Yocto、Poky、OpenEmbedded 之间的关系
1. Why not just call this project Poky? What has changed between Poky and the Yocto Project?

The Yocto Project is an umbrella project. Accordingly, it includes a number of projects and resources specifically intended for facilitating development with Linux on embedded devices, and it is an appropriate place for larger organizations to collaborate on the development of build infrastructure for embedded Linux. Poky is one of the the largest components of the Yocto Project, and Poky continues as an independent, open source project developing the build system used by the Yocto Project, as well as by other open source projects.

Poky is a reference system for the Yocto Project, showing how the tools work together. It includes BitBake, openembedded-core, and several other components that anyone can use to start developing with embedded Linux. Poky as a build system is tested by the Yocto Project teams before each release. When you download and use the Yocto Project build system, you are actually downloading Poky and using it to create a distribution that by default is also named Poky. (You can, of course, name your distribution anything you like.)

2. What is the difference between OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project?

The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded share a core collection of metadata called openembedded-core. However, the two organizations remain separate, each with its own focus. OpenEmbedded provides a comprehensive set of metadata for a wide variety of architectures, features, and applications. The Yocto Project focuses on providing powerful, easy-to-use, interoperable, well-tested tools, metadata, and board support packages (BSPs) for a core set of architectures and specific boards.
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Yocto、Poky、OpenEmbedded 之间的关系