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Eric Evans (。“领域驱动设计”概念的提出者。这次讲座,他将带来这几年他对于领域驱动设计的新理解。


















(09:09:59)chenzhan@taobao与所有人说:@ydong 你今天不来上班了?


(09:10:27)ydong与所有人说:才起来,听 evans 讲座要紧,在家上了


(09:11:05)ydong与所有人说:@chenzhan, 还没开始吧?


(09:14:21)*umlchina_seminar与ydong说:是广播,稍等一会,Eric Evans还没回到家里


(09:15:45)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:Eric Evans的电话还没人接




(09:19:50)chenzhan@taobao与所有人说:@ruth 不要玩了


(09:20:37)ydong与所有人说:evans's come?


(09:25:54)ericevans与所有人说:Hello. Thank you for joining me here.

(09:28:00)*umlchina_seminar与ericevans说:Eric, type something?

(09:28:06)ericevans与所有人说:If someone would like to discuss a particular topic, please type that.

(09:28:39)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:FanShen's question: There are many fields in some of our domain model objects, about 20-50 fields

(09:28:51)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:I’m not sure whether it’s because we didn’t split the model well enough or it’s just a normal pheno

(09:28:54)ydong与所有人说:the voice is still too low

(09:29:02)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:Currently we are using the configuration pattern which is mentioned in Practical API Design to ease

ydong与所有人说:would you please amplify it?

(09:29:19)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:small tones

(09:29:48)ericevans与所有人说:It is not unusual. However, it is more desirable to break down the model more

(09:29:49)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:wear your earphone

(09:30:16)ericevans与所有人说:One thing that helps withthis is to emphasize more the value objects

(09:30:34)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:Haitao Zhu's question:How about DDD eXchange this year. I have read some of last year's ppt, how

(09:30:54)[*umlchina2]与所有人说:how can I download this year's ppt

(09:31:03)ericevans与所有人说:I will be gone for a moment to try to find a better earphone.


(09:31:39)ericevans与所有人说:The videos from DDD exchange are available and the power point is there with them the address is

(09:32:04)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:No, Eric, I mean they wear earphone

(09:32:30)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:you just talk to the phone when you want to talk

(09:32:54)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:maybe we can change to next website to start




(09:34:33)beautyshop2010与*umlchina_seminar说:the sound is too low,so I couldn't hear anything

(09:35:06)ericevans与所有人说:I am going to find my better headset. I will return in just two minutes. /Sorry


(09:35:29)之魂与之魂说:thank you



(09:37:09)ydong与所有人说:windows audio management allows you to amplify your microphone by 30+db, maybe you can try that


(09:38:21)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:we can hear

(09:39:32)之魂与beautyshop2010说:i can't hear

(09:39:44)ydong与所有人说:me, neither

(09:39:48)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:me too

(09:40:12)chenzhan与所有人说:@之魂 你是不是也是在公司的

(09:40:17)[*umlchina2]与之魂说:if you can't here

(09:40:19)beautyshop2010与*umlchina_seminar说:yeah ,but the voice is still too little


(09:40:31)ydong与所有人说:we can here, it's just the voice is intermittent






(09:42:30)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:eric, your voice is still low.....



(09:43:22)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:yes,we can

(09:44:00)ericevans与所有人说:In the current issue of our newsletter I wrote about my impressions of ddd exchange.

(09:44:19)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:no voice now

(09:44:27)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:Eric, maybe there is trouble with my phone, sorry, you can answer by text

(09:44:53)ericevans与所有人说:You can find that at

(09:45:08)ericevans与所有人说:I will just use text!


(09:45:34)ericevans与所有人说:Let's discuss the question of too many fields in an object

(09:45:55)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:i can't hear

(09:45:55)ericevans与所有人说:We need to think about what this object represents and what it is for.

(09:46:13)ericevans与所有人说:It usually does not take many fields to capture the basic identity of an entity

(09:46:13)ydong与ruth说:evans's gonna type manually

(09:46:55)ericevans与所有人说:For example, you can identify a person with some name fields, an id ...

(09:47:06)ericevans与所有人说:This is not all you want to know about this person, of course

(09:47:22)ericevans与所有人说:But those things do not have to go into the same object

(09:47:33)ericevans与所有人说:A typical example might be address

(09:47:41)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:Sherry Lin's question: What is the difference between traditional OOA/OOD and DDD?

(09:47:58)ericevans与所有人说:We could put street, number, city, postal code, etc. into the Person object

(09:48:22)ericevans与所有人说:We don't do that. We make an address object and put those fields there.

(09:48:42)ericevans与所有人说:Many of the fields on these over-grown objects can be taken out into other objects

(09:49:06)ericevans与所有人说:An interesting question about the difference between traditional OOA/OOD and DDD

(09:49:43)ericevans与所有人说:It is true we do OOA/OOD within DDD

(09:50:02)ruth与*umlchina_seminar说:what is the whole pronouce about DDD?

(09:50:27)ericevans与所有人说:Yet we frame it quite differently. It is more focused on establishing the shared language

(09:50:41)ericevans与所有人说:Collaboration with business people in modeling

(09:51:08)ericevans与所有人说:More emphasis on the context boundaries, where distinct models are separated

(09:51:31)ericevans与所有人说:Less emphasis on the diagrams and more on the model as a language

(09:52:23)ericevans与所有人说:I don't quite understand the last message from ruth. Could you rephrase that?

(09:53:03)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:WW Sun's question: I want to study design patterns, any sugeestion?

(09:53:06)ydong与ericevans说:is it true that usually one context serves for one app?

(09:53:32)ydong与ericevans说:i mean, one app shouldn't have more than one context, is that so?

(09:53:35)ericevans与所有人说:Question about one context serves one app.

(09:53:46)ericevans与所有人说:This is oversimplified

(09:54:06)ericevans与所有人说:We try to be very clear about which context different parts of an app are in.

(09:54:31)ericevans与所有人说:Still, typical apps draw on multiple contexts. Any integration with other systems, for example


(09:54:59)ericevans与所有人说:Question a few minutes ago about studying design patterns.

(09:55:39)ericevans与所有人说:It depends on the area you are interested in.


(09:56:05)ericevans与所有人说:There are the original design patterns of the book "Design Patterns"

(09:56:24)ericevans与所有人说:There are all the architectural patterns from the POSA books. And the ones from Martin Fowler

(09:56:51)ydong与ericevans说:allow me back to the context thing. on the multiple contexts situation,

(09:57:18)ericevans与所有人说:Multiple contexts. Very important.

(09:57:19)ydong与ericevans说:one app should have one `main' context, and others are just relatively not important, right?

(09:57:31)ydong与ericevans说:to that app

(09:57:54)ericevans与所有人说:When you are working on an app, generally there is a "main" context for that app

(09:58:14)ericevans与所有人说:It isn't more important overall, but more central to that project.


(09:58:31)ericevans与所有人说:When we say "ubiquitous language' we mean ubiquitous within a context

(09:58:53)ydong与ericevans说:al right, that answered my question, thank you

(09:59:25)ericevans与所有人说:So you want to be working mostly in one context so that you can have a shared language

(09:59:30)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:lijun cai's question: we are using php in our project(online shop), can we turn to DDD?

(09:59:33)ericevans与所有人说:for most of what you are doing

(10:00:07)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:which book should I read or there are any examples?

(10:00:07)ericevans与所有人说:For DDD you do need some ability to abstract

(10:00:20)ericevans与所有人说:In the early versions of php, there was very little abstraction.

(10:00:36)ericevans与所有人说:It was hard to express things in the ubiquitous language

(10:00:53)ericevans与所有人说:now I think php has more power to express things

(10:01:13)ericevans与所有人说:Still not the abstractions that Java might have

(10:01:34)ericevans与所有人说:Probably sufficient to gain many of the benefits of DDD in the collaboration with business people

(10:01:45)ericevans与所有人说:and the evolution of a conceptual model

(10:01:56)ericevans与所有人说:That is the basis of a language for the project

(10:02:12)ericevans与所有人说:Books I recomend or examples:



(10:03:02)ericevans与所有人说:If you look at there are two interesting ones

(10:03:20)ericevans与所有人说:One is a library for time and money objects I wrote a few years ago (in Java)


(10:03:45)ericevans与所有人说:One is called "DDD Sample App" it is not meant to be used

(10:04:08)ericevans与所有人说:Rather it shows how all the parts fit together

(10:04:31)ericevans与所有人说:So it has a server and a remote component that send messages. And it has O-R mapping and a UI

(10:04:56)ericevans与所有人说:All the tricky things people have to do. And it uses the Cargo shipping example from my book

(10:05:17)chenzhan与所有人说:can we use functional programme language for DDD, e.g. Lisp,haskell?

(10:05:17)ericevans与所有人说:I assume you all know my book is available in Chinese ;)

(10:05:24)chenzhan与所有人说:And how different

(10:05:58)ericevans与所有人说:Can you use a functional language like Lisp for DDD? Yes

(10:06:05)Lingo与所有人说:How to improve the ability of abstraction?

(10:06:19)ericevans与所有人说:The style changes and some of the "Building Block" patterns don't apply so much

(10:06:39)chenzhan与所有人说:And how different from OO language?

(10:06:43)ericevans与所有人说:The emphasis shifts to the way we tend to express concepts in those languages

(10:07:18)ericevans与所有人说:Lisp variants are especially good at making DSLs -- little specialized languages for a domain

(10:07:39)ericevans与所有人说:These can be aligned with the ubiquitous language. In some ways this is better than objects

(10:08:14)chenzhan与所有人说:thanks, I got it


(10:08:19)ericevans与所有人说:I still love objects.:-) However, the key is the ability to express your model abstractions in code

(10:08:54)ericevans与所有人说:Object languages and functional languages can definitely do this. Php has some limits there

(10:09:00)chenzhan与所有人说:we can also use CLOS in common lisp

(10:09:37)ericevans与所有人说:Also, the relational database with SQL has some abstraction power

(10:09:41)ericevans与所有人说:when you are dealing with set-oriented domain problems

(10:10:05)ericevans与所有人说:Unfortunately, when we have combined objects and relational databases,

(10:10:13)Lingo与所有人说:How to improve the ability of abstraction?

(10:10:16)ericevans与所有人说:we have lost the best aspects of both

(10:10:30)ericevans与所有人说:How to improve the ability of abstraction?

(10:10:48)ericevans与所有人说:I assume you mean of people

(10:11:09)ericevans与所有人说:I was speaking earlier of the ability to express abstraction in a programming language

(10:11:20)ericevans与所有人说:But for people there are some considerations

(10:11:35)Lingo与所有人说:Mr. Pan teach me peter coad's color modeling

(10:11:36)chenzhan与ydong说:帮我问一下,建立一层domain entity然后在其上 建立一层dsl,做定制化的需求,或者说经常变动的需求,流程什么的,是否可行?

(10:11:43)ericevans与所有人说:First some people are naturally better at it than others. We must recognize this

(10:12:03)ericevans与所有人说:Those who naturally have the talent, they can benefit from patterns like those in my book.

(10:12:04)muchan与Lingo说:who's that guy?山水城林


(10:12:24)ericevans与所有人说:Abstraction is making concepts. Categories to guide that, such as entities, value objects

(10:12:47)ericevans与所有人说:Patterns to make those abstractions more self-contained like "Closure of Operations"

(10:12:55)ericevans与所有人说:These add to the abstraction skills

(10:13:19)ericevans与所有人说:Plus, being more aware of context. People tend to reach for "the" model

(10:13:56)ericevans与所有人说:Good modelers know there are many possible models for the same thing and more than one in use

(10:14:28)ericevans与所有人说:They keep them distinct in their minds and are aware what context each is meant to be used in

(10:14:44)ericevans与所有人说:They also don't get too attached to a model. Even their most proud work

(10:15:04)ericevans与所有人说:Because this is an obstacle to finding the model that replaces that one

(10:15:28)ericevans与所有人说:Another thing to practice, I think, is clarity

(10:15:51)ericevans与所有人说:If you cannot explain your model concisely to a business person, it is probably not clear

(10:16:07)ericevans与所有人说:The abstractions are not well enough defined or are too complex

(10:16:28)ericevans与所有人说:An object can be described by listing all its fields,true

(10:16:37)ericevans与所有人说:But that is not the abstraction it represents

(10:17:14)ericevans与所有人说:You know it is not a good abstraction if you want to list all the fields every time

(10:18:07)ericevans与所有人说:By the way, this is a difference from traditional OOA.

(10:18:13)ydong与ericevans说:is it possible that creating a dsl layer on top of domain entities and serving some frequently

(10:18:15)ericevans与所有人说:They thought of models as something for the technical team

(10:18:17)ydong与ericevans说:changing requirements?

(10:18:31)ericevans与所有人说:In DDD the model is shared with the business experts. Therefore, they must understand it

(10:18:52)ericevans与所有人说:Not the implementation, of course. They must understand its business meaning.

(10:19:34)ericevans与所有人说:Question about DSL layer on top of entities for frequently changing requirements

(10:19:37)Lingo与ericevans说:How to communicate with business person, they do not want to read my model and they can not know

(10:19:53)ericevans与所有人说:A good set of domain objects gives you something almost like a DSL

(10:19:59)Lingo与ericevans说:the meaning of my diagram

(10:20:10)ericevans与所有人说:Martin Fowler calls it an "Internal DSL"

(10:20:39)ericevans与所有人说:Putting another layer over that might be useful especially if different people wrote that part

(10:21:10)ericevans与所有人说:When I am communicating with a business person, I do not start with diagrams or even models

(10:21:27)chenzhan与ydong说:Sometime, our bussiness person not clearly understand what they really want.....

(10:21:42)ericevans与所有人说:I start with scenarios. A sequence of business events and information that is a concern to them

(10:21:57)ericevans与所有人说:And walking through that and how the system would help resolve it.

(10:22:12)ericevans与所有人说:In the process, we have to clarify terms. This is modeling

(10:22:22)ericevans与所有人说:We have to define rules. This is modeling

(10:22:47)ericevans与所有人说:We eventually, in working through a problematic scenario, will draw a diagram to explain something

(10:23:25)ericevans与所有人说:They are often interested then. Models without the motivating scenario are hard to talk about

(10:24:04)ericevans与所有人说:Business people sometimes do not clearly understand what they want

(10:24:18)ericevans与所有人说:Then you need exploration.

(10:24:56)ydong与ericevans说:it's the constraints/rules that matter, right?

(10:25:13)ericevans与所有人说:DDD can help here, because the language and concepts you are cultivating tend to be applicable

(10:25:19)ericevans与所有人说:(in a continuously changing form)(in a continuously changing form)

(10:25:34)ericevans与所有人说:even as they change their minds

(10:25:46)Lingo与ericevans说:Thank you!

(10:25:47)ericevans与所有人说:A quick prototype can help a lot, of course

(10:26:07)ericevans与所有人说:You are welcome.

(10:26:52)ydong与ericevans说:recently i'm reading category theory, it says it's the arches(behaviors) that matter

(10:27:05)ydong与ericevans说:so i think, objects are just containers

(10:27:08)ydong与ericevans说:would you agree?

(10:27:22)ericevans与所有人说:This session got started late, with many problems, but has turned out very interesting

(10:27:27)ericevans与所有人说:(for me anyway)

(10:27:49)ericevans与所有人说:I don't think of objects as just containers

(10:27:58)ericevans与所有人说:Of course, a good object has behavior

(10:28:21)ericevans与所有人说:"Responsibility Driven Design" is an important influence on me

(10:28:34)ericevans与所有人说:From the 1980s

(10:29:03)ericevans与所有人说:It says to think about what an object is responsible for accomplishing or managing

(10:29:16)Lingo与ericevans说:There are any tools help(force) our team walk on the road of DDD

(10:29:18)ericevans与所有人说:And identify the behaviors needed for that.

(10:29:35)ericevans与所有人说:Finally, some data is also needed to accomplish the responsibiliyt

(10:29:56)ericevans与所有人说:So I think an emphasis on behavior is not new to OO

(10:30:23)ericevans与所有人说:Question about tools to help (force) team to walk down DDD

(10:30:36)ericevans与所有人说:No, I don't think there really are.

(10:30:43)Lingo与ericevans说:Responsibility Driven Design -- this book?

(10:31:08)ericevans与所有人说:It comes more from the team and trying to learn DDD

(10:31:22)ericevans与所有人说:Yes, RDD was Wirfs-Brock

(10:31:40)ericevans与所有人说:She was a real pioneer in OOA/OOD

(10:31:53)ericevans与所有人说:Influential on me when I was learning OO

(10:33:37)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:Eric, It's 22;30 your time, maybe you need to have sleep, of course, if you want to stay you can )

(10:33:51)ydong与ericevans说:i have a question on the anti-corruption layer

(10:33:52)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:you can quit anytime )

(10:34:05)ericevans与所有人说:I will stay a little longer to compensate for the very slow start

(10:34:28)ericevans与所有人说:On the subject of introducing a team to DDD, I think it helps to choose a few things

(10:34:42)ericevans与所有人说:Beginning by focusing on concrete scenarios


(10:35:17)ericevans与所有人说:Think of it this way. Can you put together 5 stories, concrete examples that show

(10:35:30)ericevans与所有人说:why your software is needed and why it is difficult?

(10:35:54)ericevans与所有人说:Then you try to generate many model ideas. You walk through these scenarios with each one

(10:36:12)ericevans与所有人说:Does this model idea make the scenario clearer and easier to explain and solve?

(10:36:22)ericevans与所有人说:This is how I begin with a team

(10:36:30)ydong与ericevans说:we have a system A which provides some services, and B uses them. And two walls actually got built.

(10:36:35)ydong与ericevans说:One is inside A and one is inside B. Is it unavoidable?

(10:37:11)ericevans与所有人说:Can you explain the two walls a little more?

(10:37:35)ydong与ericevans说:the wall in A segregate the api layer from the domain

(10:37:56)ydong与ericevans说:and the wall in B separates B from the api in A

(10:38:10)ericevans与所有人说:A yes, this is a fairly common thing. Not necessarily bad

(10:38:37)ericevans与所有人说:In my book there is a pattern "open-host-service" and "published language"

(10:38:50)ericevans与所有人说:Your system A seems to be using this pattern

(10:39:26)ericevans与所有人说:Sometimes the difficulty of solving a problem calls for one model while the difficulty of

(10:39:27)chenzhan与所有人说:question is, the api abstraction level

(10:39:47)ericevans与所有人说:offering that functionaly clearly calls for another. Also, you don't want the users of the API

(10:40:16)ericevans与所有人说:constraining your ability to change the inner workings. So it is common for the API to be

(10:40:31)ericevans与所有人说:model from the interior. These are two contexts then

(10:40:54)ericevans与所有人说:Now, the "System B" could be built in a way to use the API natively. We call this "Conformist"

(10:41:22)ericevans与所有人说:However, this may not allow them to build B the way they need to to solve their problems

(10:41:47)ericevans与所有人说:So they build the wall. We call this the "anticorruption layer"

(10:42:25)ericevans与所有人说:The system B people, early on, had to decide how much their context would be independent of A

(10:42:31)ericevans与所有人说:(Or the API of A)

(10:43:03)ydong与ericevans说:thank you. i have one final question

(10:43:17)ericevans与所有人说:Also, when a preexisting system is being integrated with A you do not have much choice

(10:44:02)ericevans与所有人说:By the way, the API might be more abstract, but not necessarily. A might have abstractions

(10:44:02)Lingo与ericevans说:I bought your Chinese DDD books 3 years ago. Is there any plan to write a new edition?

(10:44:20)ericevans与所有人说:internally. But different ones, not so suited to intersystem communications

(10:44:39)ericevans与所有人说:I do not have any plan to write a new edition

(10:44:51)ericevans与所有人说:In some ways, I see that it would be good.

(10:45:10)ericevans与所有人说:But so much of the book is my story and my viewpoint

(10:45:46)ericevans与所有人说:I may write a new book. More of a companion book

(10:46:02)ericevans与所有人说:For example, I might write a new (shorter) book about Strategic Design

(10:46:49)ericevans与所有人说:This way, the original book keeps its integrity.

(10:47:35)ydong与ericevans说:i have one final question, may i proceed?

(10:47:52)Lingo与ericevans说:about "Strategic Design", any recommend article besides the chapter in your book

(10:47:59)ericevans与所有人说:Yes, please. Let's have one final question and then we can finish for the night/morning

(10:48:05)ydong与ericevans说:Our company is marching towards multiple vertical markets.

(10:48:10)Lingo与ericevans说:me too, this one

(10:48:13)ydong与ericevans说:As a result, the trade system is forced to deal with various sources of orders.

(10:48:20)ydong与ericevans说:And to us, the potential impacts on our trade system coming from those vertical markets is unknown.

(10:48:25)ydong与ericevans说:I know you have built various financial systems before.

(10:48:31)ydong与ericevans说:To your experience, is it possible to build one single trade system which provides

(10:48:36)ydong与ericevans说:some kind of RPC services that can deal with various markets?

(10:49:10)ericevans与所有人说:On Strategic Design, I could suggest two things: My presentations on InfoQ

(10:49:29)ericevans与所有人说:And two or three of the practitioners reports on

(10:49:39)ericevans与所有人说:On the subject of the trading system.

(10:50:38)ericevans与所有人说:These orders from different sources, do they have the same semantics? Are they all in FIX?

(10:51:11)ericevans与所有人说:If you can develop a model that can accurately express all the types of orders you might receive

(10:51:12)ydong与ericevans说:the basic semantics remain the same, but the vertical markets all have their unique properties

(10:51:30)ericevans与所有人说:And then translate the incoming orders into your model, then you may be able to do it

(10:51:43)ericevans与所有人说:The question to start, though, is what is the desired benefit of this

(10:52:06)ericevans与所有人说:Is there a special advantage of bringing these orders together?

(10:52:48)ydong与ericevans说:yes, so we can have single trading system, and no data corruption would occur

(10:52:54)ericevans与所有人说:It might be that, with a focus on the desired advantage, that a narrower kind of integration

(10:53:06)ericevans与所有人说:might acheive much of what you want with less difficulty

(10:53:35)ericevans与所有人说:I see you said that the semantic are the same but each with additional properties


(10:53:57)ericevans与所有人说:I'm sure you could bring these into a system together. The question is

(10:54:12)ericevans与所有人说:What is it you want to do with them that you couldn't do separately?

(10:54:27)ericevans与所有人说:Does this thing you want to do involve those properties?

(10:54:52)ericevans与所有人说:If so, you would have to translate the properties somehow so that you could combine/compare them

(10:55:12)ericevans与所有人说:This might be difficult. You have to find new abstractions that can span all the verticles

(10:55:35)ericevans与所有人说:Perhaps the things you are combining/comparing are in the common part of their order types

(10:56:11)ericevans与所有人说:In that case, you don't need to worry about the special properties *in this context*

(10:56:59)ericevans与所有人说:Here is part of the "domain-driven" philosophy

(10:57:18)ericevans与所有人说:We are not looking for fully general models

(10:57:40)ericevans与所有人说:We need to have an important set of business cases which can be helped by our model

(10:58:09)ericevans与所有人说:This can sometimes lead us to an easier solution

(10:58:34)ericevans与所有人说:The modeling rigor and the effort to make it minimal and elegant makes up for it :-)

(10:58:42)ericevans与所有人说:So we still work at least as hard!

(10:59:08)ydong与ericevans说:Thank you!

(10:59:11)ericevans与所有人说:I know I have not actually answered your question, but of course I would need to know more

(10:59:22)ericevans与所有人说:I hope this will give you some ideas, though

(10:59:34)ydong与ericevans说:yeah, that helped

(11:00:16)ericevans与所有人说:Remember, in the application that does valuable analysis X using data from A, B, and C,

(11:00:37)ericevans与所有人说:You don't have to have everything from A B and C. Only the parts needed by X

(11:00:59)ericevans与所有人说:You can deal with management of the full A and the full B and the full C

(11:01:22)ericevans与所有人说:potentially in different subsystems geared specifically to them

(11:01:39)ericevans与所有人说:Or maybe you don't really need those other parts at all except to display them

(11:02:06)ericevans与所有人说:If it is only for display, you can put it in a very generic representation

(11:02:22)ericevans与所有人说:in your model. Something not suited to computation and analysis, but fine for display

(11:02:36)ericevans与所有人说:So, I suppose I should go.

(11:02:50)ydong与ericevans说:Thank you very much

(11:02:51)muchan与所有人说:Thank you~


(11:02:58)ericevans与所有人说:Thank you especially to those who wrote questions

(11:03:15)ericevans与所有人说:I hope you will all continue in your interest in DDD

(11:03:48)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:Thank you!

(11:04:00)[*umlchina2]与ericevans说:Thanks everyone

(11:04:17)ericevans与所有人说:Good night. I am glad I came tonight. Good bye.

(11:04:30)muchan与ericevans说:Good night~




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