Enhanced Management Console for JBoss™ released


EPI-USE recently released a new version of OpenTier? Manger, a Management Console for the JBoss? Application Server. OpenTier Manager provides JBoss developers and administrators with an intuitive graphical user interface to monitor and manage JMX-based services.

OpenTier? Manager is an enhanced management console for JBoss? that provides you with a cockpit view of your system. It provides an elegant user interface to view, navigate and manage your JBoss application server from a single web page. Options are organized into trees enabling users to easily get to the required management options.

OpenTier Manager enables you to monitor the heartbeat of your application server as well as to view and dynamically change the critical parameters in the system. It saves time by enabling you to rapidly analyze your production environment and even allows you to test different scenarios by changing parameters in any of your JMX Managed Beans.

OpenTier Manager is available in two versions: Lite and Standard. Both versions are downloadable and free.
Distinguishing features of OpenTier Manager include:
? Secured, role restricted login access to users
? Ability to instantly view the available JNDI tree
? Keywords search facility to look for specific JMX items by their names and by their attributes
? Ability to view the JSR 77 statistics in self descriptive graphical form
? Ability to have a JMX watch list per user
? Ability view logs and search specific log messages
For a full feature matrix of the two versions of OpenTier Manager, visit

Download URL fixed

Posted By: Safdar Abedi on March 30, 2004 @ 04:08 PM in response to Message #115720 0 replies in this thread
The http://www.opentier.net/downloads/ link has been disabled, but the download links from the site are fine (http://www.opentier.net). Lite version downloadable without registration.
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