Lotus Domino程序常见错误中文解释

1) HTTP Web Server: Item not found exception
原解释:<input> element added to the form as Pass-thru HTML with no corresponding Notes field of the same name. All text input elements must have the equivalent Notes field!

2)Lotus Notes Exception - Note item not found

原解释:If your form has a Computed Subform and this Subform contains a field with the same name as one on the main form you will see this error.

3)Lotus Notes Exception - A view of that name cannot be found in the specified database

原解释:The view specified in your @DBLookup/Column formula doesn't exist, is inaccessible or is spelt incorrectly
4)Lotus Notes Exception - Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Text Expected

原解释:Most probably one of your Computed Text areas or @Formulas is trying to concatenate a date or a number with a string. For example "The total amount is " + aNumberField or "The date is " + @Now would cause this error. Use @Text to convert dates and number to a string. They can be tricky to find in a complex form. Usually best to remove formulas one by one until you find the offending party.
Can also happen if you blank out the name of a query save/open agent so that it reads @Command([ToolsRunMacro]; "") instead of @Command([ToolsRunMacro]; "<Your agent goes here>"). To rectify this, either remove the whole line and save the form or enter the name of the agent that you require. Note that you cannot simply type in "<Your agent goes here>" to return it to the default.

5)HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception

解释:很可能是因为试图提交的文档超过了服务器配置文档中定义的最大“Maximum POST data”(Internet Protocols->Domino Web Engine页面中)
原解释:Most probably that you are trying to post a document that is larger than the "Maximum POST data" setting in the Domino Web Engine section of the server document.

6)Lotus Notes Exception - Incorrect data type for operator or @Function: Number expected

原解释:Check for things like double ++ in your @Formulas. For example, I sometimes have "<style>" + @NewLine + on one line and then + "tr {" + @NewLine + on the next line of my $$HTMLHead field. Because the second line starts with a + and the first one ends in one we get ++. Remove one of them.

7)Lotus Notes Exception - File does not exist

原解释:The database filename you specified in an @DBLookup/Column formula doesn't exist.
The name of the view that precedes a "?SearchView&Query=" URL does not exist or is spelt wrongly.

8)Lotus Notes Exception - Unsupported trigger and search type for agent being run in the background

原解释:Make sure your Web Query Open/Save agents have the option "Run Once (@Commands may be used)" selected in "Which documents should it act on" and "Manually from the Agent list" selected in "When should this agent run?". (Thanks to Patrick Correya)

9)Lotus Notes Exception - Error validating user's agent execution access

解释:一般是因为试图运行代理的用户不在Domino Directory中(names.nsf),或这个用户不被允许运行代理
原解释:Usually occurs because the ID that is being used to run the Agent is not listed in the Domino Direcotry (NAB) and being allowed to run Agents.

10)Lotus Notes Exception - Invalid document identifier

情况三:使用"?DeleteDocument"删除文档时,URL中的视图名不存在。而当使用"?OpenDocument"或 "?EditDocument"时,URL中的视图名可任意。
原解释:If your Web Query Save/Open agent is named wrongly or doesn't exist.
Could also be that a Shared Field on the form has been removed from the database or has been renamed.
URLs that end in "?DeleteDocument" will throw this error if the view that is specified does not exist. It is okay when using "?OpenDocument" or "?EditDocument" to use any string in place of the view name, yet not when deleting. Try using a view you know exists or using "/$DefaultView/".
我:运行的代理不存在时,似乎不报这个错,而是报“Entry Not Found in Index”

11)Lotus Notes Exception - Entry Not Found in Index

原解释:Your @DBLookup may have failed as the entry you looked for is not in the first sorted column of the view. To avoid this assign your lookup to a variable and then use @IsError to check whether a value is returned. (Thanks to Steve Cochrane, Montreal)

12)Lotus Notes Exception - Query is not understandable

原解释:If you use the ?SearchView command and try to search for reserved keyword/symbol like "field" or "/" (Thanks to Kurt Denolf)

13)Lotus Notes Exception - The Address Book does not contain a cross certificate capable of validating the public key

原解释:Check that any agents you are running are signed by an ID in the domain that the server is in or that have been cross-certified.

14)Lotus Notes Exception - Special Database Object cannot be located

原解释:Usually due to the database not having a defualt form and you try to open a document without a correct form in the "Form" field or no "Form" field at all. Can also be caused by URLs ending in "$help" and there being no "Using this database" document created or if the "on web launch" property is set to open the "About Database" page and this has not been created yet or you use "$DefaultView" in a URL and a default view has not been specified

15)Lotus Notes Exception - @Function is not valid in this context

原解释:Sounds quite an obvious one but usually due to an Hotspot that uses something like @Command([FileSave]) when the document is in read-mode.
以非admin用户打开文档A,webqueryopen时,执行了(未选作为Web用户运行)包含save命令的代理,然后再点击一个热点,该热点中有<A href="<A">“@Command([ToolsRunMacro];"agent_name");@Command([EditDocument])”这时,也会有该报错,去掉@Command([EditDocument])后,不再报错,或者将open时执行的代理选择作为web用户运行,也不报错。有兴趣的朋友可以继续试下其它情况,我被折腾疯了,没找到好的解决方法。

16)Application Exception - Documents treated as HTML cannot be edited

原解释:If you have a form for whom you have turned on the "Treat document contents as HTML" property then you need to ensure that URLs that call the form end in "?ReadForm" rather than "?OpenForm"

17)HTTP Web Server: Graphic Background Not Found Exception

原解释:If you are opening a Navigator (or a form that contains an Embedded Navigator) make sure that the Navigator's property "Web browser compatible" is enabled.

18)Lotus Notes Exception - Unable to interpret Time or Date

原解释:This problem can be down to the fact that the Notes server and the OS on the machine have been set up to use different date formats. Both need to be the same.
Could also be that the Date field on the form has its value set incorrectly in the Web Query Open agent and consequently Domino cannot render it properly.

19)HTTP Web Server: Corrupt Data Exception

原解释:Not that common an error in practice. Usually due to a change in the design of a form taking place after a user opens it and before they submit it.

20)HTTP Web Server: Invalid URL Exception

原解释:Make sure that everything after the "db.nsf/" portion appears legal. Something like "/dir/db.nsf/test?OpenDocument" would cause this error as there is no view specified

21)HTTP Web Server: Unknown Command Exception

原解释:Time to check the URL. More often than not it is something obvious like "?OpnForm" or a similar typo.

22)HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

原解释:Any ideas people? Been a while since I saw this one!

23)HTTP Web Server: Comparison operators must be supplied two values of the same data type.

原解释:This error occurrs when you're comparing fields of different data types. To fix it, check the data type to make sure comparison fields of the same data type or at least convert their values to the same type (Thanks to Venu Rao).

24)Lotus Notes Exception - Insufficient arguments for database function

原解释:Usually in an @DBLookup and you forgot to specify the key or the column number. Check your @DBLookups

25)Lotus Notes Exception - @Function is not valid in this context
Probably you are trying to do something like create a response document (@Command([Compose];"rq") from a page that is NOT a document. Could also be an "Edit" link (@Command([EditDocument])) on a form or a new document or a view etc...


26)HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Invalid UNID; UNID must be a 32-digit hex string

原解释:Are you using @GetDocField in one of your fields on a child form to get a value from its parent? If so check the resulting UNID is correct.

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