let’s tie the knot.我们结婚吧!⑧Let’s get hitched. 我们结婚吧!⑨I want you to be my lifelong partner.我希望你成为我的终生伴侣。⑩Are you ready for a lifetime commitment?你准备以身相许了吗?

406、【如何求婚(上)】①Will you marry me?你能嫁给/娶我吗?②Will you be my bride?你能做我的新娘吗?③Will you become my wife?你能成为我的妻子吗?④Will you be my fiancée?你能成为我的未婚妻吗?⑤Would you like to get married?你想结婚吗?

407、Fear not that your life shall come to an end, but rather that it shall never have a beginning. 不要害怕你的生活将要结束,而应该担心你的生活从来没有真正开始。 ——John Henry Newman(约翰?亨利?纽曼)

408、from scratch从零开始;从头再来;白手起家。例句①:We had to start again from scratch.我们只好再次从零开始。例句②:He had built the business up from scratch.他白手起家创办了这家企业。

409、Live as if you'll die tomorrow. Dream as if you'll live forever. 把今天当作最后一天那样活着,把人生当作永恒那样去梦想。 ——James Dean(詹姆斯?迪恩)

410、elope一词表"私奔",原来其中的lope一词表示"轻松地大步跑"(to run taking long relaxed steps)之意,看来私奔当中的确有无限的浪漫和旖旎啊!例句:My parents didn’t approve of the marriage, so we eloped.(我父母不赞成这桩婚事,所以我们私奔了。)

411、【约会时用到的句子】①Tell me all about yourself.告诉我你的一切。②What are your hobbies?③Can I give you a ride home?我能送你回家吗?④Thank you for going out with me. I had a very nice time.谢谢你陪我出来,我过得很开心。⑤I would like to see you again.希望再次见到你。

412、教科书里可能见不到的:1) damp/humid湿气重的 2)brisk =cold and fresh 凛冽的 3) crisp=fresh, cold, and dry 干燥寒冷又畅快的4) overcast/dull 阴沉沉的 5) pleasant 宜人的 6) breezy 微风习习的 7) mild既不冷也不热的;温和的 8)chilly 凉飕飕的

413、Whether you’ve found your calling, or if you’re still searching, passion should be the fire that drives your life’s work.无论你是找到你内心的召唤,还是仍在寻找,热情应该是点燃你工作的火焰。 ——Michael Dell(迈克尔?戴尔)

414、【女性的各种有趣称呼】1)jailbait 祸水妞儿 2)a plain Jane 不起眼的女人 3)clinging vine 会撒娇的女子 4)skirt 青年女子 5)doll 美人 6)the little woman 老婆/太太 7)spring chicken 少女 8)old hen 老婆子 9)one's old lady 老娘/某人的母亲 10)one's ball and chain 老婆

415、【有关“money”的习语】1)money talks. 金钱万能。 2)money makes the mare go.有钱能使鬼推磨。3)money is the root of all evil. 金钱是万恶之源。4)money is no object. 钱不成问题。 5)spend money like water. 挥金如土。6)have money to burn 有花不完的钱。 7)for love or money. 无论如何。

416、There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.这个世界上只有一个地方是你毫无疑问可以改进的,那就是你自己。 ——Aldous Huxley(奥尔德斯?赫胥黎)

417、【超市商场用到的句子(下)】⑥Where’s the dairy food section?奶制品在哪里? ⑦In what aisle can I find the tissues?我在哪排能找到纸巾? ⑧I forgot the grocery list.我忘了购物清单。 ⑨The checkout counters are very busy.收款台都很忙。 ⑩Paper or plastic?现金还是信用卡?

418、【超市商场用到的句子(上)】 ① Let’s hit the mall.咱们去逛商店吧。 ② The mall is packed today.今天商场里人很多。 ③ What floor is the shoe department on?鞋部在几层? ④ Where are the shopping carts?购物车在哪里? ⑤ Where’s the produce section?储鲜柜在什么地方?

419、Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. 四个简短的词汇概括了成功的秘诀:多一点点! ——A?Lou Vickery(卢?维克瑞)

420、补充:1)purposeful 意志坚强的; 2)sweet-tempered 性情温和的; 3)temperate 稳健的; 4)tireless 孜孜不倦的; 5)sensible 明白事理的、敏感的; 6)steady 踏实的、沉着的; 7)liverish 暴躁的、易怒的; 8)lascivious 好色的、淫荡的; 9)adroit 灵巧的,机敏的 10)aggressive有进取心的

421、【分类词汇】形容人性格的词汇系列3:generous-宽宏大量的;genteel-有教养的; gentle-有礼貌的;humorous-有幽默; impartial-公正的;independent-独立的、有主见的; industrious-勤奋的;ingenious-有独创性的;注意:形容他人幽默的地道表达是hilarious或good sense of humor, 而非humorous

422、 expectant mother孕妇, single mother单亲母亲, soccer mom足球妈妈, stay-at-home mom不工作的母亲, working mom有工作的, god mother教母, birth mother生母, adoptive mother养母, Mother Earth地球, Mother Nature大自然

423、If you don't know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it. 如果你不知道你的热情何在,那么请明白一点:你来到这个世界的原因之一就是找到它。 ——Oprah Winfrey(奥普拉?温弗瑞)

424、【这样背单词最有效—hit】~ big很成功;~ the road出发;~ the shops上市;~ the headline成为头条新闻;~ the bottle酗酒;~ the jackpot中头彩;~ home说到点子上; ~ the roof/ceiling大发雷霆;~ the nail on the head一针见血;~ sb where it hurts攻击某人的要害;~ sb when they are down对某人落井下石

425、【''别丢人了''地道表达】1)Don't act like a child. 别像个孩子似的。2)Stop acting like a fool. 别傻了。3)Don't play the fool. 别丢人了。4)Act your age.成熟一点儿. 5)Don't make an ass out of yourself. 别现眼了。6)Don't make such stupid mistakes again! 别再犯这种愚蠢的错误了。

426、【五个手指的“英文名字”】 1) thumb 大拇指 2)forefinger 食指 又名index finger, 或first finger. 3)middle finger 中指 又名second finger. 4)ring finger 无名指 又名 third finger. 5)little finger 小指 又名fourth finger.

427、Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. 胜利,不惜一切代价去争取胜利,无论多么恐怖也要争取胜利,无论道路多么遥远艰难,也要争取胜利,因为没有胜利就无法生存!—丘吉尔

428、【''直说吧''的各种地道表道】“别吞吞吐吐了,尽管说吧”用英语要怎么说呢?1)Get it out of your mouth. 把你的话从口里说出来 。2)Just say it! 赶紧说吧!3)Tell me now. 现在跟我说吧 。4)out with it! 说出来吧 !5)Give it to me straight.有什么话就直说吧。6)spit it out.尽管说吧。 ~

429、【脱口而出】- 1) You don't have a choice.你没有别的选择。 2) I'm so lucky to have you.我真幸运能跟你在一起!3) There's no reason to feel guilty. 你没必要感到愧疚。4) I don't feel guilty.我没有愧疚。 5) Have we ever met?我们之前见过吗? 6)I was just leaving.我正要走。

430、If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. 如果你不能做大事,那么就以一种伟大的方式做小事。 ——Napoleon Hill(拿破仑?希尔)

431、【脱口而出】 1) Let's give this another shot!让我们再试一次吧! 2)You want me back?你想和我重新开始? 3)That's very sweet of you. 你能这么说真好。 4) Why are all rich men jerks?为什么有钱的男人都那么混蛋? 5) How could you not tell me that? 你怎么没告诉我?

432、Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit. 每一次不幸、每一次失败、每一次心痛都会孕育同样或更大的成功。 ——Napoleon Hill(拿破仑?希尔)

433、【精华知识】wage和salary的区别: 1)salary表示“薪金(水)”,尤指脑力劳动所获得的报酬,如工程师、教师、政府官员等的固定薪金,可按周、按月、按季度或按年领取。2)wage表示“工资”,尤指体力劳动所获得的报酬。如熟练工人、售货员等的固定工资,可按小时、按天或按周领取。

starting salary 起薪; base salary 底薪; bonus 奖金; raise 涨工资, 例: With the baby on the way, I could really use a raise. (孩子快出生了,要能涨点钱就好了。) commission 提成;dividend 红利; pay stub 工资单;tips 小费;allowance (父母给小孩的) 零用钱;

434、【如何表达同意(2)】 6. I'm with you on that matter. (关于那件事我赞成你。) 7. I see your point.= 8. I see what you mean, (我明白你的意思。) 9. That's understandable.(那是可以理解的。) 10. You said it. /You can say that again.( 你说得很对。)
【如何表达同意(1)】 1. I completely /strongly agree. = 2. I couldn’t agree more. (我完全/绝对同意。) 3. That's /You're absolutely right. (你完全正确。) 4. I feel/think exactly the same way. (我也正是这样想的。) 5. That sounds like a good idea. (似乎是个好主意。)

435、Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed. 时间是最稀缺的资源,如果不能有效管理时间,那么别的一切将无从谈起。——Peter Drucker(彼得?德鲁克)

436、总结如下:(1) break up分手/解散 (2) break down精神崩溃/毁坏 (3)break in破门而入 (4) break out出皮疹/爆发 (5) break off休息一下/暂停 (6)break through突破/穿过 (7)break even不赚不赔 (8) the break of dawn破晓。

437、【分类词汇】英文简历必备词汇-教育程度篇1:educational background-教育背景/程度;curriculum-课程;major-主修;minor-辅修;specialized courses-专门/专业课程;courses taken-所学课程; social practice-社会实践;part-time jobs-业余工作;extracurricular activities-课外活动; 
age 年龄 ; height 身高 ; blood type 血型 ; weight 体重 ; marital status 婚姻状况 ; family status 家庭状况 ; nationality 民族/国籍 ; current address 目前住址 ; date of birth 出生日期 ; native place 籍贯 ; postal code 邮政编码 ; home phone 住宅电话 ...

438、【词汇接力棒63——笑】微笑:smile 面露喜色:beam 笑出声:laugh 欢笑:laugh heartily 苦笑:wry smile 媚笑:ingratiating smile 偷笑:titter 坏笑:laugh viciously 冷笑:sneer 嘲笑:deride/mock/ridicule 咧嘴笑:grin 狂笑:guffaw 傻笑:smirk 轻声笑:chuckle 咯咯笑:giggle 爆笑:burst into laughter

439、【秒杀三字短句(二)】 11)真心话!Cross my heart! 12)放轻松. Take it easy. 13) 这给你.Here you go. 14)我怀疑.I doubt it. 15)懂了吗? Is that clear? 16)有道理.It makes sense. 17)该你了.It’s your turn. 18)老样子.Nothing much. 19)这边请.Right this way. 20)我也是So do I!

440、【交流实战技巧——面对问题如何拒绝】 ① I'm not really sure. ② I can't answer that one. ③ I'm sorry, I really don't know. ④ I've got no idea. ⑤ I'd like to help you, but… ⑥ That's something I'd rather not talk about just now. ⑦ Ask me another question.

441、【交流实战技巧——面对问题如何拖延】 ①. Well, let me see… ②. Oh, let me think for a minute… ③. I'm not sure; I'll have to check… ④. Well, that’s a good question. ⑤. That's a very interesting question.

442、【耍酷的五句话】1.Watch your mouth. 说话客气一点。2.Do you know who you're talking to? 你知道你在跟谁说话吗?3.You'd better take that back.你最好收回那句话。4.You want to take it outside? Anytime! 你想到外头解决(干架)吗?随时奉陪!5.Don't get fresh with me! 给我放尊重一点!

443、【秒杀三字短句】1)别傻了!Don't be silly!2)别闹了!Keep it down! 3)别装了!Stop pretending! 4)你说呢? So what? 5)随便你!It's up to you! 6)得了吧! Come on!7)何必呢? What for? 8)不骗你。Not joking/kidding. 9)懂了吗? Get it? 10)别惹我! Don’t bother me.

444、【谈话中如何提出问题(下)】⑤ I hope you don't mind my asking, but I'd like to know… ⑥Would you mind telling me… ⑦ Excuse me, but could I ask you a quick question? ⑧ Do you happen to know … (你是否碰巧知道…)

445、【谈话中如何提出问题(上)】①I was wondering if you could help me. I'd like to know…②I wonder if you could tell me…③This may sound like a dumb question, but I'd like to know…④ Excuse me, do you know…

446、Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. 成功意味着屡败屡战而不丧失热情。 ——Winston Churchill(温斯顿?丘吉尔)

447、【“我坦白''的地道表达】 1)I have a confession to make. 我要坦白。2)I have something to confess.我有事要坦白。3)I'll tell you all about it. 我要告诉你一切。4)I'll be frank with you. 我会对你坦白的。5)I'll tell you the truth. 我告诉你真相。6)I'll level with you. 我就直说吧。

448、回答道歉的表达: 1)That's (It's) all right/OK. 没关系。2)It doesn't matter (at all)./Never mind. 没关系。3)It's nothing./Not at all. 没什么。4)It's not your fault. 这不是你的错。5)Pls don't worry. 请别放在心上。 6)No problem. 没什么;没事。

449、A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. — George Bernard Shaw 一个尝试错误的人生,不但比无所事事的人生更荣耀,并且更有意义。—(英) 萧伯纳

450、【如何拒绝朋友借钱(下)】⑦Hey, I’m broke myself.我也破产了。⑧Do I look rich?我看上去很有钱吗?⑨I would if I could.如果我能(帮你),我一定会的。⑩I’m in the red too, dude.我现在也欠了一屁股债。?What am I? A bank?你当我什么?银行啊??Who am I? Bill Gates?你当我是谁?比尔盖茨吗?

451、【如何拒绝朋友借钱(上)】①Sorry. I’m low on cash, too.抱歉,我也很缺钱。②Sorry man, I’m short these days.对不起,我现在手头很紧。③Uh, sorry dude no money.很抱歉,没钱。④I’m running low myself.我已经口袋空空了。⑤I’m broke until payday.⑥Sorry, no budget.抱歉,没钱。

452、As long as you can endure the darkest moments of the night, the sun will rise along with glorious clouds in the morning to meet you when you run towards the eastern horizon. 只要你能忍受黎明前那最黑暗的一刻,太阳一定会带着满天灿烂的朝霞为向着东方奔跑的你升起。——@俞敏洪

453、【商场超市促销用语(下)】⑧Try it! You don’t have to buy.试试看!不买没关系。⑨Just buy it! Don’t just think about it.心动不如马上行动!⑩This is the chance of a lifetime.这是千载难逢的机会。(11) It’s now or never.机不可失,时不再来。

454、【商场超市促销用语(中)】⑤We have a clearance sale today。我们今天清仓大甩卖。⑥Supplies are limited! Come now before they are gone.数量有限!赶紧抢购,售完为止。⑦Today is the last day! Come now if you don’t want to miss the sale!今天是活动最后一天,别错过大甩卖哦!

455、【商场超市促销用语(上)】①This is not for sale; it’s just to give away. 这个产品是非卖品。② Don’t miss this chance to buy one, get one free. 别错过这次买一送一的机会。③ An unbelievable seventy percent off sale! 三折疯狂价!④ The price won’t go down。这价钱不会再降了。

456、【“不确定”的几种地道表达】 1)I don't know. 我不知道。2)I'm not sure. 我不确定。3)Who knows? 谁知道啊?4)Don't ask me! 别问我!5) It's not certain. 还不确定。6) It hasn't been decided yet. 还没有决定呢。7)It's not clear. 事情还未明朗。8) It's hard to say. 很难说。

457、【如何表达同意(3)】11. You hit it.=You hit the nail right on the head. (你一针见血。)12. You're pretty close. (你的答案相当接近了。) 13. That would be fine /great. (那很好。)14. That figures! =That sounds reasonable. (有道理。)15. That's it.(对了) / That will do. (那可以。)

458、Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. 借鉴昨天,活在今天,憧憬明天。 ——Albert Einstein(阿尔伯特?爱因斯坦)

459、【凑热闹和看热闹的地道表达】1)“凑热闹” come along for the ride.例: I just came along for the ride. 我只是来凑个热闹。 2)“看热闹”可以用look on或watch the fun表示。例:Don't just stand there watching the fun! Hurry up and give me a hand. 别站在那里看热闹啊!赶紧给我搭把手。

460、 健身 workout:健身房 gym; treadmill 跑步机; strength training 力量训练;pump iron 或是 lift weights 举重; sit-up 或是 crunch 仰卧起坐;push-up 俯卧撑; dumb bell 哑铃;pull-up 或是 chin-up 引体向上;yoga 瑜伽;personal trainer 私人教练;

461、如何拒绝听借口(上)】①What’s your excuse this time?这次你的借口又是什么?②What is it this time?你这次又怎么了?③All right, let’s hear it.好吧,让我们听听你的借口。④What’s your story this time?这次你又有什么故事?⑤So, do you have an excuse this time?你这次又有什么借口呢?

462、Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to! 有些人成功,是因为他们命中注定要成功;但绝大部分人成功,是因为他们下定决心要成功! ——Graeme Clegg(格雷姆?克莱格)

463、「让我考虑一下」英语怎么说?★I need to think about it. 我必须考虑一下。★I can’t decide right away. 我无法马上决定;let’s sleep on it.让我想想明天再决定吧。;I will let you  know when I decide.我决定好再告诉你;I will get back to you.让我考虑一下,我再告诉你;let's talk about it later.我们晚点再讨论吧。

464、We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.我们无法改变风的方向,但我们可以调整风帆。 ——Dolly Parton(多莉?帕顿)

465、【搞错很''尴尬''的英语】 汉语中的“喝稀饭”不是drink porridge,应译成eat porridge(吃稀饭)。喝汤不能说drink soup,而习惯说“吃汤”(eat soup)“吃药”不能译成eat medicine,而用take medicine。小孩“吃奶”不能译成eat milk,而译为suck the breast(吸乳)。“喝奶”可以译成drink milk。

466、Life would be perfect if we had these. 如果人生也像播放器一样,有那么多控制键,那就完美了。这几个控制键的英文:rewind倒退,pause暂停,play播放, stop停止,fast forward快进。如果还有“previous上一曲”和“next下一曲”,那么前世来生都有了,随时穿越,你稀饭吗?

467、【分类会话句典】表示很激动:1. Gosh, I am so excited we are going to Paris.我嘞个娘亲,我太鸡冻鸟,我们要去巴黎了。2. Wow, I’m the luckiest man in the world!哇哦,我是天下最幸运的人。3. I can't wait to try it. 我等不及要试一试了。4. I can't help laughing. 我忍不住想大笑。
[“激动”常用的形容词表达] excited 激动的 ; thrilled 非常激动的 ; exhilarated 振奋的/兴奋的 ; frantic (因愤怒、痛苦、悲哀等)而发狂的,激昂的; frenzied 极度兴奋、激动 ; agitated 烦躁不安的,激动的 ;fevered 高度兴奋的;pumped up 热情高涨的/非常激动的

468、【英语中有关''tea''的习语】 1)As useful as a chocolate teapot. 中看不中用。 2)Not my cup of tea. 不是我喜欢的/非我所爱。 3)Tea and sympathy. 对不幸者的安慰与同情。 4)It's a storm in a tea cup./a tempest in a teapot. 小题大作。 5)a tea hound 爱和女人交际的男子。

469、Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. 我们生活中的许多失败,是因为人们在放弃的时候没有认识到他们距离成功有多么近。 ——Thomas Edison(托马斯?爱迪生)

470、【形容人性格的词汇】- selfish 自私的 ; selfless 无私的; sensible 明白事理的; sensitive 敏感的;sincere 真诚的; smart 精明的; sociable 好交际的; spirited 生气勃勃的; talented 有才能的; temperate 稳健的; thoughtful 体贴人的; timid 但小的,羞怯的; trustworthy 值得信任的

471、 Life will knock us down. But we can choose whether or not to get back up. —生活中的挫折会打倒我们,但我们可以选择是否要重新站起来。(功夫梦)

472、【各种''本''的表达】记事本 memo pad; 笔记本 Note book; 电话本 Contacts/Phone Book; 账本 account book; 记录本 log book ;练习本 exercise book ;抄写本 copybook ;日记本 diary ;便签本 Note pads; 课本 textbook; 剧本 script~ ; 作业本 homework/exercise book

473、【各种''雨''】#北京暴雨#今天整理了一些有关下雨的表达。 1)rain spell/rainy season 雨季 2)rainy day 雨天3)prinkle/Drizzle 毛毛雨 4)Light Rain=小雨 5)moderate rain 中雨 6)Heavy Rain 大雨 7)thunder shower 雷阵雨8)downpour 大暴雨 9)ice rain 冻雨 10)hail/hailstone 冰雹

474、【女性十大口头禅】1、Fine. 好吧。2、Five minutes.五分钟就好。3、Nothing.没什么。4、Go ahead.往下说。5、Loud Sigh.大声叹气。6、That's Okay.还好啦。7、Thanks.谢谢。8、Whatever.随便。9、Don't worry about it, I got it.别担心,我知道了。10、You said. 这是你说的。

475、【人生的每个阶段】 life stages—— Infant 婴儿(Birth to two years);Child小孩(3-9 years);Adolescent 青少年(10-19 years);Young adult 年轻人(20-29 years);Adult 成年人(30-39 years);Middle age 中年(40-60 years);Old people/The aged 老年人(Age 60 onward);End of Life 生命终止

476、We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. 我们是自己反复行为的总和。优秀,不是一种行为,而是一种习惯。——Aristotle(亚里士多德)

477、Facebook中对美国用户的“关系状态”的11+1的选项:(1) Single单身;(2) In a relationship有对象; (3) Engaged订婚; (4) Married已婚; (5) It's complicated说不清; (6) In an open relationship有对象,但开放(就是彼此允许找第三者); (7) Widowed丧偶; (8) Separated分居; (9) Divorced离婚; (待续)

478、The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. 生命的意义在于尽情生活,拼命体验,勇往直前、无所畏惧地去追求更新更丰富的人生经历。——Eleanor Roosevelt(埃莉诺·罗斯福)

479、 It's fearless to have faith that someday, things will change. 总有一天,一切终将改变。怀此信念之人,必定是大无畏之人。 —Taylor Swift(美国著名乡村女歌手)

480、【有关“Time”的谚语】1.Time flies.光阴似箭。2.Time is money.时间就是金钱。3.Time works wonders.时间创造奇迹。4.Time cures all things.时间能治愈一切。5.Time and tide wait for no man.时间不待人。6.There is no time like the present. 现在正是时候。

481、口语中还有一个比较实用的句型:''It occurred to me that''..我突然想到/浮现于我的脑中/我想起 ….. 例:It occurred to me that I had ever seen him before. 我突然想起似乎我曾经见过他

482、Our greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising up every time we fall. 我们人生最大的荣耀,不是从来不曾摔倒,而是每一次摔倒后重新站起来。 ——Ralph Waldo Emerson(拉尔夫?沃尔多?爱默生)

483、【“山寨”怎么说 】①山寨版的假名牌是knockoff,例:The watch is a knockoff.这块手表是山寨版的;②山寨明星脸是lookalike,例:She’s a Zhang Ziyi lookalike.她是山寨版的章子怡; ③山寨的艺术作品是spoof,例:It’s a spoof on Avatar.那是山寨版的《阿凡达》。

484、【''音乐''有关的词汇】popular music 流行音乐 ; singer 歌手; performance 演唱;melody 旋律;music Album 音乐专辑;lyrics 歌词;lyricist 歌词作者;compose 作曲;composer 曲作者;songwriter 词曲作者; Instrument 乐器;accompaniment 伴奏;musician 音乐人;conductor 指挥;

485、【口语交流中高频词汇搭配(3)】 have sex with 和..发生性关系;struggle with 与…作斗争; hang up 挂断电话;hang on 等待片刻/不挂断电话;occur to 突然想到;reflect on 仔细考虑/思考/反省; cover up 掩盖;screw up 搞砸;store-bought 在商店买的; figure out 解决;suck it up 算了吧

486、Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. 人不是为失败而生的,一个人可以被消灭,但不能被打败。—— Ernest Heymingway海明威

487、【与''get'’相关的词组搭配】get the picture 明白;get along with 与…相处;get through 渡过难关;get in touch with 与…联系;get down to business 言归正传;get away with 侥幸成功(或取走):get going 开始从事某事; get hold of 把握;get wise to 了解(某事);get rid of 摆脱

488、【口语交流中高频词汇搭配(2)】 run into 偶然碰见; play along with 与…一起玩; loosen up 信口开河; deal with 处理; sit by 袖手旁观/无动于衷; look sharp 注意/留神; on earth 究竟; winning streak 一连串的胜利/连胜; mean to do 本意要做某事 ; out of control 失去控制

489、口语中高频俚语精选】 Clear the air 消除误会/澄清事实;A bad egg 缺乏道德的人/坏蛋;Be in a black mood 低落的情绪;Feeling blue 感到无精打采; Keep one's cool 保持冷静 ;Lose face 丢脸 ;Bear in mind 记住 ;Keep somebody posted 随时传达消息 /保持联系;Get out of hand 失去控制 ;

490、【''情绪''的各种表达】anger 愤怒;annoyance 恼火;unpleasant 不愉快的;indifference 无所谓;anxiety 焦虑;fear 恐惧;worry 担忧;stress 压力;pain 痛苦;sadness 悲伤; helplessness 无助;hopeless 无望;joy 快乐;affection 强烈的喜欢; sorrow and empathy 悲悯;wonder 惊异  ;nervous 紧张的; surprise 惊讶; desire渴望; pity 遗憾; admire爱慕; satisfaction 满足 ;hate 憎恨 ;ashamed 惭愧 ;regret 后悔 ;hesitation 犹豫 ;doubt怀疑 ;gratitude感激; desperate绝望的 ;depressed 沮丧 ;delighted 高兴的; peaceful 平静的;excitement兴奋

491、 All about eating:grocery shopping 买菜;make dinner 做饭;pack lunch 打饭盒;home cooking 家里做饭;eat out 出去吃;fast food 快餐;buffet 自助餐;dine in or take out 堂吃还是外卖;cook out 烧烤;snack 零食;junk food 垃圾食物;leftover 剩菜剩饭;doggie bag 打包的袋子; 
【有关''吃''的词汇】 barbecue(BBQ) 野外烧烤 ;picnic 野餐;undercooked 未煮熟的;overcooked 煮过头的 ;bake 烘烤 ;boil 水煮 ; cook 煮 ;fry 煎炒 ;poach 水煮;roast 烤;steam 蒸 ;stew 炖 ;tasteless 淡而无味;salty 咸 ;sour 酸 ;spicy 辣;sweet 甜 ;bitter 苦

492、【和''钱_money''相关的表达】1)cash 现金 2)buck 美元(美俚)3)coin 硬币 4)note 纸币 5)banknote 钞票 6)fund 资金 7)change 零钱 8)dough 金钱(美俚) 9)tuition 学费 10)fare 票价 11)admission 入场费 12)cost 成本 13)freight 运费 14)postage 邮费 15)rent 租费 16)tip 小费

493、【乱七八糟的各种表达】1.be in a mess 2.in a muddle 3.be out of order 4. mess up 5.be at sixes and sevens 6. in a terrible mess 7.be such a wreck 8.topsy-turvy 9.be in a clutter ~ 一起来造句吧 !例:Everything is at sixes and sevens in the house. 家里现在乱七八糟。

494、【重新开始的十句表达】1. Let's start from very beginning again.我们再从头开始吧。2. Let's go back to square one. 3. Let's go back to the drawing board.我们重新开始吧。4. Let's start from scratch again.我们重新开始吧。5. Let's do it all over again.我们重新来过吧。6. Let's make a fresh start. 我们重新开始吧。 7. Let's start from zero again. 我们再从零开始吧。 8. Let's get back to the starting point. 我们回到起点吧。 9. Let's start over again. 我们重新来过吧。10. Let’s roll it back to the beginning. 我们回到起点吧。

495、有关believe的两条习语:①Seeing is believing.眼见为实。②If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.你要是连这都相信,还有什么不信的?/谁相信谁就是傻瓜。

496、【''买衣服''必备口语】1)Can I try these on? 我能试穿一下吗? 2)Where is the fitting room? 试衣间在哪里? 3)Does this shirt come in other colors? 这件衬衣有其他颜色的吗?)4)Are these jeans on sale?这些牛仔裤打折吗?

497、【与''off'’相关的词组搭配(1)】clear off 消除、摆脱烦恼或负担;come off 脱落/分离,go off 离开; keep off 使离开/不接近;set off 动身前往;make off 逃跑 ;take off 起飞;turn off 关闭;call off 取消;f*ck off 滚蛋 ;sell off廉价处理存货; break off断绝关系 ;cut off切断

498、【口语中高频俚语(3)】1)hang out 和朋友相聚/闲逛 2)call it a day 结束工作/到此为止 3)pinch pennies 守财奴/精打细算 4) shoot oneself in the foot 搬起石头砸自己的脚 5)drive sb. up the wall 把某人逼得实在受不 6)crunch time 关键时刻/最后的时间 7)up in the air 悬而未决/未定

499、【口语中高频俚语(2)】1)knock up 意外怀孕 2)out of the blue突然 3)hit the road 动身/出发 4)scared the shit out of me 吓得屁滚尿流 5)shape up 表现的好一点 6)spring for 请客 7)hands full 非常忙碌 8)have a heart 有点良心,发发慈悲 9)never say never 永远不说决不 10)Easy does it 慢慢来

500、【开头为Don't 的口语短句表达】1)Don't be silly! 別傻了! 2)Don't be so sure.别那么肯定。3)Don't brush me off!別敷衍我! 4)Don't talk nonsense!不要胡说!5)Don't get me wrong! 不要误解我! 6)Don't take it so hard! 看开一点!7)Don't worry about that! 別担心! 8) Don't force me 不要逼我. 9)Don't let me down. 别让我失望.10)Don't bother.不用麻烦了.11)Don't move! 不许动! 12)Don't mention It.不必客气。13)Don't make any mistakes.别出差错14)Don't jump to conclusions.不要急于下结论。15)Don't take any chances.不要心存侥幸。16)Don't miss the boat.不要坐失良机

501、【形容''简单''的N种表达】1)It's really simple/It is a snap.很简单。2)kid's play 小儿科。3)It's a piece of cake!小菜一碟!4)It's as easy as pie.真是易如反掌。5)It's no big deal! 沒什么大不了的!6)That's no sweat at all! 轻而易举的事。7)Nothing to it!不费事8)It's a cinch! 小事一桩

502、【关于apple的习语】①rotten ~害群之马;②be the ~ of sb’s eye某人的掌上明珠/心肝宝贝;③be as American as ~ pie是地道美国的;④The ~ doesn’t fall far from the tree.有其父必有其子。⑤upset the ~ cart破坏某人的计划;⑥An apple a day keeps the doctor away.一天一个苹果会赶走医生。

503、【如何欢迎】①欢迎光临!You are welcome! ②欢迎您来北京。(You are) Welcome to Beijing.③欢迎订购。Orders are welcomed.④欢迎批评指正。Criticism is welcomed.⑤欢迎惠顾本店。(You are) Welcome to our shop.⑥欢迎归来!Welcome home/back!⑦这位老师很受欢迎。The teacher is very popular.

504、【口语中高频俚语(4)】 1)pay the piper/price 付出代价 2)tie the knot 结婚 3)get the picture 了解某事 4)go down the drain 白费心机 5)stick in the mud 保守/墨守陈规 6)kiss ass 拍马屁 7)a thick skin 厚脸皮 8)goose bumps 鸡皮疙瘩 9)hold your horses (字意:勒住你的马)不要着急/沈住气

505、【和''鼻子''有关的表达】Roman nose高鼻梁; nose is bleeding 流鼻血; nose is running流鼻水;pick your nose挖鼻孔;a runny nose鼻涕;follow your nose 凭直觉行事/跟着感觉走;pay through the nose付出高昂代价;lead by the nose 牵着鼻子走;hold your nose 捏住鼻子;nose around 到处打听

506、酒场需要的表达】①开瓶open the bottle②斟酒pour a drink③把杯子斟满Fill the glass to the top/brim. ④酒溢出the drink overflows⑤大家一起举杯。Everyone raise your glasses.⑥我们干一杯。Let’s make a toast.⑦碰杯touch/clink glasses⑧干杯!Bottoms up!⑨一口闷drink in one gulp/shot

507、【口语交流中高频词汇搭配(5)】 1)except for (=apart from) 除…以外 2)cut across 抄近路穿过 3)close (shut) one’s eyes to 视而不见 4)keep an eye on =keep a watch on 照看/监视 5)lose faith in 对…失去信心 6)familiar with 熟悉/了解 7)fill in/out 填写 7)use up 用完 8)show off 炫耀

508、You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.你可以一时欺骗所有的人,也可以长久欺骗一部分人,但你无法永远欺骗所有的人。 ——Abraham Lincoln(亚伯拉罕?林肯)

509、【口语中高频俚语(7)】1)give it a shot 试试看 Let's give it a shot and see what happens. (让我们试试看怎么样) 2)hang in there. 忍耐一下/挺住 Hang in there. things will be better soon(忍耐一下,事情很快就会好转的)3)in hot water 有麻烦 I'm in hot water now.(我有麻烦了)

510、It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. 决定我们一生的,不是我们的能力,而是我们的选择。 ——J?K?罗琳(J. K. Rowling)

511、''特价''与''折扣''的地道表达】特价是special offer,某样东西特价中是sth is on sale, 买一送一是buy-one-get-one-free offer, 减价/削价是reduced price/bargain price, 折扣是discount或reduction,某样东西折扣中是sth is at a discount, 大甩卖则是closeout sale或clearance.

512、It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living. 有信仰、有热情的人生值得一过。 ——Oliver Wendell Holmes(奥利弗?温德尔?霍姆斯)

513、『关于熬夜』补充:Stay up all night通宵不睡 ;sit up 熬夜 ; 例:1)Don't stay up so late, u have to go to work tomorrow.不要睡得太晚,你明天还得工作。2)We sat up all night to. surf the internet.我们一整夜都在上网. U look tired. Did u stay up late last night? 你昨天很晚才睡吗?

514、【实用口语】1、My time is your time!请你吩咐!2、It's a date. 一言为定。3、That's a steal. 真便宜。4、She has no sense. 她不懂事。5、It's not big deal. 没什么了不起。6、Have a good of it. 玩得高兴。7、Does it serve your purpose?对你有用么?

515、【问外国人的十大问题】①Have you been to China before? ②Are you here for business or pleasure?你是来出差还是来玩? ③How do you like China so far? ④What impresses you most about China?中国什么给你印象最深? ⑤What bothers you most about China?中国什么最让你烦恼?⑥Have you learned any Chinese? ⑦How many places have you been to in China? ⑧Which places do you like best?你最喜欢哪些地方?⑨What is your hometown like?你的家乡是什么样子的?⑩How is China different from you country?中国跟你的国家有什么不同?

516、【口语中高频俚语(6)】1)rip off 扯掉/偷窃/欺诈 2)a lesser man 不太正直的人 3)back-stabber 阴险的人 4)don't let it get to you 别为这事心烦/别在意这件事 5)cut to the chase 开门见山/切入正题 6)round and round 说话兜圈子 7)you bet 当然/没问题 8)with all due respect 恕我直言

517、【口语交流中高频词汇搭配(7)】1)in return 作为对某物的回报 2)run out of 用完/耗尽 3)the other way (round)相反 4)in short supply 供应不足/短缺 5)eat sth up 吃光 6)take a shot猜测/尝试一下 7)If only 只要/要是…多好 8)build up 树立 9)go on strike 举行罢工(而不是继续罢工)

518、【女人如何幽默地拒绝男人】④M:Is this seat empty? W:Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.(是的,如果你坐下,我的座位也将是空的。) ⑤M:Haven't I seen you some place before?W:Yes. That's why I don't go there anymore.(是的。这就是为什么我不再去那个地方的原因。)

519、【女人如何幽默地拒绝男人】③M:I'm a photographer. I've been looking for a face like yours.(我是摄影师。我一直在寻找一张像你这样的脸。) W:I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours.(我是整形外科医生。我也一直在寻找一张像你这样的脸。)

520、【微语法】词缀-un (词根+联想记忆法)表示“打开,解开”unlock开锁(lock锁);unbind解开(bind捆住);unbutton解开钮扣(botton钮扣); uncover揭开盖子(cover盖子); undress脱衣服(dress衣服); untomb掘墓(tomb墓); unearth从地下挖出(earth土地); unravel解开;拆散(ravel纠缠)

521、【女人如何幽默地拒绝男人】 ①M:Can I buy you a drink?(我可以为你买一杯饮料吗?) W:Actually I'd rather have the money.(不必,我宁可要钱。) ②M:Can I have your name?(我能知道/有你的名字吗?) W:Why? Don't you already have one? (为什么?你不是已经有名字了吗?)

522、 【''伤心难过''的各种表达】1)sad/unhappy/upset 为已失去或无法拥有的事物而感伤的。2)homesick 因想家而感伤的。3)sentimental 多愁善感的。 4)depressed 沮丧情绪低落的。4)heartbroken 心碎的(尤指因失恋)。 5)grieve 因某人过世而感到极为悲伤。6)melancholy 不知其因,莫名其妙德的伤心。

523、sorrow 表悔恨的悲伤 ;sorry 感到惋惜而难过 ;miserable 不幸的 ;tragic 悲剧的 ;bitter 生气的 ; catastrophic 灾难性的(最惨的)

524、【口语中高频词组搭配(8)】1)be different from 与…截然不同2)put behind 抛在脑后3)lose one’s temper 发怒/发脾气4)in a lifetime 一生中5)put sb in a position 把某人置于某种境地6)gloss over 掩盖/掩饰(真相、错误)7)take up 开始从事(一项事业、职业) 8)come on to sb 打某人主意

525、【微语法】问:What would you do if____?如果....你会怎么办? 1)u were me? 如果你是我?2)u had a lot of money? 如果你有很多钱?3)the rumors were true? 如果谣言是真的?4)u had one day to Live? 如果还有一天的生命?5)u lost your job?你失去工作?答:1)I'd change my mind

526、【手段卑鄙的表达】1)cheap shot. 卑鄙的手段 I can't believe u did this. yeah, such a cheap shot! 难以置信你竟然这么做是。是哦,真卑鄙!2)down and dirty. 不择手段 The campaign for governor really got down and dirty in the final week. 州长在最后一周为了赢得竞选真是不择手段。

527、【口语交流中高频词汇搭配(8)】1)be determined to 决心 2)in need 在危难中 3)in the wake of 随着…而来 4)bang up 弄伤 5)prepare for 为…做准备 6)face the facts 面对现实 7)hang on 坚持下去 8)hold off 挡住 9)sort of 有那么点儿 10)under control 处于控制之下

528、【各种服饰配件】1)Jewelry珠宝 2)Sunglassed太阳镜 3)Scarf围巾 4)Hat帽子 5)Pendant吊坠 6)Earrings耳环7)Necklace项链 8)Ring 戒指9)Crystal Bracelet 水晶手链10)Hair ribbon 发带 11)Bangles 手镯 12)Hair Clip 发夹13)Stole/Shawl披肩14)Watches手表 15)Handbags 手提包16)Leather Belt 皮带

529、顺其自然的N种表达】 1)Let it be.随他去吧。2)Let nature take its course. 听其自然/顺其自然。3)Keep it casual. 顺其自然。4)What must be, must be=What(ever) will be, will be. 万事不必苛求,顺其自然。5)Let something slide. 放任某事/任其自然。6)Leave it as it is/they are.听其自然。

530、【''Heart''的各种习语表达】1)at heart从根本上/在内心2)with all one's heart 十分愿意地/全心全意地3)take to heart 对…耿耿于怀4)steal someone's heart 赢得某人爱情5)open to one's heart 敞开心怀6)close/near to one's heart 贴近某人的心7)lose one's heart to 钟情于/爱上

531、【口语中高频俚语(9)】1)out of line举止言行不礼貌的/过火的2)Enough is enough 够了/适可而止3)up to speed了解/掌握最新情况4)Cut loose 放松/享受5)Make it easy on you放你一马6)Cute act小伎俩/小花招7)A lesser man不太正直的人8)chill out冷静下来9)whacked out精神失常/崩溃

532、【''Put''词组搭配]1)put across 解释清楚2)put by 把……放在一边 3)put forward 提出 4)put in place 落实到位 5)put over 推迟/耽搁 6)put a stop to 使停止/制止 7)put into use 投入使用 8)put up with 容忍 9)put into effect 实施/执行 10)put up to 唆使某人做...(

533、【''What's up''两种用法】1. What's up? 你好(=What's new? 或Hi/hey) 打招呼时用,可以这样回答:nothing much 2. What's up? 发生神马事了?(=What's going on?)大家通常知道第二种用法,所以当有人一开口对你说What's up?时,可不要误会人家在问你发生了神马事情,其实是打招呼哦!

534、【由反义词构成的短语】here and there 到处;up and down 上上下下;high and low 到处 ;in and out进进出出 ;day and night 日日夜夜地; right or wrong 不管对错/不管怎样 ;early or late 迟早;young and old 老老少少;rain or shine 不论晴雨/无论如何;far and near 远近,到处,四面八方

535、【常见的病症表达】1)I've got a bad cold. 我感冒了。2)I've got a terrible headache. 我头很痛。3)I feel dizzy. 我头晕。4)I've got a temperature. 我发烧了。5)I've got a runny nose. 我流鼻涕。6)I've got a sore throat.我嗓子疼。7)I feel sore and ache all over. 我觉得全身酸痛。

536、【网购族必备】1)Online shopping/E-shopping 网购 2)Groupon 团购 3)Gift certificate 礼品券4)Sales promotion 促销5)Shopping list/cart 购物单/车 6)Best sellers 畅销货品7)Brand directory 品牌目录 8)In stock 有存货 9)Special offers 特价优惠 10)Discount 折扣11)Buy It Now 立刻购买

537、【区分各种“图”】 picture 图画,图片,照片;image 图像;illustration 插图,图解;view 视图;sketch草图,图样;diagram 图表,简图;Drawing工程图;figure 插图,图标;Graph 曲线图;outline轮廓图;histogram直方图,柱状图 Graph 曲线图 outline轮廓图 
Icon 图标;Map 地图;Infographic 信息图表;Flow scheme 流程图;Geometry 几何图;Explanatory drawing 说明插图;Pie chart 饼图;Bar chart 柱图

538、【口语中高频俚语(8)】1)no-brainer 无需动脑子的事/容易的事 2)chill out 冷静下来/放松 3)Believe it or not 信不信由你/你爱信不信。4)birthday suit 赤身裸体/一丝不挂 5)Bring it on 准备好了/想做什么就开始 6)nail down 明确表态7)make time 抽出时间/腾出时间

539、各种坏男人】好色之徒是womaniser,乱交是promiscuity,拉皮条的人是pimp,不择手段的流氓是wolf,淫棍是lecher,卑鄙下流男人叫cad,放荡不羁者是libertine或debauchee,性欲强的男人是satyr或letch,泡妞高手是Casanova卡萨诺瓦(历史人物),花花公子是playboy,而一夜情是one night stand。

540、【口语中高频俚语(13)】1)Lose one’s cool沉不住气 2)a blind date初次约会 3)keep a straight face板着脸 4)be fed up with...对……烦透了 5)play favorites with...对……有偏心眼 6)make a slip of the tongue说走嘴 7)go for a spin出去兜风 8)be stuck on someone 迷恋上某人

541、【口语中高频词汇搭配(10)】on one’s own 独自地; keep a low profile 保持低姿态/低调;bide one’s time 等待良机;make sense 讲得通/有意义; keep an eye on 密切注意; cold war 冷战 ;have a feeling 预感到;make time: 抽空/腾出时间;back off 让开/退回;on one’s mind 有心事

542、学生的各种表达】大学生 undergraduate student;研究生 graduate (student) ; 硕士生master’s student; 博士生 doctoral student 或 PhD student;转学生 transfer student
在美国,有两种实习:1)工作经验型(work experience internship)2) 研究型(research internship)/论文型(dissertation internship)。这些实习一般是和事业发展相关的,主要依据专业来决定。

543、【口语中高频俚语(11)】1)Oh, boy! 乖乖! 唉呀(感叹词)2) love handles 腰间赘肉 3)Beats me!考倒我了 4)stand someone up 放某人鸽子 5)Brush off 不理睬 6)push around 指使某人 7)Ass-kisser拍马屁的人/马屁精 8)go ballistic 非常生气/发脾气

544、【拒绝的几种用法】1)拒绝做某事refuse to do sth/not be prepared to do sth/draw the line at doing sth2)拒绝给某人东西withhold sth from sb3)拒绝某人reject sb/sth、not accept sb/sth、say no to sb/sth、turn sb/sth down 4)断然拒绝rebuff sb/sth 5)委婉拒绝take a rain check on sth (改期)

545、【各级行政区(一)】一级:省Province,自治区Autonomous region,直辖市Municipality,特别行政区Special administrative region;二级:地区Prefecture,市city,自治州Autonomous prefecture,盟League;三级:县County,市辖区District,县级市County-level city,旗Banner;四级:镇Town,乡Township,街道办事处Subdistrict,民族乡Ethnic township,区公所District public office;五级:村village,行政村Administrative village,自然村Natural village,居委会Neighborhood committee,社区Neighborhoods / community。

546、【口语交流中高频词汇搭配(9)】1)suffer through 忍受/承受 2)for the rest 其余3)keep…off 使远离4)be busy doing整忙于做.. 5)hang out with 与……出去玩6)feel like 觉得好像是… 7)good point 令人信服的观点 8)all sorts of 各种各样的9)by mistake 错误地10)pass away去世

547、【口语中高频俚语(10)】1)dwell on 不要再想 2)can’t get over 忘不了3)Here's the deal. 你看这样好不好 4)Here's the thing 事情是这样的.5)Got you 骗到你了吧 6)be maxed out 累坏了 7)Count me in 算我一个 8)Dig up the past 旧事重提/翻旧账 9)No biggie 没什么大不了的

548、【口语交流中高频俚语(14)】1)Sb./sth.is history某人某事已成过去 2)Cute act小伎俩/小花招3)Set someone up 陷害某人 4)Nice work 干得好/干得漂亮5)Dicking around 瞎闹/混日子6)count me in 把我算进去/加我一个7)out of line 言行举止不礼貌 8)catch you later 一会儿见

549、【如何表达失望】 1)I screwed up. = I messed up= I blew it.我搞砸了。 2)What a disappointment!真让人失望! 3)It’s disappointing. 这真令人扫兴。 4)How disappointing!真令人失望! 5)I’m really disappointed with you. 我对你实在很失望。 6)You let me down.你让我失望了。

550、【#房东用英语怎么说#】 房东 landlord;女房东 landlady ;房客 tenant ;房租 apartment rent;housing agent 房屋中介;二房东middleman 意思是先从landlord(房东)手里租下整套房子,然后再分房转租给他人,从中获利。合约是contract. 租房时我们通常会直接问How much is the rent? 房租多少钱?

551、【口语交流中高频俚语(15)】 a)Are you nuts你疯了吗? b)like sb never existed好像某人不存在一样 c)That was close好险/可真够悬的 d)dead end:死胡同,没有前途出路 e)I've got to split我该走了 f)fuck up把事情弄得一团糟=mess up g)get laid 发生性关系

552、【各种软件版本】目前新浪微博是beta版本,那beta到底是什么意思呢? Alpha内测版; Beta 公测版; Trial试用版; Final正式版; Demo演示版; Lite精简版; Full version完整版; Preview预览版; Standard标准版; Corporation/Enterprise企业版; Professional专业版; Upgrade升级版

553、Take习语表达】take it or leave it 要不要随你的便;take a bath洗个澡;take account of考虑到;take away from从…拿走;take charge接管;take effect(药等)见效/生效/起作用;take place发生/举行;take notice of注意到;take hold抓住;take for granted认为…理所当然

554、【经济词汇_视频版】export 出口,import 进口;government bond 政府债券;exchange rate 汇率;peg 汇率挂钩;appreciate升值;depreciate 贬值;economist 经济学家;capitalism 资本主义;commodity 商品;consumer 消费者;demand 需求;government regulation 政府调控
fiscal财政的;downturn低迷时期;deficit赤字;undercut 削减;ware商品;stagnant萧条;revenue收益;pretax税前所得的;emerging market新兴市场;;currency货币;subprime 次贷;mortgage抵押;rebound复苏;estate地产;manufacturing制造业;monopoly垄断

555、【Look在口语中的用法_视频版】look at看、过目; look over检查; look up查阅; look out注意; look up to尊敬; look down on看不起; look upon看待; look forward to期待; look back on回顾 ; look after照顾; look for寻找; look into调查;

556、【口语中高频词汇搭配(11)】<生活大爆炸S5E3>:running commentary 实况报道; gynecologist 妇科医生;controversial topic 争议性的话题; entire time整个过程中; hubba-hubba [美俚]高兴时的感叹:好极好极! achieve orgasm达到性高潮; get a better shot 得到一个更好的机会; loosen up使..放松

557、【#假币用英语怎么说#】 各种假的表达: 1)假货fake(d) products/goods 2)假药fake medicine 3)假发false hair 4)假币/伪钞counterfeit money 5)假牙false teeth 6)假象false image 7)假兜(衣服上的)dummy pocket 8)假花artificial flowers 9)弄虚作假play false 10)假支票forged check

558、口语交流中高频俚语(16)】1)I'm a little edgy.我有点紧张。2)With all due respect恕我直言/我冒昧地说一句3)Have a word with sb和某人谈谈4)Take one's chance碰运气/赌一把5)Get into the mess陷入困境6)Be a little fuzzy about对……不是很清楚7)Dig up the past旧事重提

559、【#上班打卡用英语怎么说#】 1)上班打卡是“punch in” ,下班打卡是“punch out”。2)我们还可以用“clock in”和“clock out”来表示上下班的打卡。 例:We clock in at 9 a.m. and out at 6 p.m. 我们早上9点上班,下午6点下班。 —— What is your working hours? 你的工作时间是?

560、The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them. 生命的价值不在于我们活了多少天,而在于我们如何利用每一天。 ——Michel de Montaigne(蒙田)

561、【美国习语All的表达_视频版】all your eggs in one basket 孤注一掷;all ears洗耳恭听;all in your head胡思乱想;all in a day's work很平常的事;all hell broke loose一团糟;all over the map各有喜好/遍布全球;all eyes on me所有的目光都聚焦到了我的身上

562、【美剧口语(29)】生活大爆炸S5E4词组:by the by顺便提一句;on the nose准确的/正好的;hitting it off合得来;drug trials 药品临床试验;grief-stricken widow悲伤的寡妇;from here on in从现在起;trivial decisions无关紧要的决定;free up 空出来/腾出;sign language 手语

563、Life is tough, but if you have the ability to laugh at it, you have the ability to enjoy it.——(Salma Hayek) 人生艰难,但是如果你有笑对人生的能力,你就有享受人生的能力。——(萨尔玛·海耶克)

564、【美国俚语表达_视频版(19)】1)be up for sth打算做;2)take in sth 开始/参加 3)say 6 o’clock? 六点怎么样?4)I dunno=I don't know 我不知道。5) kinda tired=kind of tired 有点累。6)You up for a movie tonight?=Are you up for a movie tonight? 你今晚打算去看电影吗?

565、【形容个性】#处女座篇# analytical善于分析的;detail-oriented 注重细节的;economical有金钱观的;cautious 谨慎的;shy害羞的;concentrated专注的;conservative保守的;picky挑剔的/吹毛求疵的;intelligent聪明的;industrious勤奋的;responsible有责任感的;inferior自卑的;compassionate有同情心的;self-sacrificing不自私的; imaginative富于想象的; family-oriented 顾家的; loyal忠诚的;dutiful孝敬的; possessive占有欲强的;unpredictable难以捉摸的; moody喜怒无常的;over sensitive过于敏感的;clingy 黏人的;dependable可信赖的

566、【美国俚语(20)】Call the shots发号施令;Catch some rays晒太阳;Do an about face 变卦/改变立场或主意;Fall short没有达到目标或要求;Jack up(物价工资)增加/提高;Make a killing突然赚得一大笔钱;Mellow out放松/松懈;No-brainer容易的事/无需动脑子;Eye-opener大开眼界

567、【美国俚语(21)】buzz word 流行时髦词语; bud friend 普通朋友 ; man in suits装腔作势的人; motor mouth 话匣子; home bird 宅人; hush money 封口费; cut the knot果断处理; sprout wings假惺惺; peeping tom 偷窥狂; pomp ass自以为是的家伙; monkey business骗人的把戏;

568、【食品包装上的英文food package labels】?nutrition facts营养成分; ?卡路里calory;?脂肪fat;?蛋白质protein;?糖sugar;?食用纤维dietary fiber;?维他命vitamin;?碳水化合物carbohydrate;?钠sodium;?钙calcium;?铁iron;?食品添加剂additive;?净重net weight; ?配料ingredients

569、Come的口语高频用法(1) 1.Come again? 再说一遍可以不? 2.Come on. 拜托,不是吧! 3.Coming right up!马上就来(点东西时) 4.Didn't see it coming.出乎我预料。 5.You totally had it coming 这完全是你自找的

570、 【“头脑”head相关的表达】1.lose one’s head 不知所措 2.head-turner引人注目的人或事 3. shit-head/thick-headed//knuckle-headed 笨蛋,傻瓜 4.off the top of my head 第一反应 5.Two heads are better than one. 三个臭皮匠顶过一个诸葛亮 6.turn heads 回头率高 7.put heads together集思广益

571、【head表达接力】1. heads up 当心 2. have one\'s head in the clouds心不在焉;走神 3. have one\'s head screwed on right头脑清醒,明白事理 4. hit the nail on the head 一针见血 5. Let your heart rule your head跟着感情走 6. This is over my head. 这个对我来说太难了

573、【表达惊讶】How amazing. 太惊人了。| I'm very surprised to hear that. 听到这个我真是太吃惊了。| Fancy that. 真想不到。| Who can have thought of it? 谁能想得到呢。| It can't be. 不可能。| You are pulling my leg, aren't you? 你不是开玩笑吧?

574、1. You really surprised me! 你真的让我大吃一惊! 2. How could this possibly be! 这事怎么可能呢! 3. I can't believe my eyes. 我简直不能相信自己的眼睛。4. That's unbelievable. 真是太离奇了。5.I'll be a monkey's uncle.天哪!6. What? No, it can't be! 什么!不,决不会!

575、 【考试exams】?参加考试take/sit an exam ; ?通过考试pass an exam;?挂科fail/flunk an exam;?考试作弊cheat in exams; ?补考resit/retake an exam;?死记硬背应付考试cram for exams;?轻松通过考试breeze through exams;?勉强通过考试squeak/scrape through exams; ?复习功课review lessons;

576、【补充】1 I wish you could ace the exam 我祝愿你能在考试中得A 2 I'm sure you can score well in college entrance exam 我确信你能在高考中取得好成绩

577、1.out with it!说出来吧!2.You can stop playing dumb.你就别装傻了。3.Cut me some slack.放我一马吧!4.You won't drag me down to your level.你休想拖我下水。5.The thought crossed my mind.我有这么想过。6.You put a rather large kink in my plans.你真是给我惹了大麻烦啊!

578、1. It was a tough call for me. 我感到左右为难。2. Don’t play dumb!别装傻了!3. Let’s not beat a dead horse here.我们不要再浪费口舌了。4.You're so perverted!你很变态! 5. It's as easy as pie.真是易如反掌。6. My aunt Flo is visiting. 我的大姨妈来了。

579、【各种人际关系】buddy哥们儿;colleague同事/同僚;confidante闺蜜/红颜知己(女性);intimate至交;mentor导师/指导者;sworn brother结拜兄弟;superior/boss上司/老板;partner搭档;couple情侣;companion同伴;pen pal笔友;comrade-in-arms战友;fellow-apprentice师兄弟; bosom friend知心朋友

【补充】1. acquaintance:相识的人;(总称)熟人 2. alter ego:第二个我;知己,密友 3. associate:伙伴;朋友;同事;合伙人 4. colleague:同事;同僚 5. familiar:知交;伴侣;常客 6. Life partner终身伴侣 7. Soulmate或soul mate精神伴侣 8. mistress已婚男人的情人 9. Fiancée 订婚女友


580、 【如何引起他人注意】1. Listen/look 听着。2. Listen up(everybody). (大伙)听着/听我说。3. May I have your attention, please? 请大家注意啦(用于正式场合)。 4. Look at this/take a look at this. 瞧这儿。5. Excuse me. 打扰一下。6. Hey 嗨! 7. Hey, you/Yo. 呼叫他人,不礼貌勿滥用

【补充】1.Can we talk? 我们能谈谈吗? 2.Excuse me. You got a minute? 能耽误你一会儿吗? 3.Guess what? 你猜怎么着? 4.You’ll never guess what I heard. 你永远也猜不到我听说了什么。 5.Check this out. 看看这个 6.You won’t believe this!你不会相信的! 7.Now hear this! 你听着!

581、【世界知名品牌口号】1、Just do it.(Nike)只管去做。(耐克)  2、Impossible is nothing.(Adidas)没有不可能的事。(阿迪达斯) 3、I'm loving it.(Mcdonald's)我就喜欢。(麦当劳) 4、Less is more.(satchi)简洁至上。(沙驰) 5、The power of dreams.(Honda)梦想的力量。(本田) 6、Changes for the better.(Mitsubishi)精益求精,品质更出众。(三菱) 7、Let's make things better.(Philips)让我们做得更好。(飞利浦)  8、Committed to people,committed to future.(TOSHIBA)为了人类和地球的明天。(东芝)  9、Always coca_cola.(Coca_Cola)永远的可口可乐。(可口可乐)  10、It's the cola.(Pepsi)这才是真正的可乐。(百事可乐)  11、The Bud's for you.(Budweiser)你的百威。(百威)  12、Choose Quilaty,Choose Nestle.(Nestle)选品质,选雀巢。(雀巢)  13、Good to the last drop.(Maxwell)滴滴香浓,意犹未尽。(麦斯威尔)  14、Take me to the Hilton.(Hilton)带我去希尔顿。(希尔顿酒店) 15、Heaven on Earth.(Shangrila)人间天堂。(香格里拉酒店)  16、Change the way you look at the world.(CNN)改变你看世界的方式。(CNN电台) 17、Share the moment,share the life.(Kodak)分享此刻,分享生活。(柯达) 18、No business too small,no problem too big.(IBM)没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。(IBM) 19、Touching lives,improving life.(P&G)动情人生,优质生活。(宝洁) 20、Your passion,our strenth.(Unilever)你们的热情,我们的力量。(联合利华)   21、There is fast food,then there is KFC.(KFC)有快餐的地方就有肯德基。(肯德基) 22、Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit;Forging wealth Creation Tools.(Forbes)倡导创业精神,打造创富工具。(福布斯杂志)

582、【50个超级短语】1、Absolurely not.绝对不是。2、Are you crazy?你疯了吗?3、Are you sure?你能肯定吗? 4、Are you serious?你是人真的吗? 5、Are you clear?你明白了吗? 6、Call me tomorrow.明天打电话给我。 7、Come with me.跟我来。 8、Congratulations.恭喜恭喜。 9、Do you mean it?你是当真的吗?  10、Do you see it?你明白了吗? 11、Do you want it?你要吗? 12、Don't exaggerate.不要夸张。 13、Don't do that.别那样。 14、Give me a hand.帮我一下。 15、Go right ahead.一直往前走。 16、Have a good trip.祝旅途愉快。 17、Have a nice day.祝你一天过得愉快。 18、Have you finished?你做完了吗? 19、I can do it.我能做。 20、I think so.我认为如此。 21、I hope so.我希望如此。 22、I knew it.我早知道了。 23、I noticed that.我注意到了。 24、I see.我明白了。 25、I won.我赢了。 26、I'm hungry.我饿死了。 27、I'm leaving.我要走了。 28、I’m sorry.对不起。 29、I’m bored.我很无聊。 30、I'm busy.我很忙。 31、I'm ready.我准备好了。 32、I’ve got it.我明白了。 33、I've had it.我受够了。 34、It's incredible!真是难以置信! 35、It's outrageous!岂有此理! 36、It doesn't matter.没关系。 37、It's about time.是时候了。 38、It's all right.没关系。 39、It's nothing.没什么。 40、It's funny.很滑稽。 41、It's impossible.那是不可能的。 42、It's not bad.还行。 43、It's not worth it.不值得。 44、It's your turn.轮到你了。 45、Let me see.让我想想。 46、Not yet.还没有。 47、Relax!放松! 48、That happens.这样的事情经常发生。 49、That's enough.够了。 50、That'true.这是真的。

583、【美剧常用俚语汇总】a thick skin 厚颜无耻 a shot in the dark 盲目射击(瞎猜) a slap in the face 脸上挨了一耳光(公然受辱) a smoke screen 烟幕、障眼法 a social butterfly 社交蝴蝶(交际花、善于交际、会应酬的人) a blank slate干净的黑板(新的一页、新的开始) a cat nap 打个盹儿、小睡一会儿  a weight off my shoulders 如释重负  all ears洗耳恭听、全神贯注地听 back on track改过自新  backfire弄巧成拙、适得其反  bet on it有把握、无疑  bet your life决对没错  better half我的另一半、配偶(妻子) between a rock and a hard place进退两难、左右为难  break  a leg演出成功、大获成功  break the ice打破沉默、打破僵局   bump into无意中遇到、巧遇  burn one’s bridge破釜沉舟、背水一战、一刀两断、过河拆桥  call it a night今晚到此为止、收工、 一日事毕、可以睡觉了  clean up one's act.自我改进、自我检点  cool your lips.冷静下来 cross the line.做得太过分了  cut to the chase.开门见山、直入正题  fish out of water.如鱼离水、不得其所  get the ball rolling.动起手来、开始  get the green light.获得批准  wound up.上足发条(紧张、兴奋) walls have ears隔墙有耳  not lift a finger袖手旁观  when pigs fly.绝对不可能 well rounded.全才、全能  weed out.除去杂草(淘汰) up in the air.悬而未决  tie the knot结婚  sleep on it.睡在上面(考虑一晚上)  monkey business.骗人的把戏   kiss up to 讨好、拍马屁  kick the bucket.死了、一命呜呼  it's Greek to me.希腊文(天书、深奥难懂)  in the spotlight.站在聚光灯圈里(出风头)、处于公众注意的中心 

584、too bad太糟糕了! I hear you.我懂你的意思  Let's get the exam rolling.现在开始考试了 My way or the highway.不听我的就滚蛋   My life flashes before my eyes.我的过往在我眼前浮现 How did that happen?怎么会这样?  You bet!当然! Up yours!去你的! Call it even.扯平了  That makes two of us.所见略同 Two coffee to go.两杯咖啡打包

585、【美剧高频单字口语】huh?--呃? hey!嘿? oh?哦? crap!天那! yeah.是 what?什么? really?真的吗? cool!酷! sure.好的  shit!真倒霉 bullshit!胡说! cheers!干杯! correct!对的! Jesus!天啊! liar!你撒谎! listen!听着! lousy!差劲!stop!住手! now!现在就做! objection!我抗议! pardon!请再说一遍! perfect!很完美! please!拜托了! exactly!完全正确! absolutely!绝对正确! adorable!可爱极了! amazing!太神了! anytime!随时吩咐! almost!差不多了! crazy!疯了! damn!该死的! deal!一言为定 definitely!当然! disgusting!好恶心呀! awful!好可怕呀! behave!放尊重点! boring!真无聊! gorgeous!美极了!fantastic!妙极了! farewell!再见了! fifty-fifty!对半分! hopefully!希望如此!有希望的话、、、 horrible!好可怕! hurry!快点! incredible!不可思议! indeed?真的? imagine!想想看! impossible!不可能吧! great!太棒了!

581、【世界知名品牌口号】1、Just do it.(Nike)只管去做。(耐克)  2、Impossible is nothing.(Adidas)没有不可能的事。(阿迪达斯) 3、I'm loving it.(Mcdonald's)我就喜欢。(麦当劳) 4、Less is more.(satchi)简洁至上。(沙驰) 5、The power of dreams.(Honda)梦想的力量。(本田) 6、Changes for the better.(Mitsubishi)精益求精,品质更出众。(三菱) 7、Let's make things better.(Philips)让我们做得更好。(飞利浦)  8、Committed to people,committed to future.(TOSHIBA)为了人类和地球的明天。(东芝)  9、Always coca_cola.(Coca_Cola)永远的可口可乐。(可口可乐)  10、It's the cola.(Pepsi)这才是真正的可乐。(百事可乐)  11、The Bud's for you.(Budweiser)你的百威。(百威)  12、Choose Quilaty,Choose Nestle.(Nestle)选品质,选雀巢。(雀巢)  13、Good to the last drop.(Maxwell)滴滴香浓,意犹未尽。(麦斯威尔)  14、Take me to the Hilton.(Hilton)带我去希尔顿。(希尔顿酒店) 15、Heaven on Earth.(Shangrila)人间天堂。(香格里拉酒店)  16、Change the way you look at the world.(CNN)改变你看世界的方式。(CNN电台) 17、Share the moment,share the life.(Kodak)分享此刻,分享生活。(柯达) 18、No business too small,no problem too big.(IBM)没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。(IBM) 19、Touching lives,improving life.(P&G)动情人生,优质生活。(宝洁) 20、Your passion,our strenth.(Unilever)你们的热情,我们的力量。(联合利华)   21、There is fast food,then there is KFC.(KFC)有快餐的地方就有肯德基。(肯德基) 22、Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit;Forging wealth Creation Tools.(Forbes)倡导创业精神,打造创富工具。(福布斯杂志)

582、【50个超级短语】1、Absolurely not.绝对不是。2、Are you crazy?你疯了吗?3、Are you sure?你能肯定吗? 4、Are you serious?你是人真的吗? 5、Are you clear?你明白了吗? 6、Call me tomorrow.明天打电话给我。 7、Come with me.跟我来。 8、Congratulations.恭喜恭喜。 9、Do you mean it?你是当真的吗?  10、Do you see it?你明白了吗? 11、Do you want it?你要吗? 12、Don't exaggerate.不要夸张。 13、Don't do that.别那样。 14、Give me a hand.帮我一下。 15、Go right ahead.一直往前走。 16、Have a good trip.祝旅途愉快。 17、Have a nice day.祝你一天过得愉快。 18、Have you finished?你做完了吗? 19、I can do it.我能做。 20、I think so.我认为如此。 21、I hope so.我希望如此。 22、I knew it.我早知道了。 23、I noticed that.我注意到了。 24、I see.我明白了。 25、I won.我赢了。 26、I'm hungry.我饿死了。 27、I'm leaving.我要走了。 28、I’m sorry.对不起。 29、I’m bored.我很无聊。 30、I'm busy.我很忙。 31、I'm ready.我准备好了。 32、I’ve got it.我明白了。 33、I've had it.我受够了。 34、It's incredible!真是难以置信! 35、It's outrageous!岂有此理! 36、It doesn't matter.没关系。 37、It's about time.是时候了。 38、It's all right.没关系。 39、It's nothing.没什么。 40、It's funny.很滑稽。 41、It's impossible.那是不可能的。 42、It's not bad.还行。 43、It's not worth it.不值得。 44、It's your turn.轮到你了。 45、Let me see.让我想想。 46、Not yet.还没有。 47、Relax!放松! 48、That happens.这样的事情经常发生。 49、That's enough.够了。 50、That'true.这是真的。

583、【美剧常用俚语汇总】a thick skin 厚颜无耻 a shot in the dark 盲目射击(瞎猜) a slap in the face 脸上挨了一耳光(公然受辱) a smoke screen 烟幕、障眼法 a social butterfly 社交蝴蝶(交际花、善于交际、会应酬的人) a blank slate干净的黑板(新的一页、新的开始) a cat nap 打个盹儿、小睡一会儿  a weight off my shoulders 如释重负  all ears洗耳恭听、全神贯注地听 back on track改过自新  backfire弄巧成拙、适得其反  bet on it有把握、无疑  bet your life决对没错  better half我的另一半、配偶(妻子) between a rock and a hard place进退两难、左右为难  break  a leg演出成功、大获成功  break the ice打破沉默、打破僵局   bump into无意中遇到、巧遇  burn one’s bridge破釜沉舟、背水一战、一刀两断、过河拆桥  call it a night今晚到此为止、收工、 一日事毕、可以睡觉了  clean up one's act.自我改进、自我检点  cool your lips.冷静下来 cross the line.做得太过分了  cut to the chase.开门见山、直入正题  fish out of water.如鱼离水、不得其所  get the ball rolling.动起手来、开始  get the green light.获得批准  wound up.上足发条(紧张、兴奋) walls have ears隔墙有耳  not lift a finger袖手旁观  when pigs fly.绝对不可能 well rounded.全才、全能  weed out.除去杂草(淘汰) up in the air.悬而未决  tie the knot结婚  sleep on it.睡在上面(考虑一晚上)  monkey business.骗人的把戏   kiss up to 讨好、拍马屁  kick the bucket.死了、一命呜呼  it's Greek to me.希腊文(天书、深奥难懂)  in the spotlight.站在聚光灯圈里(出风头)、处于公众注意的中心 

584、too bad太糟糕了! I hear you.我懂你的意思  Let's get the exam rolling.现在开始考试了 My way or the highway.不听我的就滚蛋   My life flashes before my eyes.我的过往在我眼前浮现 How did that happen?怎么会这样?  You bet!当然! Up yours!去你的! Call it even.扯平了  That makes two of us.所见略同 Two coffee to go.两杯咖啡打包

585、【美剧高频单字口语】huh?--呃? hey!嘿? oh?哦? crap!天那! yeah.是 what?什么? really?真的吗? cool!酷! sure.好的  shit!真倒霉 bullshit!胡说! cheers!干杯! correct!对的! Jesus!天啊! liar!你撒谎! listen!听着! lousy!差劲!stop!住手! now!现在就做! objection!我抗议! pardon!请再说一遍! perfect!很完美! please!拜托了! exactly!完全正确! absolutely!绝对正确! adorable!可爱极了! amazing!太神了! anytime!随时吩咐! almost!差不多了! crazy!疯了! damn!该死的! deal!一言为定 definitely!当然! disgusting!好恶心呀! awful!好可怕呀! behave!放尊重点! boring!真无聊! gorgeous!美极了!fantastic!妙极了! farewell!再见了! fifty-fifty!对半分! hopefully!希望如此!有希望的话、、、 horrible!好可怕! hurry!快点! incredible!不可思议! indeed?真的? imagine!想想看! impossible!不可能吧! great!太棒了!









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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