python+webpy, to deploy the Nao Controller Server

Nao robot , is deployed on a Centoo-based operation system “Naoqi“, with a dozen of softwares giving him human-like emotion. To get a convenient way to control nao, we write a Controller for him. Now, let us see how to do that with python and webpy.

To get it convenient to make Nao move and interact with other people, we need to crate a easy-use application, where we can access from many other device. So I chose to make it a web server deployed on Nao’s Head, so that I can access it once the robot operation is running.

First, I need a web struct. After comparing some most-used web server structure, I chose webpy, cause its simply development.

Then, I deployed the server on Nao’s operation device. And add the service to auto startup list, so that it can auto run once the robot start its service.

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