Sometimes when I look at the world, I can see a line behind it.

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转载 Pre-multiplied Alpha blending

Standard Alpha blendinguses this formula:result = foreground.alpha * foreground + (1 - foreground.alpha) * backgroundThis is a linear interpolation between the foreground and background colours, using the foreground's alpha as the interpolation weig.

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转载 Understanding Memory on iOS

Understanding Memory on iOS- What kind of memory?• Physical/Resident Memory• Graphics Memory• Virtual Memory• Malloc Heap• Dirty Memory• Native Memory• Mono HeapPhysical Memory (RAM)• The total amount of memory on-chip• ...

2020-08-06 16:18:40 58

转载 Albedo chart

General PBR infoPhysically based rendering (PBR) is a subset of computer-generated imagery that aims at production of pictures while making use of physically based shading.There's a lot of info about this theme written already, so I wouldn't copy-paste

2020-05-13 14:42:32 107

转载 Feeding a physically based shading model

Physically based rendering (PBR) require to use physical lighting setup and good spatially varying BRDF inputs (a.k.a textures) to get best results.Feeding the shading model with physically plausible data is in the hand of artists.There are many texture

2020-05-13 12:30:01 178

转载 Static Batching Breaking Problem

SymptomsMy scene contains a group of static Mesh Renderers and a dynamic/ non-static Mesh Renderer. For some reason, the static Meshes are being split into separate draw calls.CauseUnity does a ...

2019-11-27 16:28:13 89

原创 Photoshop中PNG转TGA的方法

Photoshop中PNG转TGA的方法(也可以用来查看单独的RGB通道(不透明显示))1、Layer->Layer Mask->From Transparency2、Shift-click禁用Mask可以在Photoshop中预览不透明的图像效果(类似TGA的预览效果,也可以切换到通道面板预览对应的通道)3、. 复制Layer Mask通道作为Alpha通道,然后另存为T...

2019-11-18 10:58:18 1647

转载 PNG Messy Alpha Problem - White Around Edges

The reason for this is due to how the texture image was authored, combined with the filtering that most 3d engines use when textures are displayed at different sizes on screen.Your image may have co...

2019-09-19 11:17:57 70

原创 PBR贴图校验

注:Substance中在进行校验的时候,非金属的Albedo值校验的时候,灰度值计算使用的是:Gray = (Red * 0.299 + Green * 0.587 + Blue * 0.114)金属的Specular值校验的时候,灰度值计算使用的是:Gray = (Red + Green + Blue) / 3...

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转载 Depth Peeling


2018-10-10 17:16:03 1554

转载 Linear Vs Gamma For Textures Of Unity Standard Material

Albedo should be sRGB, not linear. It should be noted that for the most part it's not how they're saved but how they're created eventually read. The image formats themselves don't usually have a conce...

2018-07-06 12:08:40 202

转载 Crunch compression of ETC textures

Introduction to Crunch: Compressing DXT textures.Crunch is an open source texture compression library © Richard Geldreich, Jr. and Binomial LLC, available on GitHub. The library was originally d

2018-01-05 11:33:28 1379

原创 C#字符串连接消耗

1、Concatenation is the process of appending one string to the end of another string. When you concatenate string literals or string constants by using the + operator, the compiler creates a single

2017-10-13 21:04:33 325

原创 渲染状态改变消耗详情


2017-08-29 10:53:44 628

原创 CommandBuffer.Blit BuiltinRenderTextureType.CameraTarget为空的问题


2017-08-02 11:34:45 2559

转载 Animation Compression: Unity 5

Unity 5 is a very popular video game engine on mobile devices and other platforms. Being a state of the art game engine, it supports everything you might need when it comes to character animation in

2017-07-03 21:07:30 926

转载 Lighting Models and BRDF Maps

A Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) is a mathematical function that describes how light is reflected when it hits a surface. This largely corresponds to a lighting model in U

2017-03-19 22:46:14 666

原创 Null check not work for GameObject sometimes

Example Code:      void Test(object obj)            {                if (obj == null) {                    //Something to do                }            }When the obj is an instance of G

2017-02-10 15:07:18 790

原创 GPU截帧工具备忘


2016-10-23 14:50:09 2159

原创 Weird Shader Problem On OpenGLES 3.0

Shader在OpenGLES2.0上显示正常,在OpenGLES3.0上显示异常(Pink)原因:struct v2f中SV_POSITION的定义放在了另外两个定义之后,似乎当SV_POSITION的定义前面有其他超过(或者等于)两个定义时候,就会出现这样的问题。解决:将SV_POSITION放到struct v2f最前面定义

2016-07-20 11:03:13 759

原创 Shader Depth Offset [Polygon Offset]

Offset Factor, UnitsfactorSpecifies a scale factor that is used to create a variable depth offset for each polygon. The initial value is 0.unitsIs multiplied by an implementation-specifi

2016-07-11 15:19:58 3468 1

原创 Half精度解析

故事开始于Unity Doc中关于Half的进度的解释Medium precision: halfMedium precision floating point value; generally 16 bits (range of –60000 to +60000, with about 3 decimal digits of precision).Half precision i

2016-06-30 21:43:31 7333 1

原创 StaticBatchingUtility.Combine Not Working

There is a requirement for imported meshes to be usable on Combine(): "Read/Write Enabled" flag must be set on mesh import settings.

2016-05-20 15:55:52 1933

转载 Serialization Best Practices

Unity SerializationSo you are writing a really cool editor extension in Unity and things seem to be going really well. You get your data structures all sorted out are really happy with how the too

2016-03-30 15:57:53 641

原创 Change Queue Not Work In Unity Shader

Problem:It seems like there is some sort of bug with shaders / materials regarding render queues.I have shader that is set to be in Geometry+10, and another shader that is set to be in the Geome

2016-03-19 10:22:02 1105

转载 Default Access Modifiers (C#)

Short answer: minimum possible access Long answer:Non-nested types, enumeration and delegate accessibilities (may only have internal or public accessibility) | Defaul

2016-02-16 09:48:13 776

转载 GTA V - Graphics Study

Part 1: Dissecting a Framehttp://www.adriancourreges.com/blog/2015/11/02/gta-v-graphics-study/Part 2: LOD and Reflectionshttp://www.adriancourreges.com/blog/2015/11/02/gta-v-graphics-stu

2016-01-05 12:25:28 956

转载 Edge Padding


2015-11-02 16:52:13 2281

转载 Mesh Simplification Algorithm


2015-10-21 14:18:51 1203

原创 Unity Terrain Optimze

1、Important FactResolutionProperty:Function:Terrain WidthSize of the terrain object in its X axis (in world units).Terrain LengthSize of the terrain o

2015-10-16 11:06:21 1950

原创 Hide Warn Global In Unity

Sometime, The warn info are turn into error msg in unity's console, Although we can find the error msg in the bottom of msg's detail,But when we have a lot of warn, It can be showed until you fixed most of the warn.So we need to hide the warn infos simplel

2015-09-17 21:04:19 1288

转载 Rectangle Bin Packing

1、From:http://www.blackpawn.com/texts/lightmaps/default.htmlPop Quiz: You have 765,618 lightmaps for a scene and very few of them have power of 2 dimensions, what do you do? If your answer was t

2015-08-24 11:59:24 2158


From:https://unity3d.com/cn/learn/tutorials/modules/intermediate/editor/menu-itemsThe Unity editor allows adding custom menus that look and behave like the built-in menus. This can be very useful

2015-08-21 11:29:36 889

转载 Measuring Performance with the Built-in Profiler[Unity]

Unity iOS and Android contain a built in profiler. The built-in profiler emits console messages from the game running on device. These messages are written every 30 seconds and will provide insight in

2015-07-01 09:38:41 1178

原创 UIToggle修改状态无效的原因及解决办法[NGUI]


2015-05-23 12:49:39 2785

原创 Pixel gap / lines that appear at the edges of sprites[NGUI]

If you use texture compression, that will cause bleeding problems. And texture filtering mode is an another culprit. There are few solutions.* Use uncompressed 32 bit textures atlas with point f

2015-05-19 16:30:31 885

转载 Unity destructor Or OnDestory

In 99% of all cases you don't want to use a destructor (finalizer) at all:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3649066/use-of-destructor-in-chttp://blog.stephencleary.com/2009/08/how-to-implement-

2015-05-04 12:10:11 900

转载 Show Dictionary in Inspector[Dictionary serialize]

ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnBeforeSerializeDescriptionImplement this method to receive a callback after unity serialized your object.In contrast to many other programming envi

2015-04-25 12:17:46 2623

转载 Unity DEBUG DLL(C#)

Many people are writing reusable code components in external DLL files, and deploy them in their Unity project. Using UnityVS, it's also possible to debug them.Please note that UnityVS currently onl

2015-04-16 21:45:56 1196

转载 Optimizing Unity Games for Mobile Platforms


2015-04-10 17:11:43 784

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook Download for http://it-ebooks.info/,Just share for study~! About this book: Discover how to make your Unity projects look stunning with Shaders and screen effects



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