Ruby中socket编程时出现recv for buffered IO (IOError) 错误的解决方法

Socket作异步编程时,检验对端是否已经关闭不能用Socket#eof?,因为这样会造成Ruby将此SocketIO对象转换成Buffered IO,从而导致recvrecvfrom系列函数读取失败,出现“recv for buffered IO (IOError)”错误。在Buffered IO上只能调用可能会阻塞的readreadlinegets系列函数,严重影响了异步通信服务器的性能。


我也被这个问题困扰了好几天,直到在ruby新闻组中看到一篇很好的解决方案,用异常代替eof?检查,我已经在ruby1.8.2 windows one-click版本上测试通过,特此引用。原帖可在上找到。




Socket programming: recv(bytes) throwing a buffered IO error

Frank Swarbrick <>

Eric Haase wrote:
> Hello everyone,

>         I just started learning Ruby and I decided to mess around with
> socket programming. However, I've encountered a problem and was
> wondering if someone could help me out. I wrote a server and a client
> program and the server is behaving strange when I invoke the
> recv(bytes) method in the TCPSocket class. Here is my server code with
> the error I'm receiving:

> require 'socket'

> abort "usage: #{__FILE__} [port]" if ARGV.size > 1

> port = (ARGV[0] || 3434).to_i
> server =
> sockets = [server]

> puts "listening on port ##{port}"
> loop do
>   socketsReady = select(sockets)
>   next if socketsReady == nil
>   socketsReady[0].each do |socket|
>     if socket == server
>       client = socket.accept
>       sockets.push(client)
>       puts "established connection
> (#{client.addr[-1]}:#{client.addr[1]})"
>     else
>       if socket.eof?
>         address = socket.addr
>         sockets.delete(socket)
>         socket.close
>         puts "closed connection (#{address[-1]}:#{address[1]})"
>       else
>         string = socket.recv(1024)
>         puts "received /"#{string}/"
> (#{socket.addr[-1]}:#{socket.addr[1]})"
>         socket.puts("  server received your /"#{string}/"")
>       end
>     end
>   end
> end

> ./server_bad.rb:27:in `recv': recv for buffered IO (IOError)
>         from ./server_bad.rb:27
>         from ./server_bad.rb:15
>         from ./server_bad.rb:12

I'm not sure about all of the issues, but I think it may have to do with
you attempting to test socket.eof? prior to reading from socket.  I
don't think it can know about it's eof status until it does the read.

I'm just a Ruby beginner, but I know socket programming pretty well.
Try replacing the inside of the socketsReady[0].each loop as follows:

     if socket == server
       client = socket.accept
       puts "established connection" +
         string = socket.recv(1024)
         puts "received /"#{string}/""+
         socket.write("  server received your /"#{string}/"")
         address = socket.addr
         puts "closed connection (#{address[-1]}:#{address[1]})"

Seems to work.  Now you need to figure out how to abort from the loop,
such as when the user enters a key (on the server process).  I can't
figure it out...



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