C++大师Herb Sutter加盟微软,面对Codeproject侃侃而谈。

Herb Sutter is secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ standards committee, is an accomplished author and C++ expert, and has just joined Microsoft in the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division. Herb will be primarily engaged in liaising with the C++ developer community, and will also be working in product planning and design of Visual C++ .NET. 

Since Herb is new to the Microsoft fold I grabbed a few minutes (well, hours) of his time so we could get aquainted with who he is, what he does, and what, exactly, is happening with our beloved Visual C++.

So Herb - can you give us a quick rundown of your background and what you were doing before signing on with Microsoft. 

Well, I've been doing mainly a lot of C++ writing, teaching, and consulting, and the C++ community is very important to me. By the way, I'm going to continue doing those things; that community contact is why Microsoft saw a good fit to hire me, and they want me to keep doing it. 

So what is that today? Well, right now I'm secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ standards committee, and I've participated actively in that committee since 1997. I'm also writing four columns about C++, mostly in C/C++ Users Journal where I'm also half of the magazine's editorial board, reviewing and editing other authors' articles and recommending what should be published and what needs work. I've got two C++ books out with Addison Wesley, Exceptional C++ and More Exceptional C++, and I'm working on two more, one with Andrei Alexandrescu. Everything I write, except for the final versions of material in the books, gets posted free for public reading on my website, www.gotw.ca. I've also been a moderator of the primary Internet newsgroup for the C++ language, comp.lang.c++.moderated, since its inception in 1995. 

Again, all of that's going to continue. What's new is that I'm now also going to be Microsoft's liaison with the C++ community on all platforms, not just Windows, to keep the Visual Studio .NET team in touch with the community and make sure that what the community needs gets into the product.

What made you decide to join Microsoft? Did they have to convince you or did you pursue Microsoft? 

I'll admit that it would have been a lot less tempting two years ago, back when Microsoft didn't seem all that interested in Standard C++. But in the past 12 to 18 months I've noticed a real change in priorities at Microsoft, as they've resumed joining us at the committee meetings and as they've started contributing to the community and started making noticeable progress with their product's standards conformance. I discovered, to our mutual pleasure, that now not only is conformance to the existing 1998 C++ standard as important to them as it is to me, but that they want to keep tracking the next-generation C++ standard whose development is just underway.

What will be your role at Microsoft?

My job is to be Microsoft's liaison with the C++ community. "The community" includes the standards committee, C++ conferences, and developers on all platforms. After all, Microsoft is naturally interested in making their tools appealing to everyone, even those who aren't using them yet, and conformance is an important part of making migration possible. There are many reasons, plus my own pre-existing personal ones, to be committed to fulfilling today's C++ standard and assisting the future development of the standard. A rising tide floats all boats, and standards conformance is good for everyone. 

I hope to make a noticeable mark in the product. So now I need to give you a heads-up about something that I want to be very clear about, and namely "why" and "when" I will be pushing for language extensions in Microsoft's C++ even before the product is fully compliant to today's standard. Let me put it in perspective and then lay out my personal agenda: 

Microsoft intends to conform 100% to Standard C++ as soon as possible. Period, no questio

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### 回答1: “exceptional c”是一本由Herb Sutter撰写的书籍,它涵盖了C++编程语言中关于异常处理的重要概念和技术。本书旨在帮助C++开发人员更加深入地理解和应用异常处理机制。 在这本书中,Herb Sutter首先介绍了异常处理的基本概念,包括异常的定义、异常的捕获和抛出机制。他还详细讨论了异常的设计原则和最佳实践,以及在不同情况下如何选择适当的异常类型。 除了介绍基本概念外,Sutter还提供了一些高级的异常处理技术,包括异常安全性和异常规范。异常安全性是指在异常发生时,程序能够保持在一个良好的状态,而不会导致资源泄漏或数据破坏。异常规范是指在函数声明中明确指定可能抛出的异常类型,以便调用者可以正确地处理异常情况。 此外,Sutter还探讨了异常处理与性能之间的平衡。他提供了一些减少异常开销的技巧,以及在性能至关重要的情况下如何合理地使用异常。 总之,“exceptional c”是一本关于C++异常处理的重要参考书籍。它提供了丰富的理论知识和实践经验,帮助开发人员更好地理解和应用C++异常处理机制。无论是初学者还是有经验的开发人员,都可以从这本书中获得宝贵的知识和技巧,提高自己的编程能力。 ### 回答2: Exceptional C是由Herb Sutter所著的一本关于C++编程的书籍。Herb Sutter是一位在C++领域备受认可的专家,他为C++标准委员会做出了许多重要贡献,并通过他的著作和演讲向C++社区传授了丰富的知识和经验。 《Exceptional C》这本书主要讨论了C++编程中的异常处理和错误处理。它强调了异常处理应该是一种稳健且高效的方法,以提供更好的程序健壮性和可维护性。 该书的重点内容包括:异常的工作原理、如何正确使用异常、异常的性能影响、异常安全性和资源管理等。通过深入研究这些问题,读者可以更好地理解和利用C++中的异常机制。 Herb Sutter在书中以清晰简明的方式解释了异常处理的最佳实践,并分享了许多实用的编程技巧和示例。他通过深入剖析异常处理的内部机制,教会读者如何编写出性能出色、容错能力强的代码。 Herb Sutter的异常处理理论和实践经验对C++程序员来说无疑是一份宝贵的财富。《Exceptional C》不仅是一本实用的参考书,也是一本具有启发性的读物,能够帮助读者掌握异常处理的精髓,提升自己在C++编程领域的专业水平。 总之,Exceptional C这本书是Herb SutterC++异常处理的总结和分享,它对于想要提升自己C++编程技能的人来说是一本值得阅读的重要参考书。 ### 回答3: Exceptional C 是由C++专家Herb Sutter所著的一本关于C++编程的书籍。这本书主要介绍了一些C++编程中的重要概念和技巧,旨在帮助读者变得更加熟练和精通C++语言。 在这本书中,SutterC++的核心概念开始,讲解了一些高级的编程技巧和设计模式,帮助读者更好地理解和应用C++语言。他解释了一些在C++中常见的问题和陷阱,并提供了一些解决方案和最佳实践。通过这本书,读者可以学习到如何编写高效、可维护和健壮的C++代码。 Sutter在书中也强调了C++语言的一些独特之处,如异常处理、模板元编程和多线程编程等。他详细讲解了这些主题,并提供了一些实际的案例和示例,使读者能够更好地理解和应用这些概念。 这本书的特点之一就是它的实用性。Sutter将复杂的概念和技术以简单明了的方式解释清楚,并给出了一些实用的建议和技巧。这使得读者可以直接将书中的知识应用到自己的实际项目中。 总之,Exceptional C是一本权威且实用的C++编程指南,通过阅读这本书,读者可以提高自己的C++编程能力,并写出更加高效和可靠的代码。无论是初学者还是有经验的开发者,都可以从这本书中受益匪浅。


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