Logical Address & Physical Address

Logical Address (Virtual Address)

Address generated by CPU while a program is running is referred as Logical Address.

  • The logical address is a virtual address and can be viewed by the user.

  • The logical address is used like a reference, to access the physical address.

  • The logical address is mapped to its corresponding physical address by a hardware device called Memory-Management Unit (MMU).

  • The logical address must be mapped to the physical address before they are used.

  • MMU also uses logical address computing physical address.

Psyical Address

Physical Address identifies a physical location in a memory.

  • The user can’t view the physical address directly.

Differences between Logical Address and Psyical Address

The fundamental difference between logical and physical address is that :
logical address is generated by CPU during a program execution
physical address refers to a location in the memory unit



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