eCommerce - is basically a term used for the process of buying & selling of goods online.
电子商务 - 是指在线买卖产品过程的的一个术语。

Brick & Mortar - A term used to refer traditional businesses that have a physical presence. A store of groceries, a bank or any warehouse can be a brick & mortar store.
实体店 - 是指传统的实际存在的商店。像杂货商,银行网店以及仓库都是实体店的例子。

Brick & Click - Brick and Click store basically means running an online eCommerce store along with an offline one.
线下到线上 - 基本意思就是线下商店和线上商店一起运营。

B2B - Business-to-Business, a process of selling products or services to other businesses.

B2C - Business-to-Consumer, the process of selling products or services directly to the consumers. 

m-Commerce - Mobile Commerce, a headway of eCommerce. In simple terms, enabling your customers to buy goods & services on their way, anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.
移动商务,电子商务的发展方向。 简而言之,使客户可以随时随地使用移动设备购买商品和服务。

Hyperlocal - In a hyperlocal marketplace, the merchant can restrict their service area to a particular geographical region. Since the hyperlocal ecosystem is based on the ‘near me’ concept, this makes the delivery of services/goods in a very short span of time.
超本地化 - 在超本地市场中,商人可以将其服务区域限制在特定的地理区域。由于超本地生态系统基于“靠近我”的概念,因此可以在很短的时间内交付服务/商品。

Omnichannel - It is a multi-channel approach for selling goods, servicing customer & marketing in a way that provides your customers with the best experience.
全渠道 - 它是一种销售商品,为客户和市场提供服务的多渠道方法,可为您的客户提供最佳体验。

API - An Application Program Interface allows the software to communicate and exchange data.

Bounce Rate - The bounce rate is the percentage of times a visitor leaves your website from the landing page without navigating to any other pages.

Average Order Value (AOV) - Average Order Value (AOV) is the total revenue of a business divided by the number of orders.

Sales Funnel - The sales funnel dipicts the journey of your customers from their visitor phase to becoming the customers. Multiple visitors will visit your website (enter the funnel) but a few will buy from your store (thus, make their way out from the bottom of the funnel).
销售渠道使客户从访问者阶段到成为客户的整个过程成为现实。 多个访问者将访问您的网站(进入渠道),但少数访问者将从您的商店购买商品(因此,从渠道底部出来)。

Smarketing (Sales + Marketing) - An amalgamation of the sales and marketing aspect of a business. The goal is to align your sales & marketing techniques together to hike up the revenues.
市场营销(销售+市场营销) - 企业销售和营销方面的合并。 目标是将销售和营销技术结合在一起,以增加收入。

Point Of Sales (POS) - It is a way out of managing your physical store with ease. POS system helps retailers to manage their products, inventories, customer details & order related information of their physical store.
销售点(POS)-这是轻松管理实体店的一种方法。 POS系统可帮助零售商管理其产品,库存,客户详细信息以及与实体商店相关的订单信息。

Cache - Websites temporarily store data to help websites load faster each time a user returns to the site. The data stored is termed as Cache.
缓存-网站临时存储数据,以帮助每次用户返回网站时网站加载速度更快。 存储的数据称为缓存。

Cookie - Cookies are basically the data used to store the browsing activity of the user. Cookies can be further used to auto-fill forms, passwords, account or other details.
Cookie-Cookie基本上是用于存储用户浏览活动的数据。 Cookies可以进一步用于自动填写表格,密码,帐户或其他详细信息。

Abandoned Cart - When a customer adds an item to the cart but leaves the site without completing the purchasing process.

Landing Page - A landing page also referred to as a destination page, is the web page your visitors will land on once clicking on your website’s search engine result link.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is a plan of action to leverage the search engine to increase your website traffic.

SERP - Search Engine Result Pages, the term says it all. SERP is the list of web pages returned by a search engine in response to the keyword searched by the user.
搜索引擎结果页,该术语说明了一切。 SERP是搜索引擎根据用户搜索的关键字返回的网页列表。

Word-of-Mouth Marketing - If your customers are loyal to you, they’ll use your service & spend on your brand. Moreover, they’ll recommend your service/product to their family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Favicon - Favicon or a Favorite Icon. A small icon that is used to represent a website that is displayed in the address bar, page title on a browser tab, and bookmark list.

SAAS - SAAS or Software As A Service is a model delivering software on a subscription basis. It is all cloud-based and hence, you can access the software using your web browser on desktop or mobile.

SLA - Service Level Agreement is a contract that describes the level of service a customer expects from their provider.

ROI - Return on Investment is a ratio between net profit and the investment cost. 

UI - User Interface is defined as the space of interaction between a human & a machine. It is the commands, menus, options, etc using which a human can communicate with a machine.

UX - User Experience is how a user feels while interacting with a system. Basically, how a user connects with a system emotionally and finds it valuable & easy to use.

CTA - Call to Action is like a bait on your landing page. They help a lot with converting your visitors to prospects. Some good examples of CTA are a newsletter subscription, download button, social media links, etc.
号召性文字-号召性用语就像是您的目标网页上的诱饵。 他们对将您的访客转化为潜在客户很有帮助。 CTA的一些很好的例子是时事通讯订阅,下载按钮,社交媒体链接等。

CRM - Customer Relationship Management is an approach to manage a company’s relationship & interaction with potential customers.

CTR - Click-through-Rate is a metric that measures the number of clicks a page receives divided by the total number of visitors browsing through that page.

CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost is the cost to acquire or maintain a relationship with current & potential customers.

CLV - Customer Lifetime Value is a calculation business used to get the cost of acquiring new customers.

CSV - Comma Separate File is file-type that stores data in a tabular form generally looks like a spreadsheet but have a .csv extension.

Two-factor Authentication - The second layer of security that commonly needs a password to confirm the identity of the user. OTP (One Time Password) is a common example of the same.
双重身份验证-第二层安全保护,通常需要使用密码来确认用户身份。 OTP(一次性密码)是相同的常见示例。

PCI Compliant - All businesses that accept, process and transmit card payments should be PCI Compliant. It is the security standards defined by the Payment Card Industry to keep private cardholder data safe.

Fulfillment - Fulfillment is a process of warehousing, packaging, and shipping orders to the customer. This is done ones the online store receives an order.

Inventory - The number of products that the retailers have in their stock.

AB Testing - Defines as a process of experimenting with the psychological factors like the color, content & positioning of CTAs of a website. Ultimately, tracking which gives you the best conversion rate results.

Bundling - Bundling is a concept of selling two or more products together instead of a single one. This is the perfect solution to combo up your slow-moving products with new ones. Thus, increasing your revenue.

Churn Rate - Also called Attrition Rate. It is the percentage of customers who cut ties with the company or from the services in the given period of time.

Conversion - The process of transforming visitors to customers. The flow goes like Visitor → Prospect → Lead → Customer

Business Blogging - A marketing way to help your business to get more online visibility by sharing content that aligns with the need of your business.

Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a Google service that tracks & examines the traffic coming on your website. It works on the total behavior of your website. Thus, being a great tool to measure your website’s bounce rate.
Google Analytics(分析)是一项Google服务,可跟踪和检查您网站上的访问量。 它适用于网站的整体行为。 因此,它是衡量网站跳出率的好工具。

Inbound Link - Also called Backlinks. Referred to as a link on third-party websites that points to your website. It helps to improve SEO and SERP ranking of your website.
入站链接-也称为反向链接。 指第三方网站上指向您网站的链接。 它有助于提高网站的SEO和SERP排名。

Cross-Selling - Cross-selling is a technique to make your customers spend more by making them purchase a product that’s complementary to what he has bought already.

Up-Selling - A technique to convince a customer to buy something more expensive i.e., an upgraded version of what’s being purchased.

Dropshipping - It’s just a way of selling goods without keeping the stock, labeling process or even shipping of goods. The merchant simply needs to display the products on the storefront and orders are fulfilled & shipped by your drop shipping service.
托运-这只是一种无需保留库存,贴标签过程甚至不运送货物的销售商品的方式。 商家只需要在店面显示产品,订单就可以通过直接运送服务完成和运送。

Address Verification Service (AVS) - A process that every credit card company implements in their system which allows them to verify whether the billing address of the credit card provided by the user matches the address provided on the credit card statement.
It can be matched to the address which the credit card company has in their record or on the credit card statement.

Affiliate - An affiliate is a type of inter-company relationship where one firm sells other merchants’ products on his own website. An affiliate can be termed as a commercial partner of the merchant who promotes the merchant’s products and services on his website by means of different visual tools.
In return an affiliate is paid commission by the merchant if the customer comes to his website and makes a purchase of the merchant’s goods. An affiliate is determined by the degree of ownership a parent company holds in another company.

Affiliate Marketing - This is a marketing arrangement in which a business pays commission to one or more affiliates for each conversion achieved due to affiliate’s marketing efforts. In simple words, when an external website refers a customer to your online site and makes a purchase, the external website receives a commission for directing traffic to your site for sales. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing.

Authorization - This is a process of granting permission to someone to allow them to give orders or make decisions or take an action.

Average Time on Site - Average Time on Site is mostly seen in web analytics report which refers to the amount of time the visitor has spent on the webpage they visited while browsing. This is the time measured in minutes or seconds and can be misleading in the analytics report sometimes, because it does not calculate the actual reading time of the visitor on the webpage.

Buy-to-Detail Rate - It is a metric that allows you to determine unique purchases per number of views of product details page. Buy-to-Detail Rate helps you to understand what products users are purchasing after browsing through the product details. Thus you can identify the products on your list that makes the most sales and the ones who do not contribute to it.
Buy-to-Detail Rate = Total Unique Purchases of a product / Product Detail Page views.

Buyers Persona - Buyers Persona is a semi-fictional representation of your prospective customer based on market research and real data of your existing customers. While preparing a buyers persona its important to consider their journey, behavioral pattern, demographics, goals etc.

Call-To-Action - These are words or phrases incorporated in a message or sales script that induces a viewer, reader or listener to take immediate action. Typical CTAs used in marketing and advertising are ‘Buy Now‘, ‘Call Now‘, ‘Click Here‘ etc. Such words prompts an immediate response or encourage visitors to make a purchase. CTAs have greatly proved its impact on the conversion rates.
号召性用语-这些是包含在消息或销售脚本中的词或短语,可促使观看者,阅读者或听众立即采取行动。市场营销和广告中使用的典型CTAs是“立即购买”,“立即致电”,“点击此处”等。此类词语提示立即做出反应或鼓励访问者进行购买。 CTA已极大地证明了其对转化率的影响。

Cart Abandonment Rate - This refers to a ratio of the number of shopping carts in total versus the number of completed transactions. It is basically the rate at which visitors initiates the purchase by adding an item to their cart and leaves the site without completing the transaction.

Chargebacks - Designed to protect cardholders from fraud, chargeback is the reversal of funds to a customer. When does this happen? When customers feel they have been sold a sub-par product, if the transaction is fraudulent or if they raise any other, valid, concern regarding the product.

Churn Rate - It is the percentage of customers or subscribers who cut ties with the company or from the services in the given period of time. So it is basically the revenue or customers lost during a specific period (typically a month), by unsubscribing from the services.

Cohort Analysis - It is an analysis of customer behavior who are separated into groups of people with same attributes. It involves examining how specific characteristics of a cohort (group) changes over time.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - This is a process of enhancing the user experience of a website to improve the chances of convincing the visitors to complete their online goal. This involves tweaking the web layout, content and design as a whole so that the goal for hiking the conversion rate is achieved. The process involves clear understanding of web design basics, human psychology, and statistics.

Content Optimization System (COS) - It is a holistic solution designed to help you manage your website and other components of digital marketing all together in one system. It provides you with sales-ready website that allows easy updates, have a responsive design for the website and give it a personalised look and feel.

Crowdsourcing - Crowdsourcing is a practice of intellectual gathering of information that comes from loosely defined external group of people to achieve a business-related goal. This involves obtaining ideas, content, ideas or opinions from larger group of people who submit their data online via internet, social media and smartphone apps.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - CRM refers to as a practice that helps an organisation to manage and analyze customer’s interactions throughout the customer life-cycle to improve customer relationship in order to achieve its business goal.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) - CAC is an important business metrics which refers to the cost associated in acquiring and convincing potential customers. This helps to determine how to allocate resources while gaining new customers.

Discount Code - In eCommerce, a discount code is also called as a Coupon code or Promo code. These codes consist of letters and numbers which are computer-generated and used to activate discounts or special offers on the site.
These are available via email or advertisements and are to be entered in the respective promotional box on the website (shopping cart or checkout page) to avail the discount.

Discount Rate - Discount rate is a percentage rate which is charged by the acquiring banks for processing the merchant’s transactions. This charge is a small percentage of each purchase and it depends on several factors like type of card, how credit card was processed and order placed, and whether CVM or AVS were used.

Domain Name - Domain name is a unique name which is a part of the network address that locates an organisation or other entity on the Internet. You can find a domain name on the address bar of the web browser while visiting the website.
Domain names are formed by rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS) which is a naming system that provides addresses to web servers and web pages.

Engagement Rate - Engagement Rate is a metric that is used to measure how much a visitor gets engaged to the given piece of content or ad. It shows a percentage of the people who came to the site, noticed the ad or content and could engage with it.
Factors that influence the engagement of the visitor to a specific piece of content are users’ comments, likes and their shares. This helps to gauge user’s interest and willingness to know more on the specific bit that is displayed.

Evergreen Content - Evergreen content is a content that is timeless, sustainable and stays relevant and useful for months and years to come. It is referred to as SEO content that remains fresh for readers and is currently a buzzword in content strategy.

Event-Triggered Email - Event-triggered-email is an automated email message which is sent to the list of subscribers when a particular event occurs. The events are determined from the information the subscriber has entered while registering on the site. For instance, a special message or discount coupon is sent to a subscriber on their birthday or anniversary date which was provided by them at the time of registering.

Merchant Account - A Merchant Account is a type of business bank account that allows businesses to accept and process payments through debit or credit cards. Therefore a merchant account is an agreement between a retailer, the merchant bank and payment processor to settle transactions via debit or credit cards.

Microsite - Microsite is referred to as a web page or a small cluster of pages that acts as a supplement to the primary website. It is a specific content site which is designed to live outside of the company parent website and has a separate URL than its homepage.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) - This is referred to as a Predictable Revenue! A revenue/income that any business is liable to receive every month consistently, is termed as MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue.

News Feed - News Feed also called as Web Feed is a service by which users are provided with frequent transmission of data consisting of news updates. These are received by subscribers in XML format as summaries or links of updates about those people who are in your friend’s list as well as the odd advertisement.
新闻订阅源-新闻订阅源也称为Web Feed,是一项服务,通过该服务用户可以频繁传输包含新闻更新的数据。订户以XML格式接收这些信息,作为关于您朋友列表中的那些人以及奇数广告的摘要或更新链接。

On-Page Optimization - On-Page Optimization refers to all the measures taken within the website in order to improve the web page listing or position in search rankings. It is one of the very first step of SEO that can help you increase your overall CTR (Click-Through-Rate) ratio.
On-Page Optimization includes optimizing the web content, improving the meta description and title tags as well as HTML code and keyword placement. This not only helps getting good page ranking on search engines but also increases overall readability of the site.

Off-Page Optimization - Off-Page Optimization refers to all the measures taken external to the actual website in order to improve its position in search rankings. Off-Page Optimization is a long-term process and includes acquiring many high-quality backlinks (incoming links) to your page from the authority sites.
This usually does the background work for better search results and builds your online reputation. This technique involves not only getting back-links from other sites but also includes other practices like social networking, social bookmarking, blogs, videos etc.

Order Fulfillment - It is a process that every organization undergoes for delivering goods to end users. Order fulfillment refers to the steps involved in this process from the point of sale until delivery of the order.
Steps involved in this process are: Receiving, Inventory Storage, Order Processing, Shipping and Returns Processing.

Pageviews - Pageviews is a part of web analytics and is also called as Page Impression. Whenever the visitor visits a page on the website, it is referred to as a Pageview. This is tracked by website monitoring applications to help website owners to decide on a strategy to result in more web traffic.

Payment Gateway -This is a software that facilitates payment transaction by transferring information to Acquiring Banks and transmits responses from Issuing Banks like transaction approved or declined.
It is a merchant service that allows a merchant to accept credit card and other forms of electronic payments. Payment gateways help to protect sensitive information by encrypting the data they transmit to merchants and payment processors.

Profit margins - Profit margins are expressed as a percentage of selling price turned into profit. It is used to measure how well the company can control its cost. The higher the profit margin is, the better the company is thought to control costs.

Partial Shipment - Partial Shipment is also called as Part Shipment which is a special kind of distribution process where the delivery of a shipment takes place in more than one consignment.
In this shipment, the permission must be given by the customer for delivery of a part of total quantity of an order. Only then the partial shipment is considered acceptable, upon which various codes are given to the customer for order tracking.
在这批货物中,必须由客户许可才能交付部分订单的总数量。 只有这样,分批装运才被认为是可以接受的,然后将各种代码提供给客户以进行订单跟踪。

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing - PPC is also termed as CPC which means Cost Per Click. It is a form of advertising when the advertiser pays only when his ad is clicked and his prospect is successfully directed to his website.
It is an online advertising model where you bid on specific keywords and pay every-time someone clicks on the advert and gets directed to your website.
每次点击付费(PPC)营销-PPC也称为CPC,即每次点击费用。 当广告客户仅在其广告被点击且其潜在客户成功定向到其网站时才付款时,这是一种广告形式。

Payment Service Provider - It is a third party that partners with Acquiring Banks to offer Merchants the capability to accept and facilitate payments, also known as PSP.
It is an online service for accepting electronic payments by using various payment methods like credit card, direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking.

QR Code - QR Code is a short for Quick Response Code which is a machine-readable two-dimensional barcode consisting of an array of black and white squares. It is typically used for storing URLs  and to provide easy access to information through a smartphone.
QR Code是Quick Response Code的缩写,它是由黑白方块组成的机器可读的二维条形码。它通常用于存储URL并通过智能手机轻松访问信息。

Recurring Transaction - It is a transaction in which the customer has given permission to the merchant to charge for goods/services on a prearranged schedule. You give your card details to the company and authorize them to make series of payments without having to give consent again and again.
Recurring transaction takes effect for goods or services where purchases are repeatedly and regularly made, often on monthly basis. For instance, paying cable bills, cell phone bills, gym membership fees, utility bills and magazine subscriptions.

Shopping Cart - It is often referred to as Cart or Basket where user or customer adds different types of products when they go for shopping. When you go for shopping in a Walmart or Target, the first thing you do is grab a cart. Gradually as you move around, you add items that you want to purchase & keep them in your cart. When you shop online, the experience is the same. All the products that you want to purchase, you keep on adding them to your cart. 

SKU or Stock Keeping Unit - Stock Keeping Unit also commonly referred to as SKU, is a unique scannable specific bar code consisting of numbers and/or letters to identify products and/or services of vendors and store owners. It helps vendors automatically track movement of inventory, also used for services and warranties.

Smarketing - Smarketing is a process in which sales and marketing teams are aligned to have a common integrated approach towards achieving the business goal. This kind of integration between the two teams is created through frequent and direct communication between the two.

Social Media - Social media is referred to as a collection of all online communication channels dedicated to forums, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking etc that facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas and other forms of expression.
Social media involves blogging, discussion forums and other forms of interactive appearance that allows individuals to engage in conversations over a particular blog post, news article or event.

Transaction - It is an occasion or event when the customer or user buys or sells something which may involve money in exchange. The completed process of buying and selling is called a Transaction. For example, when you purchase a laptop for $1000 and pay for it, it is called a transaction.

Trend - A topic that is the subject of many posts or many people on social media or website or any application within a short period of time is called Trend. It refers to the fluctuation of traffic based on many factors during a specific period or season or specific day or time or relevancy of a keyword.

Third Party Payment Processor - Third Party Payment Processor is a company that handles merchant account payments from various channels such as credit or debit cards for merchant acquiring banks.
These processors often use their commercial bank accounts to conduct payment processing for their merchant clients.

Page Rank (PR) - Measures where a page is ranking with Google or another search engine. Higher ranked pages are closer to the number one spot.

Upselling - Offering deals on similar products or showing related products in hopes to get users to buy additional items along with their purchase.

Wholesale – the stage in the supply chain before retail, wholesale deals in bulk volumes. You may be buying stock wholesale, or selling wholesale to another trade party.
批发–零售,批量批发交易之前的供应链阶段。 您可能正在批发购买库存,或将批发销售给另一个贸易方。

Logistics – logistics is the process of getting your stock in and out, turning around the stuff you buy into the stuff you sell to your customers. Logistics proves an increasing challenge as your business scales, and many ecommerce businesses choose to outsource their logistics function.
物流–物流是进出您的库存,将购买的物料转变为出售给客户的物料的过程。 随着企业规模的扩大,物流业面临着越来越大的挑战,许多电子商务企业选择外包其物流职能。

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