雷达 固件 调试_本周我们的雷达:Google,浏览器中的构建工具和调试

雷达 固件 调试

Welcome to the next installment of On Our Radar, a weekly round-up of news, trends and other cool stuff from the world of web development.

欢迎阅读《 On Our Ra​​dar》的下一部分,每周摘要来自Web开发领域的新闻,趋势和其他有趣的内容。

There sure has been a lot going on recently: Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon’s first smartphone, ‘rebeccapurple’ was officially added to CSS Color Level 4, and it was announced that HTML5 may be on track for W3C Finalization by the year’s end – will wonders ever cease? In other news, Microsoft debuted a pair of trousers that can wirelessly charge mobile devices, the World Cup got its own API and Google began testing a domain registration service.

最近肯定发生了很多事情:杰夫·贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)推出了亚马逊的第一款智能手机 ,“ rebeccapurple”已正式添加到CSS Color Level 4中 ,并宣布HTML5有望在今年年底前完成W3C的定稿 ,这将是一个奇迹停止? 在其他消息中,微软推出了一条可以为移动设备无线充电的裤子, 世界杯获得了自己的API谷歌开始测试域名注册服务

谷歌 (Google)

Staying with the company whose corporate motto is “Don’t be evil”, Google this week announced an independent “fork” of OpenSSL, the widely used cryptography library that came to international attention following the Heartbleed vulnerability. They also launched “Made with Code”, an initiative to encourage more girls to code, then put their money where their mouth is with a $50m pledge! Version 1.3 of the Go programming language (originally developed by three Google engineers) was also released. It promises faster compile times and targets Google’s experimental NaCl cross-platform technology.

与公司座右铭是“不要作恶”的公司呆在一起,谷歌本周宣布了独立的OpenSSL“分支”,OpenSSL是广泛使用的加密库,在Heartbleed漏洞之后引起了国际关注。 他们还发起了“用代码制造”活动 ,该活动旨在鼓励更多的女孩编写代码,然后以5000万美元的承诺将资金投入到自己的口中! 还发布了Go编程语言的1.3版(最初由三名Google工程师开发)。 它保证了更快的编译速度,并针对Google的实验性NaCl跨平台技术

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s more Google goodness (including two Go based tutorials):


And if that wasn’t enough, Google I/O (Google’s annual developer conference) took place this week, where they launched a new smartwatch and other Android Wear products ahead of Apple. You can find an extensive summary of what else was unveiled here.

如果还不够,谷歌I / O(谷歌的年度开发者大会)发生在本周,他们推出了一个新的SmartWatch和领先苹果的其他Android Wear产品 。 您可以在此处找到有关其他内容的详尽摘要。

Enough about Google already? Ok, let’s move on …

Google已经足够了吗? 好吧,让我们继续...

学习 (Learning)

Keeping your skills up-to-date is a constant challenge in this fast-paced industry, so here’s a selection of articles and tutorials to help you do exactly that:


And if all that talk of “dependency injection” and the “open/closed principle” went whizzing over your head – don’t worry! Here’s a bonus video which does a great job of explaining things such as “event-loops”, “callbacks” and “concurrency”.

而且,如果所有关于“依赖注入”和“开放/关闭原则”的话题笼罩在您的头上–不用担心! 这是一个奖励视频 ,在解释“事件循环”,“回调”和“并发”之类的事情上做得很好。

一周流行词-生成工具 (Buzzword of the Week – Build Tools)

We developers are a lazy bunch and will go to great lengths to avoid repetitive and tasks (as this xkcd cartoon shows). To streamline our development workflow we prefer (or should prefer) using build tools: programs designed to automate such mundane activities as compiling preprocessed CSS, minifying JavaScript, running unit tests, or reloading the browser.

我们的开发人员很懒惰,将竭尽全力避免重复和繁琐的工作(如xkcd卡通所示)。 为了简化我们的开发工作流程,我们更喜欢(或应该更喜欢)使用构建工具:旨在自动化平凡活动的程序,例如编译预处理CSS,最小化JavaScript,运行单元测试或重新加载浏览器。

There are a slew of build tools out there and sometimes it’s hard to know which one to use. Never fear! Here is a selection of articles that will hopefully make the decision easier:

那里有很多构建工具,有时很难知道要使用哪个工具。 从不畏惧! 以下是一些文章,希望可以使决策更容易:

And as a final tip: the jQuery core team uses this handy Grunt task to see the file size impact of each change.


浏览器工具 (Browser Tools)

While we’re on the subject of web development tools, let’s turn our attention to those which come built in to your browser. Whether dealing with layout issues, editing audio, or building an entire web app, we’ve got you covered.

当我们讨论Web开发工具时,让我们将注意力转移到浏览器中内置的工具上。 无论是处理布局问题,编辑音频还是构建整个Web应用程序,我们都可以满足您的要求。

好玩的东西 (Fun Stuff)

After so much talk of tools and streamlining your workflow, let’s even things out with links to some amusing and random sites which are guaranteed to drain your newfound productivity.


And that’s just about it for this week. I’ll leave you with the news that the long overdue redesign of caniuse.com is all but finished, a discussion on the fact that disability isn’t binary and a report on the birthday paradox at the World Cup (which should keep my mathematically minded co-author happy).

这就是本周的事情了。 我会给你一个消息, 就是有关caniuse.com的逾期未完成的重新设计已经完成,关于残疾不是二元性的事实的讨论,以及关于世界杯生日悖论的报道(这应该使我的数学观点保持不变)介意的合著者快乐)。

So what do you think about the current happenings in Google? Do you use build tools such as Grunt or Gulp or are they a waste of time? Do you have any tips or tricks for your favorite browser tools that you want to share? Let us know and the conversation can begin.

那么,您如何看待Google的最新动态? 您是否使用诸如Grunt或Gulp之类的构建工具,还是浪费时间? 您想分享自己喜欢的浏览器工具的任何提示或技巧吗? 让我们知道,对话就可以开始。

翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/radar-week-google-built-debugging-browser/

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