spring 的基本组成-----Spring Framework - Architecture

1.Data Access/Integration 数据的访问及集成

  jdbc:the jdbc module provides a JDBC-abstraction layer that removes th need for tedious JDBC relates coding.

  orm:对象关系映射,主要集成 hibernate,jpa 和java data objects 用于资源管理,数据访问对象(DAO)的实现和事务策略

  jms:Java Messaging Service 能够发送和接收信息

  tx:Spring-jdbc 事务控制实现模块


web-socket module provides support for webSocket-based,two-way communication between the client and the server in web applications.

web-Portlet module provides the MVC implementation to used in a  portlet environment and mirrors functionality of web-servlet module.


The AOP module provides an aspect-oriented programming implementation allowing  you to define method-interceptors and pointcuts to cleanly decouple code that implements functionality that should framework.

The Instrumenttation module provides class instrumentation support and class loader implementations to be used in certain application servers

The test module supports the testing of Spring components with JUnit or TestNG frameworks.



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