MathJax 基础教程

  1. Greek letters

    Formula Symbol Formula Symbol Formula Symbol Formula Symbol
    \alpha α \Alpha A \nu ν \Nu N
    \beta β \Beta B \xi ξ \Xi Ξ
    \gamma γ \Gamma Γ \omicron ο \Omicron O
    \delta δ \Delta Δ \pi π \Pi Π
    \Epsilon E \rho
    \Rho R
    \zeta ζ \Zeta Z \sigma
    \Sigma Σ
    \eta η \eta H \tau τ \Tau T
    \Theta Θ \upsilon υ \Upsilon Υ
    \iota ι \Iota I \phi
    \Phi Φ
    \kappa κ \Kappa K \chi χ \Chi X
    \lambda λ \Lambda Λ \psi ψ \Psi Ψ
    \mu μ \Mu M \omega ω \Omega Ω

    Some capital Greek letters are the same as the Roman equivalents, so they are not separated in LATEX. For a capital beta, one must use something like \mathrm{B}: B.

  2. Superscripts & Subscripts
    use ^ for superscripts and _ for subscripts.
    x_i^2 is x2i

  3. Groups
    use { and }.
    10^10 is 1010, 10^{10} is 1010

  4. Parentheses

    Formula Symbol Formula Symbol
    ( ( ) )
    [ [ ] ]
    \{ { \{ }
    | | | |
    \langle \rangle
    \lceil \rceil
    \lfloor \rfloor

    These do not scale with the formula in between, so if you write (\frac12) the parentheses will be too small:(12). Using \left(\right) will make the sizes adjust automatically to the formula they enclose: \left(\frac12\right) is (12).
    There are also invisible parentheses, denoted by.: \left.\frac12\right\rbrace is 12}.

  5. Fractions
    \frac ab applies to the next two groups, and produces ab.And \frac{a+1}{b+1} is a+1b+1.
    For more complicated, use \over, {a+1\over b+1} is a+1b+1.

  6. Sums and integrals

    Formula Symbol Formula Symbol
    \int \iint
    \prod \sum
    \bigcup \bigcap

    The subscript is the lower limit and the superscript is the upper limit, so for example \sum_1^n is n1; \sum_{i=0}^\infty i^2 is i=0i2.

  7. Radical signs
    Use sqrt, which adjusts to the size of its argument: \sqrt{x^3} is x3;\sqrt[3]{\frac xy} is xy3.
    For complicated expressions, consider using {...}^{1/2} instead, for example {\left(\frac 13\right)}^{\frac 12} is (ab)12.

  8. Special functions
    Such as “lim”, “sin”, “max”, “ln”, and so on are normally set in roman font instead of italic font. Use \lim, \sin, etc. to make these: \sin x sinx, not sin x sinx. Use subscripts to attach a notation to \lim: \lim_{x\to 0}


  9. Special symbols and Notations
    Some of the most common include:

    • \lt < \gt > \le \ge \neq . \not\lt (not recommended).
    • \times × \div ÷ \pm ± \mp . \cdot is a centered dot: xy
    • \cup \cap \setminus \subset \subseteq \subsetneq \supset \in \notin \emptyset \varnothing
    • {n+1 \choose 2k} or \binom{n+1}{2k} (n+12k)
    • \to \rightarrow \leftarrow \Rightarrow \Leftarrow \mapsto
    • \land \lor \lnot ¬ \forall \exists \top \bot \vdash \vDash
    • \star \ast \oplus \circ \bullet
    • \approx \sim \simeq \cong \equiv \prec
    • \infty \aleph_0 \nabla \partial \Im I`\Re` R
    • For modular equivalence, use \pmod like this: a\equiv b\pmod n ab(modn)
    • a_1, a_2, \ldots ,a_n a1,a2,,an; a_1+a_2+\cdots+a_n a1+a2++an
    • Script lowercase l is \ell
  10. Spaces
    a␣b and a␣␣␣␣b are both ab. To add more space, use \,, for a thin space ab \; for a wider space ab. \quad and \qquad are large spaces: ab, ab.

  11. Text
    Use \text{…}, \{x\in s\mid x\text{ is extra large}\} is {xsx is extra large}

  12. Accents and diacritical marks
    \hat x x^, \widehat{xy} xyˆ,
    \bar x x¯, \overline{xyz} xyz¯¯¯¯¯,
    \vec, x⃗ , \overrightarrow xy \overleftrightarrow xyz,
    \frac d{dx}x\dot x = \dot x^2 + x\ddot x ddxxx˙=x˙2+xx¨

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