libgdx杂谈 libgdx1.9.6发布


- Fix performance regression in LWJGL3 backend, use java.nio instead of BufferUtils. Those are intrinsics and quite a bit faster than BufferUtils on HotSpot.
- Updated to latest Sound Manager 2
- Added mappings for Xbox 360 controller for Linux
- Separated error log for vertex/fragment shaders for easier debugging
- Minimum Android API level is now level 9 (Android 2.3)
- API addition: Configurable TexturePacker bleed iterations
- Updated IOS Multi-OS Engine backend to 1.3.0-beta-2
- API Change: Pixmap.setBlending, Pixmap.setFilter are now instance methods
- VertexAttribute expert constructors exposed. Short types can now be used for attributes.

比较振奋的消息是gdx-vr 。这个项目终于要有动作了。


In other news, I’ve been working on some VR related projects recently. Our friends from LWJGL have created wrapper for OpenVR, Valve’s SDK to talk to all kinds of VR hardware, from Oculus to the HTC Vive. I’ve built a libGDX specific wrapper on top of the OpenVR bindings, which should make working on VR projects with libGDX a little simpler.

You can find the repository include a sample application on GitHub.

There are a few caveats. OpenVR is currently really only working on Windows. OpenVR on Mac appears to be broken. Valve has released support for Linux a few weeks ago, I did not have time to test this yet. It should however just work out of the box.

提到了一个优化思路,通过vertex shader进行一些处理一次提交就可以渲染左右眼的画面,不过具体如何我也不清楚。