SAP Overview
ECC6.0 SAP01 SAP Overview
ECC6.0 SAPFIN mySAP ERP Financials
ECC6.0 SAPHR mySAP ERP Human Capital Management Overview
ECC6.0 SAPPLM mySAP PLM Solution Overview
ECC6.0 SAPSCM Overview of the mySAP SCM Solution
Financial Accounting

ECC6.0 AC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting
ECC6.0 AC050 Business Processes in Financial & Management Accounting
ECC6.0 AC200 Accounting Customizing I
ECC6.0 AC201 Payment and Dunning Program
ECC6.0 AC202 Accounting Customizing II
ECC6.0 AC205 Individual Account Closing
ECC6.0 AC206 Parallel Valuation & Financial Reporting in the SAP System
ECC6.0 AC210 New General Ledger (in mySAP ERP)
ECC6.0 AC220 Special Ledger
ECC6.0 AC270 Travel Management: Planning & Expenses
ECC6.0 AC280 Analytics & Reporting in Financial Accounting
ECC6.0 AC290 Real Estate Management
ECC6.0 AC295 Flexible Real Estate Management
ECC6.0 A广告 Asset Accounting
ECC6.0 AC660 EC-CS: Consolidations Functions
ECC6.0 AC665 EC-CS: Integration
ECC6.0 AC805 Cash Management
ECC6.0 FIN900 Auditing with SAP
ECC6.0 FIN910 Management of Internal Controls
ECC6.0 FSC010 Processes in Treasury & Risk Management
ECC6.0 FSC020 Processes in SAP Credit Management, SAP Biller Direct,SAP Dispute and SAP Collections Management
ECC6.0 FSC120 SAP Inhouse Cash
ECC6.0 IPS910 Funds Management: Processes Organization & Configuration
ECC6.0 AC040 Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling)
ECC6.0 AC405 Cost Center & Internal Order Accounting
ECC6.0 AC412 Cost Center Accounting: Extended Functions
ECC6.0 AC420 Template Allocation Procedure for Processes
ECC6.0 AC505 Product Cost Planning
ECC6.0 AC520 Cost Object Controlling Make-to-Stock & Order Related Product
ECC6.0 AC530 Actual Costing / Material Ledger
ECC6.0 AC605 Profitability Analysis
ECC6.0 AC610 Profit Center Accounting
ECC6.0 AC650 Transfer Prices
ECC6.0 AC020 Processes in Investment Management
ECC6.0 AC350 System Configuration for Investment Management
Human Resources
ECC6.0 HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management
ECC6.0 HR110 Business Processes in HCM Payroll
ECC6.0 HR130 Essentials of Enterprise Portal in HCM
ECC6.0 HR250 Employee Self Service
ECC6.0 HR260 Manager Self Service in HR
ECC6.0 HR270 SAP Learning Solution Overview
ECC6.0 HR275 E-Learning with SAP Tutor
ECC6.0 HR305 Configuration of Master Data
ECC6.0 HR306 Configuration of Time Recording
ECC6.0 HR310 Time Evaluation with Clock Times
ECC6.0 HR311 Time Evaluation without Clock Times
ECC6.0 HR315 Recruitment
ECC6.0 HR316 E-Recruiting
ECC6.0 HR325 Benefits Administration
ECC6.0 HR400 Payroll Configuration
ECC6.0 HR505 Organizational Management
ECC6.0 HR506 Advanced Organizational Management
ECC6.0 HR510 Personnel Development
ECC6.0 HR515 Training and Event Management
ECC6.0 HR540 Enterprise Compensation Management
ECC6.0 HR550 Personnel Cost Planning & Simulation
ECC6.0 HR580 Analytics & Reporting in Human Capital Management
ECC6.0 HR940 Authorization in Human Capital Management
ECC6.0 HR990 Technical Tips and Tricks in HCM
ECC6.0 CA500 Cross Application Time Sheet
Life-Cycle Data Management

ECC6.0 PLM100 Business Processes in Product Life-Cycle Management
ECC6.0 PLM114 Basic Data For Manufacturing and Product Management
ECC6.0 PLM115 Basic Data for Process Manufacturing
ECC6.0 PLM120 Document Management
ECC6.0 PLM130 Classification
ECC6.0 PLM145 Variant Configuration: Modeling & Intergration
ECC6.0 PLM146 Variant Configuration: Scenarios and Enhancements
ECC6.0 PLM150 Change & Configuration Management
ECC6.0 PLM160 Recipe Management
ECC6.0 PLM512 cFolders
Project Management
ECC6.0 PLM200 Business Processes in Project Management
ECC6.0 PLM210 Project Management - Structures
ECC6.0 PLM220 Project Management - Logistics
ECC6.0 PLM230 Project Management - Accounting
ECC6.0 PLM240 Project Management - Reporting
ECC6.0 PLM510 cProjects
Plant Maintenance
ECC6.0 PLM300 Business Processes in Plant Maintenance
ECC6.0 PLM305 Managing Technical Objects
ECC6.0 PLM310 Maintenance and Service Processing: Preventative
ECC6.0 PLM315 Maintenance Processing Operational Functions
ECC6.0 PLM318 Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management
ECC6.0 PLM320 Work Clearance Management (WCM)
ECC6.0 PLM322 Capacity Requirements Planning & Time Scheduling in PM Projects
Customer Service

ECC6.0 PLM301 Business Processes in Customer Service
ECC6.0 PLM335 Service Processing
Quality Management
ECC6.0 PLM400 Business Processes in Quality Management
ECC6.0 PLM412 Quality Planning and Inspection
ECC6.0 PLM415 Quality Management in Logistics
ECC6.0 PLM420 Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing
ECC6.0 PLM421 Quality Management in the Process Industry
Planning with SAP R/3
ECC6.0 SCM100 Planning Overview(ERP)
ECC6.0 SCM130 SAP R/3 Planning and Manufacturing Overview
ECC6.0 SCM240 Production Planning (ERP)
ECC6.0 SCM270 Flexible Planning
ECC6.0 SCM300 Production Overview
ECC6.0 SCM310 Production Orders
ECC6.0 SCM340 Process Manufacturing
ECC6.0 SCM344 Process Management
ECC6.0 SCM360 Capacity Planning (ERP)
ECC6.0 SCM920 Customizing Production Orders
ECC6.0 SCM500 Business Processes in Procurement
ECC6.0 SCM510 Inventory Management & Physical Inventory
ECC6.0 SCM515 Invoice Verification
ECC6.0 SCM520 Purchasing
ECC6.0 SCM521 Pricing in Purchasing
ECC6.0 SCM540 Procurement of Services
ECC6.0 SCM550 Customizing in Materials Management
ECC6.0 SCM525 Consumption-Based Planning and Forecasting
ECC6.0 SCM680 Cross-Application Business Processes

Order Fulfillment
ECC6.0 SCM600 Business Processes in Sales Order Management
ECC6.0 SCM605 Sales
ECC6.0 SCM610 Delivery Processes
ECC6.0 SCM615 Billing
ECC6.0 SCM620 Pricing in SD
ECC6.0 SCM650 Cross Functional Customizing in SD
ECC6.0 SCM670 Global Available-to-Promise
ECC6.0 CR850 Internet Sales R/3 Edition
ECC6.0 GTS100 SAP Global Trade Service Overview
ECC6.0 SCM601 Processes in Logistics
ECC6.0 SCM630 Warehouse Management
ECC6.0 SCM631 Additional Topics in Warehouse Management
ECC6.0 SCM635 Task Resource Management
ECC6.0 SCM660 Handling Unit Management
ECC6.0 SCM611 Transportation
ECC6.0 SCM640 Foreign Trade
Delta Courses
ECC6.0 DERPAA Delta SAP System in Asset Management
ECC6.0 DERPFI Delta SAP System in Financial Accounting
ECC6.0 DERPSP Delta Sales Order Management
ECC6.0 DERPPS Delta SAP R/3 Enterprise in Project System
ECC6.0 DERPHR Delta in mySAP ERP Human Capital Management
Production planning and detailed scheduling
mySAP SCM - Manufacturing: Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
SCM5.0 SCM200 Business Processes in Planning (SCM)
SCM5.0 SCM210 Core Interface APO
SCM5.0 SCM215 Integrated Master data in SAP SCM
SCM5.0 SCM220 Demand Planning
SCM5.0 SCM225 Advanced Demand Planning
SCM5.0 SCM230 Supply Network Planning (SNP)
SCM5.0 SCM250 Production Planning in Detailed Scheduling (APO PP/DS)
SCM5.0 SCM612 Transportation Planning and Vehicle Scheduling
SCM5.0 SCM670 Global Available-to-Promise

CRM Overview
CRM5.0 SAPCRM Overview of the mySAP CRM solution
mySAP Customer Relationship Management
mySAP Customer Relationship Management
CRM5.0 CR100 CRM Customizing Fundamentals
CRM5.0 CR300 CRM Sales
CRM5.0 CR310 SAP Mobile Application Studio
CRM5.0 CR400 CRM Interaction Center WinClient
CRM5.0 CR410 CRM Interaction Center WebClient
CRM5.0 CR500 CRM Middleware
CRM5.0 CR600 CRM Marketing
CRM5.0 CR700 CRM Service
CRM5.0 CR800 CRM E-Commerce
CRM5.0 CR900 Analytical CRM
SRM Overview
SRM5.0 SAPSRM Overview of the mySAP SRM Solution
mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
SRM5.0 SRM210 SAP Enterprise Buyer Configuration
SRM5.0 SRM240 Requisite Catalog & Content Management
SRM5.0 SRM260 SAP Catalog and Content Management
mySAP ERP Analytics: Strategic Enterprise Management
mySAP ERP Analytics: Strategic Enterprise Management
SEM4.0 SEM010 Strategic Enterprise Management
SEM4.0 SEM200 Business Warehouse for SEM
SEM4.0 SEM215 Integrated Financial Planning with BPS
SEM4.0 SEM220 Strategy Management and Corporate Performance Monitor
SEM4.0 SEM230 Business Consolidation with SEM- BCS (based on SAP R/3)
SEM4.0 SEM240 BW-Based Consolidation
SEM4.0 SEM241 SEM-BCS for End Users
SEM4.0 SEM245 SEM-BCS Migration and Special Cases
NW2004S SAPNW SAP NetWeaver - Overview
NW2004S SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS
NW2004S SAPEP SAP NetWeaver Portals Fundamentals
SAP NetWeaver Portal
SAP NetWeaver - Portal Administration

NW2004S EP200 SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration
NW2004S EP300 Configuration of Knowledge Management and Collaboration
NW2004S EP600 SAP NetWeaver Portal Universal Work List
NW2004S HR290 System Configuration for ESS/MSS
SAP NetWeaver - Portal Development
NW2004S EP120 SAP NetWeaver Portal Development
NW2004S EP150 SAP Enterprise Portal and Knowledge Management Development
NetWeaver Business Intelligence
SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

NW2004S BW305 BI - Enterprise Reporting,Query and Analysis (Part I)
NW2004S BW306 BI - Enterprise Reporting,Query&Analysis (Part II)
NW2004S BW310 BI - Enterprise Data Warehousing
NW2004S BW330 BI - Modeling & Implementation
NW2004S BW350 BI - Data Acquisition
NW2004S BW360 BI - Performance & Administration
NW2004S BW365 BI - User Management & Authorizations
NW2004S BW370 BI - Integrated Planning
NW2004S BW380 BI - Analysis Processes & Data Mining
NW2004S DBW70E BI - Delta EDW SAP NetWeaver 2004s
NW2004S DBW70P BI - Delta Planning SAP NetWeaver 2004s
NW2004S DBW70R BI - Delta Reporting SAP NetWeaver 2004s
Business Integration Technology
Business Integration Technology - SAP Exchange Infrastructure and Business Workflow

NW2004S BIT100 SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - Overview
NW2004S BIT140 XML Introduction
NW2004S BIT400 SAP Exchange Infrastructure
NW2004S BIT430 SAP XI - ccBPM in Business Process Management
NW2004S BIT450 SAP Exchange Infrastructure Development
NW2004S BIT460 SAP Exchange Infrastructure Mapping
NW2004S BIT600 SAP Business Workflow - Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting and Template Usage
NW2004S BIT601 SAP Workflow - Build and Use
NW2004S BIT603 SAP Business Workflow and Web Scenarios
NW2004S BIT610 SAP Workflow - Programming
NW2004S DBITWF SAP Workflow - Delta R/3 Enterprise on SAP NW 2004s
Business Integration Technology - SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Technology I
NW2004S BIT300 Application Link Enabling (ALE) Technology
NW2004S BIT350 Application Link Enabling (ALE) Extensions
NW2004S BIT615 SAP Archive Link - Document Mgmt. with SAP Archive Link
NW2004S BIT640 SAP NetWeaver - SAP Records Mgmt. in Detail
NW2004S BIT660 Data Archiving
NW2004S BIT670 Data Archiving - Programming Display Functions
Business Integration Technology -SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Technology II
NW2004S BIT526 SAP Java Connector Programming
NW2004S BIT528 SAP .NET Connector Programming
NW2004S BIT530 SAP Business Connector Introduction
NW2004S BIT531 SAP Business Connector Integration
Business Programming
SAP NetWeaver Programming (Core)
NW2004S BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations
NW2004S BC401 ABAP Objects
NW2004S BC402 Advanced ABAP
NW2004S BC405 ABAP Reporting
NW2004S BC407 Reporting: Quick Views, InfoSet, Query & SAP Query
NW2004S BC410 Programming User Dialogs
NW2004S BC412 ABAP Dialog Programming using EnjoySAP Controls
NW2004S BC414 Programming Database Changes
NW2004S BC415 Remote Function Calls in ABAP
NW2004S BC416 ABAP Web Services
NW2004S BC417 BAPI Development for Accessing SAP
NW2004S BC420 Data Transfer
NW2004S BC425 Enhancements & Modifications
NW2004S BC430 ABAP Dictionary
NW2004S BC460 SAPscript. Form. Printing & Text Management
NW2004S BC470 Form. Printing using SAP Smart Forms
NW2004S BC480 PDF-Based Print Forms
NW2004S CA210 EDI Interface
NW2004S CA611 eCATT and Test Workbench
NW2004S CA705 Basics of Report Painter/Report Writer
NW2004S CA710 Advanced Functional of Reporting
NW2004S CR590 BDT - Business Data Toolset
NW2004S MBC40 Managing ABAP Development Projects
NW2004S TAWD4 Delta ABAP Workbench SAP Web AS 6.20 - 6.40
Application Specific Programming Courses
NW2004S AC400 Programming in Financials
NW2004S HR350 Programming in Human Capital Management
SAP NetWeaver - Programming Web Applications
NW2004S NET100 Developing Internet Application Components (IACs)
NW2004S NET200 BSP Application Development
NW2004S NET310 ABAP Web Dynpro
SAP NetWeaver - Business Programming Java
NW2004S BC406 Adv. Techniques of List Proces.
NW2004S BC490 ABAP Performance Tuning
NW2004S JA100 SAP J2SE Fundamentals
NW2004S JA300 SAP J2EE Fundamentals
NW2004S JA310 Java Web Dynpro
NW2004S JA312 Advanced Java WebDynpro
NW2004S JA320 SAP Java Persistence Framework
NW2004S JA340 SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure

SAP NetWeaver - Administration
SAP System Administration - General, J2EE & CTS Administration
NW2004S ADM100 SAP Web AS Administration I
NW2004S ADM102 SAP Web AS Administration II
NW2004S ADM106 SAP System Monitoring using CCMS I
NW2004S ADM107 SAP System Monitoring using CCMS II
NW2004S ADM110 SAP ECC 5.0 Installation
NW2004S ADM200 SAP Web AS Java Administration
NW2004S ADM225 SAP Software Logistics for Java
NW2004S ADM315 Workload Analysis
NW2004S ADM325 Software Logistics
NW2004S ADM326 SAP ECC Upgrade
NW2004S TADM70 SAP System: Operating System and Database Migration
SCM - APO Administration
NW2004S ADM355 SAP APO System Administration
NW2004S ADM555 liveCache Administration
User & Security Administration
NW2004S ADM940 SAP Authorization Concept
NW2004S ADM950 Secure SAP System Management
NW2004S ADM960 Security in SAP System Environments
Database Administration
NW2004S ADM505 Oracle Database Administration I
NW2004S ADM506 Oracle Database Administration II
NW2004S ADM515 DB Database Administration MaxDB
NW2004S ADM520 Database Administration MS SQL Server
NW2004S ADM530 SAP NetWeaver on DB2 UDB for z/OS: Database Administration
NW2004S ADM535 Database Administration DB2 UDB (Unix & Windows)
SAP NetWeaver - Solution Manager
SAP Solution Manager - Implementation
NW2004S SMI210 Implementation Methodology Overview
NW2004S SMI310 Implementation Tools in Detail
SAP Solution Manager - Operations
NW2004S SM100 Solution Manager Operations
mySAP Customer Relationship Management (Academy)
mySAP Customer Relationship Management
CRM5.0A CR100 CRM Customizing Fundamentals
CRM5.0A CR500 CRM Middleware
CRM5.0A SAPCRM Overview of the mySAP CRM solution
CRM5.0A TCRM10 Academy on CRM - Fundamentals
mySAP ERP Analytics: Strategic Enterprise Management (Academy)
mySAP ERP Analytics: Strategic Enterprise Management (Academy)
SEM4.0A TFIN40 Academy on Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)
SEM4.0A SEM010 Strategic Enterprise Management
SEM4.0A SEM215 Integrated Financial Planning with BPS
SEM4.0A SEM220 Strategy Management and Corporate Performance Monitor
SEM4.0A TBW45 BI - Integrated Planning
Basis (Academy)
NW2004SA CORE-O Academy on SAP NetWeaver - Core Technology (SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation) - Oracle
NW2004SA TADM10 SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation I
NW2004SA TADM12 SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation II
NW2004SA TADM51 SAP Web AS DB Operation (ORACLE)
NW2004SA CORE-D Academy on SAP NetWeaver - Core Technology (SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation) - DB2 UDB
NW2004SA TADM53 (SAP NetWeaver - SAP Web AS DB Operation (MS SQL Server)
NW2004SA CORE-S Academy on SAP NetWeaver - Core Technology (SAP Web AS Implementation & Operation) - MS SQL Sever
NW2004SA TADM56 (mySAP Technology DB Administration (DB2 UDB)
NW2004SA TADM70 SAP System: Operating System and Database Migration
BI BW (Academy)
BI BW (Academy)
NW2004SA BIBW7.0 Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004s - Business Intelligence (for new BI consultants)
NW2004SA TBW10 BI - Enterprise Data Warehousing (Equivalent to BW310)
NW2004SA TBW20 BI - Reporting & Query Design (Equivalent to BW305)
NW2004SA TBW42 BI - Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting (Combination of BW306, BW330, BW350, BW360, BW365)
NW2004SA TBW45 BI - Integrated Planning (Equivalent to BW370)
NW2004SA BI-TC Technology Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004 - Business Intelligence Technology (for new BI Technology Consultants)
NW2004SA TADMBO SAP Business Intelligence & Implementation II
NW2004SA TADMBW SAP Business Intelligence & Implementation I
ABAP (Academy)
ABAP (Academy)
NW2004SA ABAP-P Part Time Academy for Development Consultant on SAP NetWeaver 2004 - Web Application Development Focus ABAP (for new ABAP consultants)
NW2004SA BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations
NW2004SA BC401 ABAP Objects
NW2004SA BC402 Advanced ABAP
NW2004SA BC405 ABAP Reporting
NW2004SA BC410 Programming User Dialogs
NW2004SA BC414 Programming Database Changes
NW2004SA BC425 Enhancements & Modifications
NW2004SA BC430 ABAP Dictionary
NW2004SA ABAP Academy for Development Consultant on SAP NetWeaver 2004 - Web Application Development Focus ABAP (for new ABAP consultants)
NW2004SA TAW10 ABAP Workbench Fundamentals
NW2004SA TAW12 ABAP Workbench Concepts
SAP NetWeaver Portal/KM (Academy)
SAP NetWeaver Portal/KM (Academy)
NW2004SA KMC-SC Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004s - Knowledge Management and Collaboration (for new consultants)
NW2004SA TEP30 (Configuration of Knowledge Management and Collaboration)
NW2004SA KMC-DC Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004s - Knowledge Management and Collaboration (for new consultants)
NW2004SA PORTAL7.0 Technology Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004s - Portal (SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0) (for new Portal consultants)
NW2004SA TEP13 Development of Knowledge Management and Collaboration Applications
NW2004SA TADMD5 Delta Implement. & Operation SAP Web AS 6.20-6.40 (Java&ABAP)
NW2004SA TEP10 Implementation and Operation of SAP NetWeaver Portal
NW2004SA PORTAL-KMC Technology Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004 - Portal & Knowledge Management Collaboration (EP 6.0 on Web AS 6.40)
Business Integration Technology (Academy)
NW2004SA XI-TBIT14 Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver 04 - Exchange Infrastructure and Integration Technology - TBIT14
NW2004SA TBIT40 XI Fundamentals
NW2004SA TBIT44 Mapping, Adapters and BPM

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SAP,即系统应用与产品(System Applications and Products),是一种企业资源规划(Enterprise Resource Planning,ERP)软件系统。SAP的出现源于企业对提高效率、提升竞争力的需求。 SAP出现的背景是在20世纪70年代末,德国企业对集成企业管理的需求不断增加。作为许多企业管理流程的领导者,SAP系统整合了各个部门、包括销售、采购、物流、人力资源等,使得企业能够实现更高效的运营。 SAP系统的出现对企业管理产生了重大影响。首先,它提供了一个统一的平台,使企业能够集中管理和掌握各个业务流程的情况。这有助于实现企业内部信息的共享和协调,从而提高企业管理的效率和效益。 其次,SAP系统的出现使得企业能够更好地控制成本。通过对销售、采购、库存等过程的全面监控,企业可以及时发现和解决潜在问题,从而减少资源的浪费,并降低生产成本。 此外,SAP系统的出现还使得企业能够更好地满足客户需求。通过对订单、交货日期等信息的实时跟踪和管理,企业可以更准确地预测和满足客户的需求,提高客户满意度,增强企业竞争力。 总的来说,SAP的出现对企业管理产生了深远的影响。它帮助企业实现内部信息的共享和协调,降低成本,提高了企业的生产效率和竞争力。随着科技的不断发展,SAP系统也在不断升级和改进,为企业管理提供更加全面和精细的解决方案。


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