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the study of makefile(1-4)

the original blog : study makefile with me 1 study makefile with me 2 study makefile with me 3 study makefile with me 4 跟我一起写 Makefile  陈皓 ...

2017-09-28 09:36:45

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THE compile of serveral files

编译多文件 写一个Makefile文件,如下: SOURCE = tree.c tree_fun.c DEST = main GCC = gcc FLAGS = a

2017-09-27 15:52:38

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debug of ipdl demo(2)

2017.9.27 wednesday afternoon the problems now are: 1.don't know how to generate a whole directory file of executable binary with cmake? 2.don't k...

2017-09-27 15:09:34

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the makefile to make a directory into executable file

this is a blog about how to make executable file there are some useful blog : CMakefile to make whole directory add path to cmake study m...

2017-09-26 20:53:14

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the debug of Test.ipdl demo

error analyze : probably problems: 1.the is not going well as well 2.the ***.ipdl is not okay

2017-09-22 16:57:31

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PYTHONPATH environment variable

setup python environment there are some blogs: How to change sys.path or PYTHONPATH in Python python和linux的环境设置/PATH PYTHONPATH environment...

2017-09-20 10:07:40

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python ImportError: No module named ××× in linux

importError: No module named ××× caused by path problems, 点击打开链接1  stack overflow(this worked) 点击打开链接2  csdn here are my so...

2017-09-19 11:34:40

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'find' and 'locate' in linux to look up files

study notes: find locate 1.find 点击打开链接 find by name, To find a file by name, type: find -name "" To find a file by name, but ig...

2017-09-18 14:12:14

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the first day in csdn

this is hunter___ haha, very nice to write something here to record of learning. 2017.9.18

2017-09-18 11:45:59

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