love life 1
throw it out
I appreciate all the brother love
fancy treating myself to a bit of a night out
I feel ready   I meant it
It's like nothing alse matters but today
on her lonesome  jump in
Iwasn't taking any chances
what business is it of yours?
bear that thought
go on with the life   life goes on  we go on
make you very relieved  /feel
Don't feel sorry for me
shut at you in the street
give you a lift home
full of protein and fat
let him sweat and suffer
There's a plenty of time
It's the only time he sits still.
Is there a law against changing nappies in the kitchen?
you got special dispensation when you've got three under eight
draw a line keep it all top secret
There is a message in there somewhere.
the path for your life  you're supposed to find your path and follow it if you want to be happy
terminal  termination
cot cottage
charity shop
go over all their lifes troubles
put too much pressure on ourselves
something happen in three
underneath the surface
business is booming
I'm allowed to making a living
heart of stone/ice/tile
in bits with guilt
can't stand myself /being at home
the baby/woman  out there
home assessment health check
It takes me long time to admit it
It's going to happen
i've learnt my lesson,I take you for granted
prove myself to you
I feel stupid getting caught sleeping in the office/telling stupid lies about it
give up on sth/sb
bloody painful/ life/ tear/feeling   packing in working for me
everything happons  for a reason
I've run out of unstanding and patience.
you've got a visitor
reliable for more than five minutes
I've got all I want.
accuse you of being scared
stop me coming with you  come after me
These boots were made for walking
reckless jobless
I've come through it now.
There are five stages to grief:Denial  anger
it did matter to me that you're still there
ask you out in person
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love life 1