1. 查看数据库的版本 select @@version 2. 查看数据库所在机器操作系统参数 exec master..xp_msver 3. 查看数据库启动的参数 sp_configure 4. 查看数据库启动时间 select convert(varchar(30),login_time,1...

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using System;public class SecMax...{    //record the second max number    private static int secMax = Int32.MinValue;    //does the list has second m...

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开发人员的洞房花烛夜(1)关闭window、预览(preview)、浏览器(browser)、黑屏; (2)面向对象(object-oriented)、跨平台操作,查找(find)用户程序接口API(application program interface,API); (3)变量(varible...

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Lesson Fifty-Three

Lesson Fifty-Three

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Lesson Fifty-One


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Lesson Forty-Nine At the butcher's. 在肉店.

Do you want any meat today,Mrs. Bird?你今天想要卖点肉吗,Mrs. Bird?Yes,please.是的,我卖点.Do you want beef or lamb?你想要牛肉还是羔羊肉?Beef please.请给我牛肉.This lambs very good...

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Lesson Forty-Seven A cup of coffee. 一杯咖啡.

Do you like coffee,Ann?你喜欢咖啡吗?Yes,I do.是的,我喜欢.Do you want a cup?你想要来一杯吗?Yes,please.Christine.好的,请给我来一杯,Christine.Do you want any sugar?你要放点糖吗?Yes,ple...

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Lesson Forty-Five The boss's letter. 老板的信.

Can you come here a minute please,Bob?请你到这来一会好吗,Bob?Yes,sir?什么事,先生?Wheres Pamela?Pamela在哪?She is next door.She is in her office,sir.她在隔壁,她在她的办公室里,先生....

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Lesson Forty-Three Hurry up! 快点!

Can you make the tea,Sam?你会沏茶吗,Sam?Yes,of course I can,Penny.会,我当然会了,Penny.Is there any water in this kettle?这个水壶里有水吗?Yes, there is.有的.Wheres the tea...

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Lesson Forty-One Penny's bag. 彭妮的提包.

Is that bag heavy,Penny?彭妮,那个包重吗?Not very.不是很重.Here,put it on this chair.Whats in it?来这,把它放在这个椅子上.包里是什么东西?A piece of cheese.一块乳酪.A loaf of bread.一个面包...

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Lesson Thirty-Nine Don't drop it. 别掉了.

What are going to do with that vase,Penny?你打算怎么处理那个花瓶,Penny.Im going to put it on this table,Sam.我打算把它放在这张桌子上,Sam.Dont do that.Give it to me.不要那样做,把它...

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Lesson Thirty-Five Our village. 我们的村庄.

This is a photograph of our village.这是一张我们村庄的照片.Our village is in a valley.我们的村庄在一个山谷里.It is between two hills.它在两座山之间.The village is on a river.村庄靠近...

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Lesson Thirty-Seven Making a bookcase. 做一个书架.

You are working hard,George.What are you doing?你干得真辛苦,乔治.你在干什么呢?Im making a bookcase.Give me that hammer please,Dan.我在做一个书架.请把那个锤子拿给我,丹.Which hammer?...

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Lesson Thirty-Three A fine day. 晴天.

Its a fine day today.今天是一个好天气.There are some clouds in the sky,but the sun is shining.虽然天上有些云,但太阳很明耀.Mr. Jones is with his family.They are walking ov...

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Lesson Thirty-One Where is Sally? 萨莉在哪里?

Where is Sally,jack?杰克,萨莉在哪里?She is in the garden,Jean.琼斯,她在花园.Whats she doing?她在干什么?She is sitting under the tree.她证坐在树下面.Is Tim in the garden too?蒂...

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Lesson Twenty-nine Come in, Amy. 进来,艾米.

Come in Amy.进来,艾米.Shut the door please.请关上门.This bedrooms very untidy.这件卧室太不整洁了.What must I do, Mrs. Jones.我该做些什么呢,Jones太太.Open the window and air th...

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Lesson Twenty-seven Mrs. Smith's living room. 史密斯太太的客厅.

Mrs. Smiths living room is large.史密斯女士的客房很大.There is a television in the room.房间里有一台电视.The television is near the window.这个电视靠近窗户.There are some maga...

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Lesson Twenty-five Mrs. Smith's kitchen. 史密斯太太的厨房.

Mrs. Smiths kitchen is small.史密斯女士的厨房很小.There is a refrigerator in the kitchen.厨房里有一个电冰箱.The refrigerator is white.这个电冰箱是白色的.It is on the right.它在右边....

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Lesson Twenty-One Which book? 哪一本书?

Give me a book please, Jane.请拿一本书给我,Jane.Which book?那一本?This one?这本吗?No, not that one. The red one.不,不是那本.红的那本.This one?这本?Yes, please.是的,请拿给我.Here y...

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Lesson Twenty-three Which glasses? 哪些玻璃杯?

Give me some glasses please, Jane.请拿一些玻璃杯给我,Jane.Which glasses?哪些玻璃杯?These glasses?这些?No, not those. The ones on the shelf.不,不是那些.在架子上的那些.These?这些?Ye...

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